i don't know why anybody wanted it

Me V.S. Thirteen Reasons Why (So far)
  • Justin: Clay won't do shit.
  • Jessica: HANNAH'S LYING!!!
  • Alex: I feel fucking horrible​.
  • Tyler: Didn't return my feelings back after I stalked her. GONNA RUIN HER​ LIFE FOR!!!
  • Courtney: I'm gay but don't want anybody to know, so time to backstab Hannah.
  • Marcus: Lol let me be nice to cop a feel..
  • Zach: She's legit scared and I got pissed. TIME TO HARM HER FOR!!
  • Clay: I fucking hate high school.
  • Me: I hate almost all of you.
the signs as shit my classmates have said this school year
  • Aries: *unintelligible screaming during Kahoot*
  • Taurus: "oh so you think you're so cool cuz you have a face"
  • Gemini: "you don't know who i am. you know what bus i ride, but not who i am"
  • Cancer: "i'm gonna tickle the shit outta you"
  • Leo: "shut the fuck up, there's a reason why you're fucking bass clarinet 2 and there's only ONE of you"
  • Virgo: "i work at mcdonalds AND computer technician"
  • Libra: "repeat after me: pussy"
  • Scorpio: "i've lasted as long as i have on this planet by not trusting anybody"
  • Sagittarius: *holds up gatorade bottle* "this is called alcohol"
  • Aquarius: *drinks out of the eye wash station in chemistry*
  • Pisces: "making bonds, losing bonds, james bonds"

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I like how in the last join live show Dan and Phil were so surprised that somebody talked about them on some kind of lecture cause like bitches, I'm writing my branding & marketing 70 pages long 6th semester essay on you, I know more about why you're successful that anybody else in the world including yourself (also I'm turning it in next week and if I don't get a 12 which is the highest grade here I'm gonna sue my university, I've spend half a year on that shit)

omg that sounds so interesting!!!! not even gonna lie i rly want to read this hahaha. i’m so with you on feeling mad inclined to study dnp through an academic lens–i’ve always thought that if i could do another ethnographic study of some sort i’d want to write one on web fandom (phandom) specifically bc it’s just fucking interesting. dnp’s approach to marketing is complex and difficult to actually discern from the standpoint of a viewer so i’m mostly just impressed you’ve produced so much writing about it. i’m sure you’re going to get a great score :)))) congrats on being almost done!!!!!

I’ve seen a few viktuuri soulmate aus where the soulmate’s initial is on the other’s wrist, and yet I haven’t seen a single fic that deals with how much this would SUCK for poor Katsuki Yuuri. Because the letter V in the Cyrillic alphabet and the letter B in the Roman alphabet look exactly the same.

So poor Yuuri goes through his whole life thinking his soulmate is a westerner whose name starts with B, which is fine right up until Viktor shows up and he realizes these feelings might be a little stronger than just a fanboy crush. So then Yuuri’s feeling terrible and guilty because he’s falling for the wrong person, and Viktor certainly isn’t helping with his flirtiness. And he finally confronts Viktor about it, telling him “I really like you but there’s no way this could work because I want to be with my soulmate and there’s no way you could possibly be them” and showing Viktor his mark.

And Viktor’s so confused. He saw Yuuri’s mark at the banquet, and he’s known ever since he managed to translate his own mark that it’s the first character in Yuuri’s name, so why is Yuuri saying he can’t be Viktor’s soulmate? Viktor says as much, and now Yuuri’s confused because that’s a B, Viktor. And it finally clicks in Viktor’s head that Yuuri doesn’t know Russian, and there’s no reason why he would assume the letter was a Russian V when it looks like a Roman B. So misunderstandings are resolved, laughs and smooches are had, and Yuuri decides to learn Russian because he’d rather not have some nonsense like this happen again.

Anyway if someone would like to write this I would be eternally grateful.

