i don't know which url to tag so

hey everyone! so recently I just hit a milestone and I’d just like to say a massive THANK YOU to each and everyone of you who have been following me as I only made this blog over a year ago. I can’t believe that you all are following me and I’m absolutely thankful that you actually like having me on your dashes which is pretty mindblowing. I’ve also met some awesome people on here which I’m incredibly lucky to call them my friends. 

So I’ve decided celebrate my milestone by doing  url inspired sets!! Basically, I’ll be creating either edits/gifs/graphics relating to your url (mainly gifs, if I’m really inspired I’ll make a graphic set though)  I’m really hoping this doesn’t flop because 99.99% of my things always does.

Here are the rules if you want one: 

  • must be following me
  • reblog this post (likes don’t count)
  • must have an url that is related to a fandom that I am in. 
  • I will make an exception for my mutuals who don’t have an url that’s related to a fandom that I’m in, so just send me an ask with 💗 and tell me which fandom/character/etc, you’d like (this part is only for my mutuals who don’t have a fandom related url)
  • Please be extremely patient becasue I will only pick the url’s that I am inspired by, but I will most likely try and do everyones. Also I’m a procrastinator so it may take a while. 

Thank you so much again for everything💖 💖 and let’s hope this doesn’t flop because if it does, I’ll be crawling back into my little cave again.  

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i think we need a list of reasons we love charlotte after that cas list 😭😭😫😫


Reasons to love @casthegrumpy​:

  1. Keeps the same url and icon year round
  2. Has a tagging system
  3. Killer sense of humor, dry and salty, almost like beef jerky, absolutely hysterical
  4. One time put my art in the background of her blog, which made me really happy
  6. Sometimes writes fic, is good at it
  7. Loves Castiel and Misha and Jensen and Dean and
  8. Woke
  9. Did I mention that she’s hilarious
  10. So funny
  11. Is actually super nice, I love her so much

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who would you recommend following?

oh man I know I’ll skip over way too many people but? here’s a list 

personal pals: @traumatisedpsycho / @spiritosovrano / @aprehension 

people I see so often on my dash I’ve memorized their URL: @avpdkicking / @boerderline / @borderlinehvppy / @borderlinesilence / @borderlinetraumatized / @bpdhoneyviews / @bpdlils / @bpdrotten / @bpdtransspaceboy / @choosefile / @countingthestars-and-scars / @ghost-of-bpd / @hpdangelic / @humiliated / @kwaiibabe / @theotterandtheborderline / @trauma-rat / @traumatoybox / @waddupbpd

people I see so often in my notes/have interacted with so much I’ve memorized their URL: @unlxckiest / @teenawh / @limerencese / @dottycloud / @procrastinating-writer-rambles

and maybe check the notes on this too, since I have a bit over 900 people following me (which still blows my mind) and I can’t really tag all of them? thank you pal!!

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Hey, for those of you who don't know there is a place where you can blacklist tags on a mobile device, it's called washboard and I use it a lot, so feel free to check that out

So I checked this out for everyone just so y’all know how it works.

First, yes it’s legit lol.

Secondly, when you go to log in, you will need to authorize it access to your Tumblr. What it seems to do is sort of… copy your dashboard?

Here’s what my dash looks like using the washboard url, which once you log in you can find at washboard.ws/dash

So basically, once you make your blacklists, you’ll use your phone to go to washboard.ws/dash INSTEAD of directly browsing Tumblr.com or using the Tumblr app. So it’s not really an app itself, but an alternate way of accessing your dashboard that allows you to blacklist and whitelist stuff.

You can Like and Reblog using this via mobile; I gave it a whirl. 

They also have a tumblr themselves for updates, as recently as April, here: