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Who is Montparnasse? I guess give a quick bio? I've only seen the 2012 movie so I don't know much about him


In the Brick, Montparnasse is a member of Patron-Minette, a criminal gang which operates in Paris. He was a street urchin not unlike Gavroche, before a girl told him he was really handsome and since that day, Montparnasse resorted to crime in order to get himself pretty clothes (I swear I’m not making this up). Since he’s piss-poor and lazy as fuck, crime seemed like the best gig in order to get what he wants.

Okay, so random Montparnasse traits:

  • He’s vain. As fuck.
  • Lazy
  • Loyal
  • Fucking ExtraTM . Like, the guys goes everywhere with a red rose because?? He thinks he’s cool??
  • He’s a fucking dork oh my god he thinks he’s so cool but the guy got his ass kicked by a sixty yo dude like son, check yoself because u rek yourself
  • Edgelord
  • He likes Gavroche a lot.
  • He’s around 18/20 in the Brick
  • His character is written as very ambiguous. Very grey, if you will. Definitely not GOOD but definitely not a villain either. Hence the quote: “ He was kind, effeminate, graceful, robust, sluggish, ferocious” See the antithesis? (The original French text describes Montparnasse as “gentil” aka “kind” or “nice” while the English text translated it as “genteel” which doesn’t convey the same connotations and I’m HELLA SALTY ABOUT IT.)
  • Part of me is convinced that Montparnasse was written as a comic relief

Random Montparnasse facts:

  • Babet, one of his fellow associates, calls him “pretty boy” once
  • Has a swordcane
  • Gets robbed by Gavroche once
  • Has a sort of brotherly relationship with Gavroche, with Gav’ teasing him to no end
  • Refuses to speak argot (slang) because he wants to appear PROPER and DIGNIFIED (see the Edgelord entry)
  • Robber and assassin by night, dandy by day
  • Javert calls him a “Devilish Dandy” :’)

Anyway, I love my trash son

Joe Dempsie is the best non-shipper EVAR!

So new Joe Dempsie interview from a few days ago (it’s awesome, every Dempsie fan should read it) and the part about Gendry and Arya is AMAZING, like the best ever. For a non-shipper, he’s like the shippiest EVAR! I’m just gonna quote those parts, but seriously I recommend reading the whole interview because it’s awesome-sauce.

‘Game Of Thrones’ Actor Joe Dempsie Finally Reveals What Happened To Gendry

Now here are the awesome Arya/Gendry parts…

I kept myself in shape the first three seasons, and then I had a scene I think in Season 2 where I’m fairly inexplicably forging a sword with no top on. I mean, it’s raining. I can’t say that it’s warm. He’s just got his bod out, and David [Benioff] and Dan [Weiss] knew that I had been hitting the gym in order to get in shape for that. So this time around when I was coming back, they said, “All right, so yeah, you’re coming back and you better hit the gym, dude, and get back in shape.” 

Now that Gendry’s back, what do you think an Arya and Gendry reunion might be like?

[The Stark children have] seen terrible things, and they’ve had experiences that have changed them forever, and there’s bound to be some of that with Gendry seeing Arya again ― if it was to happen.

As well, we don’t know what might have happened to Gendry in intervening periods. His experience with Melisandre, as you’ll see later in this season, is still something that rankles with him, something that he’s maybe not quite able to get over in his mind. These things are all happening at quite formative ages, so I think it’d be great to see them cross paths again. I have no idea what it would be like, but I think they must carry some torch for each other. I think they crossed paths at that time where they were both searching for something, and they kind of found it in each other a little bit. I think Gendry really reminded Arya of her brothers back up in Winterfell, who she was missing greatly. Then Arya trusting Gendry with the information that she was who she was. I’m filling in my own blanks here, but I don’t imagine that Gendry ever felt that he’d been trusted like that before by anybody, and maybe the first time in his life that he was given real purpose ― the purpose being to keep a secret ― but he’s like, “Oh, someone actually trusted me with a task that’s really fucking important,” and the fact that interacting with highborns is something Gendry’s never done before, so it was almost the beginning of opening his eyes, and being conscious that there is much more out there than what he has known his entire life. There is a bond there, and I hope they get to cross paths again at some point.

Yeah, plus she was around for your shirtless scene, so at least the gym was working for you there.

[Laughs] I was disingenuous before when I said it was pointless to have my top off. The idea of that scene, yeah, I mean David and Dan were like, “Look, it’s more about Arya than it is about Gendry. She’s becoming a young woman and is noticing things and feeling things like she hasn’t felt before.” Whether the romantic storyline is one they chose to pursue or not, I have no idea.

I used to get asked about that quite a lot when we were doing Seasons 1 through 3, and it was never something that I ever felt massively comfortable talking about because at the time I was a 25-year-old actor talking about a 14-year-old girl, and I sort of felt like, “Look, I know what you’re saying. I know what you’re getting at, but what do you want me to say about that? ‘Oh, yeah, no, I really hope we hook up?’” So that’s something I’ve given a great amount of thought to, really, and it’s been years. I’ll be interested to see what David and Dan have in store.

Guardians of the Galaxy Roleplay Sentence Starters
  • "You'll die! Why are you doing this? Why?"
  • "Well that's just as fascinating as the first 89 times you told me that."
  • "Well I tell you what, that's gonna wear real thin, real fast, bud."
  • " I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am that you've accepted me despite my blunders. It is good to once again be among friends."
  • "This dumb tree is also my friend."
  • "I have lived most of my life surrounded my enemies. I will be grateful to die among my friends."
  • "Aww, what the hell, I don't got that long a lifespan anyway... "
  • "Well now I'm standing. Happy? We're all standing now. Bunch of jackasses, standing in a circle."
  • "We've already established that you destroying the ship I'm on is not saving me!"
  • "That is the most real, authentic, hysterical laugh of my entire life."
  • "Finger on throat means death!"
  • "They got my dick message."
  • "His people are completely literal. Metaphors go over his head."
  • "That dude there. I need his prosthetic leg. "
  • "God knows I don't need the rest of him. Look at him. He's useless."
  • "Well, supposedly, these bald bodies find you attractive, so maybe you could work out some sort of trade."
  • "That's for if things get really hardcore. Or if you wanna blow up moons."
  • "You just wanna suck the joy out of everything."
  • "Who put the sticks up their butts?"
  • "I am going to die surrounded by the biggest idiots in the galaxy."
  • "Fine, but I can't promise when all of this is over I'm not going to kill every last one of you jerks."
  • "See, this is exactly why none of you have any friends!"
  • "Oh she has no idea. If I had a blacklight, this would look like a Jackson Pollock painting."
  • "You got issues."
  • "He thinks I'm some stupid thing! He does!"
  • " I didn't ask to be torn apart and put back together over and over and turned into some little monster!"
  • "When I look around, you know what I see? Losers."
  • "You're an imbecile."
  • "I can't believe I got taken down by a raccoon."
  • "Raccoon? What's a raccoon?"
  • "Ain't no thing like me, except me!"
  • "We're just like Kevin Bacon."
  • "I live for the simple things... like how much this is going to hurt!"
  • "Dance-off, bro. Me and you."
  • "I like your knife, I'm keeping it."
  • "Oh, I was just kidding about the leg. I just need these two things."
  • "He said that he may be an... a-hole. But he's not, and I quote, 100% a dick".
  • "Well, I don't know if I believe anyone is 100% a dick."
  • "Let's see if you can laugh after five or six good shots in your freakin' face!"
  • "Creepy little beast!"
  • "I don't learn. One of my issues."
  • "Look at this thing. It thinks it's so cool. It's not cool to ask for help! Walk by yourself, you little gargoyle!"
  • "Hooked on a Feeling, Blue Swede! That song belongs to me!"
  • "Hold on a second, you're being serious right now?"
  • "I can't believe I'm taking orders from a hamster."
  • "You're a good looking girl. You should try to be more nice to people."
Family Vacation quotes
  • Lunafreya: If you think my grown ass isn't going to try and squeeze into that Princess Stroller, you got another thing coming! Hold my shoes!
  • ~~~
  • Gladiolus: If you keep being this way, I will show up to your wedding in flip-flops and socks.
  • Me: Try me, big guy! Don't think I won't kick your ass in a wedding dress!
  • ~~~
  • Ignis: He looks like a gods damn unsalted peanut! Get out of my face!
  • Prompto: I'm offended for him, geez Iggy, calm down.
  • ~~~
  • Noctis: Where ya going, I'm still mad and sad.
  • ~~~
  • Gladiolus: The fact I can quote the Lion King from memory means everything to me.
  • ~~~
  • Ravus: If you hand me an Oreo thin, I'm gonna punch you in the face, double stuff all the way.
  • ~~~
  • Noctis: I am a grown adult, I can do whatever I want, and don't need help with shit!
  • Gladiolus: Your shoes untied.
  • Noctis: What Ignis! Help!
  • Ignis: We got you Velcro after the last incident.
  • ~~~
  • Noctis: If you hand me that tofu I will throw the largest adult tantrum Eos has ever seen. Don't test me!
  • ~~~
  • Prompto: I woke up at 2 am and she was just eating a pickle. I figured that I'd let her have her moment.
  • ~~~
  • Ignis: She didn't have a plate she was just eating the cake like an apple.
  • Gladiolus: She does the same with pineapple, it's both beautiful and horrifying.
  • ~~~
  • Cindy: Sorry got distracted by my own boobs, what's up?
  • ~~~
  • Lunafreya: Do you think I should ask her out?
  • Ravus: You've been flirting with her for 10 minutes maybe.
  • Lunafreya: Hey! You wanna go out!
  • Ravus: I wouldn't have yelled it across the park but you do you.
  • ~~~
  • Ignis: *notices a child screaming* Soon they will learn to do this inside, I'm still waiting for Noct and Prompto to learn.
  • Noctis & Prompto: Not likely.
  • ~~~
  • Araena: We don't know anyone who is straight, hell this morning you told me you'd trade your doughnut for a kiss from Prompto.
  • Prompto: Aww that's so...wait what kind of doughnut?
  • Noctis: Sprinkles.
  • Prompto: Aww you do care.
  • ~~~
  • Me: *Muttering to myself* You useless lesbian.
  • Prompto: Aren't you bisexual?
  • Me: Yeah but the lesbian side is winning today.
  • ~~~
  • Ravus: Come over here so I can hit you.
  • Ignis: Why are you going to go!
  • ~~~
  • Gladiolus: How many cups did you have today?
  • Ignis: That's none of your damn business.
  • ~~~
  • Prompto: Noctis broke up our friendship last night because I never cried at him dressing fancy, but I did at that Chocobo dressed in a top hat and tie.
  • Noctis: I looked better!
  • ~~~
  • Prompto: None of us deserve a big toblerone.
  • ~~~
  • Ignis: Where were you?
  • Gladiolus: Had to stop and take a picture of a dude with two turtles fucking on his shirt.
  • Noctis: That's a good a reason if any.
  • Prompto: Can...can we see?
  • ~~~
  • Ravus: *to Noctis* You can't talk to her right now because I'm talking to her right now.
  • Noctis: I can talk to her whenever I want!
  • Ravus: No you can't, she's the Princess.
  • Lunafreya: Rae...
  • Ravus: She's the Princess.
  • Lunafreya: *looks to Noctis distressed* I'm the Princess.
  • ~~~
  • Hakuna Matata starts playing
  • Gladiolus to Ignis: Don't you start!
  • Ignis: *muttering* Damn lazy people.
  • ~~~
  • Me: All Frogs carry guns and knives.
  • Ravus: Why must you be this way?
  • ~~~
  • Me: *laughing at myself after getting emotional about explaining FFXV* This damn game has ruined my life.

