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Let Yourself Be At Peace

A/N: I blame agirlandhershows for this one, who, in the middle of a regularly scheduled squee-session today about the most recent photos (especially the one that looks like Oliver and Felicity are in China, for some reason), very kindly provided me with an incredibly heartbreaking headcanon. If I were you, I’d go blame her too. Also: a brief reference to a conversation I had with solicity97 earlier today (let’s see if she spots it).

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I apologise for the non-fluffiness of this fic but, like I said, take it up with J. She does the headcanon-ing and the dreaming and I just follow along because she’s nearly always right. I hope you’ll read it anyway. 

(This one’s not on AO3 yet but it may be later. It’s also unbeta-ed and being posted quite late, so apologise for any mistakes, all of which are mine)

Let Yourself Be At Peace

Felicity wasn’t what you’d call a fan of rustic living. All nature, really, what with all the bugs and the hiking and the stifling heat and the slapping on of Factor 50+ sunscreen and still invariably ending up with burnt skin. Vegas hadn’t exactly prepared her for the great outdoors, and picnics weren’t really her thing. Give her a computer, a decent WiFi connection and unlimited mac-n-cheese flavoured popcorn any day. It seemed like a cruel jab of irony that she’d spent so much of the last few months in literally greener pastures than she was used to, but that was apparently what you got when you vacationed with the world’s most outdoorsy man. She couldn’t really blame him, of course. Given his experiences, it was no wonder that alfresco living was more preferable to him than being confined by walls and dark and depressing caves. In the four and a half months they’d been on the road, they’d hiked, climbed mountains, ventured deep into farm country, gone fly-fishing, and even camped beneath the stars, much to her very loud and feverish protestations about dangerous wildlife mauling her in her sleep (this never happened, of course, but Felicity did spend a sleepless night wrapped up in Oliver’s strong arms, which was a win as far as she was concerned). Even Felicity had to admit that watching Oliver in his element, all hunter-gather cool, ferocious and focused, was all kinds of sexy; she soon came to the conclusion that the great outdoors did wonders for her libido, and okay, so she didn’t really need much help in that department, but Oliver certainly appreciated it. Yes, Felicity was slowly coming around to the idea of being outdoors, as long as Oliver was there, and there was certainly a special kind of beauty to seeing the world from such great heights.

Still, it surprised her that Oliver had brought her here. It was beautiful, no doubt, but very different to the places they had thus far visited. He’d practically insisted on coming here today, dragging her out of bed despite her mild protests to stay tangled together under the sheets. They’d hiked for almost forty minutes to get to the top of the mountain, where a beautiful Buddhist temple lay sprawled, surrounded by mandala gardens, little ponds underneath carved stone bridges, and canopied structures housing ancient statues and sculptures. Perhaps it was the rarefied air, but to Felicity it felt like they’d entered an oasis of tranquility, a world away from the world, where the only word and emotion and sentiment was peace.

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Halloween Hate Me Not

Don’t hate me for being beautiful having Friday off.  LOL  I believe that line is from an old hair product commercial, and I know it’s still a little early, but Friday Morning or maybe even beginning tomorrow evening I’d like to reblog some Halloween Poems, Prose and hopefully even some cool photos and other artwork.  Speaking of the last two categories, I also want to thank the many photographers and other artistic types who have followed and supported not only my writing but my friends via my reblogging as well over the past year or so.  Big Heartfelt Thank You!  Now, where was I, oh yeah Halloween.  I’ll try to be on the lookout for holiday themed original posts, and if you’ve created something that you’re especially proud of, please feel free to send me a link to the post and I’ll be happy to share as many as I can without chasing away all of my followers.  Actually I’m playing about the followers, as most of the people following me apparently enjoy the reblogs if they’re still around, and I’ve been blessed with some very wonderful friends who have stuck with me through everything so far and won’t likely bail on me now.  Let’s do this.  I already have a prosetry piece that I’m dying to share, and I’m certain that you all will be coming up with some excellent and epic efforts as well.  

Love you all,
Mike <3