i don't know why everyone hates me so much


“When you say ‘o’ your mouth looks like a butthole.” Draco told Harry before he snickered. Personally, he found the first thing he said after waking up from a six-day lasting magical coma quite funny. Just as he found his auror partner Harry bursting into tears when he saw he was awake quite funny.

Actually, he found everything quite funny.

“What the hell Draco, do you know how much money I lost waiting for your stupid butt to wake up?” Damn, angry clad in a business suit Pansy was just a little bit less funny. Especially when she punched him in the arm and then proceeded to glare at him.

But then he remembered she said butt, and the situation went back to funny again.

“What she means to say is we’re all very happy you didn’t die, Draco.” His mom clarified. Draco decided that his mom was not funny, she was just very nice. He reached out and flapped his hands around to invite her for a hug.

When she didn’t respond he whined “mommy huuug”, which was more effective. He liked his mother’s hug. But the way her long hair tickled his cheeks, well that was funny all over again. He laughed into her neck.

“Is, eh, is he okay?” Draco laughed again. Harry Potter being concerned about him, that ought to be the most hilarious thing in the world. He was still laughing about it when his mom released him from her tight embrace.

“He might be feeling some of the side effects from the potions we gave him.” A weird green blob at the end of his bed said. The green blob was funny too.

“And what potion was that exactly?” The slightly hoarse voice of Harry asked.

“One that you cannot give to him every time he annoys you mr Potter.” The green blob replied.

“That wasn’t what I asked it for.” Harry said then. “He gets so down sometimes. Like the whole world including himself doesn’t want anything to do with him.” Harry sighed a deep, sad sigh. “I’d do anything to change that. At least for me the usual meds work, for him they don’t.  I thought this might be able to help.”

Oh. That was not funny. That was sad. And sweet. And savory.

Savory? That’s not an emotion Draco. Draco told Harry so.

“No Draco, savory is not an emotion.” Harry grabbed his hand and smiled, but the smile didn’t erase the hurt in his eyes. That, Draco thought, is really super stupid. Draco didn’t like his Harry sad.

“Stop being so sad.” Draco suddenly pulled one on Harry’s arms so the man lost his balance and fell face first onto Draco, burying his nose in Draco’s shoulder. Draco maneuvered Harry’s head so that it was closer to his face and then proceeded to kiss his scalp, that was covered in that stupid messy black hair of his. “My Harry is not allowed to be sad.”

“No?” Harry asked muffled and very surprised.


“Well then my Draco isn’t allowed to be sad either.” Harry told him defiantly as he pushed himself up. Draco didn’t allow him to fully sit up though, which was why, when the next two blobs entered (Ron and Hermione, but just like Harry Draco didn’t see shit without glasses) they found Harry as a mess of limbs trapped in Draco’s surprisingly strong and muscled arms.

“Pay up Weasley, I told you they would smooch.” Pansy held up her hand to Ronald with a smug grin on her face. Narcissa and Hermione exchanged knowing smiles. Draco pressed another kiss on Harry’s head.

All was well. 

Okay not all was well. Harry’s glasses were very much not well, they were crushed between his and Draco’s chest. Also everyone in the room got huge cavities from watching something so disgustingly sweet as Harry and Draco. Hermione’s parents were not happy.

