i don't know what's happening but i hope she's alright

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what do I do when my mom tells me it's my fault she's never happy? She says I'm the reason she has depression. I'm the reason she never leaves the house. That I don't respect her enough. I don't know what to do. She's always been my best friend and she suddenly hates me for "ruining her life". I'm sorry my existence is such a horrible thing..


i am so so sorry this is happening have you tried talking to her when youre both in good moods not in the middle of a fight? you havent done anything wrong and i hope youre alright

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Hiiiii could you write a fanfic that revolves around this quote Jon says to Sansa in an argument: 'I'm pushing you away because everytime you're near me... I just wanna grab you and kiss you, and the fact you're my half sister is not the problem, the problem is I don't care.'? And of course I'd appreciate a happy ending because if there isn't one what's the point? XD

Hi! Sorry this took so long. I’ve been stuck on this fic for ages, probably because writing fic before R+L=J is revealed to them both is not exactly my thing. Still, I think it turned out alright and I hope you like it!

Sansa didn’t know when it happened exactly. She and Jon were getting so close as they rebuilt Winterfell. He looked to her for instructions on courtesy and politics in his new positon and he aided her in hiring masons and arming the castle for the imminent backlash from King’s Landing.

Their evenings were even spent with one another. After long dinners appeasing lords and wildlings alike they would eventually retire wearily to Jon’s solar, close as it was to Sansa’s rooms. There they would talk over the day as Sansa sewed by the fire. It seemed, Jon trusted Sansa’s opinion more than any of his newfound advisors and he often shared his deepest concerns with her.

They rarely spoke of their time apart, but the conversation would often slip back into tales from their shared childhood.

They had never been close as children, but Sansa truly felt that they were close now. Jon knew her better than anyone now, even Brienne. And she knew Jon, she liked to think.

That was why it was so strange when suddenly he stopped talking to her altogether.

At first it was subtle. She would ask him for help in ordering the glass for the glass gardens and he would direct her to the Lord Steward instead. She would go to his solar after dinner and he would feign a headache.

But all too soon he was avoiding her entirely. She would wave across the courtyard and only receive a stiff nod in return before he fled to the training yard. He took to talking to Ser Davos or the Lady Lyanna instead of her at dinner, even as she sat beside him.

“Have I done something wrong?” she found herself desperately asking Brienne one day.

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❝Where am I? What’s happening to me? ❞

GOTHAM,❞ he answers as he takes a step back, though a watchful eye is still set upon her, making sure she isn’t injured or trying to attack in confusion. ❝nothing’s happening to you, as far as i can tell. are you alright?

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