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I don't get why some solo stans love acting like Harry was unhappy for the last 7 years like... he's expressed he loves 1D (i know it might be hard for some of you to believe) and never felt like he couldn't do what he wanted so i really don't get it

I don’t think anybody said he was unhappy, but the difference is palpable looking at him performing now. He is literally glowing. If you don’t like people pointing that out, that sounds like a personal problem.

some advice that i wish i’d considered: 

you can’t force yourself to fall in love with someone

you are so good for so many people, but you are rarely too good for anyone

ask every person you’re considering dating what kind of music they listen to before making any decisions

if you don’t feel as good talking in person as you do texting, reconsider

you don’t have to hold hands everywhere you go

establish what you’re both expecting out of the relationship at the beginning


please for the love of god communicate

and don’t just text. call. knock at their door, meet at their locker. 

listen to your head, listen to your heart, listen to your gut

if you want it to work, make it work, but know that not every relationship will or should work

don’t pussyfoot around waiting for them to get the hint that you’re not into it anymore

you don’t have to validate your existence with the presence of others

love yourself

The Last Five Years Starter Sentences (Part One)
  • "I'm still hurting."
  • "What about lies? What about things that you swore to be true?"
  • "Go and run and hide away"
  • "Run and find something better"
  • "Run away. Like it's simple. Like it's right."
  • "Maybe I'd see how you could be so certain that we had no chance at all."
  • "Where can I turn? Covered with scars I did nothing to earn."
  • "I'm breaking my mother's heart."
  • "Just as long as you're not from Hebrew school."
  • "Now I'm getting somewhere, I'm finally breaking through."
  • "I've been waiting for someone like you."
  • "I've had Shabbas dinners on Friday nights with every Shapiro in Washington Heights."
  • "From the minute I first saw you, I could barely catch my breath."
  • "I've been standing for days with a phone in my hand like an idiot, scared to death."
  • "My people have suffered for thousands of years and I don't give a shit."
  • "You are the story I should write."
  • "If you like to drink blood, I think it's cute!"
  • "I'm your Hebrew slave, at your service."
  • "I've been waiting for someone, I've been praying for someone, I think that I could be in love with someone like you."
  • "I guess I can't believe you really came."
  • "See, I'm smiling. That means I'm happy that you're here."
  • "I stole this sweater from the costume shop. It makes me look like Daisy Mae."
  • "I think you're really gonna like this show. I'm pretty sure it doesn't suck."
  • "See, you're laughing, and I'm smiling, by a river in Ohio."
  • "I think we both can see what could be better."
  • "I didn't know you had to go so soon... I thought we had a little time."
  • "Whatever, if you have to then you have to."
  • "We could be together, here together, sharing our night, spending our time, and you are gonna chose someone else to be with."
  • "No, that's exactly what you're doing."
  • "You could be here with me or be there with them."
  • "No, you do not have to go to another party with the same twenty jerks you already know."
  • "You could stay with your wife on her fucking birthday."
  • "I know in your soul it must drive you crazy that you won't get to play with your little girlfriends."
  • "You cant spend a single day that's not about you."
  • "I swear to God I'll never understand, how you can stand there straight and tall, and see I'm crying, and not do anything at all."
  • "I've got a singular impression things are moving to fast."
  • "Oh no, step on the brakes, do whatever it takes but stop this train."
  • "No matter what I try I'm flying full speed ahead."
  • "Things might get bumpy, but some people analyze every detail. Some people stall when they can't see the trail. Some people quit out of fear that they'll fail. But I keep rollin' on."
  • "I met my personal Aphrodite."
  • "My heart's been stolen, my ego's swollen."
  • "I'm so happy, I can't get worried."
  • "Handful after handful of Doritos."
  • "I tend to follow in his stride. Instead of side by side I take his cues."
  • "Yes, he's insane, but look what he can do."
  • "I didn't know the rules do not apply."
  • "I'm a part of that, aren't I?"
  • "First, a story. A little Christmas Story."
  • "I should take out my teeth and go to bed; I'm sitting her with talking clocks instead!"
  • "He looked and the clock was turning back."