Sorry I have a thing for Draco on drugs. Please don’t hate me

the mars signs, basically
  • mars in aries: "u know what. FUCk everything. why doesnt life just give me what i want!!! life is so SLOW and BORING and i want ADVENTURE why can't things just HAPPEN MY WAY for ONCE!!!" *someone tells them to chill* "who tf are you??? are you trying to fight me????? ok i dare you FIGHT ME"
  • mars in taurus: *bad stuff happens* "lol im fine" *more bad stuff happens* "@ life are u trying to provoke me...try harder it aint working" *the worst thing that could possibly happen happens* "OK THATS IT IM AT MY LIMIT. THAT WAS NOT NECESSARY. IM SO MAD RIGHT NOW I CANT EVEN THINK WTF WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN TO ME. anyways im actually totally chill haha let me just suppress my feelings it'll be ok :)"
  • mars in gemini: "oh, i see! you think i'm wrong. i'm truly sorry to hear that some pitiful creatures like you find my beautiful mind so complex that you can't comprehend anything i'm saying. i'm sure that, for SOME people, it is indeed a bit too complex hahah lmao (:"
  • mars in cancer: "fine, whatever. u may have said something rude but it's ok im just gonna ignore that" *later* "that fUkcin bitch...i'll show them later, trust me. i'll just wait for the right moment and destroy them when they least expect it"
  • mars in leo: "??? did u just insult me or one of my interests ??? lmao first of all, HOW DARE YOU. second of all, YOU ARE WRONG. i am so beautiful and awesome and such a great friend and THIS is how u repay me??? i'm worth so much more than this. you are disgraceful. i am disgusted"
  • mars in virgo: "i hate everything. NOTHING is going right and i am FALLING APART. honestly i don't even remember the last time something good happened in this world. why are people always annoying me? why is school always annoying me??? why is LIFE always annoying me????? can everyone just STOP"
  • mars in libra: *someone points out that they need to get their life together* "bitch...what? i'm fine...what are you talking about.....my life is 100% under control!!!" *procrastinates everything* "wtf why do i have so much work??? i am dying under all the pressure i hate everything NOTHING IS UNDER CONTROL"
  • mars in scorpio: *on the outside* "okay you know what fuck you im so over this it's over" *on the inside* "i know all ur weaknesses, honey...and trust me, you will regret it. you think i'm over this but i'm definitely not lmao watch ur back"
  • mars in sagittarius: "wtf bitch i hate u, what do you think of yourself??? how dare u disagree with me and say rude stuff to me ugh don't talk to me ever again" *after like 8 minutes max* "omfg the other day i was listening to the duck song and i was thinking about how much you'd like it i mean i bet you've already heard it but it's absolutely hilarious u should watch the video it went viral on youtube hahaha" *someone asks if they've gotten over their anger* "what anger? ...oh thAT. lmao whatever who cares about that, have you heard the duck song?"
  • mars in capricorn: "yeah i'm pretty fucking upset right now, things definitely did not go the way i expected them to. anyways that's just life. i'm over it. i'm just gonna...try and distract myself.....and pretend nothing happened...because that'll help me stop thinking about my shitty life...probably"
  • mars in aquarius: *on the outside* "i guess ur right. maybe what ur saying is the right thing to do :) :) :)" *on the inside* "...excuse me hoe.....ur wrong, i'm right. u can't tell me what to do. i'm well-aware of what i'm doing, if u think i'm gonna listen to anything u tell me to do ur 100% wrong bye"
  • mars in pisces: *accidentally offends someone, someone asks why they're mad* "honestly i'm not totally sure why i'm mad. i didn't even know i was mad until you pointed it out. i mean there are the usual reasons for being mad...people are horrible, life just generally sucks. so yeah im probably just generally mad lmao no worries"

I know that the majority of people hate it… but Sonic Boom is one of my favorite shows of all time.

Not only is it wonderfully clever while still managing to be simplistic, the characters are hilarious, and it is wonderful at cheering me up whenever I’m down. Whenever I start feeling just a little too angsty for my liking, I go to Sonic Boom for support.

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Like this gives me actual joy.

Life suddenly seems a little brighter knowing that Sonic Boom is around, a glimmering gem in the middle of all the hate and negativity. The show doesn’t let other people get it down. It keeps going strong.

And that’s something I admire about it.

Also, it gave us this.

