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Dear harmos,

Please don’t ruin this for Mani by saying insane things and alienating her fanbase from the others. She needs all the support she can get and it needs to come by way of her dancing prowess and overall presence on the show. You can be supportive of Normani without demeaning other people’s favorites okay?




I SPENT WAY TOO MUCH TIME ON THIS but anyways, this is my presentation on why you should get into Folklore if you haven’t done so already. This game is very near and dear to my heart, and the fact that Cryaotic is playing it makes me want to explain exactly why this game is so great. (Psst: here’s a youtube playlist with the awesome Folklore OST if you want to have a listen.)

A note about tagging stuff related to Folklore - you can use folklore (game) or folkssoul / folksoul (which is the Japanese name). The fandom has been small for a while, so we always love more fans!

What the…? How Shaladin ships are “toxic and abusive”…? I am so done - you casually go into newest “Shance” tag to see some fluff and you get smashed in the face with some nonsense like this.

I haven’t even bothered to cover the username, I don’t see the point. Whatever.

I want to know in which way Shaladin ships are so TOXIC and ABUSIVE.

It’s just that “stop hating on rick he’s trying his best” makes it sound like he’s some kid trying to learn how to ride a bike and we’re making fun of him for falling off. as if he’s reading our blogs and crying himself to sleep at night on his bed of money that we as his consumers gave him. as if us complaining that his comments were lesbophobic and biphobic is somehow bullying like we’re making fun of his hair and the way he smells. We’re literally (mostly) just teenagers ranting on our personal blogs about a man who told us he’d do better than his predecessors and then ignored us when he messed up. We are not hurting his reputation (which u all defend so valiantly), his wealth, or even his ego. He’s not reading our blogs and he obviously doesn’t care that we’re upset. Ur defending nothing and sending vitriolic messages to us in the name of nothing. But have fun on ur pedestal of superiority where u can wave around how much better u are than us for praising allies as our saviors and sending hate to people who are, ya know, actually effected by it rather than a middle aged man who won’t remember this come his next paycheck.

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Is there a snack you like to eat while writing?

Usually Oxygen but no, not really.

What time of day do you usually write?

I used to write at night like really late at night but since I discovered that night time is meant for sleeping and I started using it for that, I write usually during afternoons or evenings or while the night is still young.

Where do you write?

On a bed. Anyone’s for that matter and not necessarily my own.

How often do you write a new thing?

As often as I want to.

Do you listen to music while you write?

I like to concentrate while writing, so, nope.

Paper or laptop?

My love and I have a connection which makes it easier for words to flow, so it’s always my dear laptop.

Do you have a special pre-writing ritual?

Yeah like, umm…, oh wait, no I don’t.

What do you do to get into the writing?

It just happens, I guess.

Do you have a reward system for word counts?

Before this question, I‘ve never even thought about word count.

Is there anything else about your writing process your readers don’t know about?

I use a secret word processor which the world does not know about yet but you know what I’ll reveal the secret today.
It’s called MS Word.

Now I think they know everything.

Tagging everyone who would like to do this. Please do tag me if you do this, I’d love to read your answers :)

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I'm absolutely confused about antis. I'm again in the ygo fandom and I've seen I kid you not no antis tearing puzzleshipping apart, that ship should be the pinnacle of problematic! A friendly anonymous user looked in the anti tags to just check if antis exist they found nothing! Antis definitely exist in the ygo fandom but how was this ship ignored!? I love this ship but I'm honestly very shocked! This is a considered healthy ship in the ygo fandom even by the people who don't like it!

Alright, here’s another hot take that might get me labeled unsavory, but I believe I know the answer.

The YGO fandom in the US dates to 2001-2002, which was a far more innocent time for fandom in general. The social justice excuse was never used to prop up a ship, so people had to look to the show to figure out what made sense and what didn’t. Essentially, people didn’t use the excuses the Voltron “fandom” (I question if these people are even fans of the show sometimes) did and by the time they came around, opinions were far too entrenched to be changed.

Voltron unfortunately was made in a post Steven Universe and a post Korra world, with the downside of using the same animation studio as Korra despite not sharing the same writers (to the series’ eternal benefit). These fans are rabid because they have been shown that yes, the show will pander to minority groups for social justice brownie points, and that fan opinion could sway romance.

This disregards three things:

1 - Neither of those two shows are driven by boy targeted merchandise. Voltron is and is selling giant robot toys like it’s the 80’s again.

