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Fall For You (M) | 03 (Final)

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Summary: You hate a lot of things about Jeon Jungkook; you hate his arrogance, his reputation, and his pet name for you to name a few. But most of all, you hate how right it feels for you to fall into his arms, and how easy it is to fall for him.
Word Count: 13,742
Genre: fuckboy!Jungkook, college au, sprinkling of feelings
A/N: I feel like I’m sending my child to their first day of kindergarten oh my goodness. I hope you guys enjoy the last part!!

Part 01. Part 02 + Drabbles

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A mistake.

It absolutely had to be a mistake.

There was no way you were in love with Jeon Jungkook, absolutely no way in hell you had feelings for him that ran any deeper than discontent. It had been the moment, the conversation with Jungkook, the awe you’d felt when he showed you his forest. You had gotten caught up in that moment, and your mind had tricked itself into thinking you liked Jungkook.

You didn’t love Jungkook.

You loved his dick. And that was all.

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  • William Nylander: I think I may hold romantic feelings for someone...
  • Nazem Kadri: I know, Jazzy told me about your late night talks with Zach.
  • William Nylander: Wait...what?
  • Nazem Kadri: She also told me that Auston likes to lay face down on the floor of your bedroom and talk about how Mitch's smile is "Like the sun itself"
  • Auston Matthews, from the other side of the rink: WHAT?!
starter sentences for enemies
  • "I want to be there when you get what's coming to you."
  • "One day karma is going to bite you in the ass."
  • "How could you do this?"
  • "What do you want now?"
  • "If you are going to be two-faced, at least make one of them attractive."
  • "Fuck you!"
  • "Oh, what? Sorry. I was trying to imagine you with a personality."
  • "That was a low blow."
  • "You're truly a disgusting person."
  • "Don't bring my [relative] into this!"
  • "I would unplug your life support to charge my phone."
  • "What do you think you're doing?"
  • "Have you lost your mind?"
  • "Do you have anything to say that won't result in me punching you in the face?"
  • "Tread carefully."
  • "Two wrongs don't make a right; take your parents as an example."
  • "Get off my property."
  • "Stupidity is not a crime so you are free to go."
  • "Leave me alone."
  • "So what?"
  • "You look like a before picture."
  • "Don't be a coward. Say it to my face."
  • "You're so fake."
  • "Apologize before I deck you."
  • "This means war."
  • "I'd like to see things from your point of view but I can't seem to get my head that far up my ass."
  • "Can't we compromise?"
  • "Go to hell."
  • "Hating me won't make you pretty."
  • "Can you try not annoying me every 30 seconds?"
  • "I wasn't born with enough middle fingers to let you know how I feel about you."
  • "Fuck off!"
  • "I thought we settled this."
  • "I'm glad to see you're not letting your education get in the way of your ignorance."
  • "Stay classy."
  • "You are not as bad as people say. You are much, much worse."
  • "Your sarcasm detector needs tweaking."
  • "Get off me!"
  • "Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?"
  • "Name one reason why I shouldn't walk away right now."
  • "Is this making you angry?"
  • "Karma takes too long. I'd rather beat the shit out of you just now."
  • "Shock me and say something intelligent."
  • "Ouch. That one stung."
  • "That's cruel."
  • "I didn't think I was capable of murder until this conversation."
  • "Truce?"

You ever wanna like… Remake your blog, start over fresh, pretend tumblr isn’t a mess?

And then you remember everything you love is obscure so like… Its just gonna be Me showing up in the Girl Genius tag or something wearing a dumb hat and glasses and pretending that there’s No Way it could POSSIBLY be me what makes you think that no sir you’re mistaken

Fake Chats #152
  • Jimin: Kookie, look.
  • Jungkook: those your favorites from the fansign?
  • Jimin: uh huh. Look, this bunny is you and the bear is me.
  • Jungkook: the bunny is smaller than the bear.
  • Jimin: uh huh. The bunny loves his big, fluffy bear friend. See? He sits on his lap and everything.
  • Jungkook: I see.
  • Jimin: do you want the bear and I'll take the bunny? We can sleep with each other.
  • Jungkook: we already do that.
  • Jimin: do you want the fluffy bear or not?
  • Jungkook: I don't know! Are we talking about the actual stuffed bear or the actual fluffy you?
  • Jimin: the actual stuffed bear!
  • Jungkook: okay! Yes, I'll take it.
  • Jimin: but you can have the actual fluffy me too. It was cold sleeping by myself in that hotel bed.
  • Jungkook: I woke up to your fluffy hair in my face.
  • Jimin: are you complaining?
  • Jungkook: I'm just wondering what the point of this conversation was.
  • Jimin: isn't it cute how the bunny fits in the bears arms?
  • Jungkook: and there it is.

anonymous asked:

I don't know if you've heard about the Alaska native teen who killed a whale. If you have, I would appreciate to hear your thoughts on the topic. But you don't have to reply if you don't feel like it.

I looked it up and I assume this is what you are talking about:


Alright, if you follow my blog you know that I love whales and that I stand against whaling. Now my thoughts on this are… Everyone leave this teen alone.

Whales out there are facing a scary amount of problems that may endanger the survival of many species. But what this teen and other natives like him are doing is not one of those problems. This is called Aboriginal Subsistence Whaling. Some native communities around the world are allowed to hunt a specific amount of whales every year. Because of their beliefs and ways of life, whaling is fundamental to their nutrition. 

You could say the sea is their home (their lands have already been taken from them, so rather than their home, the sea is everything they have left) and they know how to respect it and protect it. They cause way less harm to it than we do. I cause more harm to whales when I eat yogurt than they do with their whaling. These people do not hunt calves or pregnant whales, they only kill a very limited amount of whales and it’s mostly bowhead whales. Bowheads are listed as a species of ‘least concern’ on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

Then once the whale has been killed nothing of it is wasted and an entire community may survive thanks to it. They do not hunt out of greed, they don’t hunt for money and they do not hunt for fun. They hunt to survive. This sort of subsistence will not put at risk the existence of whales. So let them keep doing what they do.