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Excuse me, I'm new to the fandom, and could I ask you a question? Why does almost everyone seem to hate otayuri/otayuri shippers? Like, I don't ship it that much, it's a fine ship, but a lot of people seem to hate it with a burning passion? Like calm down guys it's fictional characters let people enjoy the show how they want to. What even started the shipping war? I think otayuri is a great way for character development to be introduced for both otabek and yuri, ya know? -confused & shy anon

First of all, you are awesome for thinking that otayuri is a fine ship. That makes me so happy to hear. And yes, it would actually be good for character development ^^ wow! I never thought of it that way.

Sooo people hate on Otayuri for many reasons. However the main reason is because of Yurio being 15 and Otabek being 19. 

Otayuri haters usually use this against Otayuri shippers saying that it’s pedophilia or not legal. However, this is NOT true

Refrerring to the hates that say it isn’t “legal”: Otabek and Yuri can legally be in a relationship if Yuri is 15. This is completely okay as long as long as the relationship isn’t sexual when Yuri is 15. There is no law whatsoever saying that this is wrong as long as it is NOT sexual.

However, going by the upcoming season 2 of YOI, Yuri will actually be canonically 16 years old. This is becuase figure skating starts back up in the fall so March 1st (Yurio’s b-day) would’ve already passed. 

This leads to the age of consent. In most states in the US, the age of consesnt is 16

However, if we are going by their countries rules: Russia’s age of consent is 16 and the Age of Consent in Kazakhstan is 16 years old. So, if Yurio is 16, then it’s completely okay for him and Otabek to have a sexual relation.

Now, referring to the haters that say it’s Pedophilia: It is not. I also recently answered this to an anon that was accusing me of supporting a pedophilia relationship. I proved it to them uses sources I found saying what counted as Pedophilia. So I’ll put the same stuff down:

“A person who is diagnosed with pedophilia must be at least 16 years old, and at least five years older than the prepubescent child, for the attraction to be diagnosed as pedophilia.”


“ Pedophilia is used for individuals with a primary or exclusive sexual interest in prepubescent children aged 13 or younger.”

So if anyone says that Otayuri is pedophilia, it’s not. They are just uneducated a**holes. So tell them to just deal with it.

Otayuri is a completely safe and legal ship. And it is freaking adorable. So I say, ship away!

Man, that was a lot but I hope it explains everything! ^^

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You know what's difficult being vocal and liking other races of men. People don't take what you say as seriously. I literally had a girl tell me that I disappointed her because I talk so much on black issues and black history but spend time liking Asian culture. And I'm just like why can't people understand that you can love yourself and culture and still have an interest in other men of different races and cultures.

I honestly hate that black people aren’t afforded the chance at “”””””being weird””””(aka not liking what everyone expect them to or daring to like things plus the “””weird””” stuff)

*I used so many quotations bc I want to stress that I, personally, don’t think liking anything outside of what is thought of as normal, is weird. 

-Admin Kim 

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Everyone in my family uses my name but my brother,he refuses to use it and uses the excuse of "its not your legal name so why should I?" And I don't know what to do. I've tried talking to him but he hates it and dislikes that I'm trans. It gives me so much dysphoria and I've tried ignoring it but it hurts so much, what can I do?

You could perhaps ask your parents to talk to him about it. He may be more likely to listen if an authority figure tells him that his behaviour is respectless and that he needs to change.

I find it kinda hard to believe that the “it’s not your legal name” argument has any ground to it. Has he only ever used people’s legal names before in his life? Has he never, not once, used a nickname for a person? To me it just sounds like an excuse to hide behind so that he can keep being transphobic.

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Wait do u like book Christine?? I thought everyone in the book except squip was really bitchy and gross. (Maybe not Brooke either) but I hated book Christine so much. (Don't get me started on book Michael..)

No, I didn’t like book Christine. But you know, I guess everyone’s behavior in the book is actually more realistic? At the first scene where Jeremy talked to Christine I was like “why the hell does he like her?? She sounds so rude at every sentence she says!” but then I thought that I have that bitchy way to joke too… So uhm… oops
Overall all the characters in the book have that bitchy behavor that real people have, it made me relate a lot with Jeremy (those scenes with Jenna Rolan, god, poor Jeremy).
I don’t know why you don’t like Michael, he looked pretty normal to me.
The one I didn’t really like  is a actually the squip, pretty boring compared to his musical counterpart. His comments were fun to read but he didn’t really have that much weight on Jeremy’s decisions. Even if the musical squip is the cliché bad guy, he is a lot more entertaining in my opinion.

