i don't know when this happened

This is what happens when i paint while being angry. You can see the process of the mouth animation here

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I’m having this issue with making edits where I’ll have a good idea in my head and I imagine it looking really nice but then when I go to do everything exactly as I imagine, it just doesn’t transfer well from my head to the screen. Is this a common problem with beginners? Like is this something I’ll just get better at over time?

remember when the larry hug happened, though? because we were all watching that lq livestream and it was just a bunch of blurry figures but then the crowd EXPLODED and everyone was like, ‘wait. wait. did what i thought just happened actually happen?’ and it was like that moment when you’re at the top of the roller coaster about to drop, and then all the reports and pictures started flooding in and then everyone hit post limit within 20 minutes and it was poetic and it was like coming home

  • 2015:I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22 (Taylor Swift™ No copyright infringement intended. Property of TAS LLC Management 2014©).
  • 2016:He didn't react (Fine Brothers™ No copyright infringement intended. Property of Fine Brothers Entertainment 2007©) to the news like I thought he would.

heroes reborn: s01e13 ─ project reborn
“So the question is, who are they? You want to know who they are? They’re somebody’s sister, somebody’s brother, daughter, son, grandchild. See, you people want them to be extraordinary. But they’re not. They couldn’t be more ordinary. The only thing extraordinary is that they got a chance to be heroes. They didn’t think about themselves. They just did the right thing. And now they just want to be left alone. So they can scratch out some small purpose that can give their life some meaning, community, hope, like all the rest of us. And when that darkness rolls in, and it will, they’ll be here, ready for the call, up for the task, without us even having to ask. See, this is just the beginning, man, an awakening. And now my eyes are open, wide open. They were here to save us. So you want to know who they are? Look in the mirror. They’re you, they’re me, on our best day. So there you go. That’s who they are.”


get to know me: [2/8] male bias: mark tuan

“when i joined jyp entertainment, i had never even thought that i could become someone who would dance and make music for a living and until then i had no experience either. that’s why being able to debut as an artist in korea was a really lucky thing to happen to me.”

  • Me:I have no reason to ship camren anymore maybe i should just...
  • Me:*spends whole week reading camren fic*