2. Korra only made its same sex pairing canon in the last 16 seconds of the show, which is why I will always dismiss it as a cheap attention ploy.

3. Steven Universe has become an example of how a fandom shouldn’t act.

That said, I get why people are defensive of what is rare representation, but it doesn’t excuse the actions of the fanbase.

tl;dr: Puzzleshipping comes from a healthier fanbase during a simpler time, before entitlement took hold. The show proves it isn’t an evil thing.

English Rose pt. 1 [Spencer Reid]

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Spencer x fem!reader

Summary // Spencer and Y/N have been together for a while and have some normal relationship struggles and some other a bit more abnormal

A/N // So this is inspired by the song English Rose by Ed Sheeran so if you listen to that it might make  a little more sense, stand alone it’s a bit odd. Either way, I decided this in 3rd person as it’s my most comfortable POV to write in and yeah that’s it, I hope you enjoy it :)

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“You know the science isn’t right, it’s far more complicated.” Spencer said and Y/N chuckled with a smile as she picked up the remote.

“I’m sure you’re right love, still It’s a boring show and it doesn’t really matter if its facts are correct then or not, doesn’t cure boredom.” He had always loved her English accent and still did, despite having been in the US since she was five she refused to change the way she spoke, insisting that since English originated from England, she was saying them the right way, it was a little stubborn but he loved her accent so he didn’t mind it.

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I feel bad because I'm a TSC and Shadowhunters blog, but I don't know what the specified "book tags" and "show tags" are, and I see a ton of people getting mad that there are show things in the book tags, and I'm probably contributing to that. Could you help me out with which tags are specifically book tags? Thank you so much!


when making tags for a tv show post, just use tags of things that are in the show. not “the dark artifices” and “the shadowhunter chronicles” and “kierark”

don’t tag books out of the mortal instruments series like “lord of shadows” and “lady midnight”

its obv. 100% ok to tag “malec” and “sizzy” and all the characters that have been introduced in the show 

us book fans just don’t want our book tags to be flooded with tv content

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I don't really ship pidge and hunk romantically but you guys really missed the opportunity to call the ship Punk

I only really ship it platonically, but I know, 99.9% of hidge shippers already know about punk. The reason most of us don’t call it that is because searching that tag will not get us hidge because there is already a thing called punk and we would just get aesthetic posts instead of hidge posts. Because of this, its best to get in the habit of calling the ship hidge since that’s a more unique name which will make tag searching easier. Same reason why people don’t search the tag “forest fire” for kidge art, you’d just get images of plants on fire. Trust me, we know about punk

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why use the terms mtf and ftm? they're pretty grossly cissexist and basically define trans men and women as these "inbetweens" who aren't really their gender. i know some trans people use them, but that's usually out of ignorance or a lack of confidence in their identity - that's why i did it. i feel it's more useful to help people understand that they don't have to put themselves down or prescribe to cissexist ideas of gender (which we all have to unlearn, not just those who use the term).

Charlie says:

yes, I agree with a lot of this!! As far as I know we aren’t actively using those words, as they’re outdated.  However, it isn’t our place to tell askers how to classify themselves so we don’t say anything but tag the label.  Thank you for providing your insight, it’s definitely true that a lot of us have internalized cissexism, whether subconscious or not.

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does your environmental science work ever influence your writing? 🤔

You know the funny thing is, I started working on Star Stuff, and thus the series of my current wip, back when I was a biochem major, not an environmental science major. But after I changed my mind and my major, I decided that for my senior honors project, I was going to write an environmentally based novel.

And I did. I wrote an entire draft. But after it was all over, I hated it. I pushed it aside to work on my current wip, but I kept the idea, poking and prodding at it every once in a while. And that idea has evolved into the current form of Echoes of Earth, which will be an environmentally based, post-apocalyptic fantasy story (a mouthful, really). I’m excited to write it and I feel like it’s something I really need to write, but right now I am so focused on finishing Star Glow that I can’t get sidetracked.

In the Star universe, there’s not a lot of room to fit environmental stuff in- since Earth has very little to do with the story. But I am trying to fit at least a background sense of alien cultures that do respect the natural world- or don’t, and make sure that it’s obvious that’s bad.

This has been a long answer to your question (I like being long-winded a lot of times if you can’t tell). The short answer is yes, it does! And will even more as I get into other stories that focus on that more than my current project does. Once I finally finish a complete draft of Star Glow, Echoes of Earth is the next thing on my list.