But I guess at the end of the day, everything depends on your personal taste. 
I am a sucker for stupid jokes and sexual innuendos (I’m still laughing at the phone call scenes between Jeremy and Michael, forgiveme) so I loved the book -minus the non existent climax but whatever

FUN FACT  :  I used to rp as loki , he was my first muse but I deleted on like. a depressive impulse bc I realised people cared much , much ,  m u c h  more about him than the writer behind his words and actions. which sounds like a selfish pursuit as everyone is HERE to RP but I hate   ??   when people put fictional characters BEFORE the person writing them. and i’m so thankful to the fact that now i’m following people who care about ME first and foremost ————— even if they don’t interact with my muse. people who want to know me , as I want to know them. bc compared to my muse i’m  lame a f  like there’s no need for anyone to dedicate love or time towards me but people do bc i’m a banana and aksjfhlakjfha i’m emo bye


I just really wanted to write some Angst but fluff at the end.

Warnings- Light swearing, bullying, someone being a dick

“You worthless piece of crap!” 

“You’re so stupid”

“You’re nothing”

“Really you thought we were friends, how pathetic”

“You should just leave. No one wants you here” 

You wince every time you remembered the horrible things people would say to you. The moon was shining through the dorm windows. You were lying face up on your bed. It was times like these that you would think. It was a horrible idea really, it kept you up and it brought your grades down from lack of sleep. This only made the bullying worse. You never told anyone you got bullied, not even your best friend Newt. He had better things to do than worry about you, or at least, that’s what you would tell yourself. 

Every day you would get tormented relentlessly. They would insult you, push you, they wouldn’t leave you alone. It was everybody. Everyone hated you. You felt tears returning, you bit your sleeve hoping you could stop the tears, your breathing got faster and your heart started racing. You got out of bed and sat on the windowsill to try to calm yourself. 

You had a view of a small little field, the moonlight shined on the grass. The wind was blowing slightly and it created a peaceful sensation in your mind. You calmed down and your breathing returned to normal. You were about to go back to bed when someone roughly threw you off the chair. You landed on the ground face first, you could feel your cheek bruising. You looked up and spotted on of your main Hufflepuff bullies, Briar. 

“Keep down your whining. Some of us are trying to sleep.” they spat at you. 

“S-sorry” you stuttered out, making your way back to your bed. 

Briar tripped you and you slammed face first into your bed post. Everyone started laughing at you, tears welled up in your eyes. You grabbed a blanket and dashed out of the common room.

”What are you gonna do go cry to your boyfriend?” Briar mocked as you sprinted out the door. 

You sat in front of the burnt-out fireplace. You wrapped your blanket around you and sat in the middle of the common room on the floor. Your cheek and eye were in pain. The only source of light was from the windows above. You couldn’t hold in your emotions, you burst out into a quiet sob. Your vision became blurry and you rested your head on your knees. You curled up into a sad ball on the floor. 

Unknowing to you, Newts bowtruckle, Pickett, who lived in a plant in the common room saw how upset you were. The little Bowtruckle hopped out of his plant and quickly made his way to Newts bed. Well, as quick as a bowtruckle could be. The Bowtruckled tapped on Newts face repeatedly until Newt woke up. 

“What do you want” Newt groaned out. He looked to his side to see Pickett chirping at him. 

“What is it Pick?” he asks sitting up. 

Pickett jumps off his bed and scurries towards the door and Newt reluctantly follows. As he nears the common room he hears crying. When he finally reached the common room all he saw was a person rolled up into a ball. The person didn’t notice him yet, they looked up at the windows. Newt’s eyes widened as he saw who it was. The moonlight shined on your face, giving Newt a perfect view of your bruises and tears. 

