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I was at a con recently. And while looking at some of the art, I made a comment to a guy who had a collection of cat avengers prints that he was missing the best avenger. So he goes, ‘oh and who is that’ and I just kinda look sideways at him and say 'hawkeye, the only one you don’t have’. To wich he of course smirks and says 'is he really the best or is it just cause of jeremy renner?’

First of all… Jeremy Renner is a gorgeous human being and he is more than enough reason for Hawkeye to be awesome, so why the hell you got that smug look on your face like I’m just some random ass fangirl who don’t know shit about comics. I was fuckin dressed like Captain Marvel, 100% comic accurate costume thank you very much.

So my dad starts laughing cause he can see I got my 'fight me’ face on. And I proceed to list each and every reason why I have loved Hawkeye since waaaaay before the movies and why he gets even better with new movies and comics.

NUMBER ONE, he is the only fully human Avenger in every single story line.

To which of course I get 'well what about Black Widow’ well sir you must not know your comics very well because in the Earth-616 universe she has the Red Room version of the super soldier serum which gives her enhanced physical abilities as well as a very long lifespan.

Then comes the 'well Scott Lang is human’ well yeah but he’s got a mother FuCkiNG SUPER SUIT. What does Hawkeye have? Spandex or leather, not quite the same thing. And you take away that super suit, is Scott still a super hero? No he is in jail for being a thief. You take away Hawkeye ’ super sui… oh wait that’s right HE DON’T GOT ONE.

'But what about Black Panther he is human right?’ Do you know anything about comics dude? The dude eats a magical plant and is gifted his powers by the Wakandan Panther God and has enhanced speed, strength, agility, healing, reflexes, stamina, etc. NOT FULLY HUMAN he also is proclaimed King of the Dead and is granted the power and knowledge of past Black Panthers and gains the ability to control the dead… so awesome but still not human.

Hawkeye is 100% human 100% of the time (except a very brief moment when he borrowed pym particles just to help out on a mission) and still manages to keep up with super humans, gods and guys with fancy super suits.

NUMBER TWO, he is deaf, canononically.

'Well Daredevil is blind’ his accident enhanced his other senses… and not an Avenger… so your argument is not even relevant.

NUMBER THREE, he shoots a bow, usually a recurve, in battle with people that have magic and laser guns and other shit and he can shoot it with out even looking!

'But he has trick arrows’ wich are guaranteed to be weighted terribly and that weight changes depending on which arrow it is. So he not only has to compensate for the strange weight but he has to do it on the fly in the heat of battle for each individual arrow. Not to mention when he shoots multiple at once.

And come on, have you ever tried to shoot a bow and arrow, it’s not easy. It takes a lot of practice patients and skill. Especially to get as good as him.

NUMBER FOUR, I mean have you read the guys backstory? If you looked up tragic backstory in the dictionary, you would see a picture of Clint Barton. He was orphaned after his abusive father got into a car accident that killed his mother as well. Was sent to a children’s home, ran away to the circus, was trained by Swordsman and Trickshot who were not the best mentors, was betrayed and abandoned by Swordsman and his brother and left for dead, ended up severely injuring his brother, had to leave Trickshot, when he tried to do the hero thing he was mistaken for a criminal, was manipulated into trying to kill Iron Man, kept falling in love with women who didn’t love him back, left the Avengers at one point believing he was unwanted, was passed over because he was not super human, watched his brother die, was forced to leave the Avengers, had a bounty put on his right arm, lost former mentor Trickshot to cancer, split with his wife then watched her die saving him, sacrificed himself and came back, was almost assasinated, went to prison so the rest of his team could go free, was shot and conducted a suicide mission that saved the planet but killed him, lost his memory, was vanished into nothingness, doubted he was himself or even alive, faked his death, and that’s just the short list.

NUMBER FIVE, he ran the West Coast branch of the Avengers, as well as other treams.

NUMBER SIX, he took on the mantle of Captain America for a short time.

NUMBER SEVEN, Caw Caw Mother Fucker.

So yeah, suffice to say that I left the guy speechless surounded by his friends who were nodding along and adding in their own bits of info and laughing hysterically at him. I turned to walk away after that mic drop and heard him mumble, 'well I guess I’m making a cat hawkeye’

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Hey, cis girl here and I was just wondering if you could do a post about general guidelines for cis people when talking to transgender people about being trans. I have a friend who has recently come out and I want to ask questions to understand better but I don't want to be rude? I get the don't talk about genitals thing but what about other stuff? Also I know this won't be universal and I totally get it if you don't want to respond or don't feel comfortable. I just don't want to mess this up.