Thank you so much for your ask!

hopping on the 'omgcp characters as things ive done' bandwagon
  • bitty: power walked to the corner store at 10pm to buy marshmallows so i could try out the recipe idea i'd just had in the shower
  • jack: forgot the english word for baking soda and called it bicarbonate de soude throughout a conversation about baking, with increasing anger as people laughed at me
  • shitty: prevented a dispute over costume changing areas in my theatre group by putting on a pretty dress and distracting everyone mid- half-naked yelling with the power of crossdressing
  • ransom: was so infamously gay for a particular fictional character that people (mostly online friends but also a couple strangers) actually wrote fanfic/rpf about me with him, still easily findable through the tag system if you know what the ship name was
  • holster: was forced into choir for a year and hated the teacher so much, i did the "call them by the wrong name to show them you don't care" thing, but i used "treble cleff" which was similar to her name and pretended it was a cute music nickname, became her favourite student for it
  • lardo: bought 3 sets of mannequin legs, 1 torso, and a singular arm from a clothing store that was going out of business, made them installation pieces in my house
  • chowder: bought an entire teddy bear because it was wearing canucks (my home team) gear, no other reason, and snapchatted it staged in various situations for days
  • nursey: decided i didn't like the slam poem i was meant to perform on the day of the competition, wrote an entirely new poem from the POV of mickey mouse and memorised it in 2 hours, proceeded to almost blow out my voice practicing my falsetto
  • dex: found out i fit in a rubbermaid box in my classroom, climbed in during break & shut the lid, stayed in it for so long the teachers thought i was missing, was required to do a psych eval because of it
  • tango: doodled instead of paying attention in math class and i was trying and failing to draw a spider web so when the teach asked "any questions" i said "how do you draw a spider web" and she immediately turned around and drew one on the board for me like "are you getting this" and i was like "thanks" and went back to drawing as she slowly realised that was not a math question
  • whiskey: participated in a day of silence event but i was never given the official mask for it so i just duct taped my mouth shut instead
  • kent: got engaged at 17 after proposing to my best friend over text message because we both have a 'live fast die young' mentality and believe that we'll never get married any other way, now we're planning the wedding in earnest

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Don't tag "unreality". You can't be "triggered" by "unreality".

I’m sorry if that last message was harsh, but the misuse of “triggered” is something I’m strongly against. The word he’s looking for is “ANNOYED”. 

(i’m replying to both asks in one post, assuming both are from the same person?)

we’ll tag whatever people ask us to tag, it’s as simple as that. anything can be a trigger, especially something like unreality which can easily mess with mentally ill people. 

and secondly, i don’t think you can really tell if someone is “misusing” triggered? you don’t know what’s happening on the other side of the screen, so i’d rather not invalidate other people’s triggers.

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Okay but I know there's a story about the transcendent power but ever-present mortality of saints or something in the tag "#tHE PROBLEM WITH SAINTS THOUGH" , please don't leave me hanging.

It’s actually just wizzard’s tag, but I’ve always preferred it as a title for Margaret Atwood’s “The Saints”—

The saints cannot distinguish
between being with other people and being
alone: another good reason for becoming one.

They live in trees and eat air.
Staring past or through us, they see
things which we would call not there.
We on the contrary see them.

They smell of old fur coats
stored for a long time in the attic.
When they move they ripple.
Two of them passed here yesterday,
filled and vacated and filled
by the wind, like drained pillows
blowing across a derelict lot,
their twisted and scorched feet
not touching the ground,
their feathers catching in thistles.
What they touched emptied of colour.

Whether they are dead or not
is a moot point.
Shreds of they litter history,
a hand here, a bone there:
is it suffering or goodness
that makes them holy,
or can anyone tell the difference?

Though they pray, they do not pray
for us. Prayers peel off them
like burned skin healing.
Once they tried to save something,
others or their own souls.
Now they seem to have no use,
like the colours on blind fish.
Nevertheless they are sacred.

They drift through the atmosphere,
their blue eyes sucked dry
by the ordeal of seeing,exuding gaps in the landscape as water
exudes mist. They blink
and reality shivers.

can someone explain to me why people are always using the “ but that’s his great grand father ” argument against panry shippers when this is a stupid plot twist that at least half of the ouat fandom chose to ignore, not only us ?