“Y/n?” he whispers out. 

Your head looks in the direction of the voice. You start crying harder once you see who it is. You never wanted Newt to know what you go through. 

“No no please don’t cry.” he says as he rushes to your side. he hugs you tightly, letting you cry on his shoulder. 

Once your tears let up Newt carefully examined you injuries. 

“Who did this to you” Newt demanded, a hint of sadness laced in his voice. 

“I fell.” you lied. 

Newt gives you a look, “I’m your best friend Y/n I know when your lying. Now please, tell me who did this” Newt pleaded. 

You looked away from newt and up at the moon again. 

“Briar” you mumbled out. 

Newt’s eyes flared with anger, “Why on earth would he do this to you” he questioned. 

“I don’t know” you stated. 

“Are you sure you don’t know?” Newt pressured. 

“NO! I don't know! I don’t know why everyone seems to hate me so much. I get bullied constantly Newt. By everyone! Hufflepuff, Slytherin, Gryffindor, and Ravenclaw. I don’t know why!” You cried out, not caring if you woke someone up. 

Newt looked at you, anger and sadness flickered back and forth in his eyes. 

“How long?” He asked. 

“Almost 3 years” you whispered. 

Newt stood up and walked away from you. At first, you thought he was angry with you but when you heard him start to pace and sniff, you knew he was mad at himself. “How could I let this happen?” he murmured mostly to himself. 

“I-It’s not your fault.” you say trying to comfort him. 

“You’re my best friend, I should have known. I should have stopped it” he replied. 

Newt was absolutely furious with himself, he loved you with all his heart and seeing you so broken made his heart ache. 

“I didn’t want to worry you” You say. 

“Worry me? You’re getting injured and insulted on a daily basis and you’re worried about me” Newt asked. 

You looked at him and cracked half a smile, “I guess yeah” you croaked out. 

Newt walked back over to you and sat next to you. 

“I love you but you can be so stupid sometimes” Newt joked as he hugged you tightly. 

“Yeah yeah I know” you reply. Newt cautiously strokes your cheek, where the bruise was forming. 

“i have some cream, that will help your bruises” Newt murmurs. 

You put your hand on his wrist and smiled at him. he leaned down and kissed your cheek. Newt quickly ran up to his dorm and grabbed a few things. He came back with the cream, a blanket, and a pillow. 

“What’s the blanket for?” you ask. 

“I don’t want you down here alone” Newt replies simply. 

“Newt I don’t want-” You start, Newt cuts you off with another kiss before applying the cream on your cheek. 

“I’m staying with you, no argument” Newt states. 

After he finishes applying the cream he sets up a makeshift bed and lays next to you. You lay down next to him and snuggle next to him. Newt forms a protective barrier hug around you while you fall asleep. You both sleep soundly and peacefully. 

“What the hell?!” You and Newt jolt awake. It’s morning and in front of you stands Briar. 

“You know Newt, you don’t need to be nice to this loser.” they said looking at you with a glare. You shrink back behind Newt. 

Newt’s anger rises, “Don’t talk to them like that” Newt spits. 

“Woah there Scamander, I’m just trying to save whats left of your dignity” Briar replies. 

“My dignity is just fine thank you very much. Now I suggest you leave y/n alone before something bad happens” Newt states. 

Briar laughs, “Like what, your stupid creature would poke me to death”. 

“No like this little guy right here” newt says pulling out a new creature. 

I was in a little cocoon that hung off his finger. 

“Your joking right?” Briar scoffed. 

They turned and laughed to their friends. Newt flicked his wrist and the tiny cocoon turned into a large green and blue beast. The beast went for Briar and bared its teeth. Briar and their friends ran away screaming. Newt made a sound and the creature came back to him, returning to it’s cocoon form. Newt looked back at you with a devilish grin on his face. 