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Could u convince be not to hate Steve 'Hypocrite' Rogers? I'm really trying not to hate him but whnever I think about anything to do with him I just get even angrier at him. MCU Steve is a repentless fuck up and I wanna know what u have to say about him? U don't seem like u hate him and u also love Tony so I figure u probably see stuff I'm not seeing and I wanna know what ;u; (mostly so I can stomach stony fics to widen my range of reading material) :p

steve rogers is a stubborn emotionally-constipated asshole. i also love him very very much. here are some post-cacw thoughts on why i still love him:

  • flawed characters are good, and the only reason we expect Perfection from This Particular Human Character is bc other people (and…the narrative….) put him on a pedestal. I can’t be mad at him for doing what he thought was the right thing, because as a fan of tony stark, i know that sometimes things that seem like a good idea at the time are maybe actually not always that great
  • issue: banking on the fact that your rich genius teammate and his team of lawyers will still get you and your friend out of a bad situation After you let him know that the friend in question murdered his parents a week before christmas and that you’ve lived in his house and looked him in the eye while Knowing Abt This for several goddamn years is uh. a v scary situation and potentially a bad plan for 19 reasons. prioritize the people you know are ride or die & cut ur losses
  • some people are emotionally constipated assholes who do their best and fail miserably,,,,To Cope™
    • ok but seriously have you ever had 6.3 billion Terrible Things happen to you in rapid succession, and then One More Thing comes along (to take away the only remaining thing in your life you can control and the only semblance of normalcy you have left) and you just. dig your heels in automatically and go “absolutely fucking not”
    • like i will personally bet you 5 canadian dollars that steve has been crossing his arms and glaring at the tv for months like “listen what else do they want us to do. we’re helping. we’re the good guys. they Have To See That we’re good people and we’re doing our best and we saved the world Come On if we just wait…maybe…….it will…..Be Fine without us having to do anything? maybe?” 
    • he’s been fighting to keep People™ safe for a While and it’s Apparently still not enough and he is probably tired and bitter and frustrated. also, last time he was working for/with a third party they turned out to be nazis and while i get that that 100% isn’t the same as a UN Panel (noT THE SAME, STEVEN) at some point you have to take a quote out of context, plant urself like a stubborn asshole tree, and say “actually no fuck you please just let me do the only thing that is giving my life meaning right now in a way that doesn’t make me feel trapped and afraid for myself and my team”
  • peggy (steve’s last connection to his life before waking up in the future) had just died, and bucky (steve’s surprise Actual last connection to his life before waking up in the future) has been having a Hell Time and is being targeted. sometimes when you find out your best friend has been brainwashed and tortured for 70 years, your bullshit meter maxes out and you (steve rogers, “fight me” personified) want to give the finger to anyone who wants to do absolutely else to that person. yes, getting him help was an option (the other option being some kind of prison?) but also, it still would have been someone else making that choice for bucky, and at some point yelling “can you please just leave him alone” with ur fists becomes a default reaction
  • as someone who regularly avoids things when i should really deal with them, i 100% believe that there is a large part of steve that genuinely thought he was protecting tony. sure, he was protecting himself and bucky, too, and he admits that openly, but i can buy that steve had been sitting on the couch for months listening to tony talk about Processing His Grief Through Technology and screaming internally like “would it truly and genuinely make it easier on this guy to know that his parents were brutally murdered by my friend and i’ve known abt it for 2 years when he’s still this messed up over it already oh my god”
  • the problems i have with a lot of steve’s choices really just come down to the film not giving him room to put up a legit argument. a lot of it was banking on me assuming that captain america & the team were correct bc they’re cap & the team in a captain america movie? if they had given steve a speech instead of a shitty letter, i’m sure i would have initially understood his side a lot better
  • some people are emotionally constipated assholes who do their best and fail miserably,,,,To Cope™ Part 2: The Letter
    • steve is not great at feelings. steve is not great at processing and expressing his feelings in a healthy way. steve is an all-or-nothing prickly bitch (see: every film he’s been in) and taking these excellent canon facts into account, i do actually genuinely believe that this dude forced himself to sit down while in hiding to write 12 different drafts of this letter by hand in cursive and eventually ended up with the monstrosity tony received
    • he can’t apologize for the accords situation, because he doesn’t think he’s wrong, so he can only apologize for hurting tony. “i’m not sorry for what i did but i’m sorry that it hurt you” is a shitty thing to read and say but i guess at least,,,he,,,was honest? steven why didn’t you get a friend to proofread this letter
    • by saying that the avengers are more tony’s family than his, he probably thinks he’s acknowledging that tony cares about them and was doing what he thought was best. im personally for my own sanity choosing to believe that.
    • “i’ve never really fit in” aka “okay i definitely didn’t talk enough about where i was coming from at all for the past few…..years….and this was the only draft that included my ‘i’ve been lowkey struggling’ admission and didn’t sound vaguely pathetic or directly mention my friend who involuntarily murdered your parents” 
    • this entire thing is actually imo a fairly decent “listen i know things are really messy right now and i hurt you and we’re both still upset, but here’s some effort on my part. if you ever need anything, here’s how you can contact me & i promise i will still drop everything to come help you with what you need” gesture considering the situation & time frame

anyway, steve for sure messed up with his approach to this and put a lot of people in danger, but as someone who is a fan of tony stark i have to take The Context into consideration and also understand that sometimes people do questionable things even while having the best intentions. it was a really rough situation and i think mr evans did a great job of showing steve emotionally shutting down and struggling for the past few films? i can see where he was coming from from an emotional standpoint, & bc of these and 130 other reach-y reasons including me just enjoying him as a person, i forgive him. it’s 2:30am this is so long oh my god

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so i just discovered your fic list and oh gawd u don't know how happy i am with this discovery. thank u for this. anyway i just finished reading ur alternate meets canon fic and. i want to roll and jump and. oh my gawd i really wanna know what happened next?? do u have some other headcanons/ideas for this? is it ok with u to divulge them? no pressure if u don't want to though! just really wanted to thank u for it! i adore alternates meeting with canons so it was really a joy to read. thank u!