  • "Sewn into the seams were forty-one seasons of dreams."
  • "Maybe your heart's completely swayed but your head can't follow through."
  • "Shouldn't I want the world to see the brilliant girl who inspires me."
  • "Say goodbye to wiping ashtrays at the bar."
  • "Here's a headshot guy and a new Backstage, where you're right for something on every page."
  • "Have I mentioned today how lucky I am to be in love with you?"
  • "I'm sharing a room with a former stripper and her snake, Wayne."
  • "I'm certain I'd prefer to be going slowly batty, forty miles east of Cincinnati"
  • "I saw your book at a Border's in Kentucky, under a sign that said 'New and Recommended.'"
  • "All things considered, I guess you don't have to buy it."
  • "He wants me, but he ain't gonna get me."
  • "Look at him, look at me. Son of a bitch, I guess I'm doing something right."
  • "I'll get on my knees and pray I can state in my next bio 'I'm never gonna go back to Ohio.'"
  • "The torture is just exquisite, while I'm waiting for you to visit. So, hurry up schmuck."
  • "Will you share your life with me for the next ten minutes?"
  • "There are so many lives I want to share with you."
  • "I am not always on time, please don't expect that from me. I will be late, but if you can just wait, I will make it eventually."
  • "Anything other than being exactly on time I can do."
  • "I don't know why people run. I don't know why plans fall through."
  • "I don't know how anybody survives in this life without someone like you."
  • "I want to be your wife. I want to bear your child."
  • "I want to die knowing I had a long, full life in your arms."
  • "Til there's no one left who has ever known us apart."
  • "Can we go see the dinosaurs?"
Frozen Sentence Meme
  • "The sky is awake, so I'm awake."
  • "And I like warm hugs."
  • "Cuties. I'm going to keep you."
  • "Born with the powers or cursed?"
  • "The heart is not so easily changed, but the head can be persuaded."
  • "Your power will only grow. There is beauty in it...but also great danger."
  • "Fear will be your enemy."
  • "It's Coronation Day!"
  • "Me sore eyes can't wait to see the queen and the princess."
  • "This is awkward. Not 'you're awkward' but just because we're...I'm awkward, you're gorgeous...wait, what?"
  • "I'd like to formally apologize for hitting the princess with my horse."
  • "You look beautiful-ler. I mean, not 'fuller'. But more beautiful."
  • "So...this is what a party looks like?"
  • "As your closest partner in trade, it seems only fitting that I offer you your first dance as queen."
  • "If you swoon, let me know. I'll catch you."
  • "You can't marry a man you just met."
  • "What do you know about true love?"
  • "The party is over. Close the gates."
  • "I can't live like this anymore!"
  • "Why do you shut me out? Why do you shut the world out? What are you so afraid of?"
  • "The queen has cursed this land! She must be stopped!"
  • "She's my sister. She would never hurt me."
  • "Snow. It had to be snow."
  • "Yoo-hoo! Big summer blowout!"
  • "You got engaged to someone you just met that day?"
  • "Didn't your parents ever warn you about strangers?"
  • "Foot size doesn't matter."
  • "Excuse me, sir. He is a prince."
  • "You have friends who are love experts? I'm not buying it."
  • "It's true love!"
  • "I never knew winter could be beautiful."
  • "I don't know why but I've always loved the idea of summer."
  • "Has it dawned on you that your princess may be conspiring with a wicked sorceress to destroy us all?"
  • "Oh. Look at that. I've been impaled!"
  • "Not sure if this is gonna solve the problem but I found a staircase that leads exactly where you wanted to go."
  • "Its a palace made of ice!"
  • "I never knew what I was capable of."
  • "I belong here. Alone. Where I can be who I am without hurting anybody."
  • "We were so close. We can be like that again."
  • "What power do you have to stop this winter? To stop me?"
  • "I don't want to scare you. They can be a little inappropriate and loud. Very loud."
  • "Because I love you, I insist you run."
  • "There is strange magic here."
  • "There is ice in your heart put there by your sister. If not removed, to solid ice will you freeze, forever."
  • "Only an act of true love can thaw a frozen heart."
  • "Don't be the monster they fear you are."
  • "Oh, if only there was someone out there who loved you."
  • "I knew I would have to marry into the throne somewhere."
  • "At least we got to say our marriage vows before she died in my arms."
  • "I was wrong about him. It wasn't true love."
  • "Some people are worth melting for."
  • "Your sister is dead. Because of you."
  • "You sacrificed yourself for me?"
