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Your Guys’ Dance Headcanons!

I’m so sorry this took so long for me to make, but here are the amazing answers you guys had to this post!

@thecosmicchick answered: tbh probably lance- since he most likely has latino blood in him, i can see him attempting to charm space babes with his sick moves.

@minniethemoocherda answered: I Imagine that Hunk would be really good at ballet dancing or ballroom dancing. But Lance would know like every kind of dance whether he was any good at them or not from Salsa to break dancing to the characteristics cha slide.

@theimaginatorifunny answered: Alura and Coran are best at ballroom dancing (duh), Shiro just does little boogies when he feels a good beat, Lance does energetic choreography, Pidge is a bit more of the robot/breakdance person, Hunk’s excellent at jitterbug, and Kieth slow dances.

@therainbowgorilla reblogged this and added: Depends on the dance. Pidge, to their dismay, is amazing at Squaredancing. They were dragged to it as a kid by her family…

@sparklyglittercannon answered: Lance likes to think he’s the best dancer, but Shiro is secretly the best at dancing - to be specific, waltzing. He’s a charmer that one. (also a litte extra: while he was abducted, he danced with the other prisoners to lighten up the mood!)

@milkyskies answered: God I just imagine them being awkward as all heck on the dance floor with Keith being the worst. Lance would probably be the best at just jamming but would still look like a good cos he goes so hard.

@astromancer reblogged this and added: Lance is the best at just dancing like at a party or club but Allura and Coran are trained in like classic ballroom…

@caseadeacass reblogged this and added: Um, I’m no dancing expert, but here are my headcanons Lance: He is the Salsa Master™. That and pretty much any Latin…

@linette-kingsley answered: i cannot get the idea of shiro square dancing out of my head. i dont even have any defense i just. square dancing. why.

@bluelightningbug answered: keith can do really cool break dancing with flips and splits. lance attempts them with disastrous results. hunk does the macarena. pidge does the robot. allura and coran watch in mute horror.

@spiderdreamer-blog answered: Lance in my mind is the best dancer out of all of them because he’s so limber and adaptable. Any style you throw at him, he’ll pick it up quickly (actually playing with this in a fic I’m writing). Though he’s really big on 80s dance movie style.

@thegreatphoenixflame reblogged this and added: Coran can do a mean funky chicken

@my-insanity-is-an-artform answered: I would go for a tie between Hunk with Russian Folk dancing and Keith with Swing dancing. Conran is a close second with a traditional Altean ballroom dancing (He teaches Lance on the down low).

@kris-the-kraken answered: Everyone is saying really well thought out stuff but I just wanted to say that Pidge can do The Robot.  

@professionaltsundere answered: I really like the idea or Allura knowing a type of Altean dancing meant for combat where you distract your opponents and make them lower their guard. She later teaches it to Keith to assist with his close combat fighting style!

@indecisive-author answered: This is my time to shine! Alright, Lance took salsa classes as a kid and right up until he went to the Garrison, he doesn’t think it’s manly so he doesn’t tell anyone. But he can still dance extremely well and often does alone and in the shower.

@yumberry answered: lance is obviously KILLER at salsa and ballroom dancing

@firefaerie81 answered: Oooh, I kinda like the idea of Allura being good at a sort of ballet-like Altean dance style.    

I love all of these and I’m so sorry it’s taken so long!! Thank you for all of your amazing answers, from break dancing all the way to country dancing!