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  • *ban ryu chilling in his room when ki bum walks in*
  • ban ryu: who are you?
  • ki bum: who am i? i'm soo ho. we've been training together in hwarang for the past few months. weird joke, ban ryu.
  • ban ryu: you're not soo ho. soo ho doesn't have peachy pink hair.
  • ki bum: you seriously never noticed? hey, hats off to you for not judging my looks.
  • ban ryu: okay, soo ho. How about you tell me about that personal letter i read to you about yesterday?
  • ki bum: you mean the letter my sister sent? the one where she gave you a ring as an anniversary present and poetically talked about how much she loved you?
  • ki bum: or that letter from your actual father about a potentially important letter coming in from your adoptive father, which you're waiting on today?
  • ah ro: *walks in* i got a letter to ban ryu from master young shil?
  • ki bum: i'll take that.
  • ban ryu: no, no! *snatches letter* that is sensitive info. what are you even doing in this house? no outsiders are allowed.
  • kin: ban ryu, cut it out. i'm trying to be a good roommate.
  • ban ryu: you don't even live here! you're not soo ho!
  • yeo wool: *walks in* hey, soo ho! we made reservations for okta tonight!
  • ki bum: great! thanks, yeo wool.
  • ban ryu: ... okay, i don't know who you are, but you're not soo ho! *grabs a random photo of soo ho with her sister* this is soo ho!
  • ki bum:
  • ban ryu:
  • *turns out to be photo of ki bum posing with soo yeon*
  • ban ryu: ... how?

protecting the earth, and our Pride

get you a gem that can do both

edit: Thanks to a lovely person informing me, I now know that’s @latieraeve doing this stellar cosplay!

Ahem. Hello everyone.

It’s me, Bubbin.

I have a very important message to give you all today…

I don’t know how many of you have heard,

but black cats like me are often abandoned, due to… well…


It’s difficult to catch us on photo, so some people decide we “aren’t worth it.”

I, now, have an important message to give you.

If you won’t appreciate your black cat

like the special beautiful friend 

they are




off my blog thanks goodnight i hate people who don’t treasure black cats

-Love Bubbin (who’s tired of this bullshit)


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I took these specifically for this bc I got my makeup done today so I didn’t look too shitty, although there’s nothing better than putting photos of myself next to taeyong to boost my self-esteem lmao

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(Western Wall anon) I can't believe you got so much hate & accusations of anti-Semitism (I mean, what??) for my ask & your response to it. I just want you to know that it really did help me to know that someone else had the same visceral reaction as I did to seeing that photo.

Thank you so much, Anon! Honestly, though, I’m in the same boat- getting your ask helped a lot, because I felt like I was overreacting also.

I don’t really mind that a bunch of shitty Trump supporters think it’s fun to play games of trigger-the-liberal with me, because it’s time they’re not spending targeting someone more susceptible, or even worse actually being a political force in this country.

It’s reminding me, though, of something I ought to remember more: they see caring about things as a vulnerability to be exploited, and that’s bullshit. We’re stronger for believing in things (secular as well as religious). And they can’t do shit if we’re not willing to be embarrassed by it.


He loves Frosted Mini Wheats especially.


Check out Rhett’s version.

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do you have any tlc fancasts? i know some people don't like fancasts and instead make an image up in their head, but as an editor, it's difficult for me to pick models/face photos for the characters that people will somewhat agree with. however since you're one of the headcanon moms of this fandom, i'm going to take your opinion very seriously. so, who are your fancasts? thank you so so much! xx

Firstly, I’m extraordinarily flattered that you consider me one of the headcanon moms! Secondly, your moodboards are lovely! Keep up the good work!

I really feel for you in trying to find models for edits. Everybody visualizes their favorite characters so differently! In my case, I usually have a mental image that’s developed over the course of reading the source material and very rarely do I find an actual face that matches it perfectly. That’s why so many of my answers have several different people. One might have the right hair, but the wrong nose, one might have the right lips, but completely wrong eyes, so I apologize in advance for the length of the post.


Ginny Gardner is the closest to the image I have in my head of Cress.


I know Winter’s hair is described as being longer, but Amandla Stenberg is my favorite fancast for her.


With blue hair, Candace Patton would be the perfect Iko.

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Hi, I see prefs for the boys with like, shorter girls but I never see any with taller girls, like 5'9-ish lol.. I don't know. Could you do one smut or fluff whatever of just a girl who is like, not short..? thank you! 💚

Luke wouldn’t even notice that you were tall because he is a giant.

