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You know the i want to die right now~~12seconds later post is a borderline post right? As in it isn't for people who don't have BPD. So please don't? Unless you have BPD, in which case, cool?

Wow it’s almost as if I’m not required to report a detailed list of my psychiatric issues to literally any of you

So the rest of the world likes to shake their heads about America’s obsession with bacon

which, tbh can take on ridiculous forms sometimes.

But do you know who forever forfeited their right to judge other countries on their obsession with meat?

Germany. Home of the Mettigel.

What’s a Mettigel you ask?. Well. Mett is ground porc meat. And an Igel is a hedgehog. So a Mettigel,…

….is THIS abomination…

…that is sometimes served at German parties…

…it has gone out of style a bit in recent years…

….but you still come across it sometimes in the suburbs and the more country/villagey parts of Germany….

And yes. It is just raw meat. With a few spices. Served with onions and bread or pretzels.

so i hit 1k recently and that’s something i never thought i’d get. ever. i’ve been on this website for so long and been through so many different fandoms it’s pretty crazy. anyways i thought to “celebrate” this small milestone i’d do a follow forever to showcase all the amazing people i follow! (which isn’t that many so this is gonna be pretty small whoops)   ♡✧( ु•⌄• )

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And it’s such bullshit, too. “Restrain the dark impulses, see only the beauty.”


Wanda’s ANGRY and rightfully so. FUCK I’M ANGRY ON WANDA’S BEHALF IN LITERALLY EVERY CONTINUITY IN WHICH SHE EXISTS. If I remember right, in Evo, Wanda basically gets to just own being super pissed off, which good god, what a breath of fresh air. (And I may be misremembering, well see.) Still this just smacks the hell out of so many of my buttons.

Kids are wronged, and they’re allowed to be furious about it.

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i'm white and i want to know how i can be more inclusive. any advice?

If you have second thoughts, don’t do it. 

If you want characters that are POC, ask POC people to do them for you. If If there’s no one available, maybe it’s not the right time yet. The point is to get them more involved. encourage POC rpers and cosplayers. 

Whitewashing is the most discouraging thing, which is what really compelled me to start up a discussion in the first place.

I hope you read this with an image of a fist slamming on a table between sentences because i practically typed it like that lol

Hope this helps!!

I’m seeing so many people who are mad at Hansol because they stayed up all night for his dance video which is taking a lot of time to upload.

No one forced you to stay up. If you’re so tired, go to sleep and don’t be mad at Hansol. The video will be there when you’ll wake up, just go to sleep.

Amazing how everyone is so ready to call out clarke yet i didn’t see anyone calling out Luna for wavering to use her blood to save EVERYONE

(note that I know it’s HER choice 

note that I know she might worry how it works

yet, there are moral things around Clarke’s choice too

and yet i still didn’t see one single person calling out Luna too


It’s 4am over here and I’m waiting for my rendering process to finish, so I tried to preoccupy myself.

Meet a new Ninjago OC of mine: Leyla 

She got introduced in my recent fic(except as a child), Ninja Never Quit, which takes place 400 years after the show. If you haven’t read it yet, here’s a link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12370701/1/Ninja-Never-Quit


Age: 16

Element: Energy

Ancestor: Lloyd Garmadon

Likes: Cooking, Video Games, Reading Ancient Texts

Dislikes: Bugs, Singing (Because she’s tone deaf)

Attitude: Can be temperamental, mother hen of the group, can be a perfectionist, much to the frustration of her teammates

I tried to give her gi a more modern and streamline look (though i don’t know if i’m satisfied or…). The symbol on her shoulders is from Lloyd’s gi, showing a snake eating it’s own tail. 

Finn : a complexe, well-rounded, loveable black character

Hux : a white guy we saw 3 minutes in the movie, who said 3 lines, so 
insignificant I didn’t even remember he was there after seeing the movie 

Happy birthday @nightsofllyn, you beautiful enabler and wonderful writer and friend <3 You’re to blame for the beast that this AU has become in my head so here’s my gift back to you for that, stay beautiful and have the best birthday ever <3

Masterpost of Cryptic Shit from The Adventure Zone

Because damn Griffin’s given us a lot of mysteries to work with. (Excerpts from the show under the cut.)

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for your own peace of mind, maybe dont pay too close attention to the lyrics of some christmas songs.

this is the christmas card im sending out. steve didnt know what text i was gonna put behind it when he drew the picture.

(You can get this on redbubble!)

and it turns out that clint, who has been humming christmas carols for weeks now, doesnt actually know any of the real lyrics, and has just been making them up as he goes along. this is his latest masterpiece:

Winter Soldier’s Gunnin’ You Down (To the tune of Santa Claus is Coming to Town)

You better watch out, you better not cry

You’ll probably bleed out, I’m tellin’ you why

Winter Soldier’s gunnin’ you down

He’s got a hit list, he’s starting a fight

He’s clenching his fist, it’s shiny and bright

Winter Soldier’s gunnin’ you down!

He sees you when you’re sleeping

He knows when you’re awake

His aim is really fucking good and he’s gonna assassinate

You better watch out, you better not cry

You’ll probably bleed out, I’m tellin’ you why

Winter Soldier’s gunnin’ you down

He’s yanking out wheels and firing guns

If you were smart you’d probably run

Winter Soldier’s gunning you down!

Winter Soldier’s gunning you down!


I’ve been working on a post about this sort of thing for a while but then RM knocked it out of the park on Twitter, not unexpectedly, so.

ETA: @lettersfromtitan​, THAT’s your Tumblr handle! I knew I followed you but I couldn’t remember the name.

Yuri!!! on Ice episode 10 preview: “I’m giving you something round and gold”
me: Okay, so are they saying “round and gold” to trick us into thinking it’s a wedding ring, but it’s actually a medal…
me: …or, are they saying “round and gold” to trick us into thinking it’s a medal, but it’s actually a wedding ring???

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soulmate au where you have the name of your soulmate scribed on your body bUT

It’s their middle name