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You know, when you find out Jensen is detained and will only be there for a minute and then Misha has to leave, you feel sad that the Cockles will be so minimal.

And yet.


Of the two minutes of screen time they shared…Jensen just couldn’t control himself.  As usual.

God bless Jensen Ackles’ lack of self-control around Misha Collins.

Or is it simply the ease and comfort of being around a loved one?

Holy moly am I all about her

It snowed here recently, and I was the first to make footprints in the snow going to my car. Today when I came home I realized that she, too, had come and gone but I didn’t realize what happened until I looked down.
There over my footprints were hers. Instead of making her own path she has been tracking over mine to and from her car all day. Gosh. It’s like she noticed that’s where I have been so she wants to be there too even if it’s just footprints and I love her so much you guys I’m so thankful.

More Miraculous Ladybug thoughts...

4. I like that Ladybug’s powers include fixing all the damage in Paris after a fight. I hate hate hate the superhero trope where the citizens turn against their beloved superheros because of all the damage caused by saving their asses. (The only exception being The Incredibles which pokes fun at this trope and is great.) So I’m glad Miraculous Ladybug included a solution to this from the get go.

5. (((SPOILER?))) There’s an episode where Chat Noir is in Marinette’s house and he looks wistfully at her family photo. I’ve seen Marichat shippers speculating about this, but I saw it as his longing for a normal, loving family. My poor child. ;3;

6. I want Chat Noir to find out Ladybug’s identity first and then act really awkward around Marinette and avoid her at school while he tries to process his feelings about it. Marinette thinks she did something to make Adrien hate her, but can’t figure out what it is and is totally crushed. This is my one miracu-trash wish. I have pretty much written a fic in my head complete with an akuma scenario to put this in motion and I hate myself.

7. The whole “ship war” thing is hysterically funny to me.

lymensg asked:

Will you read Winter of Winter First or watch Season 6 first...? I don't know what to do... I think i'll wait for the book.

Just so you know, I don’t watch GoT at all anymore, and blacklist as much as I can about it. But you decide what you like.

     — listen i don’t wanna tell you how to live your life, but…… basically all the finn & rey moments were some of the most touching and romantic movie moments in all of 2015? and people are out here like ‘no she just thinks of like a brother’??? i don’t know how you look at your brothers but boy i hope it’s not how rey looks at finn

i mean i talk a lot about finn/rey/poe and finn/poe but. seriously. finnrey is a majestic and tender and heartwarming thing and i would physically fight someone over it to become canon

so today is quite possibly the hardest I’ve had in years. here come the fears i thought I’d woken up to. here come all the ways i break and leave marks. i don’t know where to go, but i don’t have the energy to at all right now on my own. i’m going to be okay. i just don’t know where to go. thank you all for just being here, for whatever reason you are/continually stay.

I actually do not know oodles about the knights of Ren,but I had this humorous concept of Hux suddenly revealing he was some sort of sleeper knight of Ren all along. He had ample clothes to hide under.

Snokes secret babysitter. Stuck with kylo, poor Hux.

ah well, just have a sketch regardless. I may do a full view of this cause damn, Hux would make the stingiest most cold hearted, majestic Knight.


(( Here is the new prompt-ish)) 

Jim walks down the length of the dark alley, watching and waiting for a sign, the all-clear. 

He’s in Paris for a job. He takes out his phone and dials Sebastian. 

/ring–ring–ring—ring— voicemail/ 

he hangs up. - fuck- why won’t he answer my calls? 

he re-dials 

/ring —ring—ring—ring–voicemail/ 

“Stop dodging my calls. This is important. I need you Sebastian. 

This is Jim by the way….”

The line clicks and he hangs up. 

It’s by the third meeting that Danny notices that eager-faced freshman sitting in the middle row.

There isn’t anything that’s very remarkable about her, Danny thinks. Regular features, satisfactory answers during recitations, and Danny doesn’t think she has seen her around in any of the university events so that girl probably isn’t the socializing type either.

All in all, a pretty average girl.

And yet, there’s something about the way this girl looks at her.