Ashton would love you even more if you were self conscious of your height and reassure you that he loves you if ever you felt bad about it.

Michael wouldn’t notice either tbh, he’d just always make sure to wrap his legs around yours when you were snuggling on the couch or in bed.

Calum would deliberately hunch over in photos to make himself look smaller (like josh hutcherson with jennifer lawrence) and you would both get stiches from laughing so hard at them later.


In the aftermath of the election, I was, like most people, giving a lot of thought to how I could better engage in the causes I care about and how I can make a tangible difference. At this point in my life I don’t have much spare money, and I don’t have much spare time. In order to help people the best way I can in the future, I do have to continue some of my current commitments right now (such as taking the bar), and so I was looking for something to do that did not drain my resources, but also provided resources for those in need. 

I decided to start making embroidery patterns, and calling it the Give A Stitch project. I know that might sound strange, but stay with me! For the next year, I will be releasing one embroidery pattern a month with all money from the sale of the pattern going towards a progressive cause.

I wanted to release this pattern on the 1st of December, but unfortunately got behind schedule due to bar review and 2016 continuing to be a royal dick. Despite that small setback I still wanted to put it out there to help raise some money for a cause I’ve been wanting to tangibly support for a while now. 

This month all proceeds from the sale of this embroidery pattern will be donated to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Fund. 

Even though we received the wonderful news today (December 4th!) that the easement necessary for continued construction was not granted, there is still a lot of work to be done and costs to be incurred by those fighting for a favorable permanent outcome. The money raised will help cover medical and legal bills incurred during the protest, as well as the inevitable future legal fees to be incurred in the coming months. 

You can find the pattern here in my Etsy shop! 

It is a downloadable PDF, complete with all instructions you will need to complete this project. If you haven’t ever embroidered but want to, this is a great way to start! I have included directions and detailed photos on how to do the stitches necessary so it is very beginner friendly, but if you are a seasoned embroiderer then you can easily just use the design and go wild with whatever stitches you think would look best! 

I will report back at the end of the month with how much money we managed to raise through this. In the mean time if you buy a pattern and complete it I would love to see the finished product! Feel free to tag me or send me photos here on tumblr, or through Etsy, or you can find me on instagram under the hande A_Canny_Lass, and use the hashtag #GiveAStitch for any photos you post so I can easily find them! 

Thanks in advance to those who purchase a pattern and/or spread the word! While it is really exciting to celebrate the victory that was won today, there is still a long road to a permanent solution ahead and we can’t afford to forget about it now! 


In the Pittsburgh Public School system, CAS stands for Center for Advanced Studies. In CAS classes students of color are often the minority. As a student of color in CAS, I know that the issue of diversity is rarely addressed and our input to the conversation on race is often unheard. For my long term project this year I decided to start a dialogue about race, and give fellow students of color a way to share their experiences and voice their opinions. This is the Pittsburgh Public High Schools’ expansion of Kimiko Matsuda-Lawrence’s photo campaign I, Too, Am Harvard to show that We, Too, Are CAS.

Huge thanks to everyone who participated!

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Can I ask why you add descriptive captions to photos?? I don't follow you but I've seen them on my dash a few times and looking through your blog you've even done it on a selfie and I don't fully understand what the point is. They can't be for the visually impaired because anyone with a disability could see a photo as easily as they could read your text so I'm not... really sure what the purpose of it is? Am I missing something? Thanks in advance for the clarification! :-)

That is a good question, thank you for asking.

There are a couple of ways that people who are blind or visually impaired can interact with the internet.  One is by using screenreader software.  There are a variety of programs that do this, the only one I know off the top of my head is called JAWS and you can Google it up if you want some details.  Screenreader software is pretty self-explanatory really.  It reads out text audibly.

A second way is a braille display.  A braille display takes text from the screen and converts it to braille.  If you are an Marvel fan you can see Matt Murdock using one of these in a few episodes of Daredevil.

So someone who is blind or visually impaired actually can read the text even if they can’t see the image. Its also helpful for people with bad internet connections who have trouble loading pictures, as a bonus.

What both of these have in common is that they only work on text.  So pictures are invisible to them, and that includes screencaps of text (they can’t interact with any audio or image files basically).  So if you rely on a screen reader you can’t see any sort of videos or images, but if there is a caption then that can be read out or converted into braille and you’ll still know what the image is and you can interact with it.  Which isn’t perfect, but is pretty important on an image heavy website like Tumblr.