Apparently some people are suggesting they become vegetarian. But have we not imposed enough changes on them? I don’t think we have the right to change their way of life, a way of life that, unlike ours, actually values nature.  

To sum it all up, harassing this 17-year-old is not how we protect whales. He and his community are not a threat to the conservation of marine life. When it comes to whaling, the problem we need to address are the powerful governments making money out of commercial whaling, which is illegal, exploitative and truly dangerous for whales. 

I’m sorry this probably looks like an incoherent blob of angry thoughts. I’m not mad at you, anon. Actually thanks for bringing this up. I hope my English didn’t make these thoughts incomprehensible. 

There’s some fucking fanboy out there who is feeling a disturbance in the force. I want him to see my face in his fucking nightmares tonight. I want him to know that I am better than him, and I will argue this fucking pretentious point about screenwriting until his eyes bleed and his ears rot and his mother kicks him out of the basement and – no, don’t write that down – there is nothing wrong with living in your mother’s basement. The economy is hard, things are tough out there. BUT THE POINT IS … I feel strongly about foot fetishes.
—  My wife

anonymous asked:

So I just watched Carol for the first time and I don't know what to think :/ it was kind of dark and I feel a bit unsatisfied. Can you explain what it means to you/what you love about it?

Oh, we are about to have a conversation.

For me, it was perfect. It was based off of a book written in the 1950’s under a pseudonym, because it was taboo to write about. Even as recent as then, you could be considered an unfit parent simply for being gay - considered to have no morals. The story wasn’t blown up, crazy, or in your face. It was simple. It was real. There wasn’t some big scene where they ran lovingly into each other’s arms. That’s not realistic, especially for back then. Some people say that Carol didn’t treat Therese well, which I don’t see. Carol had walls but Carol loved Therese. I read the book, as well, and felt that love. She was terrified to lose her child, because she loved Rindy more than anything. She left Therese for her daughter, then realized that this life of faking it, conversion therapy, and putting on an act, made her miserable. That she couldn’t be a good mother if she was hating her life and herself - that’s no example to set and you can’t fake happiness forever for a child. She would continue to fight for her child, but wouldn’t live a miserable life to do so. She deserved happiness.

It wasn’t amplified, it was realistic. It wasn’t unnecessarily dramatized to try to be interesting. It was calming and I felt their love the entire time. Therese outwardly showed it. Carol showed it through her eyes, her hand movements, things like “ask me things… please” and buying her a camera that she couldn’t afford. It’s not an insult when I say that many people today want things spelled out for them, for things to be obvious in tv shows and movies. This movie requires you to invest and feel their emotions in order to get it.
It was a beautiful love story that ended so well.

anonymous asked:

what do you think about the development of the ap channel over time? actually i don't think i know this do you prefer his older videos or his more recent ones? but my actual question is about your feelings and opinions on phils behavior and way of story telling (i'd really appreciate it if you gave your 2 cents thank you!!!)

haha believe it or not, i genuinely don’t have a preference when it comes to the content itself. what i love watching is phil being comfortable, secure, and at ease with what he makes. i love seeing his subtle confidence and stubbornness, the fact that at face value, and based on the content he’s been making the last few years, he doesnt take youtube as a creative enterprise (emphasis on the creative) too seriously. i like that what feels right to him is content that makes his audience happy or that makes their days easier and gives them a little bit of a reprieve from whatever theyre facing in their own lives. to be honest, and i’ve said this a lot, i’m not the biggest fan of either of their solo content for what it actually is. but i’m a fan of them as people, which means it brings me actual happiness (?? which is a bit sad, i realize) to know that phil is almost certainly making exactly what he wants to be making.

there’s a lot of depth you can get into with this topic overall, namely the ‘development of the ap channel over time’ as you put it. ive written before about how i believe phil decided around 2012ish to tighten up his content, and start putting out consistent videos in the same general umbrella or ‘genre’ so to speak, of fluffy, light, and more juvenile or PG-rated entertainment. he drew firmer lines around his ‘persona’ which obviously gets discussed to death, but just to repeat it another time, is an exaggerated version of certain elements of his personality that he felt comfortable bringing forward and underscoring in his videos. i think that overall, it just felt safer for him to put a great deal of distance between what he makes for youtube and his actual creative proclivities (which include body horror, surrealist editing, warped and grotesque special effects, abstract narratives about such weighty topics as the end of the world, heavy sexual undertones, etc.) as his audience grew, along with scrutiny into who he is as a person, his relationships, his sexuality, his fears, etc. i believe he responded by placing these tighter controls on his content and how much of himself he shares with the internet overall. and that makes me happy, bc it means that AP as a channel is something that is comfortable for him and overall easy for him to create things for. AP is not an endeavor that requires him to lay bare all of his deeper vulnerabilities and expose himself to psychoanalysis and speculation. 

this also means there’s such a strong element of reliability in phil’s content. i know what i’m going to get when i watch an AP vid, i know that it won’t be phil searching for a means of artistic expression, but it’ll be something warm and uplifting and fun. maybe i’ll even learn a fun fact or two about phil along the way. i’ll definitely laugh at his wittiness and his unbridled love for completely bizarre animal metaphors. and i also know i can turn to phil to actually ‘give the people what they want,’ and that too without a shred of self-consciousness, insecurity, or resentment, so long as it fits into these boundaries he’s drawn for himself. that could be anything from a video of dan curling his hair to dnp dressing up in pastel/punk outfits, multiple baking vids and ditl’s, or the entirety of the pinof series. i do love that no matter how phil has developed his view of his own channel over the years, the one thing he continues to keep consistent is dan as a repeated feature on that channel. dan is as much a part of AP’s foundational content at this point as anything else, and this too, imo, speaks to phil’s confidence and security in what he makes. he’s got an uncanny awareness of what is popular with youtube audiences, or if it doesn’t exist yet, what could be popular, and he’s not afraid to play into these trends if it’ll get him a well-received video, whether that’s a slime tutorial or a punk edit or even a photobooth challenge over on dan’s channel (which, for those who don’t know, is dan’s most viewed video of all time and was all phil’s idea and the result of phil pushing dan to make it. so was this year’s ‘taking quizzes about myself’ video, incidentally, which is his most viewed video of the year behind the top 2016 memes one, by a long shot.) 

phil doesn’t shy away from making the stuff he thinks people will want to watch, and to that end he’s equally unafraid to continue to bring on dan to feature in his videos with him, knowing that it will make his audience happy. meanwhile, there’s no competitiveness, nothing to show that phil feels in any way insecure or threatened that people like watching his collaborations with dan as much as, or more than, his solo content. instead, he capitalizes on that, and seems genuinely keen on pleasing people, while also putting out what he himself has fun making.  it’s so apparent that to him, collaborating with dan is genuinely fun and enjoyable, maybe more so in some ways than making videos alone. making slime actually makes him happy. and he’s happy to turn all of it into main channel content. all of this is a result of his outlook on youtube as a job, a source of income far more than a creative outlet, and a way to quite easily make people happy. if phil wanted to go down the route of using youtube as a platform to share his arty short films or whatever else, i’m sure we’d get some interesting content, some deeper looks into the mind of phil lester the thirty-year old man, but we might also get a phil that would be playing into his exact anxieties and fears, a phil who would upload much less frequently, who would feel insecure and defensive and maybe experience a strained relationship with his own audience, a phil who would struggle a lot more with youtube overall. and it’s for that reason i’m more than happy to watch phil make what he wants to make, the stuff that keeps him feeling safe and stable and happy, and enjoy all the warmth of it without any real wistfulness or longing for the vintage content of the past. 

  • Aries: Influence - Love myself tonight and I think you can feel the same
  • Taurus: Don't Talk About It - The world is beautiful / so why don't you feel anything?
  • Gemini: True Disaster - Keep playing my heartstrings faster and faster / you can be just what I want, my true disaster
  • Cancer: Imaginary Friend - Got my arm around with superglue / come power through
  • Leo: WTF Love Is - I know that I'm a handful / but you get me, know what you signed up for
  • Virgo: Flashes - People come / I push them away
  • Libra: Vibes - Flickering, our eyes go wide / you giving me studded sight / painting stars / in our hearts
  • Scorpio: Keep it Simple - Let me keep it simple / so I don't have to face ya
  • Sagittarius: Cool Girl - No, let's not put a label on it / let's keep it fun
  • Capricorn: Don't Talk About It - Don't talk about it / sweep it under the rug like we do
  • Aquarius: Lady Wood - Looking like the freak card kind
  • Pisces: Vibes - Whisper pretty little things / heart sings, I feel 'em, ooh / dreamer, tripping on your highs / feelin' all the vibes

diamondsparkle42  asked:

Congrats on so many followers! I would like to request the RFA + V and Saeran reacting to a YouTuber!MC and them joining her for a video. What would the video be about and what would they do? Thanks and congrats again! (I saw someone do a boyfriend tag hc, but I don't remember who it was so if it was you, please feel free to ignore this.)

I would never ignore you <3


He is like a stick and doesn´t move at all.

-“Jumin relax”

-“What if my father sees this or one of my workers”

-“I´m almost sure that no one of them is a subscriber of my channel, plus I will blur your face on the thumbnail”

- “The what?”

- “Just trust me!”

- “Alright…”

Ok, know he is a little bit looser.

And OMFG the camera loves him and since is one of those challenges of asking questions and have to tell the other respond like the other person would

Well, Jumin totally nailed that challenge. (He knows you as well as the palm of his hand)

And you didn´t do pretty well but you reward Jumin´s effort off camera

The video went Viral!!!

-“Son! Keep doing those challenges with your girlfriend they are really good publicity!”

And the dad of Jumin like it (+1 subscriber)


You said to him that he will do a “My boyfriend does my voiceover”

-“But Mc! No one will see my face”

-“That´s for another Video!”

- “Tsk ok…”

Zen new all the products and technics

And with that Sexy voice of him, Well…all your subscribers we going crazy and only ask for a face reveal of your boyfriend

Zen was Very happy


You did the “Try to not cry with boyfriend”

At first, seven was like “No pobremo! I´m the man of steal”

But when the sad video started to play, You were the first that cried and then Seven almost cried because you cried.

The first sad video ended and Seven said “And this one” he click on the second sad video that was about two Brothers and an alcoholic mother.

When you saw what was about you pause the video to see Seven crying (A lot).

You took his hand and drag him to the bedroom of Saeran

You two huge Saeran crying

-“WTF Get off of me!”

-“Sorry, brother…”Seven said

-“Jesus! You two are crazy”

Saeran could move for like 1 hour because Seven and you were glued to Him.


Same as Zen “My boyfriend does my voiceover”

Put he was very bad

-“So now I will be putting this creamy thing that looks like a milkshake and oooh no I´m bending it” He yells “That´s How is called MC?”

- “Yes,But don´t get distracted”

- “Oh sorry…Ohhhh!!! now Mc is usin- I mean I´m using aaaa…I know how this is call…Let me think …A SPONGE BOB Ssomething- no that´s not how it´s call”

Total mess



Since the first video was released you two were the most famous couple in the world.

A lot of People came to your coffee just to see you two.

Jaehee didn´t like it at first but now she loves it.

And that made jaehee make her own Chanel and she make tutorials of how to make different coffees

And she reviews differents types of coffee.





Two hours later

-“Ok guys today I will be doing the try not to laugh challenge with my boyfriend! Say Hi Saeran”

-“Yeah Hi”

Saeran didn´t laugh or smile at almost all the video and you were trying so hard

But then a video of a baby hitting himself make Saeran smirk

You didn´t saw it and you laugh after he smirks.

-“Did you laugh?” you question saeran


-“Well, I think I lose…you didn´t smile or smirk?”


-“Well I have to do my punishment of eating wasabi with cinnamon”

And when you were editing YOU SAW IT he smirk before you.