[FIC LINK] [Additional ask]

Oh anon, thank you <3 I loved the idea for that fic, had plans for it floating in my head for months before the ask got me to write it down. It was going to be this huge epic, like 100k words probably, switching between Derek and alt!Stiles in the canon universe and Stiles trying to make sense of the warped landscape of the alternate world he’d been thrown into. 

Derek’s just standing there in his bedroom doorway, looking softer than Stiles has ever seen him: his hair loose and ungelled, hanging over his forehead.

“Hey Derek,” he says, trying to blink his way back from the visual. “You look…”

“What?” He seems totally lost on what’s making Stiles stare, and after a few seconds Stiles decides not to even try explaining it. You look nice keeps running through his head, but that’s not close enough. It’s not that Derek never looks nice. (Hell, Derek always looks nice, but that’s a whole other issue.) He looks happy sometimes too, and that’s the only other word Stiles can pull up that edges close to accurate. You’re in my bedroom is the third, half-formed option, but that’s happened before too. It’s just something about the combination of those things right now, and the comfortable way he’s standing in the space  –– hands not in his pockets, shoulders not slumping in like he’s offended by the general pressure of someone else’s air –– that’s catching Stiles up. And there’s no way to fit any of that into words.

“You’ve got flour on your shirt,” he says instead, and Derek glances down with a soft laugh. Brushes the powder off so it wafts out in a soft cloud between them. The open smile he’s wearing when he looks up again is enough to make Stiles heart tug with how devastatingly dreamlike this all is.

“I was making breakfast,” he answers, and Stiles blinks. Ok, yeah. So, definitely a dream.

I had an entire timeline listed out for the alternate universe –– how things had all gone differently, in a chain reaction starting with Laura surviving Peter’s attack (link to that scene, if you’re interested) and just cascading outward, through the fracturing of Scott and Stiles’ friendship when a very human Scott was lured into the Argent side of the divide (via his interest in Allison and, ironically, concern for Stiles and the dangers of “vicious werewolves”) and Stiles sided with Laura and Derek. 

“Wait… I still got with Allison, even if I wasn’t…”

“You two are so together it’s disgusting, alright? Apparently she hit a dog with her car and you guys got to know each other at the animal clinic and right after that you two were like, destined. A week in I could see like… wedding bells and white picket fences going on in your head. It was obnoxious and I was thrilled for you, dude. And then all the hunter crap happened.”

How Laura being alive kept Derek from being quite as dark and broken as he was in the first few seasons, how she made the executive decision to bring the Sheriff in early to earn his trust and support against hunters and supernatural threats alike, and how the town more or less broke down into a cold war zone between the werewolf and hunter sides of the conflict.

The tragedy is that somewhere in all that planning and preparation my detailed notes and timeline completely vanished. I have no idea how. Pages of details and alt!character development and plot planning… and all I have left is a page or so of scenes and stray quote segments, and I just don’t remember enough about the details to make it the way it originally would have. I can tell you a few details, though, and maybe throw in a few of the excerpts too.

I know that it still took a long time for Stiles and Derek to come together. Stiles had sided with the werewolves mainly because Laura had come to the Sheriff (and the Sheriff, remembering the fire and the lost kids the Hales had been when he’d told them the news, and appreciating finally being handed answers to all the mysteries that don’t quite add up in this town, agreed to work with them at least to stop Peter… and then the bond just built from there), and because it had been the right thing to do. And Derek wasn’t shattered the way he was in canon season one maybe, but he was still Derek. Laura’s skeptical, snarky, and untrusting little brother, the cynic to her careful optimism. And Stiles is sarcastic and blunt and, in this version of reality, also hurt and bitter from losing his best friend to the enemy, so he wasn’t exactly super open to bonding with one of the reasons Scott wasn’t around anymore. (It was easier to forgive Laura, who was more sympathetic, but Derek’s general if he sided with hunters he’s not worth having around anyway attitude did not help relations early on.) Stiles and Derek butted heads and snarked constantly at first but their alliance against Peter and the hunters, various life-or-death situations, and Laura’s friendship with the Sheriff (especially when he took her on as a deputy), kept them close, and eventually they fell together just like they’re always going to.

Beacon Hills is a constant danger zone, though, because the hunter threat still hasn’t died. Scott reaches out to Stiles from time to time, earnestly believing every Argent lie that wolves are dangerous monsters and that Stiles is going to get himself killed for being with them. But he’s basically a hunter at this point, believes their philosophy because he’s been on the Argents’ side in every showdown, and honestly thinks Stiles and the Sheriff have been seduced by the Hales’ supernatural wiles (Kate has indoctrinated Scott and Allison with a very different version of her history with Derek) and he needs to do whatever he can to save his former best friend from them.

“Scott’s not a werewolf?”

“What?” Stiles starts to laugh, before his brows arch sharply. “Oh my god, you’re serious. No. No, Scott’s practically married in with the Argents; he’d probably kill himself if he got the bite.” Bitterness floods his features; he fights and fails to smooth it away.

And Stiles is wounded and bitter and cuts off any attempt at contact from his old friend because they’ve both chosen their sides, there’s too much bad blood, and thinking about Scott as anything more than the enemy or the creep who’s allied with killers is too painful at this point.

Lydia’s also in with the Argents, from virtue of being Allison’s best friend and having been smart enough to catch on after a couple months that something decidedly supernatural was going on. She’s a very different Lydia, though, having never had her banshee powers awakened (she was never bitten by Alpha!Peter because… well, there was no Alpha!Peter) and is likely still more similar to her pre-Peter-possession self. I had a lot more details about all of the side characters and how they fit into the developing arc, but most of it’s sadly lost now.

Different Kind of Love

@casbabydontgoineedyou - congrats on your 1k, lovely!
This is for your challenge. As discussed, the only supernatural reference is the fact that Jensen Ackles is in this.
Thank you to my brilliant friend @whispersandwhiskerburn for being a marvelous Beta. Angel is a delight to work with, and I say work with because she really puts her all in to making sure you’re delivering the best you can. Hope you like the ending(ish), Angel - it’s for you!

A/N: This is gonna be interesting if you haven’t watched Ten Inch Hero or aren’t familiar with the actors names - but you’ll figure it out, I’m sure… good luck.
Prompt: I can’t believe you’re not in the mood to argue.
Warnings: fluff, confusion, awkwardness…
Summary: While filming on the set of Ten Inch Hero, YN longs to catch the eye of a cast mate… but will another get in the way?

Originally posted by jensengifsdaily

“You know he has his eye on Danneel, right?” Clea whispered, nudging my shoulder and following my gaze towards the two actors who were currently flirting. I gave a short hmph and turned my attention to Clea, glaring.
“YN.” Johnny called, probably looking to go over lines or something. I raised an eyebrow at Clea and left her looking confused.
“What’s up?” He pulled me under his arm as I approached, trapping me in a headlock. I wrapped my arms around his waist, complying and going with it so he couldn’t throw me off balance.
“Thought I’d save you.” He said, ruffling my hair and laughing as I tightened my grip around him in a tight retaliatory bear hug that made him grunt.
“Save me? Is that what you call this?” I asked, pushing against him, wrestling to get him off me.
“I see you’re staring again.” He muttered, loosening his grip, stumbling forward when I pushed him in the back, freeing my head.
“And? A girl can look!” I defended, flattening my hair and glancing back at my cast mates, Jensen and Danneel.
“You’re gonna get caught looking one day, kid.” He warned quietly. I rolled my eyes and punched his arm.
“And maybe that’s when we fall madly in love!” I gave him the cheesiest smile I could.
“I can’t believe you’re not in the mood to argue!” Johnny teased, trying to poke my side as I swatted at him, the smile still in place.
“Lines?” I asked, not-so-subtly changing the topic and pulling him toward the table in the small cafe set.

