i don't know who's artwork this is

Finished up the second sketch of that cute moment between the Blue Boi Ethan(@crankgameplays) and Chica in the stream yesterday. 💕

Ebay Art thief issue

I am unfortunately forced to make an actual call-out post upon an Ebay seller who using artworks picked form the net of various fandom, editing, removing watermark and sell them as T-shirt. 


I can’t localize every single work, this person doing this for a while and their list is rather huge and I am really certain none of those images used with permission from the original authors.

They ripped off one of my DbD fanwork (no comment) and selling it for their own gain;


I also recognized one of @kawarayane‘s work same way, stolen, edited to fit on the shirt design and watermark edited out; link here

I also tracked their other DbD shirts which artwork I did see but can’t recall the original author but you maybe recognize your work, then please do a report and get these removed (along side other fandom artists work which being stolen by this person)



Every support helps to get this thief down - if they editing out even watermarks they perfectly know what they are doing and I would prefer to have his ebay account shut down or at least suspended as this is not right thing to do. Just because it is on the internet not means it is free to use or even worse sell it, something an artist spent time, effort in it. Time is money, it is not right to profit from someone else’s work.


I’ve been thinking about doing the inktober this year, but I wasn’t sure if I would do it or not, then @kaodanis​ sent me this:

And I couldn’t resist the temptation, so here we are.

Inktober/Swordtober day1: Yamanbagiri Kunihiro

plus only beacuse I was working on this before deciding I would to ink/swordtober, Horikawa Kunihiro:

Hope you guys like both works!!

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Wow, that sucks about the new Tumblr update. It's down right shocking to see the drastic decrease in activity after the update, so it's a good job you found out about it. I can only imagine what other Tumblr users who don't know about the update must be thinking seeing their graph plummet. So don't be disheartened with these low activities, it's just Tumblr. Everyone still loves your artwork and comic :) I feel like this needs to be spread so people understand what's happening ~Shy anon

Thank you, shy anon ♥ Indeed it must be disheartening to see the activity rate drop so drastically… I hope everyone knows about the app update soon :/ Tumblr really messed it up this time.

Here is a piece I did some time ago for Spots and Claws Artbook project. If you didn’t know it’s based off of this video I did. Anyway I’m so glad to have been part of this, thank you for having me !

You can’t purchase the artbook because it was made for Thomas Astruc, but you can find and dowload it here, it’s free !!! Look at all these beautiful artworks !!! There’s even writings !!

Thank you to everyone who made this project come to life !!

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Could you draw me a Garu please?

upsides of sending me a vague ask: odds are good it’ll tie into something i wanted to draw anyway & get done, because i was given an excuse

downsides of sending me a vague ask: my tiny gremlin heart will run off in a probably-unexpected direction with it, because i was given an excuse

Upon the release of Ram in May 1971, keen artwork-scanners soon found in it what they assumed to be an oblique jibe: a nature photography library shot of two beetles copulating. This was interpreted in various ways: fucking Beatles, fuck The Beatles, fucked by The Beatles.

Paul insists that its inclusion was purely accidental. ‘It was just a funny shot,’ he protests. ‘A photograph of two beetles shagging. I mean, that had to get on the cover. Then afterwards, you go, 'Oh, but they were beetles.’ To me they were just a couple of little ladybugs or something. I swear to God I didn’t think about that. The thing is, what you do gets interpreted. And I don’t see half of it coming.’
—  man on the run: paul mccartney in the 1970s, tom doyle


So me and this friend from college came up with this story or set of stories for deadpool and spidey… Which we started talking about because we were inspired by a lilo and stitch crossover with spiderman and deadpool… And I made it into spideypool story kinda and he was ok with it and we jut got into more details for the stories…

you know, different visual representations of trans men / trans masc people will always cause OR alleviate dysphoria for different trans men / trans masc people depending on who we are, where we are in our relationships with ourselves and our bodies. it is always a good idea to keep an eye out for fetishizing artwork, but telling a -trans- artist who represents a character as transmasculine in a different way than perhaps you personally identify with that they’re being transphobic by representing very real trans masc people who are just.. not exactly the same as you, is Really not helping anyone

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So, I have a question about furrydom. I don't personally consider myself a "furry" per se, I don't have a fursona, I don't want a fursuit, etc. However, Furry Bara artwork makes up a large portion of the porn I consume. I'm not, and I know that most furries are not, attracted to real animals. So what do you think is the root cause of this attraction? I'm interested in your take on the psycho-/anthopological meaning of Being Attracted To Humanish Animal Men.

it just might hit your aesthetics better? i’ve talked before about how furry art filled a niche for a lot of people who felt spurned or just unable to connect to a lot of gay porn or other mainstream gay media - that there was a lot in it that we couldn’t find anywhere else, particularly tenderness and that sort of cornball romance that straight dudes got and we didn’t.