-“S-A-E-R-A-N you little liar”


So sweet and charismatic

You two were telling story about each other

And It was one of the cutest videos every

Almost too sweet for my taste

But it was pretty normal

(I wanted to put you made one of those videos of “Pranking my boyfriend with a positive test” but then I was like: DON´T DO THAT TO BABY V YOU EVIL WITCH)

Special Agent 606, Out.If you want to request here are the rules: HERE/Masterlist: Here

BTS reaction: Hearing their best friend confess~
  • ~ Kim Seokjin/Jin:
  • You were almost half asleep in the morning when you kept complaining about how you'd never find anyone who liked you or that you were absolute trash.
  • Jin: You are gorgeous what's wrong with you.
  • You: You can find me in a bathroom. Either in the toilet or the trash can.
  • Jin: My god, why do you so firmly believe no one would like you? Ask someone out. You never know.
  • You: Because you're too handsome, sweet, and caring to like anyone like me. I have no chance with you that's why I don't ask.
  • Jin: So.. You like me?
  • You: Oh shit what'd I say?
  • Jin: In short: That you like me.
  • You: Well secrets out, I'm moving to Antarctica.
  • You: Why are we arguing? Just give me love already.
  • Jin: -Rolls eyes- That's what I'm trying to do, but you wanted be in Antarctica.
  • Jin: But let's go eat; My cooking so that's it's free.
  • You: I feel special.
  • Jin: You are.
  • ~ Suga/ Min Yoongi:
  • Yoongi had come over to talk about nothing. He just likes your couch to take naps but you always let him since he was your best friend and you- without being weird- liked watching his adorable face go to sleep.
  • You: I really don't know why I even like you.
  • You: But I wish I could cuddle you right now, what is this?
  • Yoongi: You could. You just needa ask.
  • You: Were you awake throughout my short shitty I love you speech??
  • Yoongi: Yeah, I don't actually fall asleep I've heard you a couple times but never wanted to believe it.
  • Yoongi: I guess now I believe it because.. You said it right in front of my face.
  • You: Give me a moment. Go back to sleep you fuckin duck.
  • Yoongi: Wow. K. I see how it is. liking you back has been canceled.
  • You: Wait no, return to the pokeball.
  • Yoongi: Now I'm a Pokemon.
  • You: You're a cute one though.
  • ~ J-Hope/Jung Hoseok:
  • You flat out told him when you had the chance which was during you guys' movie night.
  • You: Hey you.
  • Hobi: Hey you.
  • You: Hey you, I like you.
  • Hobi: I like you too.
  • You: But I mean I like you like go on dates, kiss, and call you da -cough- baby/mine.
  • Hobi:
  • You:
  • Hobi: Were you going to say daddy?
  • You: That's not important. What's important is if you like me back or not.
  • Hobi: Yes I like you back now tell me–
  • You: Gotta blast but hey a date tomorrow, here at my house? Yeah? Cool? Bye now. -Running into the door to your room-
  • You: That never happened.
  • ~ Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon:
  • You were patiently waiting for Blackpinks new music video that was coming out in three hours since you were so concentrated on the time, anything came out of your mouth.
  • Nams: BTS or Blackpink More?
  • You: both.
  • Nams: Who's your bias in BlackPink?
  • You: Lisa
  • Nams: Who is your bias in BTS?
  • You: Rap Monster.
  • Nams: Why?
  • You: Cuz I like him but he don't like me back.
  • Nams: How do you know that?
  • You: We talked about this Taehyung.
  • Nams: Not Taehyung.
  • You: -You turn to look at who you were talking to but then immediately look away with a red face-
  • You: Who's Rap Monster? Never heard of Him.
  • Nams: Ah too bad, he was thinking about asking you but now he's not too sure.
  • You: I know that guy. Tell him I'd say yes.
  • Nams: You're so cute and I don't know what to do about it. Just to take you on a date.
  • ~ Park Jimin/Chimin:
  • Jimin and you were just talking on the couch. Talking about your days, things that happened, told jokes, but you were getting tired. So now you were answering questions half asleep.
  • Jimin: Who do you like at the moment?
  • You: A guy. He's adorable, sweet, handsome and I don't know what do.
  • Jimin: I say confess.
  • You: Maybe I should but he don't like me back.
  • Jimin: What's his name?
  • You: Name starts with a J.
  • Jimin: Jungkook? or Jung Hoseok is what you mean?
  • You: You skipped the guy I like.
  • You: It's Jimin neutron.
  • Jimin: That's not me.
  • You: Yeah it is well the Jimin part is.
  • You: You like me back? Ye or yes?
  • Jimin: Not too many options. I'll pass.
  • You: I see how i-
  • Jimin: I choose both. I like you in every perspective.
  • You: You saved yourself Park Jimin.
  • ~ V/Kim Taehyung:
  • (Just dialogue)
  • You: Taehyung you can't rap.
  • Tae: I can. I know I Can.
  • You: I am the better rapper. Come at me you puppy.
  • Tae: Puppy???
  • You: I can't insult you. You're too cute to be insulted.
  • Tae: INSULT ME.
  • You: NO
  • Tae: You like me?
  • You: Do I? Did I? What'd I say?
  • Tae: That you like me.
  • You: Say it as if you were me.
  • Tae: I refuse to insult you. I LIKE YOU. emphasis on I LIKE YOU-, I can't.
  • Tae: That's what you said.
  • You:
  • Tae:
  • You: Well now you know, so.. Would you like to go on a date with me soon????
  • Tae: Aw so cute so cute. -Squishing your cheeks- of course I'll go on a date with you. I've always wanted to date someone who's an angel.
  • ~ Jeon Jungkook:
  • You were trying to find a way to confess but also embarrass him. So you bought a rose and went to where he was with all the members at the moment.
  • You: Will you, Jeon Jungkook, let me have the honor to date you. -Kneeling-
  • Members: -Snickering-
  • JK: Of all times.. -Nervously laughing and patting your head-
  • JK: Sure but just know I will get you back for this.
  • You: You can try.
  • JK: It's a war.
  • You: Hey. I'm eating you.
  • JK: What??????
  • You: -pulls out the gum called 'Extra'- very minty.
  • JK: Why did I agree to be with you??
  • Ruby (With badly dyed blond hair tied up into sections): Ow! Dad, be careful!
  • Taiyang: Well, it's not like I do this very often. I can' t take any chances or else you'll look even worse. (starts applying the dye to Ruby's hair.) Okay, according the instructions it'll take about thirty minutes for the die to work. Afterward your hair should be at least look like normal again.
  • Ruby: *sigh* Well, that's a relief.
  • Taiyang: Yeah. Speaking of, (Meets Ruby eye to eye) Why don't you tell me why you did this?
  • Ruby: (looks away from her dad awkwardly.)
  • Taiyang: I mean, I could see Yang doing something like this, if only because she could be going through the whole "rebellious teen' phase. But you, Ruby? This is so not like you.
  • Ruby: ...
  • Taiyang: Did somebody insult your hair? Was this a bet? Was it peer pressure? I just can't for the life of me why you would want to dye your hair of all things.
  • Ruby: IwantedtolooklikeyouandYang.
  • Taiyang: ... What?
  • Ruby: I'm not repeating it.
  • Taiyang: No, I heard you Ruby. I've known you long enough to keep up. What I can't understand is what made you think this way? Why did you want to look like me and Yang?
  • Ruby: I'm just-I'm just-TIRED of always being looked at weird when I say you're my dad or that Yang's my sister. I'm tired of everything asking me if I'm joking, I'm tired of people assuming Uncle Qrow is my dad just because we have dark hair, I'm tired of feeling like I'm some sore sort of sore thumb in this family! For once, I just-I just- (tears start welling up in Ruby's eyes) I want people to look at us and see us a family and not just a guy, his daughter and the extra girl!
  • (Ruby looks like she's about cry when Taiyang cups her face and leans his head against hers)
  • Taiyang: hey now, Rosebud. Don't you cry.
  • Ruby: But Dad I-
  • Taiyang: I know how you feel, Rosebud. I get pretty sick of having to say you get your looks from your mother too. But the thing is: It doesn't matter what other people say. No matter what you look like, no matter what other people say: you'll always be my little girl. There is no amount of mistakes or assumptions that can change that. Got it?
  • Ruby: *sniffs* Y-yeah...
  • Taiyang: Good girl *pulls away only to see that Ruby's ahir dye looks a little messed up in the front* Huh? *runs his fingers through his hair, seeing black dye on them* Oh damnit!
  • Ruby: *looks down guiltily*
  • Taiyang: *sighs before eying the bottle of hair die...*
  • (The Next Day)
  • Yang: ...And then BAM! He goes flying into the nearest wall, with that stupid taser staff snapping in two!
  • Ruby: yeah, okay.
  • Yang: Jeez Ruby, you're usually on the verge of bursting out of your chair when I tell stories. What's up? *Eyes the top of her head* Is your hair a different shade of black today?
  • Ruby: Yang...
  • Taiyang: Hey girls, Good Morning!
  • Yang: About time you got up! What in Remant where you do-*Sees that Taiyang has black hair* DAD! What happened!
  • Ruby: Dad-
  • Taiyang: Oh I just had a little accident with some hair dye. Decide to just roll with it. *walks up to Ruby puts their faces side by side, grinning* Almost like we're siblings huh?
  • Yang: *rolls her eyes* Sure dad.
  • Taiyang: Okay then, guess I should make you girls some break- *stops as Ruby wraps her arms around him in a tight hug.* Love you too, Ruby.

55nova  asked:

Hey there~! I'm planning on writing a blind character so I would like to know some "do and don't" things so I can make them feel real, and not fall into misrepresentation. I'm just trying to tell a story about everyday people doing everyday stuff! (I hope you get what I'm trying to say, English isn't my first language, sorry)

Hey there! First of all, that’s really awesome and I’m excited that you’re doing that! I would loooove to read it when you do it!!

As for your question, this is definitely very broad, but I’ll do my best.

Definitely avoid stereotypes and cliches. Things like touching faces, cliche lines about how “even though I can’t see the world, I can see the truth just fine” and other “””cute””” but really just weird things like that. Even placing way too much emphasis on the way they are doing things by touch or sound can be awkward and uncomfortable, so try to talk about it casually. When you write a sighted character, you don’t go into detail about how their eyes physically moved and looked over each item, pupils dialating and reversing with the slight shifts in light until their visual sonar or whatever pinpoints the exact object, you know? Don’t make a big deal over non-visual skills like skimming over surfaces to find something on the counter or looking for the cereal box in the cabinet. Don’t always feel the need to say “his fingers roamed over the items in the cabinet until they came across the exact shape, size, and texture of the cereal box” every time, you know? Subtlty is sooo refreshing and makes it normal instead of weird and “other.” Make it casual. Don’t avoid talking about those non-visual techniques or anything because showing that that’s how blind people can really do stuff is important and it’s nice as blind people to see mentions of it, but again, keep it casual and normal most of the time, just like you do when writing a perfectly sighted character.

In general, just do exactly what you were saying you wanted to do: make them just a normal person doing normal stuff. Blind jokes are chill here and there, but too many is weird and not funny. Make a point of showing them just doing ordinary stuff like laundry or whatever like everyone else and just being casual and normal about it, not going into deapth about “oh how complicated it must be to do laundry as a blind person!” or whatever.

I think because you’re already so conscious of the fact that you want to make them normal and likable, you’re probably right on track! Just do your research about how blind people casually and easily complete the same tasks as everyone else so you know how those assistive tools work and keep it just as normal and un-special as all the other characters. Focus on the events of their life in the story, not on their blindness. That’s one of the best things to see!

Entire Life

Pairings: Rosé × reader

Genre: fluff and (very mild) angst

Words: 2,112

Summary: rosé has a crappy boyfriend, and you protect her from him

Originally posted by tr8asdle

Having a crush sucks, but it sucks almost 10 times more when the crush is on your best friend.

