i don't know why but this is kinda touching~

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i don't know why but i really like the idea of michael loving to kiss jeremy's neck/shoulders in a non sexual way and it always makes both of them smile and michael especially loved coming up behind jeremy and wrapping his arms around him and smooching the back of his neck and jeremy just kinda melts into the touch

this is so soft and nice wtf the fuck???????????

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I'm a little confused. Harry said that the girl that Carolina is about found out the song was about her because her dad watched the today show and heard the song and left her a voicemail. Sorry is he saying his hookup told her dad that she hooked up with Harry? I don't know it's just weird, he's also then saying he's still in touch with her. This is kinda the biggest thing that's annoying me, why go to such lengths to let everyone know it's about this girl???

this ‘chaos’ you don’t understand and all these questions you have are because they want you to. the song is clearly not about a hookup but they want you to think 400 possible scenarios and read it as you want so he doesn’t have to give a clear explanation. after the 80th interview i can tell that they prepared some ‘topics’ he talks about and repeat, some stories he made up along the way to explain the songs without actually say something consistent or relevant and then there the most personal songs (you can totally tell which ones they are) he clearly doesn’t want to share so he rambles a lot without answering. Result is that we don’t know, we can read them whatever we want it and you’ll never have an answer to your questions. 

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children (Complete) Starter Sentences
  • “I suppose we're no good at facing our memories”
  • “We were trying to rid ourselves of a more...immediate problem”
  • “But you're the ones who brought that on yourselves in the first place.”
  • “He's not here anymore...”
  • “ ____ called again. They say to hurry...and they sounded kind of strange. Be careful, okay?”
  • “We know you hid her, brother!”
  • “I don't want to talk to you anymore.”
  • “I'm still out here!”
  • “Good. You fight like the soldier you once claimed to be.”
  • “Just run!”
  • “Don't cry.”
  • “Now...do as I do.”
  • “You don't have a phone!?”
  • “Man, do I hate liars!”
  • “She's not here...I'm not crying!”
  • “They're kinda like cats...nine lives y'know?”
  • “She does so much for us...and we don't even know where to find her.”
  • “I swore that I would never forget. I tried. But I...”
  • “Dilly dally shilly shally.”
  • “Why is everyone calling me their Mother?”
  • “It's...flashy.”
  • “Oh, good. Looks like today, we're clockin' out early.”
  • “Son of a BITCH!”
  • “Alright, who's been touching my Materia?”
  • “That ____ is a royal pain the ass, like always.”
  • “Brother...I'm with her at last!”
  • “Tell me what you cherish most. So I can have the pleasure of taking it away.”
  • “So what if it looks hopeless?”
  • “You just don't get it at all. There's not a thing I don't cherish!”
  • “I will never be a memory.”
  • “I never blamed you. Not once.”
  • “You see...everything's alright.”
  • “I know. I'm not alone. Not anymore.”

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i just realized something... You ship Sheith, and judging by what i remember seeing from your PJO/HOO art... You have a type don't you?


It’s what I call Sunshine Light Haired Tol and Angry Dark Haired Smol. I honestly have a thing for misunderstood raven haired boys who are kinda viewed as the temperamental ones who hate on everything but literally turns all soft to one specific kind hearted boy who loves them oh-so dearly. Certain boy is the only one that could calm and touch them freely. A.K.A. The Pure Ship. That’s why Jasico and Sheith are my OTPs in these fandoms. JUST. LOOK. AT. THEM.