like, the thing is: i’ve read mainstream gay comic porn. and… i don’t like pretty much most of it! i hhhhhhate the art style in Class Comics and the like, this sort of rubbery he-man meets tom of finland meets 70s/80s marvel comics deal. i just don’t like the way it looks! the aesthetics hell of put me off! and this goes double for that one time they tried to cash in on furry art themselves with “ani-males”, and that was awwww-ful. and a lot of live action gay porn does the same. the framing, the aesthetics, just the way they do things, i just don’t feel the same connection. usually when i do find live action stuff i like, it’s by amateurs.

furry art frequently has a lot of artist styles and framing and BODY TYPES that get glossed over in other outlets, is all. a lot of furry porn does this content better than anybody else. consider outside the ‘furry’ part and think of how else this work differentiates itself from other gay content you could consume - the way it frames itself, what kind of body types it has, and even the way it’s different to somewhat similar material, because ‘furry’ is not necessarily the one and only thing to consider here.

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I noticed that you don't want people reposting your art. I was just wondering if there's a reason why? I mean i totally respect it, it's your decision i just know artist who like getting their stuff reposted and was wondering why you do not? Love your artwork by the way! It's amazing! ❤️❤️

Thank you! I talk about it here: http://blvnk-art.tumblr.com/post/165408692649/ive-always-wondered-why-you-dont-want-anyone-to

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I don't even know you personally, but I wish you all the happiness and love in the world. You seem like such an amazing, funny, smart, and beautiful person. Sometimes it's the very best people who have difficult stuff happen to them. Like I said, I may not know you, but your Tumblr and Harry Potter artwork has made me happier on bad days and I thank you for that.


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hey, don't know if you answer these types of questions, but how can you give credit for artwork you don't know who the original owner is (ex. artwork was reposted on a website with no credits listed)

From what I know you can reverse google search that pic, it should pop up somewhere; You can also check out the signature and google that with an addition of social media e.g. “XYZ tumblr” or “XYZ deviantart”

If anything else fails you can always not post it; I know, savage thought

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Hello eizabet, I would like to let you know that I found your comic; Le Parfum de l’Amour, on another tumblr account, the whole thing. The original post was from November 16, 2017 the most recent post was February 14, 2017 and I don't know if they have permission, I thought I should let you know. Since it says that I can't put links in questions I will give you the tumblr account: Moonie Love. By the way, I love your artwork and comics, keep up the good work, can't wait for more. Have a good day

Hi there! Thank you for looking out for my comic and letting me know if you suspect a repost of it, I always appreciate it!

I checked the blog you referred, and luckily the posts you are concerned about all appear to be legitimate reblogs. For anyone who isn’t sure, reblogging a post is 100% okay, and always wanted by artists because it “shares” the original post for more people to see, helping to garner more notes on it. To reblog something, you click the circling arrows, and it automatically links back to the original poster.

If this had been a ‘repost‘ the images would have been copied, or screen captured, and a new post would have been created, without my blog being associated with it. It’s easy to tell if this is the case when you can’t see the artist’s blog in the captions area, and they don’t show up as the one who made the post.

The majority of these ‘reposts’ happen outside of Tumblr. On sites like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Weheartit, Amino, vk, ect. Some artists allow it when asked permission and given credit, others like myself don’t allow it AT ALL, even with credit, and we report them immediately.

The problem is, a huge amount of the international fandom seems to be clueless (or uncaring) that it is both rude, and copyright infringing to post art anywhere without permission!

So if anyone sees my art/comics anyplace other than tumblr from my blog, definitely let me know. And spread this knowledge to others as well that taking art and (re)posting it to another site without consent is unacceptable!

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So do all the Murphy men who have the curse have 'M' names? So far we've seen Milo and Martin. I know Milo's 4th great grandfather was named Edward but are most Murphy men named with 'M' names? Or is it purely coincidence? I'm not sure if this counts as spoilers or something. If it does, you don't have to answer! I just love MML and the characters a lot! 😊 Also your artwork is really cool!

All men in the Murphy family have the curse. The M has nothing to do with it. And Milo’s 4th Great grandfather is not named Edward. I don’t think that was mentioned anywhere. Don’t try to connect the show to reality, you’ll hurt your brain ^^; (also thank you very much :) I’m glad you think so!)

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Just out of curiosity: What's your opinion on Keisuke Masunaga's artstyle in DBZ? (Feel free to look him up, if you don't know who that is)

I always really liked how much Masunaga’s artwork wanted to fucking murder you. 

Plus as much as he loved to push expressions, he was incredibly skilled at keeping the structure tied down. Nothing feels out of place even though things look wildly ‘off-model’. His animations as well were just as solid, and had very quick and creative movement. 

In my high school days his work was my favorite and I emulated him more than any other artist. Today he still sits at my top five DBZ animation supervisors, and anything I make, have made, or will make in the future will be owed heavily to how much his work inspired me.