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He gave me 19 caps and then ascended to heaven. 


infodumping about the ocean

As seen in the posts about space Australia, and one mentioning AILENS coming during a zombie epidemic (fuckin beautiful I need that to be a story) I had this idea. Group of teenagers. Zombie apocalypse + Aliens. That one post on how weird it is that when we get scared we SING.

Idea: Teenagers singing MCR’s “mama” in the middle of fending off a horde of zombies. Aliens in the sky just happen to listen in.
It had been weeks sense flight crew 158-a landed on the rocky planet, and days since they realized the main intelligent species had been overrun by a viral infection. 3 Terran days ago, they found the group. 10 fledgeling humans, ages seeming to range from before to after development, camping within one of the previous schooling establishments. This one, like a surprising amount of others, had been built with extreme procedure to cause people to be unable to enter or exit. Quite odd, indeed.

What was stranger, is how the humans held their ground during an attack. An estimate of over 60 of the infected, all making their way towards the camp. Instead of fleeing like any Zerca would, they stayed put loading their guns and making their way to high points. On top of the gates, through second-story windows, trees decorating the front and back of the building. And then they waited, and the strangest thing happened. A loud drumming sound came from within the school, coupled with other instruments, and it was resonating with one of the bottom floor rooms. And then their voices started, seemingly ritualistic, anger in the words as bullets started to fire.

“Mama, we all go to hell. Mama we all go to hell-”


So I’ve always been obsessed with @modmad ‘s art style and her comics, and to sorta congratulate her on her awesome kickstarter for TPOH, I wanted to draw her a little MagicStone! (Also I just wanted an excuse to draw Gladstone’s hair but woah woops it turned into this, great)


“They said go to LA and the Duffer brothers would want to meet you so I went and there was two other boys. There was Finn and there was this other boy. And you know, I had a great connection with the other boy but I really felt something with Finn. I think Finn and I have a fantastic bond that you really can’t find anywhere else. I’m grateful that we have a great relationship because I mean, I don’t want to be kissing someone that I don’t really like. I think Finn and I have a great bond and I’m really thankful for that.”

Am I the only one that doesn’t care at all that Mon El said that he loved Kara before Sanvers have said it? Like the relationship between Kara and Mon El is messy and lacks development, so I’m not surprised that he said that he loved her so quickly. In all honesty he may not even truly love her, she’s just the first person he’s truly been attached to and not a hook up, which he was doing on Daxam. 

BUT Sanvers has been developed and I’m just waiting for that special moment that they actually say it. Not some type of “I’m saying this cause I don’t want to lose you bullshit,” but they say it cause it’s true. Cause they truly can’t live without one another and love each other, ride or die. When they do say it, it will be impactful and not easily forgotten like Mon El’s confession.

that scene from season 4….where lance is blushing at someone and the whole team is there except keith….makes so much sense now……

  • Stuff that has been said while I have been shopping with my friends.
  • *
  • Noctis: *in a Hot Topic* It's so edgy, dark and angst, I'm finally home.
  • *
  • Gladiolus: *holding a candle* The scent is called warm home.
  • Prompto: Wonder what that smells like.
  • Deafening silence
  • Noctis: Do...do you need to talk to someone? Maybe Ignis.
  • *
  • Prompto: Can we go to Ikea?
  • Ignis: Will anyone get into a fist fight?
  • Gladiolus: I... can't make any promises. Something about all those hard to pronounce names and the meatballs just set a guy off.
  • *
  • Me: Here hold this. *handing over like 5 lotions and sprays*
  • Ignis: Can't you get a bag, the lady offered you one.
  • Me: NO! If I have a bag it means I buy more! So I have to hold it so I don't buy as much.
  • *
  • Ignis: So Noctis do you prefer the Black or Navy tye?
  • Noctis: Gonna level with you, Specs, both are horrible and which ever one you buy, I'm either gonna throw in my closet never to be seen again, or bring it back and buy this one that lights up.
  • Ignis: So the Black one?
  • *
  • Prompto: I accidentally picked up a pair of yoga pants while trying on pants. I love the ass confidence it gave me, but hated the lack of pockets.
  • *
  • Gladiolus: *holding two Lush bars* I like the way this one smells, but this one makes me feel warm inside.
  • *
  • Ignis: I'm very upset, I have to physically say, "No dabbing at the table."
  • *
  • Noctis: I am a grown ass man.
  • Worker: What can I get you today?
  • Noctis: Yes, can I get a swirl cone just covered in rainbow sprinkles. Need some happiness on the inside.
  • *
  • Gladiolus: Why do you two smell so fruity?
  • Prompto: Trying the new scents in the store.
  • Noctis: I really like the dragon fruit one.
  • Me: I told you two to spray on the paper!
  • Ignis: You're not getting in the car smelling like that.
  • *
  • Prompto: Why do they keep getting rid of all the stores I like. Oh hey it's a candy store now, this is better.
  • *
  • Me: Can you hold my purse while I go to the bathroom?
  • Prompto: It's a stuffed carrot.
  • Me: Yeah, so.
  • Prompto: I have wanted to do nothing more all day!
  • *
  • Worker: Yes, this is our new scent Thousand wishes.
  • Galdiolus: *Sniffs paper* This doesn't smell like thousand island dressing.
  • *
  • Ignis: Please don't dance next to me.
  • *
  • Ravus: *Putting a bathbomb w/ my purchase* Don't say anything and hand it to me when I get out the car. I'll pay you back.
  • Person A: I really like somebody but I don't know how to tell them...
  • Person B: You can practise on me if you want!
  • Person A: uh okay? I love you <3
  • Person B: I love you too <3 see? not that hard! go tell them!
  • Person A: Already did ;) <3
  • Person B: Awesome what did they say?