i don't know why but i find them annoying

character creation

(should I start a skyrim blog for these kinds of posts? do you find them annoying? let me know)

So it’s funny how much I actually roleplay in Skyrim when slipping into the guise of different characters. Phil, for example, HATES draugr. Maybe not as much now that he can stealth-kick their butts more easily, but he still loathes the creepy sound of them shuffling around.

Phil: Why couldn’t those dumb Nords have tied their feet if they knew this sort of thing happened with the dead?? Then this whole problem could have been avoided.

But my second character (who I won’t name yet I’m just waiting to make an intro post) doesn’t mind draugr, in fact he kinda likes them. “Don’t blame the draugr, poor things don’t know any better” is his mentality. I think he probably tries to talk to them but ends up getting smacked with an ancient Nord sword for his trouble. :P