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Yo person *throws gang signs* (what the fuck am I doing with my life) Can you do headcanons of the RFA(including V) and Saeran reacting to MC being in a well known all girls KPOP group and she's like the main rapper and lead singer or some shit? Or just being a famous singer if you don't know KPOP? Have an magical day~ *aggressively throws glitter in face*



  • what did he jUST SEE???
  • WAS THAT MC ON TV!?!!??11?!
  • okay but tbh he wasn’t into kpop that much since he was too busy gaming all the time but OMG
  • dude he literally starts like memorizing all the members of her group, then binge watches Weekly Idol, MBC and Mnet performances, LOL HE EVEN DOES THOSE KOREABOO/ALLKPOP QUIZZES THAT ARE ALL “which member is your soul mate?”
    • gets salty when it’s not MC aww
  • surprises his honey by attending her fanmeet 
  • “Jagiya, can you sign my photobook?” ^-^


  • bro he was so proudddddd
  • impossible that he didn’t know of her what even was he doing with his life
  • right, he was practicing 24/7 I mean he didn’t know Echo Girl either soooo
  • anyways he starts watching MC’s performances and stuff and all is good UNTIL HE SEES WHAT MC WEARS HOLY SHIT
  • he cannot control his fanboying like omfg who knew MC looked like that under her sweater????
  • calls director to give him contacts to the stylist of MC’s group
  • he’s got quite a few complains and suggestions


  • I mean she respects MC’s career choice
  • she’s actually happy for MC, since she can do the thing she’s passionate about
  • but boy is she concerned when she hears news about saesangs
  • those bitches are C R A Z Y (not as crazy as Jaehee is for MC though)
  • she requests that Jumin send security guards to MC’s company specifically for MC’s group
  • for that, she sacrificed her spring break (luv u Jaehee bb :’))
  • despite her busy schedule, she tries to go to most of MC’s live performances though!! 
  • also buys official merch to support MC too


  • legit had no idea that MC was famous
  • “k-pop is not my style” - Jumin Han, 2016
    • props if you can identify the reference of this quote 
  • okay but think about it though like Mr. Corporate heir is really busy he has no time for celebrity gossip
  • how did he find out?
  • anyways he doesn’t really care but he does ask MC about all the details when he sees her
  • sample questions:
    • what is “Show! Music Core”? 
    • “Mnet”? so what like a net shaped like a M and you go there for what? fishing? I used to go fishing too - but golfing is less dirty.
    • also what do you mean “random play dance” that isn’t even a cohesive sentence.
  • low key goes to her performances after he realizes what SBS Inkigayo is 
    • let’s be real though how low key can you be when you buy the whole middle section of the seats and is surrounded by 20 security guards


  • dude he already knew
  • remember that background check?
  • anyways is a total fanGURL
  • hacks fansites so that all of MC’s group content is spread like a virus loloolol
  • dude he is a no shame fangirl but he is also a 200% proud boyfriend
  • makes couple t-shirts that he forces MC to wear for airport fashion (a new one every time)
  • LOL the world cannot believe MC is dating a doofus like him but there are no haters because he’s kinda really funny
  • the memes on the back of the couple tees are hilarious
  • yea but I thought he was a secret agent and blah blah can’t be known
  • he’s got different identities mate


  • okay so he didn’t know until Seven told him and ngl he was kinda mad
  • why did he have to find out from his idiot brother?
  • argued with MC about her honesty and felt betrayed
  • he is sensitive ok
  • so MC doesn’t get it and basically it becomes quiet between them
  • RFA doesn’t know what to do damn
  • Saeran doesn’t admit it but he misses MC when she moved back to her group dorm so he secretly goes to her performances
  • it’s not his fault but he looks a little sketch so the security asked him to leave the facility once 
  • he got SO mad omg
  • ofc MC overheard him screaming from backstage 
  • so MC comes out and tells security it’s okay
  • cue backstage make-up making out ;))


  • he found out hearing it from Seven freak the hell out over a phone call
  • he was pretty excited and even told seven he wanted to watch her perform
  • watch
  • oops
  • he was kinda sad about it but he didn’t say anything
  • MC noticed he was acting funny but when she confronted him about it he didn’t spill
  • she called Seven and he spilled the beans immediately
  • you know what MC did????
  • she surprised V with a private performance
  • do as you may with your imagination (I didn’t say anything ;))

heh. thanks for reading, I hope I didn’t let down my fellow kpop fans xD

~Cherry L.

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To the anon who sent in “Sniffling, pouting, and "I told you so” with sick!Keith and caretaker!Shiro, here you go!! I just tried to post it, but I’m on mobile and my phone went screwy and half the post didn’t show up and it messed up when I tried to fix it and tumblr ate the ask!! My apologies dude so I’m just gonna put it here!! Thank you SO SO SO much for sending it in, I didn’t think I’d get any at all!!!!! I hope you like it<3

(Sickie’s POV)

Keith walks through the door with a wrist firmly planted under his nose and a scowl hardened on his face. He lets his backpack fall to the ground, and he doesn’t even bother shedding his coat before heading straight for the couch and flopping face-first onto the cushions.

He can’t do anything but groan and sniffle, because today has been the longest fucking day of his entire life.

He had classes from seven o’clock that morning to three in the afternoon, and immediately after his last class, he had work until nine that night. This was a normal day for Keith, being a college student struggling to break even, but today, he’d woken up feeling marginally less than stellar. Shiro had told him to take the day off, tried to convince him that one day of rest wasn’t gonna tank his grades or get him fired, tried to convince him that overworking himself would only make it worse.

But Keith, as usual, stubbornly refused.(He was also fed up with Shiro’s saint act, because the asshole worked himself harder and ran himself into the ground more than anyone Keith knew, so like he was in any position to lecture Keith about his health.) He didn’t feel all that bad anyways, and he’d made it through worse, so he could struggle through one day of classes and work just fine, right?

That’s what he thought, at least, but the pounding in his head had only grown worse throughout the day, and the slightly runny nose he’d woken up with started leaking like a faucet thirty minutes into his first class, and hadn’t let up since.

Keith groans again and frowns, snuggling deeper into the couch cushions. He’s exhausted and freezing, but there’s no blanket draped over the side of the couch for him to wrap himself up in, and there’s no way in hell he’s about to move from the couch to get a blanket for himself.

(Caretaker’s POV)

Shiro hears the slam of the door, the smack of something heavy hitting the ground, and a hoarse groan from the boy who had just crashed on the couch. Shiro has been expecting this all day, and he’s ready to gloat. (And then tend to Keith, of course, but Shiro certainly isn’t below turning Keith’s mistakes into lessons.)

When the sound of another groan and a few harsh coughs trail out of the living room to Shiro’s bedroom, he walks out, but not before snatching up the blanket lying on the corner of his bed.

Keith is lying on the couch, curled into a ball with his face buried into the side, back to the world. He’s in the middle of a vicious (and disgusting, he tells himself, because the palm pressed against his mouth is uncomfortably damp) sneezing fit as Shiro walks up, so it’s no wonder he almost jumps a foot off the couch when a cool hand is placed on his shoulder.

“I told you this would happen,” Shiro says gently, concern laced into his chiding tone.

Keith doesn’t say anything back to Shiro, and Shiro chuckles at the bitterly mournful expression on Keith’s face.

“Are you cold?” Shiro asks, even though he knows the answer, because he could hear Keith’s teeth chattering all the way from his own bedroom. Keith nods, and Shiro flaps the blanket open, draping it over him.

But Keith is still shivering and still pouting, so Shiro is only left to wonder what the hell he’s forgetting.

“Anything else you need, Keith?” Shiro’ll load him up on cold meds in a few minutes, and he’ll fix him a cup of tea or a bowl of soup if Keith so desires (Keith should know by now that it is not a chore for Shiro to take care of him, that he shouldn’t even hesitate to ask). But Shiro isn’t asking about what Keith wants in a few minutes, or in a couple of hours. He’s asking what he needs right now.

And Shiro’s heart can’t help but soar when Keith’s hand reaches out from under the blanket to grab his own and to pull Shiro onto the couch next to him. Shiro watches Keith shift positions so he’s comfortably sitting with his head on Shiro’s shoulder and Shiro’s arm around his body.

Sitting upright causes Keith’s nose to run like crazy, and he’s snuffling continually, swiping at his nose with his hands, the blanket, or rubbing it against Shiro’s shoulder. Shiro can’t even bring himself to mind. All that matters to Shiro is that Keith is no longer shivering and the frown on his face is gone, replaced a soft smile. He’s sick, he’s miserable, but Shiro will be here to help him feel better.

Yeah, Shiro thinks, I told you so.

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I don't see why anyone likes you you're a piece of crap

I know right. Even I think that about myself :D matter of fact there are tons of reasons to Hate me which I’ve said several times before so lets count em down ^u^

Reasons to Dislike JaxBlade :)

I’m Overly Optimistic….like annoyingly so at times. I look at the glass Half Full and my lifes been crappy but I always see the good. A lot of pessimist people I met don’t like me cause they think I’m fake but hey Most of the time this is me appreciating the good times though to lead into my next one.

I can be a tad emo at times.…There are times where i feel like my friends dont like me at all, I’m burden to them and they are just being polite especially if we go long bouts without talking and i feel all alone and depressed and Kinda clingly. Luckily Im working on that day by day

I can be a Bit Cocky and Arrogant at times. I’m proud of my body and like to show it off cause I used to be fat and seeing myself improve eveyday gives me a slight ego boost and I like to show off.

