i don't know where all these selfies are coming from

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How did you learn to pose so well out of cosplay, for regular photos and selfies and such? I've always wanted to learn the best ways to pose/dress for my body so I can look my best, but I don't know where to start learning! I like how I look in the mirror and then I go to take a photo and I look gross. Does it just come with practice?


Put on some good music, clear your phone, pic a cute outfit and then JUST TAKE MILLION GAZILLION PHOTOS. 

Take them all from the right, then 3/4′s turn, then the front. High and Low angles on each quarter turn. Try EVERYTHING. No one will see the photos but you anyway. Get to know your face. Are your cheeks too chubby for a profile view? (3/4s is your go too!) Nose too big for a full frontal? (tilt your chin up to make it seem shorter!)  

Here’s some basic model tips though.: 

-EXAGGERATE. It feels dumb when you stretch your neck out and cock your hips really far but it looks AWESOME on camera. The camera has a way of diminishing the real life image, so you gotta balance it our by being dramatic. 

Above my hips are actually WAY COCKED, my butt is pushed backward and my thighs apart. My neck is stretched way to the front and low. This is a DUMB POSE in person, but on camera the action is minimized. 

- Try and face the light, ALWAYS (*unless you want to hide something.) If the light is making your dress/body look frumpy, counter angle every way you can until it looks right. Generally you want NO SHADOWS on FLAT surfaces, including your face. So either put your face all in shadow, or all in the light and then move your body until its right too. 

See what I did there? HUHUHRHRHU. I lost like 2 pounds by pushing my butt backward and my ‘pooch’ and hips out of the light. 


Practice practice practice. Sooner or later you’ll have some standard poses you use every time that you can rely on. 

Mine is the half head turn, chin down, hand on head, hip cock to one side. 


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Hey, have you seen Zayn's last selfie on his instagram? Where you can see a drawing of P and her mom on the wall behind him? I think it's the same drawing from this photo onedirectionholland(.)blogspot(.)gr/2014/01/zayn-with-his-cousins(.)html?m=1 and it wasn't in the same place. I don't really know the purpose of this whole private instagram account thing so unless this drawing is moving by itself, I think they'll try to promote Zerrie. They have a single coming up after all...

yeah i saw a post about it

they are doing everything to show that zerrie are in trouble

so first zayn tweets

and then little mix retweet

so now that they  have our attention now that little mix retweet now that was already clear that the twitter of zayn was zerrie it’s showtime

so zayn tweet this

and then perrie

we all knowing wrecking ball is the song that talks about the separation of miley and liam,and a publishes separation, from two young famous people who were engaged

so when this happens

and this

 is not coincidental and not a random choice

about the drawing that is what detects that they want to show that everything is not beautiful on zerrie at the moment

we have zayn’s birthday zayn smile with his cousins and the image of perrie e her mom behind,the representation that all is good on zayn’s life

and now we have a serious zayn with the image of Perrie and her mom covered,representation that not everything is good on zayn’s life

so…i think probably they will continue making people ask themself if zerrie end or not

and in a few days

so many people will watch because we know that the question about zerrie will come and then we will see what the next step to zerrie end or not?