i don't know what to feel about your face

featured in a posthumous biography about taylor hebert
  • rachel: a mute stroking of dogs and comfortably ignoring you
  • parian: idk, she was... weird... she was just a deeply weird person. she was just so wrong, you know? but like.
  • lisa: a light patter of positive, humanizing stuff, and then the occasionally deeply ironic comment laced with fond bitterness
  • grue: shuts his door on your face.
  • preteen on street randomly sampled: deeply a fan, has prettified black and white poster of her in room
  • sophia hess: fuck right off

Sitting outside the bar on the bench top, Jett was in a bit of a daze with himself as he swished the bottle around in his grasp. He had only been home a week and already he was charged up, stressing about his mother, worried about his sister, all the while putting on a brave face for them. The alcohol helped, at least for a while. What he really needed was a distraction, in any form. - Lifting the bottle to his lips, his eyes clasped onto the pair looking back at him as he gulped back a couple mouthfuls. 

snk voice meme
snk voice meme

GAHHHHHHH I did it… yes, please, listen to me nervously ramble for the next 9 minutes about my favorite topic *hide face*

I tag everyone but especially these ten: sophie, manna, kippie, lys, sa, ale, @just-quintessentially-me, @oshiete-me-more-sensei,  and @josie-theoneandonly that horrible, horrible @kuchen-ackerman. And Laura can do it again :) 

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The Questions:

1. State your name and username.

2. Where are you from?

3. How long have you been a fan of the series?

4. Would you choose to join the Survey Corps, Garrison, Military Police, or the Wall Cult?

5. What is your favorite moment in the story thus far?

6. If you could resurrect one dead character who would it be and why?

7. What scene do you most look forward to seeing animated?

8. Who is your favorite character from the 104th Trainee Squad?

9. Who is your favorite among the senior soldiers?

10. Your OTPs! Go!

11. Any unpopular opinions?

12. Say the following: Hajime Isayama, Shiganshina, Chuugakkou, Kyojin, Bertholdt, Guren no Yumiya, Wall Maria, “Danchou, Heichou and Buntaichou”, Jean Kirschstein, Ymir, Armin, Jäger

Bonus: Tell us your favorite snk song and sing an extract?

I really thought long and hard about what I want to say here. But I’m winging it if we’re honest. Life is going to tear you apart at some points. It’s going to hold you down and scratch and claw at your face. You’re going to get lost. You’re going to get so far down that you feel like you can no longer be saved. Now I’m not here with the cliche “it gets better”, because it has yet to do that for me. But there are those moments where I can forget for a while. Moments like when I’m sitting next to my best friend and I’ll tell a stupid joke and he’ll get the goofiest grin on his face. Or when I’m at my friend’s apartment dancing to random songs. Or when I’m driving down the highway lost in my thoughts. Those are the moments where it’s better. Live in them. If those are the only things keeping you alive, then live for them. Live in them. We’ve got this…one breath at a time.

the marauders as things about storms
  • james: turning your face to the sky and feeling the rain soaking your skin
  • sirius: when the thunder comes right after the lightning and you know the storm is close
  • remus: the split second when you see the world lit by stark white lightning
  • peter: closing your eyes, hearing the drum of the rain, smelling it on the dry earth

“So, that’s what I’m thinking. I know it’s not completely figured out yet, but I’ve been thinking about getting a new tattoo done since I got to the island and figured I should finally get around to it. Think it’s a decent idea?”