  • "Hands down this is the best day of my life. And quite possibly the last."
  • "The only frozen heart around here is yours."
  • "I could kiss you! I could! I mean, I'd like to."
Prince of Egypt Starters
  • Can you hear your people cry?
  • I have nothing I can give, but this chance that you may live.
  • I pray we'll meet again if He will deliver us
  • You're safe now, and safe may you stay.
  • I have a prayer just for you.
  • Come and deliver us too
  • I will not be the weak link!
  • You know what your problem is? You care too much.
  • Your problem is you don't care at all.
  • If anybody doubts it, they couldn't be more wrong
  • Surely this all I ever wanted?
  • Now you know the truth, love, now forget and be content
  • When the Gods send you a blessing you don't ask why it was sent
  • Sometimes, for the greater good, sacrifices have to be made
  • I am the morning and the evening star
  • Excuse me, are these your camels?
  • That's why papa says she'll never get married
  • I've done nothing in my life worth honoring
  • it seems you do not know what is worthy of honor
  • So how can you tell what your life is worth, or where your value lies?
  • Look at your life through heaven's eyes
  • If a man loses everything he has, has he truly lost his worth?
  • Is it the beginning of a new and brighter birth?
  • When all you have is nothing there's a lot to go around
  • You must learn to join the dance!
  • Take the sandals of your feet, for the place on which you stand is holy ground
  • Who am I to lead these people?
  • "You are just one man."
  • "Look at your family; they are free, they have a future, they have hopes and dreams and a promise of a life with dignity. That is what I want for my people."
  • So you think you've got friends in high places?
  • You'll know what power is when we are done.
  • You're playing with the big boys now.
  • You will kneel before us!
  • No kingdom should be built on the back of slaves.
  • God? When did God start caring about any of us?
  • I did not see because I did not wish to see.
  • God has not abandoned you, so don't you abandon us.
  • Once I thought the chance to make you laugh was all I ever wanted
  • All this pain and devastation, how it tortures me inside!
  • How could you have come to hate me so?
  • Let my heart be hardened.
  • Let my people go!
  • I will never let your people go!
  • Thus saith the Lord.
  • Now we are not afraid although we know there's much to fear.
  • We were moving mountains long before we knew we could.
  • Hope seems like the summer birds, too swiftly blown away.
  • Though hope is frail it's hard to kill
  • There can be miracles when you believe
  • You will you will believe.
  • Look at your people, they are free.
The Beatles {Sentence Starters}
  • "I'm always thinking of you."
  • "I get shy when they start to stare!"
  • "You know you look so good!"
  • "I'm so happy when you dance with me."
  • "You'll never know how much I really love you."
  • "I've got every reason on earth to be mad!"
  • "If I fell in love with you, would you promise to be true?"
  • "Picture yourself in a boat on a river."
  • "I could never really live without you!"
  • "Don't want to cry when there's people there."
  • "You're the only love that I've ever had."
  • "I can't believe it's happened to me."
  • "I've just lost the only girl I had."
  • "Please, don't spoil my day."
  • "Do you want to know a secret?"
  • "When I'm home, everything seems to be right."
  • "It's been a hard day's night."
  • "I got something to say that might cause you pain."
  • "I don't care too much for money."
  • "Did you have to treat me, oh, so bad?"
  • "Why am I so shy when I'm beside you?"
  • "Tell me why you cried."
  • "Is there anybody going to listen to my story?"
  • "If I catch you talking to that boy again, I'm gonna let you down."
  • "Please, remember how I feel about you."
  • "A love like ours could never die!"
  • "Money can't buy me love."
  • "Please, don't wake me."
  • "You don't realize how much I need you."
THE TALE OF ERIC AND THE DREAD GAZEBO: The most accurate description of D&D ever.
  • Story: Ed Whitchurch ran a Dungeons and Dragons group. One of his members, Eric, played a neutral paladin. His playing style was highly analytical and he was a brilliant player but took his time making decisions. He was on some lord's lands when the following exchange occurred
  • ED: You see a well groomed garden. In the middle, on a small hill, you see a gazebo.
  • ERIC: A gazebo? What color is it?
  • ED: (Pause) It's white, Eric.
  • ERIC: How far away is it?
  • ED: About 50 yards.
  • ERIC: How big is it?
  • ED: (Pause) It's about 30 ft across, 15 ft high, with a pointed top.
  • ERIC: I use my sword to detect good on it.
