i don't know who's artwork this is

Merry (Late) Xmas from me!

Look who’s up and uploading in Tumblr again

/it’s only a doodle tho, ; A ;

I was making some couple icons last week but I lost the file… (I’m still sad about this…)

I mean I don’t even have a friend who will use that icon tho but it’s kinda fun



He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.

Because I’ve been so excited about the recent Person of Interest season finale, I decided to revisit my older paintings of Reese and Finch - they are among, if not actually, my favorite portraits I’ve ever done, and deserved some touchup and refinement. This show has come so far and raises such interesting questions - it’s a privilege to paint these characters (and hopefully I’ll do more this year during the hiatus!)

You can buy prints and products of “He Who Fights Monsters” and “The Abyss Gazes Back” at my Society6 shop!

not sure if i should continue..

I started tumblr thinking it’d be great to see amazing artwork and maybe even put up some of my ideas but now I’m almost too scared to put anything else on my page due to the anxiety I’ve been feeling…. ever since people began jumping to conclusions on my mistakes here, I’ve been self conscious. I just enjoy reblogging and sharing talented art work but I unknowingly tend to do something wrong unintentionally and I get accused as if I was another one of those jerks who are inconsiderate but that’s not me, I promise! (/□\*)

not sure if I want to post anything else… (◞ ‸ ◟ㆀ)

wonder if I’m the only idiot not getting the hang of this thing.. 


I was gonna make a thing for today, i had a plan and everything, it was going to be awesome. but then stuff happened and my energy and inspiration vanished.. sorry… so you will have to make do with old art work and some selfies! 

Hello everybody, my name is Therese and I love Jackaboy ^^ I found out about him through my boyfriend who showed me his intro and i laughed for a very long time, while he replayed the intro over and over. I have been watching him for about 10 months, but regularly maybe for 7-8 months. My favorite play through of his is Valiant Hearts probably.

That’s me during “pants hat party” for those who remember that ^^ and then its me just now with my new blue/turquoise/green hair


@DC make a movie about these, they are the superhero team up we need.

I just…. HAD TO. 
For those who don’t know ‘Hellblazer’ is an altern universe John from ‘Multiversity’ and yes he wears an outfit like that, except for the cigarette utility belt and fire hand from Constantine which is what I decide to add 8′)
Spectre design is a mix of classic spectre, Constantine and Gotham by Midnight~

Can someone help me for god’s sake

there is an account on instagram who has been stealing my artwork and lying about me giving her permission to use it.

another person confronted this account and contacted me asking if i had given this instagram account permission, which i explicitly did not give.

this user originally feigned ignorance about not knowing that it wasn’t okay to repost art, even when this person was told that I do not allow it. another person and i talked to the user of this account and very politely stated what anyone can and cannot do in regards to my art and characters:

However after all of this, all this person did was remove these comments (which I had been taking screenshots of just in case they did remove them) from the posts and kept their posts up anyway:

Then, after being told again that they cannot post anything without my permission, this person changed their account info to say “PERMISSION GRANTED BY E-VAY” which I did not give, and told them again:

The person apologized and “deleted everything” but then all they did was block me to pretend they had deleted their blog:

After blocking me they began putting my art back up and including the link to my tumblr. I have a screenshot from my friend proving that this person did not delete their account or my posts or anything that I requested:

This person has not only pretended that they did not know what they are doing is wrong, but after politely giving them the chance to follow my request without consequence, all they have done is blatantly gone out of their way to lie, steal, and manipulate both me and my intellectual property.

Unfortunately as far as my knowledge goes, there is nothing I can do about this.

I don’t know Instagram’s policies. I have no idea how I am supposed to even report this blog since she is not using my real name (Instagram will remove impersonator accounts as long as the person is using your real name).

I am angry.

I am hurt.

I am frustrated.

I am powerless.

And even after all this, I am not releasing this person’s username because I do not want them to be harassed or attacked. I just want my art down. I don’t want someone lying telling the world that I have given them any permission to use my content. I gave them absolutely no consent at all.

And I don’t even know what to do about it anymore.

Exciting Announcement

Ok so I know I said Raising Home wouldn’t have any artwork…

But last night just for funsies I decided to try sketching an idea I had for Raising Home’s future movie poster (don’t laugh) and it sorta maybe kinda totally turned into an AMAZING portrait of [insert spoiler name here] and now it is too irresistible I know that I will end up drawing nine more posters for the central cast because it makes me cry happy julie tears to see my characters come to life *sobs in ball on the floor*

So, yeah. Raising Home will include 10 dramatic portraits that I will release with the publishing of the story.

Halloween Hate Me Not

Don’t hate me for being beautiful having Friday off.  LOL  I believe that line is from an old hair product commercial, and I know it’s still a little early, but Friday Morning or maybe even beginning tomorrow evening I’d like to reblog some Halloween Poems, Prose and hopefully even some cool photos and other artwork.  Speaking of the last two categories, I also want to thank the many photographers and other artistic types who have followed and supported not only my writing but my friends via my reblogging as well over the past year or so.  Big Heartfelt Thank You!  Now, where was I, oh yeah Halloween.  I’ll try to be on the lookout for holiday themed original posts, and if you’ve created something that you’re especially proud of, please feel free to send me a link to the post and I’ll be happy to share as many as I can without chasing away all of my followers.  Actually I’m playing about the followers, as most of the people following me apparently enjoy the reblogs if they’re still around, and I’ve been blessed with some very wonderful friends who have stuck with me through everything so far and won’t likely bail on me now.  Let’s do this.  I already have a prosetry piece that I’m dying to share, and I’m certain that you all will be coming up with some excellent and epic efforts as well.  

Love you all,
Mike <3