7/27 for the Signs
  • ARIES: SCARED OF HAPPY || I never knew a love that doesn't hurt, feeling the heat and the burn. / I'm afraid of nothing, I'm afraid of no one. I used to be fearless. Why am I scared of happy?
  • TAURUS: SQUEEZE || Dimming the lights, here in the dark, going by feel. / When we're alone, I get so close. Give me a warmth I've never known. Face to face, caught in a wild embrace, this is the safest place I've ever known.
  • GEMINI: WRITE ON ME || Write on me; color outside the lines. Love the way you tat me up, baby, take your time. / I can see a city sleep, I can see an ocean wave. Everything is changing, and it's written on my face.
  • CANCER: I LIED || It's crazy how that four-letter word gets tossed. And I'm guilty, said it so many times before, but I can't front no more. You're the only one showing me the real, you're the only one giving me these chills. No ex in the past could open up my eyes, thought I found the one every time.
  • LEO: ALL IN MY HEAD (FLEX) || Flex; time to impress. Come and climb in my bed. Don't be shy, do your thing. / So tongue-in-cheek when we're laying on roses, but you're touching my skin and you're leaving me hopeless.
  • VIRGO: DOPE || I'm tryna find the words to show you how I feel and show you that it's real. And I'm tryna find the words, I don't know what else to say, but you're pretty fucking dope, just so you know. I've been thinking 'bout ways that I wanna hold you close, just so you know.
  • LIBRA: NOT THAT KINDA GIRL || Why you looking like I'm that kinda girl? Just 'cause I'm hot don't mean that I'm that girl. If you want me, don't treat me like I'm her. Don't get fucked up, I'm not that kinda girl. / Boy, I wanna like you, but it's better if you just don't speak.
  • SCORPIO: NO WAY || We got an audience calling us crazy. / Everyone comes with scars, but you can love them away. / When I look in your eyes, I see through to my soul. I know the core of you is good, you're my tarnished hero.
  • SAGITTARIUS: THE LIFE || I like seeing all the white lights. Keep it up, pour it up for the night. / This is the life. / No stress, baby, you can find us getting down on a beach in Dubai, poolside, sipping on a Mai Tai.
  • CAPRICORN: WORK FROM HOME || I know you're always on that night shift, but I can't stand these nights alone, and I don't need no explanation 'cause, baby, you're the boss at home. You don't gotta go to work, but you gotta put in work. You don't gotta go to work, let my body do the work. We can work from home.
  • AQUARIUS: THAT'S MY GIRL || You've been down before, you've been hurt before, you got up before, you'll be good to go. / Destiny said it, you gotta get up and get it, get mad independent and don't you ever forget it. Got some dirt on your shoulder, then let me brush it off for ya.
  • PISCES: GONNA GET BETTER || I don't know why you always think that I'm unhappy with our paradise, that I'm wanting the trees that are growing the green, but you know all I want is you. / I don't need a house and a Benz, all I want is your love.
My mum wanted to know why I'm so obsessed with YOI so I made her watch the show, these are her comments:
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Mum:</b> Are they gay?<p/><b>Me (Elisa):</b> What?<p/><b>M:</b> Because you two (my best friend and I) only love something so much when it's gay!<p/><b>M:</b> Yuuri's kinda hot without his glasses.<p/><b>M:</b> They are gonna be a couple?<p/><b>E:</b> Who?<p/><b>M:</b> Yuuri and Victor<p/><b>E:</b> Why'd you think that?<p/></p><p/><b>M:</b> Because he's always hitting on him but Yuri can't handle it.<p/><b>M *about the lip touch scene*:</b> huh...if this doesn't count as hitting on someone I don't know what does!<p/><b>Mum:</b> *judging Yuri for the whole pork cutlet bowl thing*<p/><b>M:</b> I'm really, afraid that Yuri'll loose against other Yuri - wait ia other Yuri in love with Victor as well?<p/><b>M:</b> Yuri always just wanted to win, but now he's realised what he really wants and that's Victor!<p/><b>M:</b> So are we watching this from now on?<p/><b>E:</b> There are only six episodes...<p/><b>M:</b> Oh :(<p/><b>Episode 4 apparently wasn't gay enough for her:</b> There could've been ... why wasn't there ... hugh!! I think Victor knows that Yuri has a crush on him but is too shy to admit it!<p/><b>M:</b> Yuri looks really good in black.<p/><b>M:</b> Why the hell does he want every guy to fall in love with him?<p/><b>M:</b> Oh shit, I thought Minami was a girl.<p/><b>M *when Victor puts the lip balm on Yuri's lip* :</b> Shit I really thought they were gonna kiss now.<p/><b>M:</b> Oh man now they are all shocked! Did he really just tell the whole world that he's in love with Victor? Wait...Victor knows that Yuri's in love with him, right? Right?<p/><b>E:</b> Oh, man I can't wait to hear what you'll say about Chris.<p/><b>M:</b> Huh! I bet he'll make a move on Yuri and Victor's gonna be so jealous!<p/><b>E:</b> Any last comment?<p/><b>M:</b> Well, I'm pretty excited about what's going to happen...I'm a bit afraid that Yuri will start something with Chris even though he's in love with Victor.<p/><b>E:</b> What the hell, Mum?<p/><b>E:</b> The description for next weeks episode says that Yuri can't stand the pressure of being first and that Victor will have to use some pretty unconventional measures. And then something like Will Yuri's glass heart be able to bear it...<p/><b>M:</b> Yessss! Kiss!<p/></p>

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Thank you Louise but I accidentally sent a text to my best friend talking about how I could handle his willy and i'm hanging out with him this week and i don't know what to do I don't know why I even texted that I don't even liker him that much I tried sending it to my other friend

Oh wow. That’s awks.

If I’d have done it I would just be really honest and be like, ‘errr so I meant to send that to a friend because I was just kinda perving on you a bit. I’m really sorry. I don’t actually want to touch your willy (unless you do in which case you might wanna have a different conversation entirely) annnnndddd let’s never speak of this ever again or I’ll die of embarrassment’. 

Good luck! Stop sending texts about willys! xxx

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How do you keep inspiration when writing? I suffer from extreme writer's block very often but the other day an idea struck me and I wrote it down, expanded my points and came up with a semi-decent overview of this new story I wanted to write. I could hear the sentences in my head, see the characters, /feel/ the characters...but now, only a couple days later I don't want to write it anymore. It seems boring, tasteless, over-done. But I still kinda like the idea. I don't know how to solve this.

