i don't know who to thank for this photo but


!!! I realized I never posted this here ;;o;;
These were taken back in March (when I was in Manila) :D
I was like – who wants to hang out at the mall or something lol
Then these super nice MM fans dropped by and gave me all these prints and gifts and food and kjahkjsa i was so surprised hhuhu so precious ;;o;; LOOK AT IT EVERYTHING IS SO GORGEOUS ((im so lame i only doodled a crack 707 in their notebook kjdshfs))

I brought all the prints and stuff with me here to NY and I’m gonna take proper photos when I’m done with my room (along with other MM stuff a few people have sent me as well! You know who you are heehe) :D Thank you so much hhh


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photos are either bighit’s or mine! :)

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I don't mean this in a rude way or anything but I was just wondering when you post fantaken photos, why don't you link the fansites? I know you still keep their logo in the photo, but I see a lot of other blogs link so I was just asking.

No No, you are not rude THANK YOU SO MUCH. It helped me.

So when I make photosets, most of them come from different places. Usually, it’s more than 4 fansites per set and adding in the descriptions the names of the fansite alone will still be confusing. But there is a Tumblr option that allows you to add links or descriptions to photos. BUT it seems that I am the only one who sees them ???? (after receiving your ask I sent my post to my friend to make sure). This is how it appears to me:

But now I corrected it (Click on the ‘X’ to find the original post or click the name of the fansite to be redirected to their page)

As for the ones who come from the same post you just click on the source and get redirected to the fansite asap.

If you think a post is not well credited it’s probably that I just forgot to add the source as I work super fast. It will be soooo much appreciated if you send me an ask telling me or a DM will be even better. Thank you so much for helping me learn. I appreciate it. 

anyway, not only did Neil become an award winning actor who fans waited at the stage door for, but after he put up a photo of Todd and him on instagram with the caption “10 years with this cutie and still going strong #itgetsbetter #trustme” he also becomes the gay icon that he deserves to be (and there are now even more people at the stage door thanking him)

  • *ban ryu chilling in his room when ki bum walks in*
  • ban ryu: who are you?
  • ki bum: who am i? i'm soo ho. we've been training together in hwarang for the past few months. weird joke, ban ryu.
  • ban ryu: you're not soo ho. soo ho doesn't have peachy pink hair.
  • ki bum: you seriously never noticed? hey, hats off to you for not judging my looks.
  • ban ryu: okay, soo ho. How about you tell me about that personal letter i read to you about yesterday?
  • ki bum: you mean the letter my sister sent? the one where she gave you a ring as an anniversary present and poetically talked about how much she loved you?
  • ki bum: or that letter from your actual father about a potentially important letter coming in from your adoptive father, which you're waiting on today?
  • ah ro: *walks in* i got a letter to ban ryu from master young shil?
  • ki bum: i'll take that.
  • ban ryu: no, no! *snatches letter* that is sensitive info. what are you even doing in this house? no outsiders are allowed.
  • kin: ban ryu, cut it out. i'm trying to be a good roommate.
  • ban ryu: you don't even live here! you're not soo ho!
  • yeo wool: *walks in* hey, soo ho! we made reservations for okta tonight!
  • ki bum: great! thanks, yeo wool.
  • ban ryu: ... okay, i don't know who you are, but you're not soo ho! *grabs a random photo of soo ho with her sister* this is soo ho!
  • ki bum:
  • ban ryu:
  • *turns out to be photo of ki bum posing with soo yeon*
  • ban ryu: ... how?

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I'm looking for a fic I once read half of on tumblr about Dan and Phil being at the same wedding because they each knew one of the people getting married (but they didn't know each other), and when Phil (I think) looks at the wedding pictures later, he realises that Dan is staring at him in all of them so he asks his friend who the guy was and that was as far as I had gotten and I don't remember the name or author. Thank you!!

We WIll Meet Again (ao3) -  when Phil is checking the photos of Sarah’s wedding he finds out that an attractive brown haired boy couldn’t take his eyes off of him. How can he contact this boy to see if he is THE ONE?

- Eliza

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could you do a drabble that's prompto x reader where the reader is extremely insecure about their body and face and don't really see themselves as attractive and hate getting their picture taken (bc i know i hate getting my pic taken) by prompto even though they're dating and he loves taking their photo?? idk if this made sense but thanks if u choose to write this!!

Accidentally tweaked this ask, sorry anon :^( I wanted it to be where they first meet, I thought it would be a lot cuter. Also this one was hard to write, as someone who deals with these kinds of insecurities, they hold me back from a lot of stuff. I don’t like to take pictures, I don’t like to go out wearing anything but jeans and T-shirts.
Even though I can’t hope for myself, I hope anyone out there who is insecure about their body realizes that you’re beautiful no matter what. ♡

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Word Count: 798 words

You’re Beautiful

You hated your body.

