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  • Interviewer: Why is your name Markiplier?
  • What Mark says: it's Mark and multiplier, it's my name and that word... that's just it really...
  • What Mark means: haha jokes on you multiplier means I'm gonna make a dark version of myself who wants to possess me and hurt everyone a crazy reporter with a pink mustache who's trigger happy a robot with a primary objective to answer everything but secondary objective to destroy mankind a man who writes and hosts everything that can happens a doctor who tells everything bad and the worst kind a game show host who has a killing rule an obsessed guy to their crush and kills everyone who-

Tatiana Maslany really is everyone! 

wow, dang, a contest!!!

hah, i bet you that nobody is going to enter this, but whatever, i thought it would be a fun thing to do for halloween!!!

alright, so basically all you have to do is draw you and me hangin’ out in halloween costumes together, bein’ spooky!! we can be doing whatever you want, i really don’t care!!

i made a ref of some costumes for myself ((keep in mind that the horns and ears are attached to headbands, the tail is probably pinned to the dress or something, and i literally always wear black hightops \m/))

an alternate version of my fem!tav, cat girl, and my god tier, the witch of rage!!

you don’t HAVE to use these, but they are here in case you can’t think of anything else, or want to draw us as homestucks, animals, or god tiers i guess??

you do not have to be a great artist, as long as you at least attempt!!

i will be picking my two favourites and will draw something of us in our costumes and i’ll add yours somewhere on my blog with a link to your page!!

the contest will end on the 27th, and i’ll probably announce the winners the next day!!

please tag your entries withmeganstopit’s halloween contest or either meganstopit or spookystopit within the first five tags so that it will show up in my tag and i will for sure see it!! we wouldn’t want someone to like, go to the trouble to actually enter and then i didn’t see it so they didn’t have a chance to win or something?? :(

but yeah, good luck!!

scuttles away and hides under a blanket because nobody is going to do this

Sometimes I don’t get why people can’t get why I NEED Stiles and Lydia to be together


Lydia is so wrecked, okay? How can many people not see that? She is strong and she is beautiful and she is intelligent and she is independent. BUt yes, she is wrecked. All of her past relationships were such a freaking mess, for a great part of her life most people didn’t see her for who she was, they saw what they wanted to see - what she wanted them to see because she was led to believe for so long that who she was wasn’t normal, wasn’t enough - people and herself made her think that.

But Stiles is different.

Stiles has always loved her and while this might seem like he was just like anybody else, in love with the girl who didn’t exist- but was created to be popular and loved- that’s not the case. And Lydia saw that. Lydia and we all realized that Stiles saw through all that, all of her masks and he. loved . her

all of her

for who she was

beauty queen be damned, he loves the girl who is a freaking math nerd who loves arcaic latin and is afraid of crying in front of people

And I’m sorry but this is too precious not to be important. This is too precious to be ignored and replaced by any other ship.

AND, tbh, yes Lydia didn’t “give Stiles a chance” and this is the reason many people get mad at her. But…..if Lydia is that wrecked, I assure you she couldn’t give Stiles “a chance”. Her relationship with him is way more important than those romantic relationships of hers that let her down (btw) and Lydia barely knows what love is, because she barely felt it (and when she did, it was wrong) and she’s so insecure about herself she feels like she’ll mess everything up. So, no, I don’t think she will even know if she loves Stiles back until it is very obvious


and , dang it, does it look like Stiles care that much?? Does it look like he loves her any less?? Does it look like this fact wrecked Stiles in any way? no, he still loves her no matter what - no matter if he moved on, he loves her wholeheartedly, selflessly- without expecting anything back at this point (rewatch season 4 if you need me to explain)

and I just-

their love is too precious