This answer post linked here is a good place to start!

A basic outline, plus I think some other stuff:

  • Respect boundaries. Ask what they are, if they’re not specified.
  • If you want to ask questions about something particularly sensitive (family reactions, dysphoria, anything about their body), ask if it’s okay to ask them about it first.
  • Google it first, if it’s something that can be Googled (for example, information about how hormone therapy or surgeries work).
  • Generally do your homework before asking. Seriously. Unless it’s something totally unique to that person, there is a shit ton of information online. It also makes conversations deeper and more informative if you have prior knowledge and don’t have to be taught “Trans 101″ stuff already readily available online.
  • Keep your questions specific. (example I gave in that post: “Are you on hormones?” as opposed to “How far have you transitioned?”) This makes things a lot easier on both of you.
  • Familiarize yourself with current respectful terminology.
  • Don’t misgender them. Unless they specify otherwise, use their current pronouns / identity even when referring to them in the past prior to coming out. Keeping it gender neutral works, too (Ex: “When you were little” rather “When you were a little boy / a little girl”)
  • Use common sense. 
  • Be mindful of where you are before asking questions about their transition. Is it a safe time to ask? 
  • Don’t out them to anyone without their permission.

I hope this helps! Wishing the best for your friend. - Mod A

my life is 1000% better when I’m listening to carly rae jepsen

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I'm planning out a "short story" where my main character is a rich girl with a dad who buys her golden cars and stuff and she's an incredibly talented cheerleader and is super smart but I'm having trouble making her less 1 dimensional. I want her to be more than just the rich-bitch and I want to give her flaws but I don't know how to approach it. Any advice?

Hello there!  

This is one of my favorite types of characters, so I’m really glad you asked.  First and foremost I’ll direct you to my Traits of a Likable Hero post, as it talks about the foundation stones that I’ve observed almost all protagonists have.

For this particular archetype, however, here are my personal rules of thumb: 

1.  Make sure she cares about others!  

Think Charlotte from Princess and the Frog.  Nothing screams “rich girl with a heart of gold” more than one who unabashedly plays mama bear to all of her friends, particularly ones less privileged than her.  

Let her care about their feelings, treat them to lunches they wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford, ride her ponies, go for joyrides with her in her expensive cars.

Also, allow her to extend empathy and friendship to people of a lower status than herself:  let’s say there’s a new chubby, nerdy, or socially awkward girl who’s being bullied.  A person of your character’s status could easily make that character’s life a lot better, so allow her to do so.  It will instantaneously make your character more sympathetic and likable.   

Just be sure said less-privileged character is an equally three-dimensional and lovable character, otherwise it will come off as a charity case. This will also give your readers a lovely friendship that they can root for.    

(On a side note, Rich and Privileged Character who Openly Cares About Her Loved Ones is legit one of my personal favorite tropes of all time.)

2.  Show how hard she works.

One of the main obstacles to making wealthy, privileged characters likable is the fact that they can come off as entitled, lazy, and often spoiled.  To combat this, show how hard your character works to get where she is. 

Cheerleading, for example, is a difficult sport, at least as much so as the football games they cheer on.  Pyramids, backflips, synchronization, etc. requires a lot of time and effort to master.

So give your readers a glimpse of your character while she’s practicing!  Be sure to describe the sweat, sore muscles, and fatigue that goes into doing what she loves.  This is also great, because female-dominated sports such as cheerleading are frequently dismissed as being less chalanging, so it’s a wonderful opportunity to show the reader otherwise.

Similarly, you mentioned your character to be smart.  So give the reader a glimpse of her studying!  Better yet, show her tutoring other students in her free time, as this will also make her more likable to the reader as well.

Other ways to make her more sympathetic would include her doing volunteer work, for example, contributing to charities, killing vampires, et cetera.  The more you show your character earning her status, the more likable she’ll be.

3.  Remember your character doesn’t have to be perfect!  

Thus far, we’ve established that your character is beautiful, wealthy, accomplished, and kind.  

This does not mean, however, that she’s automatically perfect;  your character will make mistakes, and these mistakes are integral both to creating a compelling plot, and to making her sympathetic and personable to your readers.

Maybe she makes slip ups based on her status, and then has to learn from them (e.g. assuming poor people are lazy because she heard it from the adults around her), or perhaps they’re completely unrelated.  Either way, don’t be afraid to let your character make gaffs, big or small;  just so long as she learns from them and emerges a better person because of it.  

This not only allows the audience to relate to your character, but may just help them grow as well.