You hated how your thigh touched, you hated your stretch marks, you hated how your tummy poked out, you hated the way your face looked. You didn’t like looking into a mirror because you knew you’ll eventually begin to pick out every single flaw that you have.

A lot of the time, you always backed out of doing something you really wanted to do. You felt you didn’t look good enough, that you didn’t fit in, that people would judge you, it tore you to pieces.

You wanted to have fun and make friends, however you were so afraid of people’s judgemental looks.

Eventually you met Prompto. It was an accident, you ran into him at the market. He was buying some cake that said “Happy Birthday!” You apologized countless times, for running into him, almost knocking the cake out of his hands, you managed to mutter a happy birthday.

He looked at you with confusion, then laughed. “Oh this isn’t for a birthday, I was just hungry and craving cake.” He admitted, a giant goofy smile on his face. You felt your cheeks warm, he was so adorable. “Would you like some? We should be friends!”

That suggestion made your heart jump to your throat. Slowly you nodded, forgetting all of those flaws that you have. Once he bought the cake, you two walked out of the market and wandered to the park. You introduced yourselves and made small conversation about your own life. You told him what your job is, all of your hobbies, how many pets you have, everything.

He listened through all of it, although he felt awful. You never got to talk to anyone like this that wasn’t your family. You enjoyed it, a lot. More than you should have probably.

By the end of the night, you were attached to him. He offered to give you his number, which you accepted gleefully. After he scribbled his number on one of the napkins he picked up from the market, he pulled his camera up and asked to take a picture with you.

You remembered why you were so self-conscious. “I’m okay. Pictures aren’t my thing.” You admitted, trying to feign a tiny bit of confidence. Prompto realized and sighed.

“Y/N, you’re beautiful, the camera will love you!” He tried to cheer you up, however you were so deep in the pit of self-consciousness that you’d need Rapunzel’s hair to help you out. You shyly shook your head in reply.

Prompto sighed and nodded. “When I get you to accept, which will be soon, you’ll love it!” He cheered. Your face was red, he was so serious about it and you weren’t going to break his heart.

He walked you home, he told you a lot about what he does for hobbies. He mentioned that he was a photographer as a hobby, however he serves the prince. It surprised you, honestly, at first you thought he was a regular citizen just like you, but now you begin to notice his Crownsguard emblems on his jacket. You weren’t going to lie, it brought you self-confidence up a sliver, how a Crownsguard would make time to spend with you, after you accidentally ran into him.

It made you happy. He made you happy. You were reluctant to admit it to him though, you just met him. You felt that you were already too attached. Once you two made it to your house, he smiled at you. “Alright, well I guess I should be expecting a text. Thanks for eating cake with me today! Probably couldn’t eat it all by myself. I had a lot of fun.” He rambled, that same goofy grin lining his features. You giggled and nodded.

“Well, I’ll see you soon, Prompto.” You nodded, waving goodbye to him. As he walked off, you pulled out your phone and began to type. You heard a buzz go off in his pocket, he stopped and looked at it.

‘Wanna meet up tomorrow?’ It said.

You were already excited to see him again. He turned and looked at you, beginning to text back.

'Hell yeah, only if I get a sweet picture though.’ He replied.

Your cheeks began to burn. Slowly you nodded at him, he did a silent fist pump before pulling out his camera. Running over next to you, he stood and lifted the camera up. You smiled and quickly threw up a peace sign.

Afterwards, when he looked at it, you began to unlock your door. Once you turned to wave goodbye, you saw he was staring at you, his freckled cheeks were red and his mouth was agape.

“Prompto? What’s wrong?” You asked. He shook his head and a charming smile formed.

“You’re beautiful, you know that?”


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Youmacon Highlights!

