i don't know who this blonde kid is

negative representations of the signs
  • (this is a joke shh)
  • Aries: the kid who wouldn't let anyone else be the leader when playing a game
  • Taurus: the one who screams at everyone for being stupid but then goes off and frolics in a field of stupid
  • Gemini: the one in the group chat who spreads screenshots and watches it all go down
  • Cancer: "i mean i know im an ok person but i don't think ill ever find love i mean im so ugly i just want to love someone im gonna be alo-"
  • Leo: the blonde soccer mom who asks to speak to the manager
  • Virgo: the one who pretends to be sad for the aesthetic, or they have the ability to profit off their sadness. kudos, virgo
  • Libra: the self-appointed mediator who pretends to have all the answers and is everyone's yes-man
  • Scorpio: the embodiment of "kim" by eminem (eminem is actually a libra close to the scorpio cusp!)
  • Sagittarius: voted most likely to have 20+ kids with 10+ women in high school
  • Capricorn: will do anything for cash and/or power
  • Aquarius: the one who will turn on you in a sECOND if they have something better to do
  • Pisces: the boyfriend who promises you anything and then runs away when you start breaking down

i find it amusing that mikasa’s not using a second scarf to cover her red one, because if she wears that thing all the time it’s going to feel like she never wears it at all and she’s sure as hell going to want that second scarf to keep warm if they provide one to all the cadets

Weirdest thought today I thought that mysterious kid kinda looked like Saiko in some older drawing but more masculine…  But of course I know that’s extremely silly.

It might be Asa though (short hair, fairly androgynous appearance…), but Asa was a blond in the novels… (Who knows Ishida might have given them a makeover since the novel).


my body refuses to do work no matter how much i need to but apparently it’s fine looking up old episodes of old shows for the sake of finding the faves and i found taliesin friggin’ jaffe in Facts of Life being platinum blond and adorable af and for those of you who haven’t seen it y’all totally need to see it

  • me, starting ep 1 of OwaSera: who are these kids why are they so oblivious of the world don't they know this can only end in tears why's the blond one so gay why's the black-haired one such a tsundere jeez this is so predictable i can already tell something bad is gonna happen and it's gonna be blondy who takes the fall for it this isn't original at all why does it have to be vampires of all things i hate vampires and here comes the cute girl that blacky is gonna be in love with and torn up over when she dies what is this twilight? goddammit.
  • me, at the end of ep 1: well that was a lot gayer than i expected. i guess i'll try ep 2.
  • me, end of ep 2: oHHh
  • me: (streams through next 8 episodes)

I was just thinking about how, when I was in elementary school, there were these group of girls who were super into the Spice Girls and they would always try and force me to be Baby Spice because I had really blonde hair at the time, but I had no concept of what the Spice Girls were, so I just would pretend to be a baby and they would get really angry at me and push me down on the playground.