  • ED: It's not good, Eric. It's a gazebo.
  • ERIC: (Pause) I call out to it.
  • ED: It won't answer. It's a gazebo.
  • ERIC: (Pause) I sheathe my sword and draw my bow and arrows. Does it
  • respond in any way?
  • ED: No, Eric, it's a gazebo!
  • ERIC: I shoot it with my bow (roll to hit). What happened?
  • ED: There is now a gazebo with an arrow sticking out of it.
  • ERIC: (Pause) Wasn't it wounded?
  • ERIC: (Whimper) But that was a +3 arrow!
  • ED: It's a gazebo, Eric, a GAZEBO! If you really want to try to
  • destroy it, you could try to chop it with an axe, I suppose, or you
  • could try to burn it, but I don't know why anybody would even try.
  • It's a @#$%!! gazebo!
  • ERIC: (Long pause. He has no axe or fire spells.) I run away.
  • ED: (Thoroughly frustrated) It's too late. You've awakened the gazebo.
  • It catches you and eats you.
  • ERIC: (Reaching for his dice) Maybe I'll roll up a fire-using mage so
  • I can avenge my Paladin.
  • End: At this point, the increasingly amused fellow party members restored a modicum of order by explaining to Eric what a gazebo is. Thus ends the tale of Eric and the Dread Gazebo. It could have been worse; at least the gazebo wasn't on a grassy gnoll.
  • Taken without permission from www.netfunny.com/rhf/jokes/98/Jul/gazebo.html
Bobby gets into an argument with our host (who is named Dorian, as in Dorian Gray)
  • Me: Can I fill Dorian's shoes with rice? Because I'm going to do that anyways
  • DM: He's standing up at the moment...
  • Me: I know, and I'm under the table.
  • Jay: You better crawl your ass to the other side, then.
  • Me: Yeah, and fill his shoes with rice.
  • DM: Are you really going to do that?
  • Me: Yes, I am.
  • Todd: Maybe the skeleton will follow you around the table. That'd be an interesting thing to watch.
  • Jon: I am going to ask to excuse myself to my cabin.
  • Me: You have a cabin?
  • Jon: He said we did.
  • Me: Oh, that's true. *to DM* Okay, I'm filling his shoes with rice.
  • Todd: What's the silverware like? Is this real silver or some shit?
  • DM: It's actually very nice.
  • Todd: Oh, okay.
  • Me: I took mine under the table with me, so I'm gonna take a page out of the ratfolks' book, take it, "This is mine now".
  • DM: You're currently filling his shoes with rice.
  • Me: I know, but I took it with me.
  • DM: Okay. He looks down at you, says, "I don't know why you're doing this."
  • Me: You're really weird and I felt like... this seemed necessary.
  • Dorian: Do you want to be locked up?
  • Me: Locked up? For what?
  • Dorian: You are not being very gracious.
  • Me: Well, I started throwing rice at him *gestures to Todd* and, um, well, I'm not very gracious at all, you can ask anybody.
  • Dorian: How about you go with my skeleton over there -
  • Me: I don't trust your skeletons. I don't like your skeletons, I'm sorry, they creep me out.
  • Dorian: Well, you can do that, or you can leave the ship.
  • Me: That sounds dangerous. I'm gonna go hang out with Symu now.
  • Dorian: That's not going with the skeleton.
  • Todd: Symu does not know her too well.
  • Dorian: You can go with the skeleton, or leave the ship.
  • Me: I am not going alone. I don't want to be alone with the skeleton.
  • Dorian: His name is Boris.
  • Me: That doesn't help, shockingly enough. I just don't like him very much. I'm sorry, it's just the whole skeleton thing.
  • Dorian: Well, maybe you should not have been filling my shoes with rice.
  • Me: I can go fill Symu's shoes with rice, if that makes you feel better.
  • Todd: I don't wear shoes.
  • Me: I'll stick rice between your toes then!
  • Dorian: I've given you two options. You can do one of the two, or you can... maybe I'll add a third: you can join and be a skeleton.
  • Me: I'm not related to you!
  • Dorian: That's not how family works here.
  • Me: I am officially creeped out.
  • Genesis Rhapsodos: Oh!... oh, this is all my fault...
  • Zack Fair: Why, what's wrong?
  • Genesis: Angeal's hurt!
  • Zack: Angeal's hurt? Angeal's HURT? Oh, no, Angeal's gonna die!
  • Angeal Hewley: Zack, I'm okay!
  • Zack: You can't do this to me, Angeal, I'm too young for you to die! Keep your feet elevated! Turn your head and cough! Does anybody know the Heimlich...?
  • Genesis: Zack, calm down! If you want to help Angeal, go into the forest and look for a blue flower with red thorns.
  • Zack: Blue flower, red thorns! Okay, I got it! Blue flower, red thorns! Blue flower, red thorns! Don't die, Angeal, and if you see any long tunnels, stay away from the light!
  • Angeal: ZACK!
  • Zack: Okay, okay. Blue flower, red thorns! Blue flower, red thorns! [Zack runs off]
  • Angeal: What're the flowers for?
  • Genesis: For getting rid of Zack.