Gonna have my usual Con Report rundown on its own post this time, and Con Swag in its own post too as usual, but long story short: We had a TOTAL BLAST this year, even though it was really chill and there wasn’t a lot of events we were going to. Thanks Youmacon, and thanks to everyone we met who made this year extra special 💖

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didn't see it mentioned so wanted to point out that the fan pic w/ d on sat night was at hell'a tight, which is a dance party/drag show in sf. definitely a lgbtq space + d was happy to let fans know he was there, as usual. i'm also amused bc i don't think d was seen at all on sunday, right? almost like he's making a point that he chose 1 day @ the fest over brazil. and that this week the people/events that are *actually* important to him were in sf & la

Hi Anon!! Thanks for your note, You are correct- we should have pointed this out but we had to do a little research first (thanks to @souly who found the photo yesterday and made the observation about the hash tag). After the Festival, Darren spent Saturday evening at Hell’a Tight.  This is the one photo that was posted with a fan,

Hell’a tight appears to be a monthly party held in San Fran at Underground SF. Described on its FB page as (X):

Remember High School? Yeah, so do I… and this is how I made it through. This party’s gonna make you dance and sing like you never got to walking down the halls with your Discman. A day when Britney wanted to be Hit One More Time and ‘N Sync was Tearin’ Up My Heart… It’s time for Hell'a Tight! A night of Bubblegum Pop Jams, Bubble Gum Shots, and Visuals to take to back.

I love how Darren continues to do things that show who he really is. It speaks volumes. Again, as we have discussed many times, it would be easy for him to go places and not be seen. But yet, he chooses time and time again to hang out where he can be seen at places that are known LGBT+ establishments. 

And I could not agree more, I love that he went out of his way to spend Saturday in San Fran, making sure that everyone knew exactly what he was doing and who he was with. And emphasizing that he had no interest in a trip to Brazil for her friend’s wedding and that it was clearly not a priority. If he wanted to be there, I am sure he could have arranged to take a few days off. Not like he would not have known about it months prior to it happening.

But he preferred spending time listening to music with friends and I assume spending a quiet Sunday back in LA relaxing at home with Cooper and Brian (though it does look like he went to some event later in the day). And if my assumption is right about where and with whom Chris spent the weekend, perhaps spending some time with the in-laws as well:)

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I know this is a light hearted blog but had to get this off my chest. There are still some very determined "fans" particularly of another ship who are still in so so much denial and saying the photos are faked and saying awful things about Gillian and Peter AGAIN, I don't know about you but I'm so sick of this nastiness. Thanks, you don't have to show this if you don't feel it's appropriate. Thanks again.

Thanks for coming to us shipmate! We couldn’t agree more about the nastiness being thrown at our Captains. But, like always, we are determined to rise above it with snarky commentary and continue with our support for the lovely couple. 









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Love works miracles, indeed. 

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So it seems the accounts are down but they all seem to have the word manly in them. The person who contacted me was manlyswiftie22 and contacted my friend at 1989manly. He comments weird things on random photos saying "swifties are beautiful." He then goes into dms and promises merch and tickets to see Taylor if you send "personal" photos. I know better than to do that but some little ones don't! Thank you for spreading awareness!


that’s so sad that these people pray on little girls :( xx

It's you (MLFluffMonth Day 9)

|| I wrote this yesterday. Chloé/Nathanael ||

Chloé didn’t know who her soulmate was. She had wanted it to be Adrien desperately but she learned that wasn’t the case. Adrien’s soulmate was Marinette. And as much as she hated it, she cared about Adrien’s happiness more than he own. His smiles were 100% genuine with Marinette, something she could never do.

Chloé knew her soulmate was artistic. Almost everyday she’d wake up and find something new on her skin. She wasn’t good at drawing or words, but she made sure her soulmate knew she saw and appreciated them. They only lasted 24 hours, so the blonde made it her mission to take pictures of each one before they vanished.

Chloé didn’t know who her soulmate was so she was forced into an unwanted ignorance as masterpieces showed up on her body.

But one night she learned something new. Her soulmate knew her.

It was around 10pm when her heart tingled. It was a sign her soulmate had done something. She pulled herself out of bed, turned on the light and looked for the drawing. It was only when she looked at her back did she realize they’d drawn her. Or at least that’s what she assumed. She pulled up her camisole and reflected was herself.

She looked out her window and saw Ladybug. Pulling the camisole back down she ran out. “Ladybug!” Chloé called, hoping she caught her attention. Thankfully she did.
“Isn’t it a bit late to me up Chloé?”
“Well yes but something happened and I need your help. It’ll only take a minute.”
“Okay. I guess I can help.”
“Great. Come in.” Chloé ran inside and pulled her phone from its charger. She opened the camera and handed it to the hero. “My soulmate decided to draw me this late and I can’t take a picture of it by myself.” She turned around and lifted her camisole up. “I just need to you take a photo of it.”

After a few seconds her phone was dangling in front of her. “Thanks Ladybug.” The blonde said fixing her shirt. “Good night.”
She heard hero reply before leaving her alone in her room.

It had been a few days since that drawing and Chloé was done waiting. Pulling out a pen she pulled up her sleeve and wrote:

“Saturday, outside Le Grand Paris, 9am, don’t be late”

All she got in return was a drawing of a bee.

