i don't know why i chose green


monty & miller in wanheda (pt 1)

I was tagged by @canislytherinthings, thanks bby <3

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  • nicknames: Ash
  • zodiac sign: Virgo
  • height: 5′3
  • last thing you googled: Barbie
  • favorite musical artist: I love Made in Japan and anything by William Fitzwilliams
  • what you’re wearing right now: A green v-neck and red checkered pajama pants. 
  • why you chose your url: I wanted something that would stick in people’s minds if they came across it. I tried really hard to get moonlightgoddess, but it was taken. Nightfallgoddess came next and it just fit. 
  • do you have any other blogs? I’m part of maiarobertsdaily (but I’ve been slacking sorry @vildlien ) I made a side blog, but I haven’t done much to it. 
  • what did your last relationship teach you? Nothing
  • religious or spiritual: I grew up in a very Christian/Methodist home. I’m religious…and somewhat spiritual, but not to the extent of my parents
  • favorite color: Forest Green
  • average hours of sleep: 5-6 during the school year. 10 during the summer.
  • lucky number: 5
  • favorite characters: Clark Kent, Mara Dyer, Luke Garroway, Maia Roberts, Jace Lightwood, Izzy Lightwood, Magnus Bane, Simon Lewis, Iris West, Bonnie Bennett, Allison Argent, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Harry Potter.
  • how many blankets you sleep with: One during the winter and none during the summer.
  • dream job: Graduate with my Business Degree and get accepted to Law School where I will hopefully become a Business Lawyer and one day own my own practice.

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