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“We’ll be at Hogwarts in ten minutes,” said Professor Lupin. “Are you all right, Harry?“ 
Harry didn’t ask how Professor Lupin knew his name.

Okay Harry dear let me tell you how he knew your name:

  • He bought you your first knit sweater, it was red because he knew red brought out your mother’s eyes.
  • He was there when you got sick for the first time. He comforted your parents because he was the first person they called. “Moony come here right this second, Lily’s freaking out” 
  • During your first winter you liked being in his arms the best because he was warmer than the other Marauders
  • He took care of you so many times when mama and dada were having a date night
  • You were the only thing that made him as happy as chocolate after a particularly rough full moon
  • You liked to ran your little hands over his big scars, you were the second person he didn’t mind doing that. Sirius was the first
  • You made him smile even though there was a war going on and there wasn’t much to be happy about
  • All he wanted was you after he lost it all, he was denied that right.
  • He thought about you and all his friends on full moons, how all of them sat on the living room floor of the Potters and played with you, no one had died or betrayed each other
  • He knew your name Harry, because the moment he opened his eyes in that compartment, he thought James was sitting across him and they were back in their 3rd year.
  • He knew who you were because when he looked into your eyes to say “sit still” he saw Lily Evans’ eyes.
  • He knew your name, Harry, because you were all he had left as a reminder that everything they went through with Marauders were real.
  • And the worst part is you knew him,too. You loved him at one point and now you didn’t even recognise him. 

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Can you comment on this? Trump has reduced funds for the APH to 1/3rd and orders for all braille books/cctvs/braille writers etc. are being froze. no one is reporting on this, no one cares that my fellow VI people are going to be refused learning materials..I don't know how to get the news out, literally no news organization is reporting on it, only those who make the books have gotten the orders, which a handful of my friends do. This is the time for orders for next year to be placed too..

I can’t believe no one is reporting on this. I can find absolutely no news about it, either, but I believe you that it’s happening. This is the sort of thing Trump would do. It’s unacceptable.

For now all I can think to do is to share the donation link for APH (American Printing House for the Blind). If anyone can donate, please do. If not, share the donation link to anyone who might have some money to spare.

We can’t let Trump get away with this.

Save Shinpachi

Shinpachi is like the ‘Armin’ of Gintama, he doesn’t get that much official goods and he’s frequently undermined. I’d even say he’s practically being ignored by the companies making Gintama merchandise. Why? is it because his glasses? Is it because he’s not sadistic?? Is it because he’s a straight man?? Is it because he’s an otaku??? Save Shinpachi.


Good luck doing another BDS movie without them…..they are and always will be the only Macmanus brothers and I don’t care who’s gonna play those roles, I think that this movie will be one of those things that they want it to be canon but the fandom is like “We’re going to pretend that this never happened”

I don't forget these things ~ Sirius Black imagine

My First Imagine!

Hi could you do a one shot set during OotP where before my seventh year I have to go to Grimmauld Place and meet Sirius, who recognizes me because I befriended him (brought him food, treated his wounds, told him my secrets and troubles etc) throughout PoA when he was in his dog form (never knowing he is not just a dog) and now he thinks he should tell me, but he doesn’t know how? Happy ending please :). I’m sorry for being so descriptive

It was her 3rd year at Hogwarts when (Y/N) met that strange creature. It was a beautiful day, and what better way to spend it than being outdoors? As she wandered outside the castle, she heard a whimpering sound. Being the curious person she was, (Y/N) followed the sound; It was coming from the Forbidden Forest. Although she knew that the forest was off limits, she couldn’t bear to hear the painful cries of whatever creature it was. She looked around to make sure no one saw her, and dashed towards the forbidden forest. She cautiously roamed the Forbidden Forest, still searching for the source of the whimpering. 

Finally, she saw a black dog, lying on the grass, panting. She also saw that it had a large gash on its leg. She immediately ran towards it and dropped to her knees next to it. “Oh my god! How did you get like this?” She whispered. The dog weakly looked up at her. She quickly pulled out her wand, trying to think of a healing spell. “Vulnera Sanentur" She whispered, maneuvering her wand over the gash. She watched as the wound began to slowly disappear, She put away her wand and said "You’re okay now, don’t worry” in a soothing voice. The dog began to stand and could walk again. The animal slowly moved towards (Y/N) and lightly sniffed her hand, and she gently petted him. “Do you have a name?” She asked. “I’ll call you… Shadow. How’s that?”. He then rested his head on her lap, and she befriended him.

