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1 | Red Skies

WORD COUNT: 3,030 

warnings: violence, blood, bruises and gore, talk of kidnapping

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What seemed like an average day of you being spoken to like a piece of shit, turned out to be everything but normal. One minute you were walking home from work, a part time job at the local diner, you only worked weekends so you still had time to study for exams during the week. Then the next thing you knew, everything was black, cold and deafeningly quiet. Empty.

After what seemed like an entire eternity of being lost in the emptiness; the light came back, vastly brighter than usual, stinging your eyes as you tried to adjust to your surroundings. Sounds were thicker, heavier, weighing down your ears as they gave you a pounding headache, and the slightest smells became much more intense, burning your nose as you inhaled.

Just what exactly had happened to you?

Glancing around you could gather it was the early hours of the morning, you’d left work pretty late but the indigo sky was now a dark crimson red and the full moon threatened to escape the blanket of clouds that tried to shield it from sight. Managing to bring yourself to your feet you pulled yourself together and started to walk home, deciding it would be best to wait until you were inside the safety of your walls before you tried to figure out what on earth had happened.

During the walk you couldn’t help but feel on edge. The only thing keeping you sane was the fact the sky was such a beautiful colour, you’d never seen a red sky up close before, only on badly photoshopped desktop backgrounds at university, it was mesmerising. Chilly air whirled around your frame, earning a continuous shudder from your body. Travelling in the same direction you began walking through an empty field, a short cut you always took. A sharp ill-disposed pain made itself known on your left leg, close to your ankle. The manager at the diner you worked in was extremely misogynistic, so you were forced to wear a white button down blouse and short mini skirt with bare legs, to ‘receive more tips from customers’. The uniform had only ever caused you grief, but it did ensure you were able to get a clear look at the source of your discomfort.

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butteredonions  asked:

So. Ulaz. if he survived. and was on the castle with the paladins for a while. what he might think of 'strange earth customs'. that maybe shiro introduces him to. accidentally. or on purpose. maybe. I mean. you know.


(also I apologize this is only like PART of your prompt because I didn’t want to write a 10k story at work IT’S JUST ABOUT TOUCH AND TOUCHING AND ANYWAY)

a lazy temptation

The Castle was quiet, a gentle hum of energy accompanying Ulaz as he made his usual rounds of the halls. The Princess had kindly gifted him a map of the entire complex, though some spots were suspiciously blacked out. They were easy enough areas to get into, but Ulaz appreciated her general wariness in giving a potential enemy access to the Castle of Lions.

The patrols calmed him, channelled his unused energy into a useful task. Since leaving the Empire to assist the Paladins in the daunting task of wresting control from Zarkon, his routine had become more…lax. The Castle of Lions spanned wide; usually, he was on patrol for hours, just the quiet of his thoughts and the hush of his feet his only company. Solutions came easier in the calm of patrol.  

As he turned another corner, the room on the far left flicked, light spilling and fracturing the gentle shadows of the hall. He picked his way over, peering inside, and was surprised to find one of the many lounges in use. A holograph played across the entire far wall, aliens moving and dancing and talking in a language Ulaz could not quite track.

Though he wasn’t interested in the movie.

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anonymous asked:

I don't know if you take fic requests but I love your writing so if you do, can you please write Cassian and Jyn in an established relationship where Cassian just casually sometimes slips into Space Spanish around Jyn? :)

Anon, I am almost positive this is not what you had in mind. And yet, this is what happened! Featuring the most functional version of them I’ve ever written, plus more bedsharing because I can’t be stopped.

Some nights as she lays in Cassian’s bed, about to be pulled under by the riptide of sleep, she hears his voice—soft, lilting—at the edge of her consciousness in a language she does not understand.

It sounds like poetry, the gentle cadence, like words made for different worlds than this one so ravaged by war. She lets the rhythm of it carry her under, into pastel dreams of peaceful, quiet places.

One night, after a mission that almost turned fatal more times than the human heart should have to bear, she finds that sleep eludes her. She presses her face to his neck, listens to the steady murmurs against her ear.

“I wish I could understand,” she whispers, then immediately wishes she hadn’t; perhaps these words aren’t meant for her. “Not that—you don’t have to explain.”

His hand drifts down her back, tenderly tracing the curve of her spine. When he speaks, his voice is gentle.

“I am reminding myself,” he says, “of the things I have to be thankful for.”

She shifts against him, wriggling closer; his skin is soft beneath her fingertips.

“Like what?” she asks.

“That we did not die today. That we are still in this fight. You.”

Warmth spreads through her chest, curls around her fingertips.


He whispers something she cannot understand. Then he bends his neck, brushing his lips against her forehead.