(I had to include at least one Asami gif, as she’s one of my all time favorite Rich Girls With a Heart of Gold and also my gilfriend.  Don’t tell Korra.) 

Aside from that, treat her like any other character.  Her archetype doesn’t necessarily need to impact her quirks, her likes or dislikes, and it would probably be boring if it did (you know those cheesy old sitcoms where all the jokes revolved around the character’s “type?”  Yeah, you don’t want that.)

So for further reference, I’ll direct you to my How to Get to Know Your Characters post here, and my Female Characters to Avoid Post here.   

I hope this helps, and happy writing!  <3


“pardon my computer” from jughead’s double digest #102 or “the one where a computer is told to formulate a girl jughead would be attracted to and immediately explodes”

quite a few older stories involved “UGAJ” or “The United Girls Against Jughead” who made it their life’s mission to try to “fix” jughead often by harassing him or kidnapping him or attempting to brainwash him

it never worked 

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I noticed that there's somebody that's seen around Timmy a lot. They have mahogany colored hair, an orange kitty shirt, cyan eyes, cream skin and freckles, a dark blue hand bag... and they look a lot like me. Hot Wings Girl looks more like me, but I don't know who that other kid is. Do they have a name, that person close to Timmy?

I can do better than that.

I don’t want to start anything but I find it so interesting that the fandom is so determined to portraying Damian being BFF with Jon kent who he only met recently and have been fighting with for half the short amount of time that they have know each other (or with Colin who haven’t been seen since 1964) over lets say Maya (a Black/Latino girl) or Duke (a Black boy) or Suren (an Arab boy just like Damian) or Maps (a Japanese girl) even though he has better relationship with them than he do with Jon and actually showed interests in being their friend (Damian literally calls Maya his sister, like what else do you want?)

Dish Nation Interview
  • Chuey Martinez: Who's your biggest girl or guy crush of all time? Who is it and why?
  • Chyler: *points to Floriana*
  • Floriana: My gosh, I don't know, this is hard.
  • Flo: *turns to Chyler and points at her* Her
  • Chy: *still pointing to Flo* That one!
  • Flo: *points at herself* Flo-Lo
  • Chy: Flo-Lo!
  • Flo: I mean- I would say, I don't know, I kinda like this one. *locks arms with Chyler*
  • [Insert literal gazing into each other's eyes]: *Also lot's of Chyler looking at Flo in certain ways*
  • CM: Alright, I like that
  • Flo: Yeah
  • Chy: We're not going to lie
  • Flo: We're not going to lie, we match pretty well
  • Chy: We're not going to lie
  • CM: Yes you do. Ying and Yang
  • Chy: That's right
  • Flo: Yeah
  • CM: Perfect
  • [Insert even more gazing]:
  • Chy: Yeah, that's right
  • [Insert an small pause of just Chy and Flo looking at each other]:
  • CM: ... They're having a moment, alright
  • Flo: *laughing*
  • Chy: *pat's Chuey's back* And you are too
  • CM: I'm just here hanging out, they're having a moment
  • Chy: We're just gazing adoringly
  • Flo: *slightly inaudible* gazing(?)
  • Chy: as our significant others are probably watching going "KISS HER!"

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I DON'T KNOW WHO ELSE TO ASK: I bought an iPhone at Target today & got along with the 'Tech Target' employee. When the transaction was wrapping up, she pulled out a support card and wrote her number on it. We're both women in our late twenties and I don't think I came off as tech clueless. When I asked if she did this for everyone (how would she have the time??) she sort of hedged and said she and the other tech guy did it on occasion. Did I just get a girl's number or am I totally misreading?

I’m not sure why you picked me but I’m thrilled. You 100% just got their number and if you don’t give them a ring I will be personally so disappointed in you. If you go on a date I will mail you a roll of stickers, no questions asked.

I hate that you’ve made me into someone who has to ask herself about what could be wrong with her, about what it is that needs to be fixed. I’ve confessed it to you before, told you all about feeling like too much of me needs to be contained or shielded from other people, all because it’s not something that people want to find in a person. And now I’m comparing myself to girls I know only on the surface level, wondering if these are girls who might say things or do things for you that I can’t, who might make you feel things that I never have. A huge part of me wants to know what you like just so that I can be that for you instead. because the truth is, I don’t want to mess this up.
—  🖤
Interview with Troian on the finale reveal-
  • Did anyone else know about the plot?
  • Troian: Actually, one of the only other people who knew early on, who was on set the day Marlene and I first spoke about Alex, was Keegan. So he and I were kind of the secret-keepers. I don't think the girls knew until well into filming this season. There were a few scenes that I played with them where they didn't know I was playing a different character. They must have just been like, "Huh. Troian's off today!" But by the time the finale rolled by, everybody was a part of it.
  • What were their reactions when they found out?
  • Troian: There was a scene in the very beginning of the season where Hanna wakes up to a dream of younger Spencer talking to her in the cell A.D. put her in. When we came out to the cast about Alex, Ashley said, "Wait, you were a different person in that scene and you didn't even tell me?" I said, "I wasn't allowed to tell you!" She was like, "Man, I'm feeling really betrayed right now!"
  • Did you do the English accent?
  • Troian: Oooh, yes. I've never been more nervous—my heart was pounding the whole time. Switching between the accents and the two different personalities, I've never been more exhausted. By the end, I turned to someone else like, "What just happened?"
  • What was it like playing an evil English twin secretly playing her American sister?
  • Troian: At first I had to build the history of this character, her idiosyncrasies, and her movements with Marlene. I got to work with an incredible dialect coach to find the character's rhythm. Once you lock that in, it becomes a game of figuring out how good is she at transitioning her personality into Spencer's. Even if you've been observing somebody for a long time, your ability to imitate them is based a lot on your perception and judgements of them. It's not necessarily just about Alex being an incredible mimic. It's also about what Alex thinks of Spencer.
  • How the hell did Uber A pay for all the surveillance and equipment and bribes, not to mention the subterranean doll house, anyway?
  • Troian: Well, Wren is incredibly wealthy, and Charlotte left Alex everything. Easy! [Laughs] From the very beginning of the show, we've just had the wealthiest villains and they've continuously passed their insane wealth on to the new villains.

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Those popular kids at school that could be super mean to you and put you down like all of their other friends have, but instead when they see you they just smile and say hi, and you know that you two probably wouldn't be friends, but that doesn't mean that you can't be nice to each other. Seriously, I'm not very popular at all with my grade, so I don't meet people like that very often. But thank you to the people who are like that.

exactly! I hate the whole view of popular kids as the mean and terrible kids cuz in real life…………they’re just people? sometimes it’s that super unpopular girl who’s the rudest and most of the time I see that a lot of the reason that super unpopular girl is unpopular is because she chose to be rude? Like I know sometimes it’s not like that and kids will exclude other kids for different reasons that they shouldn’t be cast out for but like……stop making popular kids villains omg 

if eva and jonas were supposed to end up together by the end of the series a) there would not have been a p-chris clip b) that clip would not have used parallel structure to remind viewers of jonas’ whore comment and his unwillingness to meet eva’s mom c) jonas would not have given chris advice or even responded to his text and d) jonas would not be with emma

jonas is being used eliminate the ‘what if’ between him and eva before mohnstad becomes canon, and so he can let go of his first love and mature in his relationships with other girls; whether that’s going emma or not, who knows

  • everyone who makes "every john green book" posts: i haven't actually read any of these books but i see that teenage girls like them and often relate to the characters, especially when they say pretentious fakedeep stuff so rather than acknowledging that maybe this author is attempting to portray the realities of being a young teenager, which often include being kinda pretentious and fake deep, im just going to make fun of him and make young girls who relate to his characters feel alienated and excluded because i like to shame people out of enjoying media that i personally don't like. since i haven't read the books, i also don't know that john green is trying to show how damaging it is when we romanticize other people, especially when boys idealize girls they have crushes on. i don't know that john green's books end with the greasy white nerd boy realizing that teenage girls are just people so i'm going to continue making snarky posts because that's easier than trying to understand something i don't like. this is really helpful & i feel that i am using my time productively

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One of my family members seems convinced I'm an ESFP, but I relate a lot to Fe. I'm good at reading people, I adjust my behavior depending on who I'm interacting with, I mirror people, etc. However, I also have strong independent emotions and don't share negative feelings with people I don't know well. So, my question is, when can Fi look like Fe, and how do you really tell the difference between them?

(Gif: Call the Midwife girls. - ESFJ, ESTJ, ESFP.)

But why are you doing it?

Fe would say, “Because it’s the appropriate thing to do.”

Fi would say, “Because this is who I am.”

When confronted with a situation you do not like at all, can you disguise your own feelings with false feelings in order to make the other person believe you are on board when you are not? Or would doing that seem like a betrayal of yourself? If you tried it, would the mask crack and the truth show through?

