i don't know when we're leaving to go home my brother hasn't texted me

It's a Twin Thing : Harry Styles

Rose is a High School student in her senior year. She’s head cheerleader, has good grades, and the hottest boyfriend, the school’s badboy, Harry Styles. But when Harry finds out his nerdy twin brother Marcel fancies Rose, what will Harry do to help out his brother?

‘Babe, I can’t come over tonight. I have lots of studying to do, and you should have too.’ Rose was adamant she wasn’t going to Harry’s, but she knew he would wear her down. She did her best not to cave, but she could already feel herself slipping. 

'But my mom and dad are outta town babe, I have the whole house to myself. Well Marcel will be there, but you know what he’ll be doing.’ Harry knew exactly what he’d be doing, getting laid. Tonight was the night that his brother would finally become a man. No more of this dorky, virgin shit. He would finally be on par with Harry. Girls would chuck themselves at him. They already did, because he was a good looking guy, but he always pushed them away. 'So what do you say? I’ll make it worth your while.’ He sucked at her neck, knowing it would wear her down.

'Uh okay then, but if I fail any of my exams, you will work hard to keep me in the lap of luxury for the rest of my life.’ She blew him a kiss over her shoulder as she walked away.


Harry and Marcel were identical twins. If they dressed the same and had the exact same hair, you wouldn’t be able to tell them apart. But Harry was very stylish, ripped skinny jeans, leather jackets, and vest tops or band tees were his style. Marcel on the other hand was a sweater vest, long sleeved shirt kinda guy.

'So is Rose coming tonight then?’ Marcel asked. He was totally in love with her. She was beautiful, and really nice to him. And not just because he was Harry’s brother. She had a real warmth about her, and she always smelt really good. Harry drove his truck back to their house, not taking his eyes off the road once.

'Yeah she will be. Don’t worry Mar, it won’t be awkward, you just do your thing. You’re getting laid kid, at least look happy about it.’ He pulled into the drive and parked up his truck. He climbed out and went into the house, setting his coat on the rack and kicking off his shoes. 'Wanna order takeout? I’m starving, and you’re gonna need your energy’ Harry chuckled.

Marcel shut the door behind him, hanging up his jacket, and placing his and Harry’s shoes into the closet. He then took out his phone, scrolling the various numbers for takeaways. ‘What are you wanting? Indian, Chinese, pizza? I have loads of numbers..’

'Let’s do pizza, don’t want gas or anything. I’ll order it, you go and get ready. You know what you’re wearing right? I’ve hung it all in one end of my closet. Now go and scrub yourself, and no slicking your hair back. And remember, put in your contacts, you can’t wear your glasses. Now go.’


Rose arrived at Harry’s. She’d received the text to just go straight in and up to his room. He really better make this worth while, she was missing valuable studying time. She walked into the house, and immediately heard Marcel in the front room. He was always watching TV when she came over, making himself scarce, and out of the way so he wouldn’t hear anything. ‘Hey Marcel!’ she called out. She was greeted with a grunt. Odd. He usually came out to see if she needed anything, or just to chat to her. Maybe he was just nervous about his big night? She put her bag down and took off her shoes, leaving them by the stairs and climbing the stairs to his room.

Harry was coming out of the toilet and making his way back to his room when he saw her. For some reason he just stood there, and didn’t say a word. She looked at him, not really knowing what to do. Was there something on her face? All of a sudden, he raced to her, kissing her deeply. He’d just brushed his teeth, and his minty breath invaded her mouth. It was a nice experience, and she knew that this would be a good night. 

She stepped back and opened up her long jacket, revealing a sexy lacy red bra, panties and stocking set. ‘I put on your favorite underwear, and I decided to save time and leave the rest of my clothes at home’ she said, turning, dropping her coat and walking into Harry’s room. He followed her and watched her set herself down on the bed. She laid back and propped herself up against the pillows. Running her hands down her body she looked at him and said ‘Do you want to watch me touch myself baby?’

He was panting, and he ran his hands through his hair. He nodded and climbed onto the bed, setting himself back on his heels. She ran her hands over her breasts, squeezing and pulling the cups down to reveal two perfectly round breasts. She pinched at her hardening nipples, soft moans tumbling from her mouth. She moved her right hand down to her panties, and pulled them aside, showing him her glistening core. He couldn’t help but gawp at how wet she was. She ran two slender fingers up and down her slit a couple of times, before pushing them into her pussy. Her mouth formed a perfect little ‘o’ as she pumped her fingers in and out.