“Always, always you.”

Something bubbles up in her chest, some bright, fantastic feeling she can’t find the words for. It strikes her as unfair that he can express in two languages what she can’t even manage to say in one. All she can do is press a kiss his throat, just beneath the scratch of his beard.

His hand traces back up her spine to tangle in her hair, and she can feel him smile against her skin.

“I know,” he murmurs, even though she hasn’t said a word. “I know.”

anonymous asked:

Hello~ I was reading your ask about fic recs centering around powerful Magnus, and you mentioned how some fics don't have Magnus as "a character in his own right," so I was wondering if you have any tips/general advice on what writers like myself should keep in mind when writing Magnus? Like Dos/Don't and which stereotypes to be careful of/avoid? (I figured I'd ask you since you love Magnus very much and i'm always scared of accidentally writing magnus as lesser, if that makes sense?) Thanks!

This is a good question! I should clarify that I’m not suggesting people shouldn’t write Alec-centric stories because obviously if you have a shorter story there maybe just isn’t room to explore another character. That’s totally fine and everyone has a certain character they identify with more. So that isn’t really what I mean when I call Magnus a prop. It’s more like there are certain trends I see in not just writing, but also meta and headcanons, that strikes me as problematic. For example:

Magnus the Waiting Waifu

Wherein he’s waiting for Alec to come home or call him or generally just existing only to be available instantly Alec. Magnus is the High Warlock, guys. He’s got better things to do. Between being the High Warlock and the Head of the Institute, Magnus and Alec probably have to fight tooth and nail to get time to spend together. I’d like to see more of this. I’d like to see Magnus waking up early to squeeze in a goodbye kiss before Alec leaves. I’d like to see Alec duck out between a hunt to bring Magnus coffee as he’s on his way to meet a client.

Like, there’s a ton of fics about Alec falling asleep on Magnus after coming home late, but few about the opposite even though in CoLS, it’s stated that Alec has trouble pulling Magnus away from his work and that it’s Alec who actually winds up going to bed alone on some nights. Speaking of which:

Magnus the Always Ready for Sex Bisexual

Magnus has hedonistic tendencies, but let’s not make it like he’s just ready to go at all times or that he’s always the one initiating between them. Sometimes he’s got other shit on his mind. Seriously, in the same scene in CoLS, Alec practically had his hands down Magnus’s pants and Magnus was literally like “Yeah ok maybe in 5 min.” 

Alec leaned into him, pinning Magnus between the table and his own body. Not that Magnus seemed to mind.

“Come on,” Alec said against Magnus’s ear. “It’s late. Let’s go to bed.”

Magnus bit his lip and glanced over his shoulder at the papers on the table, his gaze fixed on ancient syllables in forgotten languages. “Why don’t you go on ahead?” he said. “I’ll join you—five minutes.”

“Sure.” Alec straightened up, knowing that when Magnus was deep in his studies, five minutes could easily become five hours. “I’ll see you there.”

It’s suggested this isn’t even a rare occurrence. Alec seems to know this trait of his after dating him only a few months.

Magnus the Unconditionally Supportive Boyfriend

Magnus is very patient and understanding with Alec. He’s kind, and as a whole he wants to see the right thing done. This is canon. But Magnus can also be petty and bitter and cynical. Sometimes he stirs shit just because he can and it amuses him (1.12, taking digs about Jace and Clary being siblings). This does not make him a bad person. I think it’s important to remember because while white characters tend to be allowed their flaws, POC are required to go above and beyond. Their mistakes are often less forgivable, blotting out any hint of good they otherwise have. So people either dismiss the character altogether or, if they like them enough, then the MOC is often rendered as Very Pure and his flaws completely ignored even if they may be addressed in canon as if acknowledging said flaws automatically ruins the character and makes them Bad rather than human. (This is just the other side of the same coin regarding what fandom does to white characters where their terrible deeds are acknowledged but woobified and excused and made totally okay.)

For instance, as early as 1.02, when Magnus chose to rescue his warlocks and leave Dot behind/ignore Clary’s need for help, there was bit of an outcry from fandom about how “Magnus would never do that.“ As if the entire fandom forgot moments in book canon where Magnus basically slammed the door in Jocelyn’s face when she came to him for help (Tessa had to convince him) or where he manipulated Clary into finding and giving him the Book of the White.

Magnus is 400 years old. He’s complex, occasionally ruthless, and has an exceptionally sharp tongue. Sometimes he projects his feelings. Sometimes his desire for self-preservation overrules his compassion. Sometimes he has his own agenda that takes precedent over other people. And yes, this includes Alec. (See 1.09 where he helps steal the cup.) Magnus’s priorities and self-interests being in conflict with Alec is not him being a bad boyfriend. It makes him a person and part of a growing relationship is two people navigating and making compromises. I’d like to see more people explore this rather than just constantly making Magnus Alec’s cheerleader.