I can be a such an Attention Whore: In so many areas xD especially If I’m at a place I like to be center of attention and take off my shirt to show off even though

I have mediocre results for a fitness person: I’ve working out since I was 16 and I’ve barely added that much mass to my frame. Speed and Strength have skyrocketed since back then but I’ve been working out Damn near 10 years and my physique honestly isnt that impressive even though I like to gloat

I’m kind of a Perv Not like peeking through windows and stealing womens under-roos but I love women, I love booty and I love breasts. I love the concept of an hour glass woman with curves in all the right places and thats the primary stuff of my Special blog

I can be the Biggest Dick if you’re an Asshole to my friends: when people insult me I gotta thank all those years of bully beatings for giving me tough skin cause i can get on but if someones fucking with a friend of mine or someone close I become like a fuckin supervillain and If they are out of shape and being an ass to my friends I let lose and break their self esteem. Luckily with all the meditation I do now I dont do that as much and focus on my day

I’m indifferent on a lot of things that people get upset over: Like a lot of people can be pissed off and ask me my opinion and Im usually like “yeah that sucks” and they get mad at me cause I’m like Meh. The last time i remember that was that Dear Fat people video that a lot of people bashed and while I personally didnt agree with how she was saying her message as a person who was beaten up and fat shamed and used that as motivation to get in shape. It honestly didnt bother me that much and I didnt think anything of it but a few people got mad at me cause they thought i was promoting fat shaming with my indifference

I’m all for Gay people and their rights: so Some people may call me a “Fag lover” or something cause Im supportive of the gay community BUT i do know something about me. I was at one of my Best friends’ , since we were 14, Wedding 2 years ago he’s gay and been that way since he said he was 12, and I met his husband there and his husband was cool and an awesome dude and I thought they were great. But when they said “Kiss the Bride” I looked away. and I notice I do that a lot when I hang out with my gay friends marcus and kevin and they kiss I just look away. I’m happy that they are happy and in love but seeing two men kiss makes me a lil uncomfortable SO I HAVE to work on myself to be a bit more liberal

I’m Black: so Racists hate me just cause of the melanin in my skin so theres that

The Brony thing: I used to be a Hardcore brony back in 2011-2012 till I dropped the term and now Im just a casual fan of the show. So Some people can dislike me because I watched it and others call me a poser and fake cause im in my Buddy Racebest’s Bronies React videos but i dont use the term brony for myself anymore since im just a casual fan of the show so theres that.

I Prefer Dubbed over Subbed anime

I’m kind of a Man whore

I’ve Lied to the ones I loved the most and the ones I was closest to because I was scared that they’d leave If somethings wrong with me I usually laugh it off and kind of do a Lie of omission if someone asks. So I need to work on being more open to people who care about me

I dont like the Pixar film Up xD and some people have legit told me they hate me for that and unfollowed me

I Quote my Bullying story a Sickening amount for Motivation and Inspiration for people.

I like seeing Criminals and bad people in general die in horrible ways and think they should be put down for the count instead of imprisoned.

If its not Fitness, Health, Exercise, Anime, Cartoon, Comic stuff I can be considered borderline retarded at points

I can be Overbearingly Overcaring for people I care about at points that I come off as Irritatingly clingy


And theres a WHOOOOOOOLE Lot More that I openly admit and all I can do is acknowledge it and work on bettering myself like a Redemption Arc Yeah like Kenshin when he went from Battosai to Heroic Samurai or Vegeta mass murdering warrior to Lovable Family Guy. Its gonna take some time but I’m willing to work on it But I’ve already accepted all my faults so I can use them to better myself

Spooky Eyes part 1

“Great just my luck,” Danny mumbled to himself as he fumbled with the brush in his hands. He look soberly into the mirror brushing his thick crow black bed head until it was baby smooth. He was in a foul mood tonight. He had spent all day Friday and Saturday fighting ghost non stop with out a wink of sleep. 

AND NOW HE HAD TO GO TO THE NEON NIGHT FOOTBALL PROM!!! He was too exhausted for this crap. Normally Danny would have skipped the stupid “prom,” to sleep in all day, but his buddy Tucker had begged him to go so he would, and I quote ‘Not look like a total looser, dude!’. 

Why did Tucker even want to go to the prom? Honestly it wasn’t even a prom it was a football celebration disguised as a prom for Casper High’s 10th win in a row. Also he apparently had to wear all neon. How doe’s neon even fit into football!? Who cares like it would even matter… sigh…

“Just go in, then get out, laugh at how dumb everything is, and go hit some video games at the arcade… then,” He paused looking in the mirror as he adjusting his neon green tie with a smile “ you can get some sweet, sweet beauty sleep.”

Looking himself over he was satisfied with his look, he had a plain white short sleeve button up t-shirt, a pair of ripped genes, orange neon nikes, and to tie it all together… hehehe… a green neon tie.

As soon as he was done he heard the Fenton doorbell ring. Yes, 

“Fenton doorbell” His dad though it would be a cool idea if they put I giant button on there front porch with the bold letters “Fenton” on it.

Rushing he opened the door To tucker, Who shined Danny a playful smile.

“ Hey dude, are you ready to mix and mingle!!” Tucker exclaimed bouncily, giving a twirl, “ So, what do you think of my outfit?”

“ It makes you look like a Lady killer,” Danny grinned


“So what serial killer’s dead corps did you get it from?” Danny mocked playfully

“Hey, I have you know I spent good money on this outfit!” 

“ Oh yeah, how much?” 

“ 50 bucks”

“ 50 BUCKS!!!!” Danny gawked looking over Tuckers outfit. He had on an orange neon Dumpty Humpty t-shirt, green neon genes, purple neon shoes, sunglasses,and instead of his signature red cap like he usually wore he had replaced it with an identical neon yellow cap. He was a sight for sore eyes, no literally Danny’s eyes were getting sore just by looking at him too long. By the end of the night Danny was pretty sure he was gonna hate anything neon. 

“ Tucker, why, would you spend 50 bucks on an outfit you will probably only wear once?”

“To attract the ladies, I figured if I’m already so hot with my usual clothes on imagine how hot I’d be decked out!!”

“ Aa-huh, and the sunglasses would be for??” Danny pointed to the top of tuckers head where a pair of shades sat.

“Oh these,” Tucker grabbed the pair of shades from his head and placed them on his face,”These bad boys are for the ladies sake.” He said in his best silky voice while double gun pointing at his best friend

“ The ladies?”

“ So your gonna wear shades, in the middle of the night, In a dark room, for the ladies?” Danny deadpanned as he crossed his arms raising one brow in pure disbelief.

“ YEP, to protect them from the ray of beauty that is me!” he said in an overly exaggerating fashion as he caressed his face.

Danny playfully rolled his eyes as he looked at his buddy, “ Okay,whatever you say, lets just get this over with ladies man.”

“Awww yeah!!!” Tucker jumped in the air, “Dude this is gonna be so killer, just wait till we get there. Hello ladies here I come!”

The Fundamentals of Caring starter sentences

71 starters
feel free to change gender pronouns
content warning: cussing, sexual themes