Chloé stood outside her father’s hotel, nerves wracking her body. Why on earth did she consider this a good idea?! There was still time to cancel. She went to pull the pen from her bag when she felt a tap on her back. Frowning she turned around.

“Nathanael? Why are you here?”
“It’s 9am isn’t it?”
“Yeah but-”
“Do you have a pen?”
“Can I have it.”
“Sure.” Chloé handed the pen to the redhead. He lifted his sleeve and drew something on his wrist. A tingling sensation filled her. She pulled up she sleeve and there was a flower on her forearm. Nathanael showed his forearm and the same one was there.

“You’re my soulmate?!” Chloé cried. “But how?!”
“Who knows.”
“But I can’t be your soulmate, you’re to good for me.”
“That’s not what I was expecting.”
“It’s true. I’m an awful person. I’ve hurt so many people.”
“You’re right. You have hurt a lot of people, me included, but every person makes mistakes. It just took you longer to figure that out.”
“So you’re okay with me?”
“Yep.” Chloé sighed and pulled out her phone. She then positioned it so her arm and Nathanael’s were parallel. She took a quick picture before putting her phone away.
“You take pictures of what I draw.”
“Yep. They disappear every 24 hours after all. It only makes sense to take pictures.
"And you’ve done this with all of them?” Chloé nodded, noticing the pink tint that came to his cheeks. “Thank you Chloé. It’s nice to know you keep them.

Chloé knew who her soulmate was. It was the redhead who sat in the back of the classroom, kept to himself. Any time she felt a tingling sensation she knew he was drawing for her. And as she pulled up her sleeve and took a photo, she couldn’t help but look up and him sitting in the back of the room and smile.

Day 9 and we finally get some Chloé x Nathanael. Took me long enough.

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i don't really understand all the rules about giving credits to artists. if you ask an artist to repost their work and they give you permission, do you still have to tag them once you do? do you always need to ask for permission? are you allowed to save a photo, for example, but not share it publicly, or do all of these things just depend on the artist? i'm asking because i don't want to steal anyone's work or do something i'm not supposed to. thanks :))

different artists have different things they’re comfortable with!

general rule of thumb, don’t repost a piece if you don’t know who drew it. try using google to find the source if you can, but otherwise don’t do it. most ppl are fine with saving to your phone as long as you don’t post, but if you know who the artist is i’d recommend asking them before posting.

i’m cool with people reposting my art as long as they link to my profile/add credit to me in the caption, and for icons/headers i just ask people credit me in their bio.


Um, I was tagged to do the “9 photos on your phone that represent you” moodboard (I hope I got it right?) and I did it because it seemed fun.

I tag: @be-the-piano, @xiu-bee, @cheninadinoonesie, @pixelxiu@enbywankenobi, @xiuminscheeks, @kokobopbopboptothetoptoptop and I don’t know who else

Edit: omg I was so nervous I forgot to tag @oecceo who tagged me, thank you so much for it and sorry!! ;;


He loves Frosted Mini Wheats especially.


Check out Rhett’s version.

You know who’s amazing?

Bun. Bun is just a wonderful human being. She’s always there when I need it. Makes my day better. Blows up my phone- I honestly don’t know how I would be without her at the moment.

Whenever I’m going through something she’s there. She takes time out of her day to edit my stories or collect photos when needed at the middle of the night.

She’s all the way across the world but still does so much.

I’m literally one of the luckiest people in the world and couldn’t of asked for a better best friend 💗 @rbuns 💗

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do you have any tlc fancasts? i know some people don't like fancasts and instead make an image up in their head, but as an editor, it's difficult for me to pick models/face photos for the characters that people will somewhat agree with. however since you're one of the headcanon moms of this fandom, i'm going to take your opinion very seriously. so, who are your fancasts? thank you so so much! xx

Firstly, I’m extraordinarily flattered that you consider me one of the headcanon moms! Secondly, your moodboards are lovely! Keep up the good work!

I really feel for you in trying to find models for edits. Everybody visualizes their favorite characters so differently! In my case, I usually have a mental image that’s developed over the course of reading the source material and very rarely do I find an actual face that matches it perfectly. That’s why so many of my answers have several different people. One might have the right hair, but the wrong nose, one might have the right lips, but completely wrong eyes, so I apologize in advance for the length of the post.


Ginny Gardner is the closest to the image I have in my head of Cress.


I know Winter’s hair is described as being longer, but Amandla Stenberg is my favorite fancast for her.


With blue hair, Candace Patton would be the perfect Iko.

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