Anyway, that’s the general gist of it. I have read good meta and fanfic, but there’s definitely a trend that can be seen, though this is really something that applies to all fandoms.

Dunno where this came from, but here, have a scene from a fic I will never write:

“Rex! Rex, I’m here! I heard you were in this system, so I thought I’d drop by, and––”

Fives’ voice caught, and he slowed his upbeat jog across the hangar deck. Rex had emerged from the gunship, looking exhausted. But as he stepped aside, another figure was revealed. A clone, he had to be a clone. But his armor was different; just a padded suit and some chest plastoid. And his face was pale and sickly, the skin stretched tight over sharp bones and sunken deep into the hollow spots. And on his head, a series of large round dots––were they plugs of some kind? And his right arm…gone. Just gone. A long durasteel shaft in its place, that looked suspiciously like a dataport access connection. He barely looked human, and certainly looked like hell.

But when the trooper saw Fives, his steps faltered. A look came over his face, a hundred different emotions compressed into a few quirks of the eyebrows and quivers of the mouth. His eyes darted over Fives’ body, returning again and again to the tattoo at Fives’ temple.

Fives approached more slowly.  “Rex,” he said again, but there was more caution in his voice. “Some of the boys contacted me, said you were passing through. They snuck me on board. It’s good to see you, sir.” He extended his hand.

Rex gave a tired smile and clasped Fives’ forearm in greeting. “You too. How’s life in hiding?”

“Eh, it’s all right. Could be more interesting.” Fives shrugged.

“More interesting than the Chancellor’s goons out trying to track you down and kill you.” Rex’s tone was serious, but a twinkle in his eye betrayed the humor.

Fives shrugged again and smirked. “Haven’t caught me yet.”


The voice came from the other trooper unexpectedly, and Fives snapped his head around to look at him. But the tone hadn’t been one of surprise or recognition. It had sounded like concern or worry, with a slight accusatory edge. It seemed to say What happened? and What did you do? all at the same time. A nagging feeling in the back of Fives’ mind told him he should know that voice from somewhere.

“Yeah, that’s what they call me,” Fives said instead, extending his right hand to the trooper. Reflexively, the other trooper tried to return the gesture. Both of them paused only a whisper away from touching. Durasteel shaft. That’s right. Fives cleared his throat and awkwardly retracted his hand.

The other trooper let his eyes linger on the five tattoo at Fives’ temple again. “That’s what you call you,” he said, after a time.

Fives’ eyebrows knit together. “I’m sorry, have we met before?” There was that nagging feeling again, in the back of his mind. “I’ve seen a lot of brothers, but you didn’t look like…this…last time I saw you. Sorry.”

Something that looked a lot like pain crossed the trooper’s face. But it was quickly replaced by a small, gentle, almost bittersweet smile. And there was that feeling again, and Fives was starting to wonder if he really wanted to know why it was there, because no, that wasn’t possible, and he should just shove that thought right down before it tore his chest apart.

The trooper must have seen something in Fives’ face, because he took a step forward and placed his left hand on Fives’ shoulder. “I know you don’t recognize me,” he said softly, “but I’m here. I’m alive. I’m not a ghost.”

Fives found it difficult to breathe all of a sudden. He stood, tense, as the trooper slid his hand down from Fives’ shoulder to rest, fingers splayed, on Fives’ chest. The trooper’s eyes drifted down to his hand, then back up, almost hesitantly, to meet Fives’ gaze.

“I’m not an…echo.”

Fives felt his heart explode. A flash of tingling cold swept across his skin. His breath caught in his throat and his head swam in white haze. A whimpering noise reached his ears, a quavering “Echo?” Somewhere in the haze he realized it had come from himself. And suddenly the room was spinning and trembling, and the only thing keeping him grounded was the searing heat of the hand on his chest.

As Fives fell into the spinning white haze, he heard a voice, all too familiar now, and so achingly sweeter than any other sound in the galaxy:

“It’s good to see you again, brother.”

imthepunchlord  asked:

I have a request, or could just count as a question instead; but I'm kind of curious to see feral!Adrien's reaction to a sick Marinette, even more so since I don't think he'd ever come across someone sick before with humans keeping to their homes when sick. So I'm curious on what he'd do and how he'd respond.

…. You just… totally went there didn’t you?

You’re right that Adrien hasn’t had interaction with other humans, so he wouldn’t notice it at first. It’s Plagg who does.

Plagg is the one who notices most things before Adrien. Whenever Marinette makes her way from the camp, Plagg’s ear twitches before Adrien hears or sees her, even though it’s Adrien who sits staring at the direction she would come from. It’s always Adrien who jumps up when she does arrive, though; Plagg usually just yawns and stays comfortable in his perch in the trees.

But one day when the weather is cool and gloomy, Plagg actually lifts his head and sniffs the air. Adrien follows his example, but picks out nothing amiss except for the impending rain. When the awaited sound of shuffling leaves come, it’s much louder and conspicuous than usual. Marinette finally stumbles into the clearing and Adrien bounds up to her, standing up to his full height before giving her a sweeping bow.

He greets her with a perfectly executed, “Good afternoon, My Lady!”

Adrien might not be able to always speak in long, properly full French sentences yet, but he makes sure he gets that one right, if only for the face Marinette makes whenever he does. Her expression is always somewhere between impressed and amused and also unimpressed. (Alya says it’s called, “endeared”. (Marinette only rolls her eyes. (Alya says that one is called, “in denial”.)))

“Lend me your arm for a minute?” she asks the moment Adrien takes his seat beside her.

“Okay,” Adrien readily agrees, holding his arm out. This isn’t new, he thinks: Marinette has already done lots of sketches–“studies”–of him before. But instead of inspecting the exact curves of his muscles as she usually does, she instead ducks her head under his arm and leans her head on his shoulder. Adrien very nearly jumps.


“Is this okay?” Marinette asks.

Is she kidding? This is so very okay!!! Usually it’s him who leans on some part of her and he has to ask her especially when he wants to curl up on her lap and even though she does say yes most of the time he still celebrates it when she says yes and now she’s the one asking and she’s the one leaning on him and WHAT IS HAPPENING????

“It’s okay,” he says.

“I’m sleepy,” she mumbles.

“Sleep,” he tells her.

He hesitantly puts his arm around her shoulders.

She smiles, then closes her eyes.

Around them, the jungle is still.

Hours later, Adrien wakes to Plagg nudging him urgently. Something is wrong. On Adrien’s shoulder, where there should be the gentle warmth of Marinette’s cheek, there is an alarming heat on Adrien’s skin instead. Adrien tries to wake her. She doesn’t. She shivers, her breath coming in rapid puffs as the delicate wrinkle between her eyebrows tightens. Adrien has seen this before. He’s seen animals breathe like this right before they- Before they-

No. No, nonononono.

“Marinette! Marinette, wake up, wake up, MARI–”

She emits a quiet whimper, too similar to the sound Plagg made that one time when he was seriously wounded and bleeding, and Adrien feels a numbing coldness shoot through his veins.

What does he do? What should he do, what’s he supposed to do– he knows how to take care of Plagg– Adrien just needs to make sure he’s warm and he has water nearby and Plagg always licks his wounds clean but Marinette isn’t doing that humans don’t do that do they does she even have wounds what’s hurting her what’s hurting her?

Plagg snaps a growl, snapping Adrien out of the maelstrom of his panic. In one powerful leap he climbs up on a tree branch, before pausing to look back down at Adrien, making sure that the human boy is paying attention. Then he launches to the next branch, cutting through the jungle’s understory and towards Marinette’s camp.

Marinette’s camp, where the other humans are.

Adrien catches Plagg’s meaning. He gathers Marinette up in his panther pelt and forces his limbs to stand. As thunder rumbles above them and raindrops fall from the sky, he runs after Plagg.

“You’ll be okay,” he whispers to the precious weight in his arms, “please be okay.”  

anonymous asked:

Hello!! You def don't have to do this it here's a small Drabble idea: what if, during season 9 and when cas is a human, he's able to adopt a cat for the bunker bc dean is a softie even though he's allergic and cas happens to be allergic too and dean comforts him about it?? I love fics that are sweet and soft!! Anyway, have a nice day!!

I love sweet and soft fics too! Thank you for the prompt <3

I may have… gone overboard. Because Team Free Will and pets. Hope you enjoy!

(read on ao3)

The dog is first.

Castiel catches it sniffing around their trash cans one night after Dean’s shoved him in the direction of the door, bags gripped loosely in hand and grumbling to himself. If you sleep here and you eat here, you help with the chores.

It’s bony and its fur is matted down by the rain, but it lopes right on up to him with its tongue wagging when he offers it the half-eaten take-out on the top of the garbage pile. Its limping gait and war-hardened eyes remind Castiel very much of himself, before the Winchesters kindly rescued him. Castiel looks uneasily back towards the door.

He sleeps here and eats here. He takes out the garbage. This is his home as much as it is Sam and Dean’s, he has been assured countless times since The Fall, so he is also allowed to say who comes and who goes.