Ever since the meeting between (Y/N) and Shadow, they have been inseparable. (Y/N) met up with Shadow  every day in a secret meeting spot.  She fed him, took care of him, shared her secrets with him, and treated him as if he was her best friend (Because he was). And one day, (Y/N) found herself heartbroken when he wasn’t there to meet up with her; She went back every day, and each day, he was not there. (Y/N) feared for the worst, worrying that he might have been dead

But, of course, that was a long time ago. Now, (Y/N) is about to go into her 7th year. There wasn’t a day that went by where she didn’t wonder about what had happened to him. But today was a day where her mind was a train wreck; She was on her way to Number 12, Grimmauld Place to the Order, because they were going to recruit Harry Potter into the Order of the Phoenix. 

(Y/N) walked up to the large building and waited for Mad-Eye to arrive. When he did, he was with a group, along with Harry Potter. “Hello, Mad-Eye. Nice to see you again, Harry” (Y/N) said sweetly, giving Harry a friendly hug. Mad-Eye took his large staff, and began tapping the ground. Suddenly, the buildings began to part until a new section was made: Number 12. They all walked inside and (Y/N) was immediately greeted by Mrs. Weasley. (Y/N) was a good friend of the Weasleys; Her parents knew them very well, and (Y/N) was a close friend to the twins and Ron.

Later that night, everyone met up in the dining room. Once (Y/N) stepped into the room, a man stood up and stared at her. That man was Sirius Black. He recognized her right away: The girl who took care of him, the girl who was his best friend…

The girl who saved his life…

(Y/N) stared back before sitting next to the twins. All throughout dinner, Sirius stared at (Y/N). He had to tell her. He had to.

As everyone finished, (Y/N) helped Mrs. Weasley clean the dishes. She sat down at the table, feeling a bit stressed about everything happening with You-Know-Who. Sirius finally worked up the little courage he had and sat down next to (Y/N). 

“Hello” (Y/N) said with a small smile.

“Hello” Sirius answered.

He took in a deep breath. “I’m not sure how to explain this”

(Y/N) sat up in her seat. “What is it?” She asked

Sirius hesitated, but then told her everything. He explained that he was the dog that she met 4 years ago, that he was an animagus and could turn into a black dog, and he told her that he was Shadow.

(Y/N) simply stared at Sirius, an awkward silence falling among them. She gazed into his eyes and then it hit her. He had the same eyes as Shadow

“It is you!” (Y/N) gasped, jumping out of her seat. Sirius stood up as well. (Y/N) threw her arms around him and hugged him tight. “I thought you were dead” She whispered. Sirius held her close, rubbing his hand up and down her back. She pulled back to look at his face. “I can’t believe you remember me” (Y/N) said. Sirius gave her a smile. 

“You were there for me when I needed someone most. I don’t forget these things” He said, hugging her once more.

“What is your real name?” (Y/N) asked

“Sirius. Sirius Black”

“Do you mind if I still call you Shadow?" 

"Not at all" 


Thank you for requesting! 

3rd meltdown of the year... it's a record

Yesterday one of my students spit on two other kids. I took him to the principal and nothing was done. He was brought back to my room 5 minutes later.
The principal told him to sit and do work. He opened his book but as soon as she left he closed it, turned around, and started playing with the items on the desk of the girl who sits behind him. I told him to stop. He looked around the room and he then screamed at me ‘NO’. I went to the phone to call to have him removed and no one answered. When he saw this he laughed. I called for my shared aid and she removed him.
He was brought back down to my classroom 30 minutes later after lunch and recess. He then proceeded to email me how horrible and mean I am. Again nothing was done.
I didn’t want to go into work today. I cried the entire way to school. Not because a 10 year old hates me. I don’t care about that. But the fact that nothing was done. Nothing at all. And the best was I later found out, when I called for help and no one answered, they were all sitting around bullshitting watching the phone ring.