Captioning can be tricky and sometimes time consuming so my delightful friend has made some helpful guidelines:  In general, captioning where you can is great because every captioned image makes Tumblr a bit more accessible, but you should definitely caption something if it is about visually impaired people or characters, or is an image of braille writing, because making images about blind people the blind people can’t access is quite rude.

Here are some posts about how to write good captions:



But, captioning can be hard and time-consuming.  So if you don’t have the time/energy/desire to caption everything you can also tag images #captioned #uncaptioned to make them easy to find or blacklist respectively, for screen-reader users.

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Westallen Prompt humor A rival of Iris' gets a photo of her kissing Barry (while in his Flash suit). Now everyone thinks Iris is cheating on Barry with the Flash. I'd love to read everyone's reactions to that happening especially those who don't know Barry is the Flash.

Haaay, nonnie. Thank you for suggesting such a fun prompt. This is gonna be slightly AU since so many ppl know Barry’s identity, but I hope you enjoy!

It was just one kiss. Stolen atop Jitters’ rooftop after dark, with the lights of Central City painting warm tones on two bodies that were pressed against one another. Barry’s hand traced the soft curve of her jaw; Iris’ teeth scraped his bottom lip with a wanting hunger, a need. Soft whispers of I missed you permeated the air.

This moment was for them, meant to be tucked away from the rest of the world.

But Leo Jackson, beat reporter for CCPN’s Entertainment section, was determined to make sure that didn’t happen.

“Leo, what the hell is this?” Iris West approached the squat reporter while grabbing coffee at her office’s espresso cart; her other hand held a slim tablet showing CCPN’s Entertainment News section. “The Flash: Speeding His Way Into Iris West’s Pants?!”

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Neither of them look super happy in that photo imo. Also, we know from episode 2x13 that they didn't have a happy marriage and she's obviously gonna end up back with Jamie so I don't know why some people are getting worked up over it? I'm just glad we've had a photo at all tbh

I’m 100% with you, anon! And thanks for being the only person in my inbox right now who isn’t whining about the picture.

Like come on y’all, we don’t have a release date yet. Any new content at this point is fine with me. And since they’re clearly only going to be sharing stuff from the beginning of the season, and Frank is in the beginning of the season, of course we’re going to get some stuff with Frank.

That doesn’t mean we have to like Frank, and it doesn’t mean they’re going to retcon Frank into a perfectly lovely human being.

Excuse me, anon, while I hijack your ask for a second…

Let’s look at the picture in question. What do we see (and I’m using the royal “we” here, these are clearly just my opinions…):

We see a baby who is clearly not a newborn, but we’ll just whistle past that.

We see Claire trying her hardest to smile, but coming up short, because she’s happy to have her and Jamie’s baby in her arms, but at the same time is devastated that Jamie isn’t there with her to meet their child.

And her eyes look full of pain to me. She’s looking at Frank, yes, but what she’s seeing is Not Jamie. She’s steeling herself for a life with a man she doesn’t love anymore. To her, Jamie is dead and she’s trying her best to make the most out of an impossible situation. Because who would *want* to be completely broken and empty for the rest of their life? She’s obviously going to try to be happy, if not for her own sake then for the sake of Jamie’s daughter. We know from ep. 213 that she won’t succeed, but I will not fault her for trying.

And now we move on to Frank. Fuck Frank. Frank is The Worst. The show has portrayed Frank consistently as The Worst. I hope they will continue to do so. Frank can be a good father to Bree while also being a shitty, emotionally abusive husband to Claire. That’s what was implied in ep. 213, and that’s what I expect to see in season three.

But back to the picture.

Does Frank look happy? Nope. He does not. He looks like a guy who is getting exactly what he wants, but at the same time exactly the opposite of what he wants.

Frank is a man who wants an obedient and subservient wife, and he’s a man who wants his own children. We know this from how he brings Claire to the Highlands so he can do his genealogy research, and from how he got his fertility tested even though Claire was out of the picture.

And upon Claire’s return, he *is* getting a wife and a child. But he’s getting a wife who doesn’t love him and a child fathered by another man. We know from ep. 201 and his bullshit, selfish conditions that he is not happy about this situation and is already trying to exert power over Claire and control her emotions and behavior.

So in this picture Frank is looking at Claire, but is he really happy? No, I wouldn’t say that.

HELLO this is very important. PLEASE DO NOT REBLOG THE PHOTO OF WILSON STANDING OVER MIKE BROWN’S BODY. Brown’s family has asked for these pictures of him to not be spread on the internet and we should all respect that.