“Alright. But just for tonight,” he tells it.

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Latte, With Honey

My piece for @caffeinewitchcraft‘s Caffeine Challenge #21!  It’s been awhile since I’ve done any writing, so this is a bit rusty, but I thought it would at least be a fun exercise for a Sunday morning.  I used prompt #4.  Hope you enjoy!

(story below the cut)

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Roots (Part Ten)

(magical gif credit to @subaek

EXO Fanfic: Fantasy AU
Main Pairing: Female Reader x Byun Baekhyun (Light Fairy)

You are an Elven Outsider living in the Human World, living peacefully as a florist and gardener. But your peace shatters when you are discovered by a Representative from the Council of the Other World. Will he discover your secrets?

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The wind brushed your hair as you stopped, braking carefully, and slipped off your bike. You wiped the sweat from your brow as you unclipped one of the large baskets that were strapped on the back, hooking it under your arm, careful not to damage any of the flowers that were overflowing from inside.

You turned, walking up to the small round shelter that you had parked beside. It was your shop. Or rather, stall, to be more accurate.  It was tiny, but inside was enough space for a counter, a till and each night you could lock your wares up for safety.

You bit your lip as you looked around, juggling the basket slightly to find your keys. It was still early, nobody would join you on the pier for a few hours, but you liked to set up and prepare in the soft hours of the morning before the world was awake, it gave you peace and quiet.

Beside it was nicer to be here, outside, than in your small apartment. You yawned, blinking away tiredness as you set to work. No, you still couldn’t get used to your small apartment, even after all this time.

‘I need more outdoor space then a balcony,’ you mumbled to yourself, thinking about the small space you had, and how you had resorted to basically converting the inside of your apartment into a greenhouse. You sighed, thinking longingly of your old home…

No, you thought interrupting your own wistful thinking, I can’t go back there.

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cardiac arrest - baekhyun

requested 48.“Honestly, you kind of scare me.”

baekhyun x reader
genre: vampire!au, fluff
word count: 805

Baekhyun couldn’t explain the pull he felt whenever he saw you. Something about the way the sun hits you has him gaping at your beauty. Or maybe it was how you slowly made way under his radar. Your eyes always found him in a crowd, and he always felt your burning gaze.

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maychorian  asked:

Gosh, I didn't even get twenty-five percent down list. Anyway, here are two prompts. 15. “I made your favorite.” for Hunk and Lance, gen, please. Or 16. “It’s okay. I couldn’t sleep anyway.” for Shiro and Lance, also gen. Obviously you don't have to do either if you don't want to. Thank you for considering!

It’s the 1000 Followers Special!  Based on these prompts.  Prompts are now closed.  Don’t want to see all 35 of these?  Block ‘1000 Followers Special’.  Can’t read on mobile?  These will slowly be posted to AO3 starting in a few days as ‘Hold Up Half the Sky’.  A huge thank you to Xagrok for the beta’ing!

(Shockingly, I picked the Shiro one)

“Couldn’t sleep?”

Lance jolted, nearly losing his balance and falling over.  Impressive, given that he was sitting, but he’d been resting all of his weight on his braced arms.  Turning, Lance saw Shiro in the doorway, one hand resting on the frame.

Shit.  Caught.

Lance shrugged elaborately, going for casual.  “I’m restless still,” he replied airily.  “Figured I’d mess around with something until I was ready for bed.  Get around all that energy from our awesome fight.”

Stepping over, Shiro nodded, not looking down at where Lance sat.  “I see.”  He glanced over the projected star map in front of Lance, depicting a very specific solar system, then looked back down.

Lance tried not to squirm.  He didn’t really manage.

(Read More Below)

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faintest wisp of smoke

summary: dan goes missing and phil is left with the broken pieces.

note: idk what to think of this, i really don’t. it’s probably the least original thing i’ve ever written, but then again, it definitely went places i didn’t expect. i swear i was just trying to mess around with this one, but then… well. 7k words.

a fair warning: i don’t know if it’s good. i don’t know if it’s interesting, or if it works, or if it’s done characteristically. i only know it’s a study in overdone clichés and i hope it makes some sort of sense.




The clock ticks the time away, and Phil stares because he’s not sure if he believes it. The hands say it’s been two hours since the door closed after Dan when he went to the shop, but Phil knows very well that the shop is only ten minutes away, and he thinks that the clock must be lying but he doesn’t check the one on his phone because clocks aren’t people and only people lie, and if the clock isn’t lying Phil doesn’t want to know.

Dan left his mobile plugged to the charger and Phil listens to the ring echo through the flat and doesn’t hang up, even when he can hear the ringtone and knows Dan won’t be picking up, even when it reaches voicemail and Dan’s recorded voice tells him to leave a message and Phil wants to ask where he is but knows he won’t get an answer. 