DC Challenge 52|| Week 15: A character you’d want to be

 ↳ Wonder Woman (because who doesn’t want to be wonder woman?)


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Um... hi, well I'm a bit new here and I can't see the side bar for what crossovers you do but if you don't do "Free!" then delete this. If you do, then GoM + Kiyoshi, Hanamiya, & Imayoshi with their S/O who's a swimmer (not that a very strong one on the team) so they practice with them. S/O has a meet and places 3rd which they are so happy about and KNB characters are confused why they are pleased with that.

Generation of Miracles

Akashi Seijurou: Akashi is an expert and picking out strengths and weakness and using them to the advantage of the person he trains, but lets you know it’ll be no walk in the park. He has you start with muscle training and increasing your stamina, having you also work on your form as it’s important. He’s not as happy about your third place win as he believed you could’ve gotten higher, and tells you exactly that when you walk up to him after the meet.

Aomine Daiki: Aomine comes to swim with you mostly to keep you company, occasionally racing you across the pool with his own methods (he was as agile in the water as he was on land). He lets you off easy for the most part but asks if you want to be a loser forever, his harsh words kicking you into action. He finds it weird you’re so pleased by third place but doesn’t say anything, watching you carefully to make sure you continued to practice to get to first.

Kise Ryouta: Kise knew a few training methods and moves from back when he tried to join the swim team but found it too boring, agreeing to help you out if it meant that you’d be happier. He enjoys all time spent with you and looks forward to the practices each day, pulling you along when you grew too tired and acting as your driving force when motivation was low. He was confused when you were happy with just third place, asking if that’s all you thought you were worth.

Kuroko Tetsuya: Kuroko thinks that swimming with you and helping you train may be somewhat fun, and agrees on the condition that you don’t give up early on him. He wants you to stay humble while you’re training, even if you’re bad now, he knows what a sudden growth spurt can do. He helps you increase your skill at a steady pace, also proud of you when you reach third place but continuing the training sessions and increasing the intensity to help your skill level.

Midorima Shintarou: Midorima is hesitant to help only because he’s already torn between basketball and maintaining his grades, but finds it near impossible to outright tell you no. He doesn’t spend much time with you in the water but he does come with you as moral support, writing down your progress and telling you when you improved and when you were slacking. He’s displeased with your placement and tells you that he would have to physically train with you now to yield better results, as third place was unacceptable.

Murasakibara Atsushi: Murasakibara enjoys floating around in the water but it tires him out how much more energy you need to put in to smoothly move through it, telling you it’s no wonder you’re not that good at it. He sits on the side and times you as you swim back and forth across the pool, yawning every now and again and mentioning that you’d been there for hours at time. He makes a sour face when he sees that you placed third as he had figured you would win, telling you that it wasn’t worth the energy and sighing as you continued to talk about your ‘so-called’ win.


Hanamiya Makoto: Hanamiya didn’t mind swimming with you purely due to your swimsuit, admiring your legs and body often as he practiced with you. He was also a motivator, refusing to allow you to leave just from a little fatigue and pushing you to your limits to increase your stamina. He’s pleased that you’ve increased your skill but tells you not to stop now, as third was still losing and you needed to aim for first.

Imayoshi Shoichi: Imayoshi smirks as you ask him for help, reminding you that he was more of an expert on basketball, but finds he can’t deny you when you ask him to help. He looks up tips and tricks to increase stamina and muscle in the water, having you do laps around the pool often and treating you much like a captain should with his strictness. He ruffles your hair when you get third place but warns you to not simply accept that, as you deserved first and should snatch it away.

Kiyoshi Teppei: Kiyoshi is pleased that you’re asking him for help though he has to be careful about worsening his knee’s condition; he idles around in the water and does a few exercises with you to build strength, massaging your legs and arms when you’re sore before tossing you back into the water with a loud ‘get back to work!’ He doesn’t have the heart to tell you that third place wasn’t something to be that proud of, but kisses your cheek and decides to tell you the next day to keep training.