  • “I cannot take care of another unless I first take care of myself.”
  • “_____, come on. I know you’re in there.”
  • “My needs are equal to the needs of the person to whom I am giving care.”
  • “All I can do is try my best and maintain a positive attitude.”
  • “Just always remember: ALOHA. Ask, Listen, Observe, Help, Ask again.”
  • “I like helping people.”
  • “Sorry. My child has a unique sense of humor.”
  • “I’ve been out of work for a while and I could really use this job.”
  • “Yeah, but if we’re gonna throw down nine bucks an hour for somebody to wipe my ass, we need somebody who knows how to wipe an ass.”
  • “You’re being rude.”
  • “Why are you doing this to me?”
  • “It’s been two and a half years. What’s the magic number where you wake up and you’re finally ready? Six years? Eight? Eighty?”
  • “Would you tap that? Because I would pound that shit into the ground.”
  • “Could you call the Make-A-Wish foundation and tell them I want a blowjob from Katy Perry?”
  • “What is this gem, you ask? This is a map of your precious country’s lamest roadside attractions, odd museums, bizarre landmarks, and of course anything giant, from farm animals to cherry pie.”
  • “I have some fantastic news. I need to take a dump.”
  • “Who do you think would win in a fight to the death, me or a bird?”
  • “I enjoy this time together.”
  • “If you woke up and you were totally… fine… what’s the thing you’d wanna do most?”
  • “If somebody tries to rob the bank today, don’t be a hero.”
  • “Did you arrange these to look like large testicles and a small penis?”
  • “I wrote a couple novels you’ve never heard of.”
  • “So, what is this? Is this, like, research for you?”
  • “When you do write about me, I want you to describe me as handsome and cool. The best stuff is truthful.”
  • “Have you been working with lead-based paint in an enclosed area?”
  • “Come on. Don’t you get bored just sitting in this room and going to the park once a week?”
  • “I mean, doesn’t any part of you want to see the world’s deepest pit in person, not just on TV?”
  • “I didn’t realize you had a father.”
  • “So you don’t even read those?”
  • “Really? We’re still going on about this?”
  • “What’s with you today?”
  • “It was his choice, not mine. He can live with it. Let’s leave it at that.”
  • “A father’s supposed to be there for his kid. Protect him from harm. That’s the only job a father has.”
  • “There we go. Now go get me some juice.”
  • “I can’t have you making promises you can’t keep.”
  • “You think because you’re in a wheelchair that gives you the right to do and say whatever you want?”
  • “You ever considered that maybe I’m just a prick, with or without the wheelchair?”
  • “Is that the best you can do? That’s it? I thought you were a writer.”
  • “I don’t buy any of your bullshit. You can make jokes all you want, but you are wasting your life by sitting in this house and watching TV.”
  • “Honestly, what were you thinking?”
  • “It was very heroic how you jumped in there without missing a beat.”
  • “I want a text or a phone call every three hours.”
  • “ ‘He died trying to see the world’s biggest pit’ is a really bad obituary.”
  • “Dude, were you—? Were you just doing air quotes? Don't—don’t ever do that again.”
  • “Let me see if there’s any food in there I can actually eat.”
  • “Well, I thought it was good to get straight to the point.”
  • “I’m in a fucking wheelchair, okay? I could spew Shakespeare shit and a girl like that’s not gonna be interested in me.”
  • “Fuck you, you’re a [insert age]-year-old ass-wiper.”
  • “See, I knew the open road would be good for you.”
  • “Would you quit screwing around? I’m driving.”
  • “Don’t ever do that again! You scared the shit out of me!”
  • “We came to see a giant cow. We’re going to see a giant cow.”
  • “Hey, what the fuck? That’s mine.”
  • “I just… Here’s the thing. I don’t know what I’m talking about.”
  • “You know, when I get home, I’m gonna put you on the roadside attractions map. World’s biggest dick.”
  • “Oh, shit. Are you a pervert?”
  • “Yeah, it’s total bullshit. And on a stick. Like the world’s least delicious lollipop.”
  • “Man, I am starving. I think there’s an all-night diner across the street. What do you think?”
  • “Are you asking me on a date?”
  • “Dude, you were like James Bond there! That was the most badass thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”
  • “I knew one of your spells would kill me.”
  • “I told you, I only date assholes.”
  • “What’s it like being a parent?”
  • “Every corny thing you’ve ever heard about having a kid is completely and utterly true.”
  • “I thought I’d like it ‘cause it’s lame, but it’s actually pretty cool.”
  • “Did you steal this, _____?”
  • “Please don’t call me that.”
  • “He’s a heaping mess, but… he’s my heaping mess.”
  • “Life’s a real class-A bitch, isn’t it?”
  • “Well, take care of yourself in [insert city]. There are a lot of perverts there.”
  • “Would you just do me a favor and shut the fuck up for once in your life?”

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Okay, so kids can be reeeeeally too curious for their own good, so I can imagine them one day just. Walking up to one of the Sanses and pulling up their shirt. They don't do this to a Papyrus because they're too tall to reach. XD

Too cute an idea not to do headcanons for. Sorry if I went a little angsty for some of them. 

UT!Sans: He’s just minding his own business, trying to get the damn registrar in order. Normally Boss does this but Edge is trying to get the other’s to “take responsibility” or something. In his view the one doing the paperwork should be the one who knows what the hell they’re doing, but then Boss isn’t exactly in the business of asking for other people’s opinions. 

As usual a couple of the kids are coming and going. He has a pretty open door policy on his office and a lot of them like to come mess around with some of his more child-friendly science equipment. Currently, its Melody, sitting quietly and playing with the Newton Cradle. 

Finally he gets into a rhythym, absorbed in his work. Out of the corner of his eye he sees Melody get up and move behind him, but he’s not worried. There’s nothing dangerous in his office, he’s made sure of it. And his attentions a little too absorbed at the moment…..

A sudden tug on his shirt and WOAH  is it drafty in here or is it just him?

Melody has his shirt almost over his head and is staring curiously at his ribcage. Sans chuckles nervously. “Uh, heh…not gonna lie, kid, that took a lot of spine.”

Melody gives him a disgusted look and drops his shirt.

“Aw, come on, that was a real rib-tickler”

“I’m leaving.” Melody said rolling her eyes and walking out. A second apssed, and she stuck her head in the doorway again. “And I’m not coming back!”

Sans chuckled to himself and got back to work.

UF!Sans: Red grumbles to himself as he walked around. Okay, he’s always doing that, but this particular hour of the day made it more audible than not. Recess, a full hour of the little fuckers running around in every direction. It had been someone’s bright idea to stick him with near permanent monitor duty of this, the idea being that he had faster instincts than most of them, he would be able to get there fast if someone was about to hurt themselves. It was, he had informed them, not that hard. All it required was you had to remove your head from your own fucking pelvis, and you’d be set to stop the little idiots from throwing themselves off the building.

Blue and Papyrus weren’t thrilled. And it didn’t matter in the end. So here he was, prowling the edge of the yard, trying to prevent snotnoses from getting cuts and bruises. Leeroy, as always, followed him like a shadow. A shadow that talked too much. 

“Hey! Hey, Red, can I see your rib cage?”



“Cause I said so, that’s why.” His eyes were trained on Yoshi. The little klutz was insisting on climbing one of the jungle gyms. Undyne also had her eye on it, but if the fish couldn’t get there in time he’d have to use his magic.

“But I wannaaaaa”

“Tough shit” Red muttered. But faster than he could blnk the kid was in front of him and jerking his shirt over his head.


The reaction is instantaneous. His eye lights up with magic and he practically jumps away while shoving the kid off. Harder than he would have meant to in any other situation. Leeroy yells in surprise and looks at him with wide, slightly scared eyes while Red breathes hard trying to get a handle on himself. His hands are shaking and he can’t get the glow in his eye to fade.

“What the fuck were you thinking?!”


“Don’t do shit like that!” He’s yelling now, and other eyes are on them. Undyne seems pissed at first but it changes to a look of concern when she sees how bad he looks.

“I…..I’m sorry.”

The anger hollows him out and he’s doing his best to convince himself that its different, he’s not in danger, it was just a fucking kid., but his body doesn’t know that, it just knows for a brief moment it was exposed. In the end he mutters “its fine” and stalks off. Undyne has Sans cover his shift, and nobody says anything about it. For once even Boss doesn’t chew him out for walking out. 

Leeroy walks on eggshells around him for a few weeks, and Red finds a hand-written, poorly spelled apology note in his office. 

US!Sans: “Woah, Undyne!” Bryn said, mouth open and eyes staring in awe.”That so many muscles!”

“Fuhuhu! Of course!” Undyne grinned, hands planted firmly on her hips as her crop-top showed her eight-pack in its full glory. “I’d have to after all the training I do!” She flexed on of her powerful biceps and kissed it while the kids stared at her in awe.


“Pfft, wha? Alph I’ll believe, but you do not have an eight-pack, dude.”


The kids looked confused. “But….you’re a skeleton.” Yoshi said. 

“THAT….THAT DOESN’T MATTER!” Blue said, but there was a faint cyan tinge that betrayed the bluff.

“Well, let’s see then!” Bryn said, hiking his shirt over his head before he could say a word. 

“That’s just an rib cage!” Leeroy said.

There was a blue glow of his magic and an ecto-stomach formed, eight-pack in place.

Melody huffed. “Magic tummies don’t count.”

Blue yanked his shirt out of Bryn’s hands, blushing. “ITS RUDE TO LIT UP A SKELETON’S SHIRT WITHOUT PERMISSION!”

Undyne took pity on the skeleton. “Eh, sure they count. Alright, let’s play some soccer!”

SF!Sans: Billie knew that if he was going to continue to be the rival of the Bratlord, he would require some intel. Chandler had told him once about this famous quote: “If you know the enemy and you know yourself, you need not fear the results of a hundred battles”. Well, he was pretty sure he knew himself, so all that was left was his enemy. 

He had been sneaking around Rasp for almost the entirety of freetime, watching him carefully for any weaknesses. He wasn’t sure what kind of weaknesses, but there had to be something. 

In the end, though, he was starting to get impatient. Bratlord didn’t have any soft fleshy bits that he could hit when they fought. Just hard bones that hurt Billie’s hand. Not that he would admit it. Superheroes and lawmen didn’t get hurt. Especially not by their worst enemies. 

Suddenly he remember last wekk, when Blue summoned a magic stomach on the soccerfield. Was it possible that Rasp had one too? That would make it a lot easier to fight him……Only one way to be sure. He waited until Rasp was distracted by something, and then ran up to him, yanking his shirt up over his head. 

Nothing. Just an empty rib cage. Billie huffed in disapointment an let teh shirt fall. 