He lets the phone drop to his side and tells himself to stop thinking about it, because he’s not Dan, who thinks problems over so much they turn themselves into a different problem that never existed in the first place – he’s Phil, and Phil doesn’t think problems over at all and pretends that it makes them fade into the shadows of the wallpapers even when he knows it doesn’t.

He doesn’t know if it’s better, but it’s all he has.

He falls asleep on the sofa in the lounge, and it’s two in the morning and Dan’s been gone for five hours, and Phil dreams of shadows and fear.

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ut-stuff  asked:

hey tt, i'm sorry for bothering you but is it okay if i request something? i know it's selfish, so feel free to ignore this or just leave it until later, i don't mind. but, could i please request g!sans with a chubby s/o who's family (particularly mother) is constantly pushing them to go and do things they're not capable of/not comfortable doing? and they feel like they're letting them down when they can't do anything - like not being able to get proper words out in social settings. again, sorry

*My Sassy Darling, you should know that you’re never bothering me. <3   I’m always willing to write something to cheer you up!  You’re one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met, and you only deserve happiness!  

By the way, it’s probably obvious by I ship the shit outta you with G.  <33

“you know that you’re not letting anyone down, right?”  

G stood with his back against the wall, an unlit cigarette dangling from his teeth.  He desperately wanted to light it up and smoke, but he didn’t want to do so in your room.  While smoke didn’t bother him, he knew things were different when it came to humans, and he respected you enough not to smoke in your house.  

“you don’t have to keep pushing yourself.  you have to take it easy, otherwise you’re just going to feel worse.”  

He pushes off the wall, crossing the room with several long strides to place his hand on your shoulder–and then proceed to slip his arm around you and pull you against his side.  "it’s ok if you get anxious or feel awkward when you’re pushed to do something.“  His phalanges slide across your arm, feeling your skin just below the sleeve.  "it’s your mom again, huh, dear?  i know she’s pushing you… she might even feel like she’s doing it to help you get more comfortable in those situations, but… it’s all right if you can’t do it.”  

G turns toward you his golden eyelight scanning your face.  "i love you just the way you are, ya'know?  whenever we’re out, you can always stick to my side; i’ll always be right there with you.  so next time she asks you to do something like that, i’ll tag along.“  His grin becomes a smirk, and he plucks the cig from between his teeth and proceeds to smooth your hair behind your ear. “imagine her face then.  we’ll make an appearance and then ditch.  maybe come back here, huh?”  His hand cups your cheek, and he steps closer, leaning in so his face is so close that you can feel his warm breath against your lips when he speaks. It smells of cigarette smoke, coffee, and ketchup, as usual.  "you can tell me some more of those science pick-up lines and see what happens.“  He chuckles, his smirk widening; he’s hoping that your cheeks flush.  He loves getting a reaction from you.  "or we can just go grab some ‘dogs and drinks.  anything’s fine as long as it’s with you, my dear.”      

anonymous asked:

May I request an imagine where Kyoya brings his s/o to meet his family, and they don't approve because they're a 'commoner', and Kyoya's s/o accidentally lets it slip that they're secretly royalty? Srry if this was confusing!

It’s not confusing at all love, and I’m so sorry that it took so long for me to write! I hope you enjoy it (: -Alicia

You expected the dinner to be a little bumpy with Kyoya’s family but you never expected it to be this bad. Right as you and Kyoya arrived to his house you could already feel the disappointment from his father and brothers eyes. Things only got worse from there. 

They purposely talked around you the whole night and you could tell that Kyoya was getting irritated. You didn’t blame him because you were sick of they way they were treating you. 

At some point you got up from where you were sat on the couch and decided to just walk around the house. You remembered Kyoya telling you that he had a sister yet you haven’t seen her since you got here. Part of you didn’t want to meet here because you were afraid that she was the exact same as the rest of his family. 

Your eyes scanned the exquisite interior design of the house. The Ootori’s did a have a beautiful taste for home decor. Looking around made you miss your family more, it had been some time since you last saw them. 

“Excuse me, are you (y/n)?” A gently voice asked from behind you. “Yes, hello.” You said turning around to see a beautiful young women. Her smile grew once you confirmed your name. 

“Hi! I’m Fujumi, Kyoya’s sister.” She said. “Nice to meet you.” You said bowing. She seemed pretty nice and you were hoping that’s how she really was. You didn’t think you’d be able to take anymore rude comments. 

“I’m sorry I didn’t meet you earlier, I was trying to clean Kyoya’s room. It’s always such a mess in there. I assume that you met our father and brothers, because you most likely wouldn’t be roaming the hallways if you hadn’t.” She said causing you to nod. 