He suddenly couldn’t take any more. He moved closer, taking her hand away from her pussy, and sliding the two soaked fingers into his mouth. She tasted so sweet, she was the best thing he had ever put into his mouth. Needing to taste more of her, he dipped his head between her legs and started to lick at her clit. Soft sharp little licks, before attaching his lips to her clit and sucking. He slid two fingers in and started to pump ever so slowly. He was trying to find his rhythm, picking up the pace and seeing how she reacted. She watched him and moved her hands to his curls, tugging at them, making him moan into her. He carried on his attack, looking her directly in the eyes, picking up his pace, which made her arch her back and throw her head back onto the pillow. All of a sudden, she felt the bed dip beside her, but she was feeling too much pleasure to see what it was.

'He’s got a good mouth for a virgin, hasn’t he babygirl?’ grinned Harry who was sat beside her. Her eyes shot open as Harry leant in to kiss her, and caress her breasts. She pulled away from the kiss, looking at the man between her legs. She soon realized that it was in fact Marcel between her legs, and not her boyfriend Harry. She couldn’t believe she hadn’t noticed the lack of tattoos. But he felt so good, she didn’t want him to stop. She looked at Harry, confused. 'Don’t worry baby, I’ll explain afterwards, you just relax, we’re going to make you feel so good. Mar, move yourself, you get up here, I’m going down there.’

They swapped positions. ‘Get on your knees baby’ Harry purred. She did as she was told, and felt his lips attacking her. Marcel knelt in front of her, unsure of what to do. She could see his bulge through the jeans, he was desperate for some kind of release.

'Take them off, let me make you feel good’ she panted. He did as she asked, sliding his jeans and boxers off of his legs and setting himself back down in front of her. She gawped at the sheer size of him. They really were identical. She grasped him with one of her hands, the other holding up her body so she didn’t flop onto the bed, and pumped him. 'How do you want it Marcel? Do you want it fast, or do you want it slow?’

His mouth fell open. ‘I-I want it fast Rose. I want you to take it all. Can you do that?’ He was really getting into the swing of this. He liked that she was still going along with it, he thought she’d freak when Harry had told him his plan. She took him into her mouth, and swirled her tongue around the tip when she went to the end. She was driving him crazy, the furthest he’d ever got with a girl was when Amy Johnson had let him feel her up around the back of the science block. She’d given him a handjob, and that was his only sexual experience. Rose took him into her mouth so well, that he thought he would cum at any moment. He fisted her hair into his hands and controlled her tempo, not wanting to blow his load just yet. ‘Do you want me in you?’ he asked her.

She stopped doing what she was doing, and so did Harry. She nodded and they all shifted positions. Marcel was on his back, and Rose hovered over his dick. Harry was behind her, hands on her shoulders. She put the tip of Marcel into her, and Harry pushed her all the way down. She gasped at the full feeling, not knowing that she could feel this good with Marcel. She thought Harry would be the only one to make her feel this way, but she could get used to this little situation. Harry pushed her onto Marcel’s body, as Marcel thrusted into her. She kissed him as he pounded into her, and she felt a finger circling her ass.

'You want me to put my finger in there baby?’ asked Harry. She turned to look back at him, nodding her head. She’d never done this before, but she wanted them both, she needed them both inside of her. He put his fingers into his mouth, lathering them up, and slipping them in every so slowly. She groaned loudly, as Harry moved his hands and Marcel moved his dick. The friction was sending her into new realms of pleasure. Harry continued his slow pumping.

'Put your dick in Harry, put it in me.’

'Are you sure Rose?’

'Yes Harry, I need you. Now.’

He spat into her ass, lathering her up a bit more. He made sure she was nice and slippery before attempting to put himself into her. Once she was nice and wet, he lined the tip of his dick up with her ass, and pushed into her really slowly. ‘Just tell me if you don’t want this Rose.’

'Come on Harry, move. Please.’ she begged. He pushed himself all the way in, and she relished the feeling. She was absolutely full to the brim. Both boys moving inside of her. The room was filled with moans and groans, she felt her body tensing, the feeling of her building orgasm pooled at the bottom of her stomach. 'Fuck, boys. I’m so close. Move faster. Now.’ They both complied, and she came with a cry. Her body was shivering, and she tensed around the both of them, making them cum too. She was a quivering wreck, and her vision went blurry, she felt Marcel driving into her, riding out his high and moaning her name as he came. Harry was grunting and panting, slowing himself to a stop. They all laid on top of each other, panting, kisses being placed on lips and faces. Harry pulled out of her ass, and Rose lifted herself off of Marcel, laying in between them.

'So, does somebody want to explain what just happened?’ she asked with a laugh. Harry and Marcel both leant on their elbows looking down at her. She looked like a mess, but they were both so proud of the mess they had created.