I once got stuck at a table with people I didn’t like. My friend was there with me, a Fe-user. She didn’t like them either. Guess which one “played nice”? Engaged them in conversation? Was affable while I refused to talk to anyone and kept quiet? She did. Why didn’t I? I didn’t like them. I disapproved of the sort of things they said. I didn’t like one woman’s attitude toward her kids’ feelings. I didn’t see any point in socializing when I just knew I was going to insult them at some point. So, at the end of the day, no one at that table knew my friend was internally going UGH. They all gushed and thought she was WONDERFUL. No, it was me that had been, as Lizzie calls Mr. Darcy, “unsociable and taciturn.”

Something else about Fi: can’t tell what people feel about it. Fi can only guess. Speculate. Or ask oneself, “If they were me, how would I feel about me?” So, a Fi in a social situation doesn’t really have a sense of what people are feeling about them and might guess all wrong. This is how you can shock a Fi by expressing romantic feelings for them they didn’t see coming; they didn’t read your feelings / expression and figure out that’s what you thought. (Or on the flip side, they might read you wrong and assume you love them when you don’t.)

Fi is… alone in a sea of people, in a group. They will choose to engage through Se/Te or Ne/Te (or vice versa) but they still feel alone. (In hindsight, I think this is where some of my social anxiety came from as a teenager. I never really could be sure what other people felt about me.)

Fi’s have to guess.

Are you having a good time?

Are you faking this?

Do you like it?

How do you feel about me?

Fe merges with others because it’s fine, it’s comfortable, it doesn’t cost Fe. This isn’t a betrayal of who I am. It’s a good thing to do, and they need me to do it.

Fi fits in because it wants to avoid conflict, or doesn’t see the point in being rude, or doesn’t care, or… because the Fi-user believes that rudeness, or not being attentive to others’ needs, or ‘acting out’ for attention, or not adjusting their behavior is not who they are. At the heart of Fi is: does this behavior fit my core self? Does it betray who I am and who I want to be? If so, I won’t do it.

Lastly, the sharing of feelings: Fe’s do it naturally. They break up with their boyfriend, they tell you all about it. Why. What he did. How they felt when he did that. By the end of the conversation, you will have no doubt where they stand, or what they felt, or who they are, or what happened.

If a Fi breaks up, they tell you: we broke up. And that might be it. Or you might get the FACTS of what happened. “He stood me up one too many times.” You may or may not get all the details. You probably won’t. And when you do, again, it’ll be the facts: this happened, and then that happened, and now we’re not together anymore. It’s defaulting into lower Te, because that’s how Fi communicates its emotions.

Distinguishing between Fe and Fi comes down to attitude. Is there a “we” (Fe) mindset, which classifies itself according to other people; or is there an “I” (Fi) mindset, which has an allergic reaction to too much “we”?

Hope that helps.

- ENFP Mod

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Hi, i'm the one who had the "insider" and i see a couple of people don't trust me so i'm gonna explain how i know about Camila recieving the news about Cole and Lili while filming ep.8. At that time Camila was still hugely contacting with her NYU friends and talked to one of them(a girl i know) about filming(ep.8!!!) and her castmates already getting into relationships and such so my friend asked who and Camila said that Lili and Cole said that they were a thing "the other day".

Now that DOES make sense….thanks for all this, BTW! Still not sure how anyone not in a coma could’ve not known all this, let alone Lili’s “friend”, BTW

“Hyper femininity is toxic” well no? No it’s not? Just like everything women do or like, being feminine and liking stereotypical feminine things is something still get ridiculed for and is still seen as something that is bad for boys to express so no

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Mom, I have a question. Does it mean I'm a demigirl if sometimes I feel like I'm not JUST a girl? Cause sometimes I want to dress like a boy and act like one and then other times I want to be really feminine. I'm confused and don't know what to identify as. Mom, please help.

My dear lgbt+ child, 

A demigirl is someone who identifies partially as a girl. They can additionally identify as another gender, too. So, if you feel like you’re partially girl and partially boy, you can certainly use the label demigirl! 

Other possible labels for you: 

- Nonbinary (a umbrella term for everyone who doesn’t fit in the binary system of 100% girl or 100% boy) 

- Genderfluid (someone who changes between two or more gender identities) 

- Bigender (someone who identifies as two or more genders) 

Consider that gender presentation can differ from gender identity. Some people like to dress in the way that’s traditionally seen as “how boys dress” without identifying as a boy (and the same goes for dressing “like a girl”). No matter which of these labels (or any label) feels right for you, you can dress any way you like! <3 

Remember that the right label for you is the one you feel most comfortable with. 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom