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Am I the only one that doesn’t care at all that Mon El said that he loved Kara before Sanvers have said it? Like the relationship between Kara and Mon El is messy and lacks development, so I’m not surprised that he said that he loved her so quickly. In all honesty he may not even truly love her, she’s just the first person he’s truly been attached to and not a hook up, which he was doing on Daxam. 

BUT Sanvers has been developed and I’m just waiting for that special moment that they actually say it. Not some type of “I’m saying this cause I don’t want to lose you bullshit,” but they say it cause it’s true. Cause they truly can’t live without one another and love each other, ride or die. When they do say it, it will be impactful and not easily forgotten like Mon El’s confession.

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Okay, the discourse grew really heated in my inbox, I’m glad everyone’s so passionate about this. (As you should be because positive lgbtqia representation is important haha)

I can’t answer all of these without flooding your dashboards, so this is a collective answer of some sorts.

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voltron s2-inspired reverse asks

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Do you think it's weird that everyone just... Ignores the chemistry/sexual tension between Lucy and Flynn? Other than Abigail's one interview mentioning the dynamic between the two of them (and she even says then that she doesn't think anyone ships them), there hasn't been any big mention of the two that I've seen. I know it's a minor ship compared to Lyatt's popularity, but it just seems so neglected. Their chemistry is obvious to me, but if it weren't for y'all I'd think I were imagining it...

I assume you are talking about this interview, yes?

It’s a shame because this ship has such a great following that only seems to be growing. I wish the show knew we existed. Like I hate love triangles (so much… so… so… much), but if the show wanted to play up a Flynn/Lucy/Wyatt triangle, I’d deal with it. Just to have some acknowledgement that there is something going on between Flynn and Lucy. We’re not crazy. Even Abigail and Goran sit around talking about their amazing and powerful relationship. She admits they have a very unique dynamic and strong connection. Not even they can ignore that something is going on here. And yes, I’ve also seen people in the fandom who don’t ship it but admit there is some sort of special chemistry at work. Other people have finally given up and decided to ship both. We aren’t imagining things. Goran and Abigail’s chemistry is one of those rare sparks that couldn’t have been planned or forced. It just happened. What an amazing happenstance. And I think that instead of ignoring that, the show should be capitalizing on it.

But after the executives realized how into Wyatt/Lucy people were, they really started playing it up on social media. Like really really. Hey, maybe calm down a little. A romance is so far down on the list of priorities for a show like this. (Yes, I am including Flynn/Lucy in that.) So I think one of the problems is the people in charge aren’t aware there is a differing opinion out there. Kind of like how a couple months ago all of us on this site thought we were alone in wanting Flynn/Lucy. Once we started voicing our opinion out loud though, it did make a difference. The fandom became much less one-sided. The AO3 page has gone from having no fics with them to looking like this

They now have 43% as many fics as the leading ship (a ship which had a tremendous head start, btw). AND they’re beating out a canon couple who have said, “I love you,” to each other. By almost 200%. We are gaining some traction. But, unfortunately, that’s only within ourselves. On a small level. The reason Wyatt/Lucy is played up so much is because executives think that’s what people are here for. (And like eff them, btw, for trying to simplify such an amazing premise down to a romance plot.) But it does establish that, yes, fans are catered to sometimes. We do have a voice. They want to give us what we want so we’ll keep watching the show. Part of the reason love triangles exist is so fans will get really into their side of it and keep coming back for every big and small victory. Shipping has a noticeable impact on fiction right now. That’s the reason for Timeless’s social media making a big deal out of Wyatt/Lucy. They think we all want it, and they’re trying to get us excited.

So the problem is what you talked about and what Abigail mentioned in her interview. No one knows Flynn/Lucy has a following. Now, we don’t have confirmation of a second season yet, but we are all keeping our fingers crossed until mid-May. Either way, the show runners are already going over ideas for season two. Timeless might get canceled and those ideas go nowhere, but they are making plans. This is the malleable, influential stage where new opinions can be introduced and possibly included. So… I’m not saying to spam the actors or show runners or anything… But maybe do that. lol. I don’t know. Just tweet them or something. Say how much Flynn/Lucy’s relationship means to you and that you’re looking forward to seeing more. Be bold and say you want to see it explored in a romantic context. Maybe share edits with them. Because it is the same out there as it was here on tumblr. Until people say something, no one will know we exist. And Flynn/Lucy will continue to be sidelined unless it’s relevant to the plot that they interact. Just a suggestion. ♥


Imagine. It’s the last episode of Arc-V, everyone is happy, and then it happens. A portal appears and out comes a boy, a fifth boy with Yuya’s face. He came from the the Ritual Dimension and then the series ends….

Lolololol just kidding, just kidding. If that happens then I’ll flip a table

Anyways, I designed a Ritual Dimension Yuya for fun XD I call him Yume because I dreamt him up so original I know right?? I have never made an OC for a series so this is how I know I’m in Yugioh Hell.