sometimes i wonder just why i have come to like rory/logan a lot as an adult, despite having hated the very notion of it with the fire of a thousand suns when i was a teen with Very Strong Gilmore Girls Opinions. at this point, i feel a little more fondness for the notion of a rory/logan endgame than a rory/jess endgame, which would have been blasphemy!!! to my young self.

and i think part of it is that over the years, i’ve started to pay more attention to rory’s perspective and rory’s experiences in her relationships, rather than prioritizing the POV of the guys.

(like, i used to be one of those people who was like “nuuuuuuu, rory! why are you being so stupid? you should pick marty, he’s NICE! logan is for dummies!”, a shame which i will carry with me for all my days.)

as viewers, we know that jess loves rory and that he struggles so much with his inability to admit that and openly commit to her, and therefore we get this perspective of jess having this very moving and noble and enduring devotion to rory, comparable to luke’s feelings for lorelai. but – and it really took me awhile to become quite aware of this – rory doesn’t really know that at all. when they actually dated, jess was so distant and hot-and-cold, and unlike us, rory doesn’t get to see all those moments that prove that jess truly cares for her. so while they had a wonderful connection & flirtation in season two, ultimately rory probably thinks that jess didn’t care about her. and him showing up in season four to randomly profess his love & then ask her to run away with him can be dreamy to us, because we know his side of the story. but rory doesn’t at all: all she knows is that this guy literally broke up with her by leaving town without telling her (and i get so sad thinking about how happy rory was at the idea of prom and the fact that she didn’t get to go), and that was after months of struggling to understand where she stood with him. and even though my wee little heart used to scream, “go with jess! why would you choose dean???” (answer: because dean’s devotion sure must feel mighty comforting & appealing after having her heart broken by jess), now i 100% understand why she is totally thrown off by jess’s (really very terrible) attempt to get back together with her. how could she take that risk for a guy whose feelings she could never be sure of?

granted, in season six we see him in a much better place and get to see some of their old season two connection again, but considering how brief those meetings were, i get that she wouldn’t want to throw away her relationship with logan to rekindle a high school romance that was ultimately very difficult for her. and i feel like we didn’t get to see jess quite enough to understand how he was operating on a day-to-day basis and what an actual relationship with them would have been like at that point.

to briefly talk of my nemesis, dean: i think that rory was happy with him in that giddy-first-love kind of way, but ultimately they didn’t have enough in common and she was often really anxious about & practically afraid of his temper. so i think that takes him out of the running for being rory’s happiest relationship.

basically, in terms of rory’s three main love stories, i think we see her happiest for the longest being with logan. it’s not by any means trouble-free, and we definitely see her struggle with pining for logan in mid-season five (though that ends pretty happily) and struggle with his partying and drinking all throughout the series. but i get the sense that when she and logan are in a good place, she is really happy with him and loves him a lot. and as i’ve become a more sympathetic and empathetic viewer re: rory (rather than just screaming “RORY, WHY ARE YOU SO STUPID? JESS LOVES YOU!!! THROW YOUR LIFE AWAY AND MOVE TO NEW YORK WITH HIM, GIRL~~~”, which i am very ashamed to admit was my stance at around age 14), i think my priorities have changed a little bit, and what i want is for her to be with the guy she enthusiastically loves and adores.

i guess in short i feel like a rory/jess endgame would be something people want more for jess than for rory, since for jess the end of their relationship was sort of this great unresolved he-lost-the-love-of-his-life-(so-far) situation, but for rory, it was an instance where she truly just needed to move on for her own emotional well being.

