i don't know why but this was really funny to me

But what if Rowan and Aelin ARE going to be mates? I mean, every time I read Heir of Fire I’m confused about whether or not I ship them, so that’s not really the point, but regardless, it’s interesting to think about. Because becoming mates and ‘being intimate,’ as Rowan puts it, are not the same thing. So what if it just happens because of how mentally and emotionally intimate they are with each other, and has nothing to do with if anything happens physically, and they don’t even notice the bond snap into place at first? What if they don’t notice until they try to spar and can’t land a blow because you literally cannot bear to harm your mate?

This is just hilarious. Like, can you imagine Rowan and Aelin starting to go at it, just like always, only to stop inches from each other, staring at each other wondering why the heck they can’t hit each other? They do this every day. And then they realize what it means and they just start swearing at each other. They’re just glaring and hissing and so mad because “Seriously? This one? This idiot is my mate?” And poor Dorian and Aedion and Chaol are just standing on the sidelines, hopelessly confused, like wth is going on. And I can just imagine Rowan and Aelin finally calming down (after like thirty minutes of ranting and wishing they could pummel the other into the dust) and Aelin sighing, looking Rowan straight in the eye and just saying:

“Well, you did say that if we were going to hell, we’d go together.”

Okay but

High school!AU of one piece where Sanji is in an art class and he has to make a video for it, so he just ends up using Zoro as his prop, and using the documentary lines like “Ah yes, the Wandering Moss, a rare specimen” and “Its migratory patterns are unknown, as it aimlessly travels”. And its funny until he catches Zoro on a date with Luffy, and the only thing he could think to commentate on was “The Wandering Moss must have a super/sub sonic mating call” 


“Why are you looking at me like that?” I ask, feigning ignorance.

“Haha very funny. How come you’ve never told me that you’re leaving? Why are you leaving anyway?”

“Yeah… I guess the topic just never came up! But awww, I didn’t know you care so much about me!” I wiggle my brows just to rile her up.

“I don’t!” she said while landing a punch on my right arm. With her mouth agape and eyes squinted she looks even more irritated than before. The afternoon sun is beating down its unforgiving heat on us. Her face looks flushed in this heat.

“Ouch, for a tiny person you can hit pretty hard” Laughing, I rub my now sore arm. It really does hurt actually. “So as I was saying,”

“I-uh challenge you to a duel! Meet me at my house later! For details!” She blurts out.

Before I get the chance to say anything else, I heard the crunch of the dirt as if someone is running really fast. I look up and realize that someone is actually Korrin. She is running away. I stand there befuddled as she disappears around the corner. I was just about to tell her why I was leaving but I guess that’ll have to happen later.

You know how in the past four years or so I’ve tried to read Pride and Prejudice like a zillion times? It’s not even that I really dislike it. I just can’t ever read more than 100-ish pages. I’m now reading the manga adaptation and I saw the 2005 movie last year - I enjoyed both. Next I’ll see the mini-series and read the Lizzie Bennet diaries. Hopefully I’ll actually read the book in the next decade. 

Hey, can you not tell any darkiplies/monsterpliers that “they’re not tough enough” because of a small thing.


Don’t say that type of thing at all? 

I don’t know about you, but telling me or anyone those type of things are seriously annoying and hurtful. To me, it just seems a kick in the face, that my darkiplier is shit, or just plain stupid.

You’re not being funny or cute, it gets really repetitive.

Guys, can I talk to you about something? See, I’ve been in a friendship very similar to muke. It’s funny and all for a while, but sometimes it hurts, you know? Sometimes the constant teasing and mean jokes gets old, and then it’s just bullying. In the end, you know the person really cares, and would never intentionally hurt you, but it does still hurt my feelings. Why I’m telling you this is because I want you all to know that maybe Luke doesn’t find all this as funny as you do. Of course, I don’t actually know anything but I’d like to see some people start realizing that this really isn’t funny. It’d be awesome if you could stop making fun of it, making jokes about Michael telling Luke to shut up/being mean to him in general, making Luke seem weak. Remember that one time Michael called Luke fat? That couldn’t have been nice for Luke to hear after struggling with his weight throughout his teen years. Who knows, maybe I’m being overdramatic, but I’m coming from a place of experience with a friendship like this and I just want you all to know that maybe Luke is getting his feelings hurt behind the scenes of the “shut up luke”s and all the other mean comments Michael makes, along with you guys. I hope he’s alright.


So can someone please explain to me how I was “wrong” when I quoted things from a bible stand point? I am not religious at all, no where in this am I agreeing with what the bible says. I am simply repeating the things I was taught growing up. From a Christian stand point Adam and Eve were the first humans. God created Adam then eve fromhis rib. Or so says the bible or whatever. This is what were taught growing up.

I don’t know. I’m just really upset over getting attacked for nothing. For a funny post I made. By someone I once though of as a friend.

They deleted me after that last comment.

Free! Dubbed Fucked My Ass Sideways

I have no fucking clue how I’m suppose to feel.  On one hand it was rather funny and entertaining. (Also Makoto sounds sexy as hell) On the other it was pretty shitty. I love both the Japanese and English of voice actors. So, I’m not trying to say that the English voice actors didn’t do a good job or work hard. (honestly J. Micheal Tatum and Johnny Yong Bosch are prolly my two favorite english voice actors.) I just feel like Free! dubbed will be more like comic parody.  Free! subbed had me on a roller coaster of feels: laughing, in tears, smiling, and yelling at my computer (and that could be just a single episode) and I don’t think that will be achieved in Free! dubbed. Which is why I wasn’t really looking forward to it to begin with.

So, this why I don’t know how to feel. I feel like both could be watch for different reasons. Like if you want to laugh and face palm every ten seconds watch free! dubbed. If you want the actual story and to be penetrated by feels go subbed.


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i think it’s so funny how my family, especially my grandparents, still like to mention from time to time how lowkey weird they find it that i’m obsessed with taylor and have pictures of her hanging all over my room and not of some white boy. honestly……. it’s been 7 years and you still haven’t fully accepted the fact that i love and admire and look up to a female because that’s not what you view as normal for girls my age okay then

nemossubmarine replied to your postWhoops this has NOT been a good day. And now it’s…

I wish I could come help with the cleaning, darling. I like cleaning, the rare times I actually do it. Hopefully tomorrow goes well.

I don’t really hate cleaning myself but I always manage to procrastinate it long enough until it becomes a horrible mess that stresses me out too much to get started on it : / 

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Bel!! No, nobody asked this one, so thank you!!! =)

☯ - Male Celebrity Crush
Well, other than the obvs *coughKyungsoocough* I think I will have to go with Brendon Urie. Honestly, I’ve been in love with Panic! at the Disco since about 2007 (whenever I Write Sins, Not Tragedies came out?) and like immediately fell for his voice. He seems really cool as a person too, like his vines are funny, and he’s cute and it doesn’t hurt he has a nice looking face you know. =D

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My url :p

send me a url and i’ll talk about them.

Oh god if I say anything wrong she may kill me, *sweats nervously
Okay well uh, she is really nice and funny and threatens to kill me a lot which is mildly scary but she is kind of like the little sister I never wanted so I guess that’s why it’s mildly scary. She invades my askbox all the time with the most random things and it’s hilarious plus her OC is amazing and Dean secretly wants to be with her but he doesn’t know how the mun feels about it so he has been burying his feelings.

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and that’s interesting too that you pick up how other people speak! i do it too but slower than you describe

i don’t really understand it and I definitely didn’t know I was doing it until she pointed it out to me. I still have zero idea when I do it but she always laughs and points it out to me lolol