“What is that?” you ask. 

“Swooping Evil” Newt says grinning. 

“Well, I love it!” you squealed. 

“I wasn’t planning on showing him off just yet but I couldn’t resist” Newt explained. 

“They shouldn’t bother you anytime soon, and if they do. Well, they know what to expect” Newt continues. You hug him tightly. 

“Thank you Newt. I love you so much” you mumbled into his chest. 

“I love you too, love” Newt replies hugging you back. 

“I better but him away before we get in trouble.” Newt says gesturing to the Swooping Evil. You intertwine your hand with Newts. 

“Then we better get going.”

It’s midnight, I should be asleep but instead I’m watching a playthrough if a horror game.

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children (Complete) Starter Sentences
  • “I suppose we're no good at facing our memories”
  • “We were trying to rid ourselves of a more...immediate problem”
  • “But you're the ones who brought that on yourselves in the first place.”
  • “He's not here anymore...”
  • “ ____ called again. They say to hurry...and they sounded kind of strange. Be careful, okay?”
  • “We know you hid her, brother!”
  • “I don't want to talk to you anymore.”
  • “I'm still out here!”
  • “Good. You fight like the soldier you once claimed to be.”
  • “Just run!”
  • “Don't cry.”
  • “Now...do as I do.”
  • “You don't have a phone!?”
  • “Man, do I hate liars!”
  • “She's not here...I'm not crying!”
  • “They're kinda like cats...nine lives y'know?”
  • “She does so much for us...and we don't even know where to find her.”
  • “I swore that I would never forget. I tried. But I...”
  • “Dilly dally shilly shally.”
  • “Why is everyone calling me their Mother?”
  • “It's...flashy.”
  • “Oh, good. Looks like today, we're clockin' out early.”
  • “Son of a BITCH!”
  • “Alright, who's been touching my Materia?”
  • “That ____ is a royal pain the ass, like always.”
  • “Brother...I'm with her at last!”
  • “Tell me what you cherish most. So I can have the pleasure of taking it away.”
  • “So what if it looks hopeless?”
  • “You just don't get it at all. There's not a thing I don't cherish!”
  • “I will never be a memory.”
  • “I never blamed you. Not once.”
  • “You see...everything's alright.”
  • “I know. I'm not alone. Not anymore.”

Also, can somebody explain to me why tumblr hates john green so much? I remember a few years ago everyone was all “nerdfighters!!!!11!” and quoting his books nonstop and now I see all these posts about people hating him without really explaining why.

no seriously she’s honestly just breaking off our friendship because she thinks she’s bad for me and that the person she loves hates her for being bad for me (she isn’t, the complicated situation is)

i don’t know what to do i’m crying so much i’m so lost

why does everyone always fucking leave

they all promise they’ll stay but that’s just lies everybody leaves me

  • (Following "Revelations")
  • Iron Bull: Now, isn't this better? Getting the burden of that lie off your chest?
  • Blackwall: And exchanging it for the burden of everyone hating me? Yes. So much better.
  • Iron Bull: Hey, I don’t hate you. You and me? We’re good.
  • Iron Bull: Now that you know who you are, you can stop doubting yourself and start hitting crap again.
  • Blackwall: Why don't we hit a few bottles first, huh?
The Signs as Things My Friends Said
  • Aries: "You wanna see what I have?" *looks down at pants*
  • Taurus: "Should I post this to insta?"
  • Gemini: "Hiiiii, I fell down 2 minutes ago, but I'm okay now."
  • Cancer: "Every time I love someone, he takes something from me when he leaves."
  • Leo: "Oh my god, look at her, I'm so much better than her!"
  • Virgo: "He hugged me and I just started crying."
  • Libra: "I HATE EVERYONE!!!!"
  • Scorpio: "I'm sorry I hooked up with her, I don't even like her."
  • Sagittarius: " I'm just gonna show him how it's done"
  • Capricorn: "I'm sorry I acted weird, it happens sometimes"
  • Aquarius: "You know I don't care, so why are you even trying?"
  • Pisces: "I can ruin her life if I want to."
  • me: *doesn't talk*
  • me: i'm basically invisible, i bet everyone is judging me and they all think i'm mean and don't like them, i have to start talking more
  • me: *talks*
  • me: man i'm so fucking annoying, WHY DO I TALK SO MUCH? i bet they hate me, they think i'm so fucking weird, I KNOW IT!!! i have to talk less

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Ughh again with the gifs! You aren't funny, or a talented writer, as much as everyone makes out you are... you aren't. Stop with this bullshit. I don't get why you even bother, it's clear that there are people here who would want to see you leave, so do everyone a favour. You do know that people who talk to you, all those blogs that talk on kik to you, are fucking using you and Angie. You have over 5K... wake the fuck up! They aren't your friends.

Originally posted by forassgard

Through life there are gonna be people that hate me, love me and just don’t care about me, it’s taken me till recently that I have no control over that but how I deal with it. There are gonna people who won’t like what I write (you for instance) and people who do like what I write, which is over 6,000 people. I can’t change your mind, I’m not even going to try to, you have an opinion on me without even knowing me and that’s okay for me. Because in my mind, I feel like you are missing out, I find myself funny and I make Angie laugh, you clearly found me through Marvel; I love talking about Marvel. 

I don’t care that I hate you me, or your friends, you could be the only person writing all these anons. Whoever these anons are, I don’t give a shit, it’s why I answer how I do. I could delete them but I want people to see that there’s a funny way to deal with this, you shouldn’t have to delete them (unless you want to) I like the fact it frustrates you. What did you expect me to cry and delete this blog? You expect me to wallow in self-pity just because some fucking cunt can’t carry on with their lives and needs to message me their problems about me? I don’t give a shit about you, or your life, or where you are going… if you don’t like me, fucking fantastic I don’t want or need you in my life. 

As for the using me part, they need only ask for me to plug them on the blog and I would, they don’t need to go to extreme lengths in order for me to recognise they are all extremely talented. In fact, they’ve been doing just fine without my help. Most have successful blogs on their own, they don’t need my followers going over, but I recognise the talent. THEY HAVE NEVER ASKED ME TO PUT THEM ON MY BLOG, OR REBLOG SOMETHING, OR ANYTHING. 

Everything I do that involves them, I do it myself, the Kik family introduction… me. None of them asked for that, I did that, when I reblog their work… me. They don’t ask me… I do that. When I randomly tag them in stuff, me… they’ve never asked me for anything, I do it because I know they are fucking great and I want my followers to see it. Plus, if they were using me I doubt they’d care for me as much as they do, I have most reminding me to eat and sleep, I have these people who stick up for me against people like you… 

Don’t fucking assume just because you are a fucking swine that MY friends are, cause they are far from people who would use someone, or put someone else down. The world is full of good people, I’m lucky enough and fortunate enough that one day in a Chatzy I found some epically nice people, it’s a shame you can never be one of those people to me.  CUT THE CHECK.

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Can you explain to me why everyone hates dubs so much? I know there's a lot of dubs that aren't very well done and lots people say the Japanese voice acting is better but if you're watching subbed it's not like you can understand it anyways. I personally kinda like dubs because its nice to not have to use 100% of my focus it's easier watch but That seems to be a fairly unheard of opinion. It just seems everyone hates on dubs and I just don't get why

I’ll admit it…this is a hipster thing. For the first 10 years I watched anime (the 1990s) subbed was usually the only option. When dubs existed they were almost invariably bad. So I got used to it being one way…now, watching dubbed anime just feels wrong…it feels phony to me. It’s hard to articulate, but I know it’s irrational because even Avatar seems like it should have subtitles even though it’s an American show. 

So I recognize that this is irrational, but it’s not something that I think decreases my or other people’s happiness…so I shall remain firmly a lover of subtitled anime. 

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