The second he did he realized Rasps eyelights had vanished and he had frozen. Before he could say anything though, they cam back and he was immediately bak to posturing. “TRYING TO EXAMINE ME FOR WEAKNESSES? I CAN’T SAY I BLAME YOU, MY RIVAL, BUT YOU’LL FIND YOURSELF WOEFULLY DISAPPOINTED. I HAVE NONE!” Despite the usual arrogant tone, there was a quaver to his voice and  Billie noticed his hands were shaking slightly.

Rasp caught him staring at his hands and so clasped them behind his back.” I-I THINK I HEAR BLUE CALLING FOR HELP” and he scampered off. 

Syrup explained it to him later. A skeleton’s SOUL is in his ribcage, and its a remarkably unprotected area. All someone would have to do  was reach up the cavity and they would have a hold of it, and would be able to kill them. This had happened to him and Rasp more than once Underground, and they were pretty naturally defensive about their rib cages being uncovered. 

Billie never apologizes, per se, but he never tries to reach under the shirt again. He will even stop their “battles” in the middle if Bratlord’s shirt flies up and won’t start again until he can cover himself. Its a little embarrassing for Rasp but in a way he appreciates the child’s sense of honor. 

The Signs as Quotes from My Capricorn Friend Sarah (@sharks-are-0k)
  • Aries: "I'm getting my house-building urges again. You know about those."
  • Taurus: "I am this close to screaming… at myself. For looking through the train porn tag."
  • Gemini: "Oh, Maaaary Lincoln. I know her."
  • Cancer: "Look, dude. Does it look like I have cash flowin' outta these pockets? I can't just buy your geode. I have to ask my mom."
  • Leo: "I'm changing my name to Eggs Benedict."
  • Virgo: "He's bad at… everything. Like, that he tries to do."
  • Libra: "Kill them. Don't do that. Call them."
  • Scorpio: "Take my titty… and fuck off."
  • Sagittarius: "Boo wasn't IN Monsters University, you FAKE FAN!"
  • Capricorn: "So you know what? You know what? [The Green Club] CRUSHED Mr. Quartana's favorite mushroom and I had had ENOUGH. So I staged a coup."
  • Aquarius: "If you put googly eyes on Mr. Potato Head, doesn't it like… fuck with his spirit mesh?"
  • Pisces: "Oh, he's one of those guys who has like four Facebook profile pictures throughout his entire lifetime. Maybe we'll see his evolution."

iquitelikeitthatway  asked:

omg, I love your first-son-stiles-stilinski verse. You should def write more in it. Maybe Stiles gets a stalker, MAYBE THAT STALKER BECOMES VIOLENT, WE JUST DON'T KNOW (pls write more)

(previously on first son stiles stilinski)


Everything starts slowly falling into place after Stiles enrolls at Georgetown University. He hadn’t expected it to; he’d expected going to college would be weird, awkward, possibly even doomed to fail. The whole “being followed by a guy in a suit wherever I go” thing, as well as the “everybody and their grandmother knows all about my tragic backstory” thing, not to mention the “my dad is the current President of the United States” thing— it just didn’t exactly seem like the best way to excel either academically or socially, that’s all.

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If you really do think that Management or whoever fake the baby certificate and STILL forcing Louis and Harry to be closeted against their will, why don't you Larries actually do something to really help? Posting and reblogging stuff on tumblr is not it. Call the authorities. Actually do something y'know? I mean they fake a birth certificate, they could go to jail for that. Closeting them against their will, blackmailing are human's right issues. Hello?

I mean…I know I was just quoted in a magazine saying that I believe two closeted celebrities are communicating gay history to their fans through teddy bears, but you sound ridiculous. 

No one is going to jail for anything, okay? That’s not how this is going to play out because the people controlling it have a lot of money. If you want the source of the problem, follow the money as Deep Throat said in the film (but not actually in real life I found out the other week when I was watching an interview with Bernstein). 

This situation is unfortunate but not one that anyone is doing with a gun to their head. Whilst probably aggressively undesirable to everyone involved (besides the gold-digging™ women profiting from it), this is ultimately something that could have been avoided, but at a huge cost. 

Going back to our analysis of “What A Feeling” from yesterday, the lyrics are extremely important in the context of what’s happening right now.

If you believe, as I do, that there is a massive fucking piece of the puzzle missing here in terms of what the hell is happening behind the scenes then it’s important that you understand that “whatever change” is holding them back is something they believe in enough to be actively participating in these stunts. 

I do not log onto tumblr dot com every day to incite some kind of Gay Teddy Bear Revolution. Nor should people feel burdened with the task of “freeing” anyone. I don’t think anyone should feel any kind of self-importance in this matter because at the end of the day it does not come down to anyone but a couple of millionaire dudes who love each other trying to break free from another millionaire guy who is trying to ruin their careers. If they’ve got enough money to by a fuckin teddy bear a Rolex and an iPhone then I’m sure they have enough money to hire people who will properly advise them on what to do without anyone ratting out this sketchiness to the po po. 

And how would that conversation with the police go exactly? “Uh yeah, hi. Police? It’s me, a blogger from the world wide web. I just wanted to let you know that I have been analysing some badly photoshopped pictures of Louis Tomlinson and come to the conclusion that there is no way he put his p-bomb in a v-bomb and created a child so please go and arrest someone for falsifying a birth certificate and besmirching the good name of the Ventura County records office. Thank you, goodbye.” I don’t think so, pal.

I will blog about whatever the fuck I want to blog about be it Babygate, puppies or that hilarious video of the girl laughing at the article about a “satanic doll” that was actually Jar Jar Binks. 

Get off your fuckin high horse and wait it out like the rest of us. 

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So there's a changmin quote out there where he says "I don't appreciate when people compare us [him & Yunho] to a married couple" (Sry I dont have a source, so take it with a pinch of salt cuz idk if its a real quote.) And I've noticed it's used by ppl who dislike the homin couple..but if its true, why do you think he says that but plays up the fanservice (more than before anyway)??? (not talking about the real moments of affection.) I'm interested in yout thoughts?

Yeah, it’s a real quote.

I actually like when people use it to dismiss homin shippers because it’s sort of a great indicator for how out of touch and allergic to reality the person is ‘cause you know what else is a real quote:

  • “Changmin is really like my wife.” Presscon, 2011 [ x ]
  • “Changmin talks in his sleep … there was a time … he got excited and PAK! hit my chest!! What exactly was he dreaming about?” Merengue no Kimochi, 2011 [ x ]
  • “Whenever I’m down, he’d lie down and talk to me.” Knee-Drop-Guru, 2011 [ x ]
  • “Being with Yunho makes everything okay … It will always be just the two of us.” Non No, 2011 [ x ]
  • “If I didn’t meet Changmin, I would be living half a life.” InStyle, 2012 [ x ]
  • “Our trust in each other is even beyond that of family relationships.” InStyle, 2012 [ x ]
  • “To me, Changmin is home.” KBS Entertainment Weekly, 2012 [ x ]
  • “There are relationships like family and friends. We have a bond deeper than all of that.” ViVi, 2013 [ x ]
  • “What Yunho means to me … our relationship is not so simple that I can express it in one word such as family or brother.” Men’s Club, 2013 [ x ]
  • “Yunho is my irreplaceable partner.” 2014 [ x ]
  • “Call me a fool for hyung.” (…now…) [ x ]

Part of my rant about a DBSK reunion being extremely unlikely included a section about fans using old quotes to support their opinions (or sometimes, to justify their hatred of certain ships) in the present. Like, hey, if you’re gonna use ONE old quote and ignore the 1000 new quotes, good luck having any sort of credibility.

It just proves my point that you don’t see these dudes for who they are now. And that’s totally fine, FOR YOU PERSONALLY, but if you’re going to use an outdated—and statistically insignificant—quote to discredit the present because you don’t ~like them being shipped, nah.

‘Cause you know what? The first time I saw shrimp fried rice I was a dumb kid and thought it looked super disgusting so I said I’d never ever even try that shit. Do you know how much shrimp fried rice I’ve pretty much straight up injected into myself since? Enough to clog all my arteries probably.

People change. No one whips out a “Shrimp fried rice. Ew.—boonies, 2001” plaque every time I’m caught eating shrimp fried rice, so IDK why that Changmin quote pops up so often. (Yes, I do. You all do.)

Look, I’m not saying current Changmin wants to figuratively eat Yunho until medical professionals have to step in, but…
No, I’m totally saying it, he’s itching to spread that boy on toast morning, noon, and night, IDK what year you’re living in but for most of us, it’s 2014 and Changmin is in h e a t.

As a side note, let me also just point out he probably got huffy that one time because he was called the wife. He doesn’t deny the marriage comparison after that first crabby comment; in fact, he actively invites it at times (by accident), like during a segment where the lady MC wonders why Changmin and Yunho share stuff and this happens:

External image
External image

Besides, if we’re gonna be ~objective and go by everything Changmin’s said, he did also say JYJ don’t deserve to be part of TVXQ, sooooo.

