i don't know who made this but it's awesome


I can’t be the only one who saw the S9 trailer and thought this.

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Why is there so few INTP main character? I know most of people don't like INTPs because they think we're weird. Anyway, i made a lot of logical decision despite that it's not what people normally do. I think INTPs would help other characters survive in the crisis.

I have no doubt that is the case.

Perhaps your average writer isn’t awesome enough to handle writing INTPs.

Seriously, dude… you have the 12th Doctor (Who), a 900+ year old genius Time Lord (way older since Moffat took charge and he spent like a gazillion years trapped in … well, never mind), who travels in a blue box with ‘Police’ stamped on it time machine which is ‘bigger on the inside,’ throughout time and space, to infinite galaxies and the end of civilization as you know it.

Who needs quantity when you can have quality? ;)

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After that rude anon, I'd just like to say I love your art. I look forward to every post you make. <3 I mean It's fine for people to dislike art and art made by one particular person, but going to their ask box and being all "hey I hate your art" is really rude. Anyways, I think you're awesome, so, yeah. Stay awesome, my friend, and keep drawing, cause there's a lot more people who like your art than people who don't. <3

Aww…Thank you, my kind friend! They didn’t bother me much because the nature of the ask was pretty funny in my opinion. XD

I will indeed keep drawing! I’m flattered to know there are people who enjoy my scribbles. ; – ;

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I'm kinda confused about this fandom because it's all middle aged people (not being judgmental) and was wondering if it's a sexual thing aswell? Idk just don't wanna be ignorent :)

Um no it’s not sexual, I just love animation and Zootopia is a awesome film. Btw I’m 28 preety sure middle age is 45 plus. I know you mean no offence but really this fandom is made of folks who ship a fox and a bunny

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Can I just say, I am not sure if this is a compliment or an insult but I don't actually see you as like a famous person at all, I actually see you as someones awesome Dad or uncle or something, like you look like someone who I would have an interesting conversation with at a Waterstones or something, not someone who does red carpet events or like celebrity gatherings which means I see you as very down to earth? I not know its 5am for me so i am pretty tired and I thought I would say hi. Hi =D

You just made me really, really happy. Thank you.

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Hello! I'm writing my thesis on representations of PTSD in Peaky Blinders. It's made difficult by the fact that I don't know anyone else who watches the show, so I don't have anyone to bounce observations off to see if I'm way off the mark. For instance, sometimes I want to make sure that Tommy is being sarcastic, serious, etc. I'm also wondering if you know what the significance of "In the bleak midwinter" is. Any light you, or other followers, could shed would be awesome. Thank you! :)

Very cool! “In the Bleak Midwinter” is a poem that was set to music in the early 1900s and became a Christmas carol. Very likely that Tommy heard it growing up. He’s not a religious man, so perhaps in times of crisis or stress he reaches for that. Wikipedia has this explanation:

in the BBC tv drama series Peaky Blinders, mobster Thomas Shelby mumbles ‘in the bleak midwinter’ to himself believing he is about to die. The poem and the phrase was popular among soldiers of the first world war, and many used it before going over the top, many to an almost certain death.

Lovely followers, will you help her? With everything. The whole fucking thing. :) If you’re interested in helping jack-fitz bounce off ideas about Tommy and PTSD and anything show-related, please reply to this post or like it or reblog with your own analysis so that jack-fitz can reach out to you. Also tagging peakyblinderswiki - perhaps you could start a PTSD thread on the wiki?