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we're not repulsed by female sexuality, we're repulsed by the fact that scenes of abuse are romanticized and ignored as such and are given sexual undertones by shippers, undertones that were NEVER there in the first place. THAT is what repulsing us. kylo and rey ARE NOT attracted to one another. and the novelization is no proof bc it goes against the movie. but i don't expect someone that doesn't understand the little red riding hood to get that.

I originally wrote out a lengthy goddamn response, but this fucking hell site deleted it. So FUCK it.

I have answered ALL of this bullshit time and time again before. You can take a moment to READ the work I have done and inform yourself. Or you can continue to ignore it. Either way, by the end of this post you’ll have information you need to inform yourself. You can no longer claim ignorance - you are only left with either stupidity, or you can at least CONSIDER what I have to say:

here (includes, for your viewing pleasure, definitions of subtext, literal text, metaphor, etc.)

here (fairy tale imagery, romantic tropes, allusions - Beauty and the Beast)

here (another anti who couldn’t read my above post defining subtext, literal text, etc. - worth a read if you’re STILL confused)

here (ANOTHER anti who just didn’t get it; I provided further sources and information on Little Red Riding Hood and why you’re hilariously wrong about my “misunderstanding” of the tale)

here (Ben Solo’s redemption and why it’s coming - and what it might look like)

here (Some info on the subtext between Rey and Kylo and their fated, intertwined destinies)

here (Some analysis of Carl Jung’s Anima/Animus dynamic as applied to Kylo Ren and Rey)

here (why the bridal carry is important and how it shows subtextual foreshadowing of romance and subtextual sexuality between the characters)

So…. these are my sources. I have many. Each of those posts references REAL LITERARY SOURCES. May I ask - where the hell are yours? Ain’t seen an anti yet who could link me to a damn thing.

No references yet from y’all, and you’re the ones calling Reylos misinformed?? Excuse me? At least I have picked up a book in my life!

In short, learn something and pick up a goddamn book - come back to me when you have any amount of informed opinion in this. Come back to me when you have a horse in this race. And don’t criticize others’ knowledge and informed analysis before you have done so. It makes you stupid.

Your reading is bad, it’s basic, it’s misinformed - criticizing others’ hard work that IS informed is insulting and a waste of time. What’s your aim here other than for me to show you my sources and prove how silly your lack of argument is?

Figure out what the hell nuance is, and figure out how fiction and its characters function very differently than reality - through symbolism, metaphors, themes, archetypes, etc. Fiction =/= reality, and that includes how characters interact, how actions reflect on the world around them, and how people develop and grow. It’s a fantasy world, not reality. Things don’t work like we do - that should be evident by the stabby glow sticks, flying space ships, and MIND POWERS.

Read up on the differences between subtext, literal text, context, metaphor, allusion, implicit…. just invest in a dictionary! It’s not my job to be your teacher - y’all aren’t paying me to put up with your blatant ignorance.

Stop telling me I’m the one who is misinformed, when I clearly provide SOURCES - all the while, you provide nothing but your frankly shitty opinion along with ZERO sources. Screaming that your opinion is right does not make it so.

Research is the mature, normal way to inform your arguments - not shitty anti blogs who spout personal opinions as The One and Only True Analysis™ with literally no sources or literary backing/understanding. Anti blogs are the garbage dump of information, ok? Stop looking there and pick up some real books.

LASTLY, stay in your lane. If you’re going to refuse to read my blog properly, if you’re going to refuse to use/read any source materials, if you’re going to refuse to INFORM yourself through legitimate sources… DON’T concern yourself with analysis or have any opinion about analysis. It’s not your place to concern yourself if you’re going to remain willingly in ignorance.

That would be like me trying to argue physics with Neil deGrasse Tyson - I know nothing compared with him on the matter. That would be like me trying to argue black holes don’t exist with Stephen Hawking - who the FUCK am I to say anything about that shit to someone who’s spent his life studying all of that?

It’s simply STUPID to go into an argument you know NOTHING about with guns blazing and not knowing your targets - especially when your opponent is a skilled marksman.

Y’all are just too much. Pick up a book, or two, or three. Learn something before you speak. And come at the information Reylos give you with an open fucking mind, for god’s sake. I put a lot of work into my metas because I know my shit. Y’all who know nothing about this are just spouting garbage misinformation all over the internet like it’s gospel and y’all the Second Coming.

I have news, Jon Snow. You know nothing. And it’s really obvious.