Basically Civil War
  • Wanda: (sitting in cafe) Uh, should I say something that explains my powers to the people who didn't see Age of Ultron?
  • Nat: Yeah, may as well. Speaking of which, do I have a forced romantic subplot in this movie?
  • Sam: Nope, I can't see one.
  • Nat: Oh, thank god.
  • ------------------------------
  • Steve: Wanda, just like we practiced.
  • Wanda: What about the gas?
  • Steve: Get it out. (jumps in)
  • Wanda: Uh, Steve, shouldn't I have gotten the gas out before you jumped in there?
  • Steve: Don't worry, this is just a super soldier power that was never set up before now.
  • ----------------------------
  • Steve: You're going to jail, Skeletor. Sam said that would be a good joke, I don't personally get it.
  • Crossbones: OK, good joke, but hear me out: Bucky.
  • Steve: Shit, you've got me.
  • Crossbones: And now you're going to die.
  • Wanda: Don't worry I've got this.
  • Wanda: (throws the bomb at a building, killing several people, setting the whole plot of the film in motion)
  • Wanda: I don't got this.
  • -----------------------------
  • Tony: Ah, today seems to be going well. What could possibly go wrong?
  • Vague parent: Hello, your discount Skynet murdered my son.
  • Tony: Fuck, I thought the guilt tripping thing was over.
  • -----------------------------
  • Steve: Wanda, it's not your fault.
  • Wanda: Steve, it is absolutely my fault.
  • Steve: I know, I'm just trying to make you feel better.
  • Vision: (phases into room) I'm here to steal the movie. And also Wanda's heart.
  • Wanda: Vision, I love you, but please stop doing this.
  • Steve: Wait, has he done this before?
  • Vision: The last time this happened, I walked in on Wanda-
  • ------------------------------
  • General Ross: Hello, Avengers. I'm here to fuck everything up.
  • Wanda: Who the fuck are you?
  • General Ross: I was in the Hulk movie where Bruce looked like the guy from Fight Club.
  • Nat: Yeah, that was weird.
  • -----------------------------
  • Tony: I'm here to support the American government gain further control over superhero activity as I believe it is necessary.
  • Steve: That's odd, I'm here to fight against government control as I no longer trust them.
  • Tony: Yeah, it feels like our points of view should be reversed.
  • Steve: That says a lot about how we've progressed as characters. (receives text) Shit.
  • Tony: Language. What is it?
  • Steve: A side development to break the audience's hearts. We've got a lot of those.
  • ----------------------------
  • Steve: OK, Steve, keep it together. Hopefully Sharon Carter won't be in this, and you won't have to go through a creepy romantic sub plot.
  • Sharon: Hi, I'm here to quote the comic and kiss super soldiers.
  • Steve: Goddammit.
  • ----------------------------
  • Nat: Well, I'm here, something big is going to go down.
  • T'Challa: Hi, I'm the first black superhero on screen.
  • Nat: Wait, what about Falcon? Or War Machine?
  • T'Challa: They're sidekicks, they don't count in the same way.
  • Nat: OK, nice to meet you. Are any of your parents in this movie?
  • T'Challa: Yes, why?
  • Nat: Uh, let's just say you're story arc will involve revenge.
  • ----------------------------
  • Wanda: Why are you cooking?
  • Vision: I believe this is meant to set us up as a romantic couple.
  • Wanda: Well, it's working. Maybe Marvel have learned their lesson from Age of Ultron.
  • Vision: I believe Sharon and Steve also have a romantic sub-plot.
  • Wanda: Spoke too soon.
  • --------------------------
  • Nat: Steve, whatever you do, don't go after Bucky.
  • Steve: Sure thing Nat. (hangs up) Sam, we're going after Bucky.
  • Sam: The dude tried to kill us multiple times.
  • Steve: Yeah, but he's cute AF.
  • Sam: Fine.
  • -------------------------
  • Steve: OK, I'm in Bucky's flat, but he's not here.
  • Bucky: Who's not here?
  • Steve: OH MY GOD! Bucky!
  • Bucky: Still don't remember you.
  • Steve: Damn it.
  • --------------------------
  • T'Challa: Hello, my name is T'Challa. You killed my father. Prepare to die.
  • --------------------------
  • Tony: For god's sake, Steve, why did you save him?
  • Steve: He's my best friend.
  • Tony: He murdered a thousand people.
  • Steve: He was brainwashed.
  • Tony: Cool motive, still murder.
  • ---------------------------
  • Martin: Hello, I'm Martin Freeman. I heard Benedict was in the MCU, and I couldn't let him do that without me.
  • Zemo: And I'm Zemo, I'm here to screw everything up.
  • Steve: Yeah, no one really cares about you guys. Also, if you hurt my boyfriend, I hurt you.
  • Martin/Zemo: What?
  • Steve: What?
  • ---------------------------
  • Zemo: Vague brain washy words.
  • Steve: Bucky no.
  • Tony: Bucky no.
  • Nat: Bucky no.
  • Martin: Bucky no.
  • Everyone: BUCKY NO!
  • Bucky: Bucky no!
  • Zemo: Bucky yes.
  • Bucky: Bucky yes.
  • ---------------------------
  • Bucky: Escape, beat up superheroes, get away in helicopter. This is a good plan.
  • Bucky: Damn it, why does this blonde guy keep ruining everything? And why is he so hot?
  • -----------------------------
  • Tony: We need to bring Cap and Bucky in.
  • Nat: Who are we going to get to do that?
  • Tony: I know a kid. Even though there is literally no reason why I could even possibly know who he is.
  • Nat: Not the Spider-kid.
  • Tony: Why not?
  • Nat: I thought I was the arachnid themed hero.
  • -----------------------------
  • Tony: Hey, kid, your aunt is hot.
  • Peter: Please stop talking.
  • Tony: Also, I know you're Spider-Man.
  • Peter: How the hell do you know that?
  • Tony: I read the script. Would you like to go to Germany?
  • Peter: I can't, I'm finally a kid, I have homework and stuff that the other spidermen never worried about.
  • Tony: OK, but what if I told you you get to meet superheroes?
  • Peter: Would I get to meet Captain America?
  • Tony: ... yeah.
  • -----------------------------
  • Wanda: Vision, I want to help Captain America.
  • Vision: Wanda no.
  • Hawkeye: Wanda yes.
  • Wanda: Didn't you retire in Age of Ultron?
  • Hawkeye: We're kind of glossing over some things that happened in that film.
  • ----------------------------
  • Steve: Did you find Ant-Man?
  • Hawkeye: Yeah, why are we bringing him anyway?
  • Steve: We heard that Team Iron Man have got a comic relief sidekick with a insect theme, and we need to match them.
  • ----------------------------
  • Tony: So, it has come to this. Heroes vs. heroes. Friend against friend. Brother against brother.
  • Steve: Yeah, yeah, shall we fight?
  • T'Challa: Shall we indeed?
  • Steve: Hang on, Tony, why is he on your team?
  • T'Challa: Oh, don't worry about me, captain. I'm only here to steal the spotlight.
  • Spider-Man: Did somebody mention stealing the spotlight?
  • T'Challa: God damn it.
  • ----------------------------
  • Steve: Guys, the trailer's have given away most of the badass moments from this fight scene. We need something that's extremely memorable and awesome. Preferably something right from the comics.
  • Ant-Man: Hey, I've got an idea. (becomes giant.)
  • Spider-Man: HOLY SHIT!
  • Steve: That should do it.
  • -----------------------------
  • Steve: OK, just before the finale, we need something for the Stucky fans to go nuts over.
  • Bucky: How about you lovingly pat me on the shoulder and we reminisce about old times?
  • Steve: I love you.
  • ----------------------------
  • Tony: Hey guys, I'm here to redeem myself and help catch the bad guy.
  • Zemo: Hello, I'm the bad guy. I'm the one who orchestrated the bombing.
  • Steve: Right on cue.
  • Bucky: Guys, this is too easy.
  • Zemo: Hey, Stark, Bucky killed your parents.
  • Tony: OK, that's it. Bucky dies.
  • Zemo: Everything is going to plan.
  • T'Challa: Hello, my name is T'Challa. You killed my father. Prepare to die.
  • Zemo: OK, fine, kill me.
  • T'Challa: Actually, since this is a superhero film, let's arrest you.
  • Zemo: For fuck's sake.
  • Steve: LANGUAGE.
  • Sakuya: I'm confused. That actually sounded like a good idea.
  • Otogiri: But Tsubaki said it.
  • Sakuya: I know.
  • Sakuya: [punches Tsubaki]
  • Tsubaki: What the hell was that for?
  • Sakuya: I don't know. I thought I was dreaming so I punched you in the face to make sure.
  • Tsubaki: Sakuya, when you think you're dreaming you don't punch somebody else. You get somebody else to pinch you.
  • Sakuya: Dude, it doesn't matter what kind of dream I'm having, I am not gonna ask you to pinch me.