Fuyumi showed you around the house telling you stories of what went of when they were kids. Any anger that you had before had faded away the more time you spent with Fuyumi. You know understood why Kyoya would only speak of her when it came to his family, she was the only presentable one. 

“I’m glad that Kyoya found you, he deserves to have someone in his life like you. He seems so much more relaxed since the two of you have been together.” Fuyumi said said sitting down on the chair that was on the balcony. 

“I should be the one that’s thankful for him being with me. Kyoya has changed me as a person, he’s taught me that anything can be done as long as you set your mind to it. He inspires me, especially because of the host club.” You said feeling the breeze of the wind tousle your hair. Before Fuyumi or you could say anything else you heard yelling come from the inside of the house. 

You both jumped up from your seats and ran towards the commotion, When you reached the living room you saw Kyoya standing up clenching his fists, his brothers standing with smirks on their faces, while his dad just sat on the couch with a smug look that you wanted to hit right off of him. 

“Is little Kyoya protecting his pathetic commoner toy?” One of his brothers shot at Kyoya. “Shut up, you know nothing about (y/n)!”Kyoya yelled. “What more do we need to know, you have humiliated this family by bringing a lousy commoner into our home!” His father snapped. 

Before you or Fujumi could say anything something slipped out of Kyoya’s mouth. Your secrete, the one that was suppose to stay hidden so you could live a normal life. “(She’s/He’s) not a commoner! (She/He) is the (daughter/son) of the Hitori Fukuzawa!” He yelled causing his siblings and father’s face fall in complete shock. You showed them the birthmark that was behind your ear to show them that what Kyoya was saying is the truth. 

“We are terribly sorry (Miss./Mr.) Fukuzawa. We had no idea we were in the presence of a royal family.” Mr.Ootori said bowing followed by Kyoya’s brothers. “I do not accept your apology, whether I am royalty or not should not change the way you treat me. All you are is foul humans that don’t deserve to have someone like Kyoya or Fuyumi in they’re family.” You said before grabbing your stuff. 

“See you tomorrow.” You said kissing Kyoya’s cheek to let him know you weren’t mad at him. “It was lovely to meet you Fuyumi.” You said before glaring at the other three and walking out of the Ootori’s house. 


Prompt: Jerza Week Day 1, ‘Light’

Rating: K

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Jellal x Erza

Summary: Erza has always been his light, accomplishing incredible things and continuously amazing him every day, but Jellal thinks one of her greatest feats is when she brings another little light into the world.

Author’s Note: This is really late, but this is my submission for Jerza Week Day 1! I got a pretty late start, but I’ll try to do the rest of the prompts as well! Please forgive any errors- I don’t know too much about birth or birthing procedures, even though I have three younger sisters >-< Anyways,  please enjoy~

 It was a quiet, calm afternoon when it happened. She was standing in the kitchen, stirring a bowl of cake batter with a whisk, her frilly pink apron tied around her round belly and her scarlet hair caught up in a messy bun, humming a tune to herself as she read over the recipe. The soft sounds of the outdoors were carried in by a gentle breeze through the open window, and the house was peaceful and serene.

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you wont tell me what?(j.a.)

request;can you please write a cute jealous jack imagine when the go shopping and when y/n wears guys clothes because their comfy and a guy comes and hits on her then jack get Shelly jealous and kinda like roasts the other guy

a/n: i hope you’ll loke it, feel free to request, xx

-are you ready Jack?- i asked my boyfriend as i entered his room 
-ready for what?-he asked me looking down at his phone 
-shopping day? remember? i told you that  i need new clothes a week ago and you said you would go with me-isat next to him
-did i say this?-he was texting someone while talking to me
-yes you did  and can you at least look at me while talking to me?-i was mad at him but all he did was a laugh-what’s so funny?
-what? oh, its just Daniel-he looked at me and then at his phone.
-so, Daniel is your girlfriend now? Should i leave so you can spend more time with Daniel?-i stood up and walked to the door
-wait, babe im sorry, im all yours now- he walked to me and hugged me- but let me text Daniel last time- i started walking out of his room
-im just kidding, im sorry- he laughed- so where are we going to?
-i dont know i need new jeans, shoes and  couple t-shirts- i said and staarted thinking if i needed something else.
-great, let’s go?- he grabbed my hand and we went to his car 