Roseanne Park. She was probably the most gorgeous girl that you’ve ever laid your eyes on, and you’ve seen a lot of pretty girls.

You couldn’t quite put your finger on it, but something about Rosé was just so charming. Maybe it was the way that her smile could light up the whole room, or maybe it’s because of her angelic voice that’s able to make anybody sigh in absolute content, or it could be because of the way that she was just so effortlessly nice to every person that she laid her eyes on. Rosé was undoubtedly, the greatest person that you’ve ever met in your entire life.

You didn’t know what exactly made the girl so enticing, but you did know that you were hopelessly in love with her… and that you were stuck in the deep dark pit called the friendzone.

You had met Rosé almost two years ago when you were only in your sophomore year of high school. Even though the time wasn’t very long ago, it feels like you’ve known her for your entire life. The both of you had shared the same art class and ended up bonding over your mutual love for music, and after that you just ended up never leaving each other’s side.

But of course, you weren’t the only that Rosé happened to meet that year.

Park Jimin, a boy that everybody in school seemed to adore. He was good-looking, cute, and basically every (straight) girls dream guy, and that was including Rosé.

Even though Rosé had a crush on Jimin, she never attempted to make a move on him. She was just too shy, and she thought that Jimin would never even give her a chance. That was until Jimin transferred into your art class, and started flirting with Rosé like his life depended on it.

When Jimin transferred into your art class and started talking to Rosé, Rosé became the happiest that you’ve ever seen her, but you couldn’t say the same for yourself. As soon as Jimin joined the class, Jimin was the only thing that Rosé seemed to talk to you about, and whenever she wasn’t talking about him, she was talking to him. She was practically obsessed with him, and it left you heartbroken.

You were even more heartbroken when Rosé and Jimin became official within months of talking. After they became official, Jimin went everywhere with Rosé, you were starting to forget what it was even like to hang out with Rosé when Jimin wasn’t around.

It didn’t help that you didn’t exactly approve of Jimin either. For some reason, every time you talked to him you got nothing but bad vibes off of him. You didn’t want to see Rosé get hurt, and you had a feeling that Jimin would do nothing but hurt Rosé. You brought this up to Rosé once, but it ended with Rosé storming off and ignoring your texts and calls for the next few weeks.

You never mentioned the bad feeling to her after that, no matter how tempting it got

Still, you stayed by her side. It’s not like she was completely ignoring you, or like she was doing it on purpose. You knew that Rosé cared about you, even if it wasn’t in the way that you wished that she did.

But that was all in the past now. You’ve realized now that you’d probably never get a chance with Rosé. You had been terribly friendzoned, and you would just have to live with it.

You were sitting outside of a restaurant, Rosé sitting across of the small table that was separating the two of you.

“So, how have you and Jimin been?” You ask, picking at your food with your fork.

“Oh, um, we’ve been good, I guess. He’s been really busy lately though, so we haven’t been talking as much.” Rosé says with a frown, tapping away on her phone.

You furrow your eyebrows, “Busy? Busy with what?”

Rosé shrugs, “A bunch of things. He’s in student council and stuff, and a few other clubs, so he’s always doing something.”

“I’m shocked. I’m even more shocked that he’s letting you go out without him.”

Rosé looks at you with a frown, “Don’t say that.”

You sigh, and put your fork down, “Don’t say what? The truth? You and I both know that Jimin is way too possessive.”

“No he’s not, Y/N,” Rosé sits up in her chair slightly, adjusting her hair that was blowing wildly from the wind, “Listen, I know that you don’t like him, but Jimin isn’t a bad guy. Sure, he gets a little jealous sometimes, but it’s not like he’s holding me hostage.”  

“Okay Rosé, whatever” You say, rolling your eyes.

Rosé, however, doesn’t seem quite done, “You know what? I’m leaving. I’m really starting to get tired of you bashing on my boyfriend every time you get the chance to. When will you grow up and realize that he makes me happy?” Rosé says, standing up and grabbing her bag.

Your eyes widen, “Where are you going?”

“Home.” Rosé says, walking away from the table that the two of you were sitting at.

You groan, watching as Rosé walked furiously away from you.

This day can’t get any worse.

You spoke too soon.

After leaving the area that the argument took place, you headed to the mall to clear your mind.

You weren’t even there to go shopping, but you just needed to think about something other than Rosé at the moment, and it seemed like the universe just wasn’t having it.

As you went around the corner of a Victoria’s Secret, you stopped in your tracks.

Not too far from you stood Jimin- with a girl that was definitely not Rosé- in front of one of the shops.

The girl that he was with looked familiar, it seemed to be Seulgi, a girl that went to the same school as you. You would’ve just walked away if it was anybody else’s boyfriend, but it was Rosé’s boyfriend, and if Jimin was cheating on Rosé, you definitely weren’t going to let it slide.

You weren’t going to jump to conclusions though. Rosé did say Jimin was in student council, he could just be meeting up with Seulgi to discuss business. You doubted that though, they seemed a little too friendly to be talking just business, and you were pretty sure Seulgi wasn’t in the student council.

You quickly hid in a corner, and pulled out your phone, ignoring the strange looks that came your way. You clicked the record button and held it up towards Jimin and Seulgi.

At first, Jimin and Seulgi seemed to be doing nothing but talking, and you almost put your phone away, until you suddenly saw Jimin leaning in to kiss Seulgi on the lips.

Well, they were certainly not having a student council meeting.

“Why are you here at 8 AM?” Rosé says, falling onto her bed sloppily.

“Rosé, please pay attention. This is important.” You sit down next to Rosé on her bread, a frown etched onto your face.

Rosé sits back up with a sigh, “Okay, what’s up?”

“It’s about Jimin.”

Rosé groans and throws her head back, “Really Y/N? Not this again.”

“Listen, I know you’re not going to listen to me because you think that I want to murder Jimin,” You pause, “Which I kind of do, but that’s not the point. Just watch this.”

