i don't know whether there will be part two

Anon: can we discuss kook/min’s size difference lately?? jimin’s tiny in general but seeing him next to jungkook, someone 2 years his junior, looking so petite and delicate gives me such intense feels omg!! like during bts gayo track, maybe it was jungkook’s sweater that made him look bigger but jimin looked so small and precious, i wanted to cry omg.. btw i love u and ur my favorite kook/min shipper~ <3            

Anon: Ugh, I might be stupid right now, but looking at kook/min sitting next to each other yesterday, all warm, they looked so much like a couple 😭😭😭 a beautiful one, let me say that.            

I want to compile an anthology on Kook/min’s size difference. It’s that cute and important to me. Just look at this chemistry:

The first two pictures aren’t recent (obviously) but I needed to put it there. I for sure thought there would be less of a size difference if JK took off his jacket or sweater. I was wrong. But do you know what’s the best part about all this? Jungkook is getting buffer.. 

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you see a lot of women who detransitioned or who are terfs denying the existence of non binary identities? in a previous post i saw you mentioned the word "reidentified"? does that mean you do acknowledge there being more than two genders? i myself am very confused atm why i'm non binary but for societies sake i don't mind being seen as a gender non conforming female.

Reidentified means someone who formerly identified as trans, but didn’t transition medically. Most detransitioned/reidentified people I know are gender abolitionists. Gender is the set of behaviors, presentation, personality traits etc assigned to someone based on whether they’re born male or female. It’s not an inborn part of a person’s identity, it’s socially constructed. There’s only two gender roles because you’re assigned one or the other based on sex, and nonbinary identities are a mix of the two, not their own things.  Even intersex people are assigned male or female, in fact the AMAB/AFAB terminology is appropriated from intersex experience so people who aren’t intersex shouldn’t use them.  “TERFs” don’t “deny” the existence of nonbinary genders, we’re not in favor of any genders existing at all. The main reason I feel this way is that the female gender role is deliberately designed to oppress females while the male gender role benefits males. Basically, gender encourages misogyny by implying that “feminine” traits like being docile, not taking up space, taking care of men and wearing uncomfortable/revealing clothes are innately part of being a woman and are part of our brains, rather than behaviors that are forced upon us. So to answer your question, no.

Christmas Shopping W/ RFA!

// Chisa here!! :D I haven’t written anything for a while so here you go!! // 

Jumin: Will probably be the one and only one paying for the presents when he’s with you (because he insists XD). Will have hired guards carrying the bags and bags of Christmas presents for everyone. You’ll probably have to sneak out someday when he has a shit load of meetings to get him a present and hide it under your bed. He will probably get a bunch of stuff for you for Christmas :D (eg. if you’re into art, he’s going to get you a bunch of art supplies you’ve been wanting for a while!) 

Zen: Will be a gentleman and help you carry most of the presents, but you keep insisting and telling him not to. So you guys end up spending minutes rambling on who should carry the presents XD. In the end, he wins and he helps you carry some of the presents. (Because you forcefully stole some from him and kept telling him you’ll be fine carrying them). You guys will give each other time to prepare each other’s Christmas presents separately~ 

Yoosung: He’s such a sweetheart :3 But he’s probably the type to procrastinate on Christmas shopping, ”Because of this LOLOL Christmas event!”. He’ll be panicking and worrying whether you would like the gifts he prepared for you secretly :) He’ll take his time choosing the gifts for the RFA members and make sure they will like it XDD

Luciel: When the two of you go out to get the RFA members’ Christmas gifts, you guys will somehow be in the malls in the weirdest times possible? Either early in the morning (before university) or before the mall closes? Because “there’s too many people during rush hourssss~” 


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Thunderbolts #11 Gives Bucky a Chance to Change His Past
Bucky confronts the truth about Steve Rogers and what led to becoming the Winter Soldier! Marvel Comics' Thunderbolts #11 by Jim Zub & Jon Malin.

“Thunderbolts'” exciting new arc, “Return of the Masters,” continues next week with Part Two: “Chance of a Lifetime.”

Charged with the task of guarding the sentient Cosmic Cube known as Kobik, Bucky is unaware that the Red Skull has already convinced her to rewrite history so that Captain America believes he’s an undercover Hydra agent. After a near fatal encounter with Baron Zemo, an injured and dying Bucky agrees to let Kobik set things right. Bucky then wakes up in the past as his younger self in World War II, with a chance to fix everything. Will he survive the experience?

Marvel Comics has provided CBR with your exclusive first look at “Thunderbolts” #11, brought to you by writer Jim Zub (“Samurai Jack”) and artists Jon Malin, Matt Yackey and Joe Sabino, in stores March 29th 2017!

Thunderbolts #11

  • (W) Jim Zub (A & CA) Jon Malin
  • Past and present collide as Bucky Barnes confronts the truth about Steve Rogers and the destructive path that led to becoming the Winter Soldier. “Return of the Masters” continues!
  • Rated T
  • In Shops: March 29th, 2017

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I really liked the undercover cop story. It was adorable. If you are inclined/ in the mood (cause I know how much writing is mood influenced) I would really appreciate it if you would do a part two where the two actually go out. Whether you do or don't I hope you have a great day.

Anon said: There needs to be more undercover asap

Let me get right on that. How’s this:

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A lot of people keep saying this is not our lives, and so it is not our place to feel bad about it. I get that and mostly these stunts don't get to me. But sometimes I can't stop feeling sad about it. Even if they are okay with it, even if they know their end game, regardless of whether they get along with the 'girlfriends' or not, it's just sad. It's sad that two boys can't still just be with each other publicly and still have to do these things, and not be able to enjoy their break

I see absolutely nothing wrong with what you said here. Like…no, it’s not our place to turn everything into an angst fest on their part, but there is also NOTHING wrong with having sympathy for their situation and being upset that any of this nasty is necessary in the first place.

I don’t see why you can’t say that you feel bad that they have to do this and that you wish they didn’t have to. Obviously their lives aren’t ours but a little sympathy (or empathy, depending on your own situation) never killed anyone.