They have had sexual tension from the start! Everyone and their dog knows (including Landon, Bill and the writers) that Roman and Peter have the hots for each other. Landon and Bill have both said that the threesome in the 2nd season what mostly for Peter and Roman and Miranda was just a third wheel. (even though she’s the one who initiated it) BUT SERIOUSLY THOUGH. IF THEY DON’T AT LEAST KISS, I WILL THROUGH A HISSY FIT. THEY WOULD MAKE A SEXY COUPLE. AND I DON’T WANT IT TO BE IMPLIED LIKE THE THREESOME WAS. I WANNA SEE THE ACTION. 

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I've noticed that there's always some bullying bitch in a anime and I get frustrated when the protagonist just takes it! Maybe it's just me, but am I the only one who thinks why the protagonist just doesn't, oh I don't know, beat the bully's ass or something? But anyway, I always wanted to know how the GoM + Kagami & Himuro would react to their usually calm girlfriend losing her cool and slapping the life out of a 3rd year chick (bitch) who bullies them and flirts with their man 🐸☕️

Yo forreal though. Thanks for the request!

Kuroko: He would panic a little and tug his girlfriend away despite her protesting. He’d send the nurse to go and check the hall to see if the third year was still there, but he would just let his girlfriend rant to him and buy her a milkshake, letting her cool down on her own.

Kise: Yep. That was definitely the girl who flirts with him being beaten up. And yep, that was his girlfriend who was the one smacking her over and over. He couldn’t get a teacher because then his girlfriend would get in trouble, so he went and split them up himself, dragging his furious girlfriend away and into an empty classroom to let her rant until she was calm again.

Aomine: Aomine would cheer her on. He wasn’t one to get into too many fights himself, but the sight of his normally calm and collected girlfriend beating the shit out of her bully made him proud.

Akashi: He would silently pull his girlfriend away and stay completely quiet until she stopped yelling at him. She eventually got tired and they sat on a bench outside. “Ah, flower… You are quite the tyrant, aren’t you?”

Midorima: He was morally conflicted. He wanted to grab a teacher, but then his girlfriend would get in trouble. After debating with himself he quickly pulled her away and ducked into the nurses office. He sent the school’s doctor to where the third year was and then hid away in an empty classroom with his girlfriend until she calmed down, letting her mangle his lucky item in the process.

Murasakibara: He would pull her away and carry her down the halls despite her protests. He wouldn’t let her go until she calmed down, and then offer her some snacks to make sure she was really in a better mood. He didn’t care that she was in a fight, he just cared about her happiness.

Kagami: The American part of him screamed to let it happen, but then that was overpowered by the feeling of getting her out of there. In American fights, as soon as a teacher showed up, you were doomed. He ducked in and pulled her away, running down the halls gripping her hand despite her angry protesting.

Himuro: Honestly, he wishes he had Murasakibara’s size so he could step in with ease. After a bit of struggling he was able to separate the two. He quickly made sure the third year wasn’t seriously injured before pulling his girlfriend away. He didn’t really mind, to be honest, the third year had it coming to her.


Many of you know that I officially came out on Valentine’s Day. One of the best things about it was the way it enabled me to publicly show support for the people who inspire me and give me courage, and I’m here to do just that tonight for one of my heroes, Laverne Cox.”

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people in 3rd world countries like brazil don't have shoes you arrogant fuck.

First 3rd world is a shitty term.

I mean no one is disputing industrialized countries’ privileges’ and shit or whatever. uhm but … there are definitely people in Brasil who have shoes who know what poverty is. ………….just like there are people in the states who have shoes who know what poverty is. 

But I guess:

Having shoes = Can’t know what poverty is

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whats tmr xmas if you don't mind me asking? sorry to bother you

oh man ok i’ll answer this for newtjpg  and anyone else who wants to know here then

ok so tmrxmas is super rad and if we do it this year it’ll be i think the 3rd annual one i think maybe 4th i’m not totally sure but basically everyone in the fandom makes christmas lists (like fanfic for minewt, graphic of minho, etc. sometimes even real things like christmas cards) and tags it as “tmrwishlist”. people who are participating in tmrxmas go through the lists and pick out things here and there and fulfill for other people and then they tag the person they made the gift for and they also tag “tmrxmas” and it’s just a super cool time of everyone in the fandom coming together and making presents for each other and there’s also a secret santa part where everyone gets a random secret santa and sends them nice anonymous messages until the 25th when they reveal themselves and also give a nice lil present like a graphic or something like that and it’s just super awesome and i love it