'Well babe, Marcel has fancied you for ages. So I thought we’d switch places. I let him fuck you, and it felt so good didn’t it baby?’ She nodded, and looked at Marcel. He was smiling down at her.

'I had a good time. And I know you did, I could see it all over your face.’ he laughed.

She sat up, her back against the headboard. ‘So, does this mean we can do it all the time then?’ she asked, a glint in her eyes.

Harry and Marcel moved closer to her, attaching their lips to her neck. ‘Any time baby, any time.’ they both chimed together.

I hope you guys like this. I have been working on this all afternoon. This is for an anon who requested a Marcel/Harry twin smut. I hope this is what you wanted! - Gee

Texting || Beckles
  • J: Hey
  • A: Hello
  • J: How are u feeling?
  • A: Better now that I'm out of that damn hospital.
  • J: Yeah the doctor called me to let me know u were being discharged. Ur with Jeff?
  • A: Why would he call you? Hasn't he ever heard of doctor patient confidentiality? Yes I'm with Jeff. Where else would I be?
  • J: I told u when I was there I'm ur next of kin and emergency contact. I gotta be notified. U could be at home with ur husband and son. JJ wants to see u with her own eyes to make sure ur ok
  • A: Stop it okay? I'm not married. I'm not a mom!
  • J: I miss u
  • A: You were just here. How can you miss me?
  • J: I always miss u when ur not next to me
  • A: You're so weird
  • J: I wish I could turn back time...stop our fight before u left. It's my fault u were in the accident cuz it's my fault u were with Jeff in the first place. I would change so many things that happened recently.
  • A: What the hell are you talking about? What fight?
  • J: We've been fighting for a little while about the furture of our marriage.
  • A: What future? We're not married!
  • J: *sends picture of marriage certificate*
  • A: That's...how'd you get my signature?
  • J: U signed it. When we got married.
  • A: No! We didn't get married!!!
  • J: Yes, we did.
  • J: Whether I say it or not it's still true. Legally u and I are married.
  • J: Calm down baby
  • J: Why don't u wanna believe ur married to me? Why is it the end of the world to u?
  • A: Because you're like my brother. And I'm with Jeff, and you're still with Katie, right? How can we be married? It doesn't make any sense.
  • J: Yeah...she's kinda what the fighting's been about.
  • A: What are you talking about?
  • J: I'm gonna be upfront with u now like I should have been 2 months ago. I broke up with Katie cuz she acted like she wasn't interested and when we broke up I lost a friend so when she came back around, when we started talking I thought I was getting my friend back. Then I found out she was scared of what I was offering her and she didn't know how to handle it so she didn't say anything when I dumped her. Those feelings are still there and we acted on them...and u walked in on us. I'm so in love with u, Ash, I wouldn't give u up for anything but I feel the exact same way about Katie. I know it ain't right or normal but I can't help how I feel. I should've talked to u before I slept with Katie. I should have explained everything to u, explain how Katie wants to be with both of us, not just me. I hurt u, I know I did. I hurt u and u took Brady to see Jeff cuz u needed to get away from me. Ur my wife and Katie's my girlfriend but she wants to be ur girlfriend too. And honestly, I'd give her up right now if it meant u'd get ur memory back and remembered how much we love each other.
  • A: This is a joke right? So now not only did we get married, but you cheated on me? This isn't funny anymore. Why are you telling me all this? You aren't a cheater.
  • J: Stop asking if I'm joking the answer is always gonna be no. It's never been funny. This is our life, Ashley. For better or worse, in sickness and in health. I messed up. I'm human. And before I married Danneel I used to cheat on girlfriends all the time. It's not something I'm proud of.
  • A: I...I gotta go.
  • J: Don't do that. Don't push me away. Please
  • A: Then please stop with all this. I can't handle all this.
  • J: What do u want me to do here, Ash? Just let my wife go be with another man? I see the hypocrisy in that sentence but ur my wife! It took me too long to get u and I can't lose u. I wouldn't make it if I did.
  • A: I can't handle this, Jensen. I can't...
  • J: Do u want me to leave u alone?
  • A: Yes...no...I don't know. IF you want to be my friend, great. But I don't need you trying t tell me we're married and all that shit.
  • J: I can't not treat u like my wife when I've been doing that for 1 1/2 - 2 years.
  • A: You need to try, Jensen. I'm not your wife.
  • J: There's a whole group of people who saw us get married
  • A: Please stop
  • J: Fine. But one day ur gonna remember what I mean to u
  • A: Thank you
  • J: And one day ur gonna hate urself for missing out on raising ur son.