i don’t want this to seem like i’m hating on on rory/jess, because i totally get that they have an amazing connection and one that gets me all emotional no matter how many times i watch the series, and i get that he means a lot to rory and that they have this great kindred spirits bond. i do feel like if the revival chooses to reunite them, it will probably be in a beautifully written way that i will enjoy, because there’s enough there between them to support the idea that they could have a great relationship as adults.

but i feel like, contrary to the sort of fandom consensus of jess being her most important fella, logan was the boyfriend that was the most special to rory from her own POV and that it’s kind of a bummer that rory/logan gets written off like their relationship had no value and being with him ruined her personality (which: OH HOW THAT STANCE BUMS ME OUT) and somehow rory deciding that she loved logan made rory shallow & frivolous & worthless and all that stuff. and so i like the idea of seeing them together again and seeing them possibly get back together, because i don’t think that a lack of love and affection was their problem, whereas i feel like that’s what rory was really starved for while dating jess, and i don’t want rory to have to feel like that. not that jess would necessarily repeat his mistakes, since he’s gotten much better, but i get it if rory wouldn’t want to try again with him after how their first attempt went. i kind of feel like they would function great as lifelong friends, but i’m not sure if having the romantic element to their relationship is necessary for me, or is the thing that makes them special together.

maybe the key difference between them for me is that both logan and jess screwed up a lot with rory, but we didn’t see logan just totally shut down and pull away after those screw ups. he made attempts to make it up to her & be better. part of that may very well have been that he was older than jess and a bit more mature; i’m not sure.

either way, i am excited (and maybe a little scared) to see what her interaction is like with both of them in the revival, and in my heart of hearts i suspect i will be slightly & contrarily team logan.

(i am not really sure how to address the 7.21 proposal ultimatum, because the more i pay attention to rory/logan, the more i’m kind of like “what you doing logan? how does this make any sense????” based on how their relationship functions in s7 prior to that. it felt like the writers just wanted to get rid of him neatly?? but also i think i remember reading somewhere that he would have returned for season 8 if there had been one, therefore implying that the proposal was not the end for rory and logan because why would logan be on the show without being tied to rory’s storyline??? so who knows????? also: how weird is it that lorelai AND logan busted out proposal ultimatums? and it didn’t make luke any less lorelai’s endgame boo despite that happening. i wonder if that parallel would have been addressed …)

also, obviously rory gilmore’s true love and soulmate is paris, but i feel like there’s no chance ASP is gonna work with me on that one. WHY, ASP!?

That's Why

It’s Valentine’s Day, I wanted to give writing Kristanna a shot, and that’s about it. It’s hastily written, and it’s more of a drabble than anything, but I figured I’d try it out, as sort of a test run for future fics.

Rating: K

Pairings: Kristanna

Summary: Kristoff is Kristoff, and that’s why Anna loves him.

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Grease inspired sentence meme. ( Part two. )
  • "True love and he didn't lay a hand on you? Sounds like a creep to me."
  • "You're cruising for a bruising."
  • "Just let me comb your hair down a little bit here."
  • "Want a little lipstick?"
  • "You know, if we fix up this car, it could be make-out city."
  • "That's cool baby. I mean, you know how it is."
  • "Rocking and rolling and whatnot."
  • "That's my name, don't wear it out."
  • "What's the mater with you?"
  • "What's the matter with me, baby? What's the matter with you?"
  • "I mean, maybe there's two of us, right?"
  • "Why don't you take out a missing persons ad, or try the Yellow Pages?"
  • "You're a fake and a phony and I wish I'd never laid eyes on you."
  • "Men are rats. They're fleas on rats."
  • "The only man a girl can depend on is her daddy."
  • "You know what you need? A night out with the girls."
  • "We're having a sleepover at my house tonight, Wanna come?"
  • "No thanks, I don't smoke."
  • "Go ahead, try it. It won't kill you."
  • "Let me teach you how to french inhale."
  • "I brought some twinkles, anybody want one?"
  • "Twinkles and wine? That's real class."
  • "I bet you never had a drink before either."
  • "I had some champagne at my cousins wedding once."
  • "Ring-a-ding-ding."
  • "We don't got cooties."
  • "Would you like me to pierce your ears for you?"
  • "Isn't that awfully dangerous?"
  • "What's the matter? You afraid?"
  • "It only bleeds for a second."
  • "God, you're turning into a one-woman USO."