Don’t give up! 

Let me be honest with you. There are days when I read over my answers to you all and think that I am the greatest wordsmith ever to walk this earth and that I deserve vast legions of fans and a cookie. Then there are days when I read them over and think that I am literally the worst person ever to touch a keyboard,and I wonder why on earth anyone listens to me.

Everyone goes through periods of thinking their ideas are not good enough. Everyone. I guarantee it. I know the last thing anyone in this position wants to hear is “get over it/it doesn’t matter/suck it up,” so try some of this instead.

You don’t want to write it. Why is that? Pick it apart and see what isn’t working.

  • Is something amiss in the plot, that makes it feel bland? Throw ideas at it until something sticks and clicks and makes you gasp with how amazing a twist it is, remove one element at a time until you can pinpoint exactly which variable is dragging everything down, cycle through other things you can use in its place, or try writing it anyway and see if something comes to you along the way.
  • Does one of your characters make you want to pull your hair out? Give them a total personality makeover, yank their motivation out from under their feet and replace it with something different to see how they catch themselves, or force them into a situation that makes them unfathomably uncomfortable. Make them work as hard as you do.
  • Does the story progression feel tried, but no longer true? Stick it in a blender and piece it back together in a different order that may or may not work, change up the involvement of the characters and how they interact with the MacGuffin, or dropkick everything off the balcony except the inciting incident and set it loose in a world of your creation.

But you also do want to write it. Why is that? Figure out why precisely  you love your idea and run with it.

  • Do you love your characters? Write up character sheets and rave at length about how their character arc is more phenomenal than any other, play with a million dress-up games to figure out how they look and how they carry themselves, surf TvTropes until you can explain their entire character arc in tropespeak.
  • Do you love your plot idea? Spin it out on a sheet of paper and see where you can take it, throw it up on a chalkboard and make a timeline of your favorite events from it, pin your character sheets against it and map out when and where and why things happen.
  • Is there an element you love and want to do more with? Rig it to the center of your plot and refuse to let anything bump it out, give your characters a crash course in its uses and send them on a journey to spread its good word, or refuse to tell them how it works and make them struggle to figure it out on their own.

Enjoy the process as much as the product. Writing is a craft. It is an art as well as a science, it is creation and destruction and it comes from the mind and the heart. You will get stuck, and that is fine. That is great. That is to be expected and dealt with and moved on from. When you get stuck, something isn’t working. Sometimes, that something is you. You may need a break: step away and relax. Read something, goof off on the Internet, play with a pet or grab a drink. Writer’s block might mean that you are honestly trying too hard, and so your brain is rebelling and refusing to work. Take care of your brain, too.

Write terribly. Be awful. Write dreadful turns of phrase, splice your commas and split your infinitives, write things in brackets to come back and add to later, keysmash your way through a passage, but however you do it, write. Get through the doldrums of writer’s block and come out the other side triumphant with a handful of pages, maybe even a draft. Get it all out, even and especially if you can’t stand it. Once it’s all out of your mind and onto paper, get out your red pens and highlighters and attack until it bleeds. Whip it into shape and make it shine. Sometimes the best part of writing is the editing, once it’s all said but not all done.

Nothing is perfect. Writing can be a chore sometimes when it comes to kicking everything into shape and editing the heartwrenchingly bad prose out of your amazing idea, but remember, remember, that nothing comes out perfect on the first run. We undertake the adventure of writing because we love it. Maybe not all the time: we hate the bad days, we hate that sentence that never sounds right, we hate the characters who just don’t mesh no matter how hard we try, we hate the plots that have no satisfactory resolution. One of the most wonderful parts of writing is that if ever you don’t love something, you can change it until you do. Take a break and come back with a red pen and vengeance.

Above all, love your words, because they are yours. Love your ideas, because they are yours. No one can do what you can with them. There is a beauty and a candor in putting your thoughts to paper. Never, ever belittle what you come up with. Never.

It is within you to succeed, never forget that. Once you have something, let me know: I will bake you a batch of cookies myself.


Me Watching Love Live!
  • Beginning: Oh hey this is kinda cute aw look at them they're all so adorable I think I'll keep them
  • Middle: No, no, you stop touching her because she belongs with this other girl, YES THOSE TWO ARE LIKE MARRIED, oh singing, aaaawwww thaT'S JUST SO FRICKIN CUTE UGH
  • End: What. Why. Why would you do this, I didn't come here for these feels, I came to see a nonromantic comedy where everyone's gay, I didn't ask for this okay you know what I do not deserve this, AW YES SHIPPIN THAT, hoe don't do it, ugh stop being so sad I wanna see y'all happy again you know what forget this forget you all I'm done with you and WAIT THERE'S A SECOND SEASON I MUST