You throw your phone onto Rosé’s lap, and she picks it up, pressing the play button on the video that you recorded.

“I swear if this is some kind of bull I’ll like, poison your coffee or something. I can’t believe you came here at 8 in the morni-” Rosé stops, her eyes widening in shock.

Rosé clamps her mouth shut, staring at the video playing on the screen.

“When did you take this? And… how?” Rosé asks, not tearing her eyes away from your phone.

“Yesterday. After we got into that argument.” You say quietly.

Rosé nods, then throws your phone back onto the bed and stares at the wall blankly.

“Rosé… say something.” You plead.

Instead of talking, Rosé bursts into tears. You respond quickly, throwing your arms around her and rubbing her back calmly.

“How could I have been so stupid?”

When Rosé sees the clip of Jimin kissing Seulgi, she feels nauseated, humiliated, disgusted, angry, sad, and every other terrible feeling that you could probably name.

But most of all, she just feels so stupid.

Part of Rosé wasn’t even surprised, she had suspected that Jimin was doing something behind her back, but she always pushed it to the back of her head, assuming that her boyfriend - or ex boyfriend - could do no wrong, and that was one of her stupidest mistakes so far.

But the stupidest mistake of all had to he not listening to her best friend, who has been warning her for God knows how long at this point. For the last year and a half, Rosé has done nothing but get angry at you, when all you were doing was looking out for her. Even now, while she was sobbing in your arms, you were there for her. You could’ve easily called her names, called her an idiot, told her ‘I told you so,’ but no, you sat there in silence, comforting her.

Rosé must have done something incredible in one of her past lives to deserve someone like you, because you were, undoubtedly, the greatest person that she’s ever met in her entire life.

It’s been a few months since Rosé found out about Jimin’s affair, and not shockingly, she found out that he actually had more than one affair with other girls.

To say the least, Rosé was heartbroken.

Jimin was her first love, it was expected that she’d be sad about it. If she wasn’t, you would have been concerned. Surprisingly though, Rosé got over the breakup quickly, for one reason and one reason only: you.

You helped Rosé throughout the entire thing, and Rosé had no idea how she would’ve handled it if you weren’t there, but then again, she might have never found out if Jimin was cheating if it weren’t for you.

“Rosé, why did you call me to the middle of the park at 8 AM? It’s too cold for this.” You say with a whine.

“That sounds familiar.” Rosé says with a grin, looking back at you for a second before continuing to drag you around.

“Why are we here?”

Rosé finally stops, and turns around to face you, “I need to tell you something important.”

You frown, “Um, okay. What do you need to tell me?”

Rosé grabs both of your hands, “I know that I haven’t been acting like greatest friend in the whole world, and I want to apologize for that,” Rosé starts.

“You’re going through heartbreak, it’s totally fine.” You say, giving her a small smile to reassure her.

Rosé shakes her head, “I’m not just talking about lately. Ever since Jimin came into our lives, I’ve been neglecting you a lot. I should’ve been treating you better. I just wish I would’ve realized sooner.”

“It’s fine Rosé, really. Let’s just leave all of that in the past now, okay?” You’re about to start dragging Rosé back home, before Rosé pulls you back.

“There’s one more thing,” Rosé says as she pulls you back towards her, “There’s something else that I wish I would have realized sooner.”

“What is it?”

Rosé hesitates, “You’ll never leave me, right? No matter what happens?”

You look at Rosé in bewilderment, “Of course not. Why are you asking me this?”

Rosé sighs, “I should’ve treated you a lot better, and that’s the first thing that I wish I would’ve realized sooner, but the second thing that I wish I would’ve realized sooner is that… I like you, Y/N. A lot. I want to spend the rest of my entire life with you, weather that’d be as best friends or as a couple.”

Rosé is staring at her feet now, refusing to look up at you out of embarrassment.

You were in shock, and surprisingly not as much because of Rosé’s confession, but more because you couldn’t help but think about how breathtaking Rosé seemed to look at only 8 AM in the morning.

“Rosé?” You say, tilting her head up to look at you, “I want to spend the rest of my entire life with you too.”

anonymous asked:

What is sharia law? I'm Muslim and non-Muslims always throw this in my face but I really don't understand it and it makes me feel awkward like I don't really know anything about my religion. What do I say when they ask me about the prophets marriage with a six year old?

If you don’t know anything about your religion, you should try your best to learn, as it is fardh for every muslim to seek knowledge…


Shariah is basically every law/ruling that deals with Islam, from public matters like crime, politics, finance, morals to more personal matters like marriage, prayer, hygiene, modesty. 

Non-muslims like to throw it in peoples faces, but they don’t even understand Shariah properly. Even I dont, and I’m a muslim. To understand it, we must study it… to be able to say “this is not right according to Shariah” is something that must be studied, just like how you study to be a doctor or a lawyer.

You wont go inside an operation theatre and tell a surgeon how to conduct brain surgery, just because you read an article on google about how the brain works. Its complex, and rulings (Fatwas) are given by scholars.

Unfortunately many non-muslims get the idea of what Shariah is by what they see in the media and bogus websites set-up by wannabe muslims that post Qur’an ayahs completely out of context.

Thats why we should refer to scholars when searching for rulings.

Unlike books of law which have case studies and precedence to refer to, Shariah doesn’t have a proper book, as it is derived from Qur’an and Sunnah. So in essence, to understand Shariah first, one has to study the Qur’an and Hadith.

As for the marriage of Prophet ﷺ to A’isha رضي الله عنها, her age of marriage has only recently become something for non-Muslims to slander him ﷺ with. These people that attack his ﷺ marriage, do so because they want to destroy his character. They can’t find anything to say about Islam so they turn on him. This is nothing new, it is a tactic that these folk use to defame peoples character, for the purpose of winning arguments. We’ve seen this in recent times, they did the same with Malcolm X, they even did the same with Mike Brown and Eric Garner, they’ve done it to their own celebrities. You’ll see it alot, when someone is in the media that has accomplished good, there’s always a dog of a journalist trying to dig out dirt to defame him/her and tarnish their character.