It takes Danny two more meetings before she figures it out.

Ah, this girl has a crush on her. It makes Danny smile. She’s been on the receiving end of a lot of those, and she supposes it’s mostly because of her dominating the school’s athletic events three years in a row now. Still, it’s always a pleasant surprise whenever it happens.

And Danny is totally not a flirt or anything, but she always makes it a point to not be a jerk to those who like her. So she’d smile back and wave whenever any of those smitten girls or boys would stutter out a hello, or thrust some handmade chocolates or cookies to her face.

So it’s, you know, part of her usual routine to toss a smile to this freshman who, by the way, seems totally unaware of how much she’s staring at Danny.

Whatever, it’s cute.

And when this girl hangs around after class one day, Danny thinks making small talk won’t hurt. So she asks the girl about her favourite book since it is a Lit class and the girl mashes together three titles in her attempt to answer Danny’s question.

Danny laughs and the poor girl looks like she wants the earth to open up and swallow her whole. Her face has turned into a bright red shade and Danny thinks she looks so adorable.

“Do you want to grab some pie?”

He shrugs. “Who knows? Maybe he’ll let you in on those elusive real estate deals.”

“Shut up,” Sharpe says. “I do not have time for this.”

“Yeah, can’t delay those villainous threats any longer. Let’s get started already.”

“This is not a joke. I told you there would be repercussions if you didn’t listen to my warnings, and now–”

“Hey, look, that’s not entirely my fault!” he yells defensively. “Taking a bullet to the head always messes up my memory.”

“Shall we remind you of why you were shot in the head?”

“That wasn’t my fault either. Dude. Your description fit both of the guys, how was I supposed to know you wanted me to knock the other one off? Guys in tuxedoes always look the same.”

Sharpe scowls at him, dropping the briefcase onto a nearby table with a heavy thud. “You provoked one of the biggest crime lords in the city to send his personal militia to my doorstep! You have no idea how much it cost me to smooth things over again, and–” He cuts himself off and shakes his head, turning to look down at the table. 

“But let’s not get into a petty argument,” he says. “There are weightier things at hand. Now, if you had turned up yesterday, we’d have quite a mess on our hands by now. I’m very interested to see how you’d handle C4. But that will have to wait, because, you see, yesterday I received a visit from a certain gentleman wondering about you. I didn’t know where you were, of course, but he was kind enough to let me know that there would be a reward should you decide to turn up. And now you have! Thank you.” He smiles appreciatively. “Apparently I’m not the first person you’ve cheated. Fancy that. Ran off with someone else’s mutant not too long ago, didn’t you? I didn’t think I’d be fortunate enough to catch up with you again, much less the other mutant.”

He turns his smile to Charlie. “I’m so glad you could join us.”

artazen asked:

To add onto your thinky thoughts about slash fic, it's also been proposed that slash fic is a way for women to explore a masculine relationship wheiren both parties are equal. Meaning that m/f relationships in media are usually portrayed unequal/patriarchal, favoring the man, so women in response want to see men in relationships where this aspect isn't present. So slash fic could be not only from the lack of female characters shown in media, it also could be from a lack of healthy relationships

Yeah, that makes sense. That’s why I wondered, if we had real character parity, where women as characters are truly interesting and well-developed and the tension they have with other characters is well-developed, what else might change.

I mean the other ugly possibility is that it’s basic, garden variety misogyny and we just don’t like reading about or thinking about the lives of women and would prefer to create a fantasy world where they don’t exist. But I hope that isn’t the case.

I have the weird experience of not being heterosexual (and not personally very interested in male bodies, as it happens) but having written quite a lot of (not un-explicit) m/m fanfiction off and on for well over a decade. But when I write original stories in these last few years, they’re always about women. Actually the one I’m working on now is absolutely stuffed with women. Every character I’m bothering to flesh out is female. And I didn’t actually notice that outrageous disparity until yesterday. I prefer to write about women given the choice, but in media terms the only ships that really appeal to me are between men. That seems weird to me.

Well hello there, Tumblr-as-therapist! I hope you’re well!