During the time of Prophet ﷺ, he had much more fierce enemies, enemies that wanted to kill him, enemies that would abuse him, left, right and centre… Yet not one of them said anything about His ﷺ marriage to A’isha رضي الله عنها. For over 1400 years haters of Islam have slandered our beloved Prophet ﷺ, yet it is only recently that its become an issue. 

It’s also interesting to know that marriage laws in western countries were MUCH lower only a couple of hundred years ago, than they are now. We could go much deeper and write paragraphs discussing her age, and many have but those people that want to hate, wont change their views about islam. Their views aren’t driven by fact and context, but hatred. 

Regardless of her age, they make it look like A’isha رضي الله عنها was weak because of her marriage, they make it look like she was a victim, when in fact she رضي الله عنها was a scholar of Islam within her own right. She was the first female scholar of Islam, The Sahabah رضي الله عنهم went to her when they wanted advice on Islam after Prophet ﷺ had passed, and she alone narrated over 2200 hadith, respectively. She was a leader of Islam, she is the mother of the Believers.

May Allah continue to elevate the ranks of our Beloved Prophet ﷺ, The Mother of the Believers رضي الله عنها and all the other Sahabah رضي الله عنهم who get slandered by the haters. Ameen


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How do you feel about your ship name, Drarry? (I legit don't even think about them as Draco & Harry anymore) When did you first hear the word "Drarry"?

Draco: *pulls a face* I don’t know, is it really so difficult to just type ‘Draco’ and ‘Harry’?

Harry: We first heard of it when Hermione discovered it on the internet; I couldn’t tell if she was amused or nauseated. And I think it’s really cute.

Draco: You would. You’re all about stuff like this.

Harry: *laughs* Stuff like what?! It’s genuinely cute how they’ve put our names together. It sounds like a real name.

Draco: *narrows eyes* …No, Harry. We are not naming one of our kids ‘Drarry’.

Harry: It’s kind of genius when you think abou–

Draco: No means no, Harry.

Plangst day 2


Katie’s heart ached. She didn’t know what brought it on, but ever since the night before, her thoughts had been constantly with her mom. Her mom’s heartbreak when her dad and Matt had disappeared. The way she must be terrified for them all now. She tried to push those away in favor of happier memories. Like Christmas, and grocery shopping. Even things like doing the dishes together felt precious to her now. Until it occurred to her that she might never have the opportunity to do those things with her mom again. Then the heartache would start all over.


She’d been so lost in thought, she hadn’t heard her name being called. “Hi Lance.”

Lance tilted his head at her. “Everything okay?”

“Of course. Why do you ask?”

“Well,” Lance said, “first you’re standing in the hallway. Like, just standing. And staring. That’s number two, actually. It’s pretty weird to stare at nothing. And three, you look like you want to kick someone in the shins.”

That made her laugh, and just for a moment, her pain melted away. It returned too soon. Katie sighed. “Do you think we could go someplace more private?”

Lance responded by taking her hand and leading her to his room down the hall. “This okay?”

Katie nodded. “It’s just that I-”

“Wait! Don’t start yet! No heart-to-hearts until we’re comfortable.”

Katie couldn’t help but giggle when Lance wrapped her up in a blanket like a burrito, picked her up bridal style, and set her on the bed. Then he wrapped himself until only his eyes were visible, sat across from her, and said in a muffled voice, “Talk to me.”

The ridiculousness of it made her laugh out loud, and it took a few minutes (and Lance pulling the blanket off his head) before she could speak.

“I’ve just…. I’ve been thinking about my mom a lot lately. Not a big deal, really. Just missing her. Worried about her.” She felt tears prick her eyes.

“Hey,” Lance wriggled out of his cocoon to scoot closer to her. “I’m sure she’s okay.”

“But what if she’s not, Lance? What if she thinks we’re all dead?” She covered her face with her hands. Lance didn’t need to see her cry.

“Would you have given up on her?”

Her head shot up. “What?”

Lance reached out to take her hands. “If your places were switched, would you have given up on her?”

“Of course not.”

“Then what makes you think she would give up on you?”

Her tears fell in earnest then. Lance pulled her into his arms and held her tight. They stayed there for what felt like hours, missing their families. It was a little less unbearable together.


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hi sinmom! can you help me? i have a crush on a girl in robotics with me, but i've always considered myself straight. it's more of an emotional attraction, i think. after i met her i was terrified. i couldn't stop thinking "i want to cuddle with you/smash my face against yours" and it's so scary? my parents are very homophobic and religious so i don't really feel safe telling them about what i'm feeling. some days it's "bi is me!" and other days it's "heh, you're not bi, idiot" please help!

I know where you’re at right now, I’ve been there, and I’m lending you all my strength. <3 Finding out you might not be straight is a simultaneously wonderful and scary experience, and I wish I could tell you the “questioning” phase goes away eventually, but if it does I have yet to encounter the end of it. 

Coming to terms with any non-straight sexuality can be confusing, but bi-ness in particular I think comes with an added measure of confliction. This is mostly because “same sex attraction” (and I’m using this term very loosely) is something that frequently comes and go in bi people, as well as differ on a person to person basis. Bisexuality is a finnicky mistress, and when you combine that with the popular narrative that bi people are just “confused” or “secretly gay/straight and faking for attention”, it’s easy to fall back into that pit of “maybe im not really bi what the heck is wrong with me”. 

In the end, I think it’s important to remember a few things:

  • You can be bi if you love men and women equally. 
  • You can be bi if you’ve dated 100 men and only one woman.
  • You can be bi if you’ve only ever dated people of one gender.
  • You can be bi if you’ve never dated anyone!
  • If you are attracted to more than one gender, you are bi. Regardless of how sporadic/uneven your attraction may be <3

Also, dont feel pressure to come out of the closet??? Like… figuring out your own sexuality with yourself is hard enough, and under no circumstances are you required to share that with anyone else. Take your time. Breathe. Do some thinking and find some peace. Then it’s up to you who deserves to know that information about you.