After 25 minutes we were in the mall, and we started our searches, i was looking for a good pair of jeans while Jack was waiting for me to choose.
-What do you think about this one?- i asked him and showed him first pair of jeans
-You look great-he smiled 
-I dont like them- i went back to the dressing room, i heard how he sighed, i knew he hated to go shopping with me but he was too nice to say me this.
-what about these?- i walked to him smiling i kinda liked these jeans
-they are okay- he looked at me, i dont know if he liked it or not
-ugh, just okay?- i turned back and headed to the dressing room
-y/n, are you okay, you’ve been in there for a long time-i heard Jack, he sounded worried 
-hey,y/n im coming in- he said and walked in the dressing room where i was sobbing.
-sweetie what’s wrong?-he pulled me closed to his chest
-im fat- my voice was quiet
-Jesus, y/n, how many times do i have to tell you you’re not fat, you’re beautiful-he kissed the top of my head
-really?-i looked up at him
-really-he smiled and kissed the tip of my nose.

i finally found perfect jeans and showed them to Jack
-do you like them?- i asked and looked in the mirror one more time
-yeah, i do- he smiled- now, can we go?
-do these jeans make me look fat ?- i asked and faced Jack
-Y/N stop telling that you’re fat, you’re not and no, these jeans dont make you look fat-he was a little bit annoyed 
-great- i smiled 

I paid for my jeans and we headed to men’s shops to find  new clothes for Jack

Jack found a couple shirts and went to try them on and i was still looking for clothes, i know it might be weird but i love guys clothes cause it’s super comfy and it looks much better then girls clothes.

I was looking for cool clothes when i heard someone’s voice
-hey, are you looking for something?- it was a tall boy with blonde hair
i looked around making sure that he was talking to me
-yeah- i answered and continued looking for something cool
-i think you found it-he winked at me
-i dont think so- i tried to make my way to the place where Jack was
-oh babygirl, where are you going? i dont even know your name-he grabbed my hand
-first thing first dont touch me,and second do not call me babygirls and third i have a boyfriend so let me go- i said and tried to get out of here.
-oh baby he wont know about it, we wont tell him-he bited his  lips, god he was so disgusting
-you wont tell me what?-it was Jack and he was mad
-nothing Jack, can we leave now?-i asked hoping he would leave him alone 
-no, i want to know what this human won’t tell me- he looked at that boy
-oh this is your girl?-he asked pretending to be confused 
-oh i think you have some problems with your ears cause she told you this, i think you need to visit a doctor- Jack said and was about to walk out of the store
-you’re not the one to tell me what to do, noodle head- boy said and chuckled 
-at least my hair doesnt look like straw-Jack said and i saw boy didnt expect this at all, boy looked at Jack then at  me and walked away 

-are you okay, y/n?-Jack said and took my hand and kissed it
-yeah, that guy was so disgusting i mean, he acted like a bad boy ,like everyone wants him…i didnt expect that he was like this, you just said that his hair wasnt good and that’s it, he left, he’s so…ew.. but i kinda feel sorry for him-i said 
-yeah, i didnt expect this either -he smiled and we walked to his car arm in arm

-you know what?-i looked at Jack as he was driving 
-i didnt find anything in that store- i said and he looked at me and laughed 
-you can take that sweatshirt that you like-he put his hand on my thigh  
-your favourite one?- i was shocked, Jack never let me borrow this one
-yes-he smiled
- i love you Jack-i kissed his cheek and his smile widened 
-i love you too.

dancingchestnut  asked:

I noted down this really nice quote from one of Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye's Spoken Word performances ("An Origin Story"): "When you are old and cannot remember my face, I will meet you for the first time again and again." So I was thinking... maybe a Saeran fic where MC has amnesia and can't remember him anymore? PILE ON THE ANGST 😍 It would be really cool to have the quote incorporated, but if you can't or don't even want to write this prompt, that's fine too! Have a great day x

A/N: Omg I watched the performance on Youtube and wowwww it’s so good! :) 

Okay so I’m only posting Part 1 of this because I foresee this turning into 4K-5K word fic later and since it’s a Guardian Angel AU I’m going to post the full one for RFA AU week (see this post) to give myself more time to write. :) 

Head’s up, this is gonna be a super angst-y fic. Don’t say i didn’t warn you. 

Title (tentative): Again [A Saeran x Reader One-shot]

Guardian angels. Known to be peaceful, gentle and kind creatures. Supposedly, anyway.

Well, Saeran, for one, isn’t. Not right now, at least.

Without much effort he picks up a chair in one hand and hurls it hard against the white wall. There’s a crack that resounds through the house as the chair comes apart, two of its legs snapping upon impact. Little splinters of wood chip away onto the floor while the maimed chair comes crashing back down onto the ground.

It’s not enough to douse the flames of anger that he’s feeling right now. Not even close. He doubts even destroying the entire house will suffice.

Right now, he can barely keep still. His clenched fists are shaking, his teeth gritted and sinking into his bottom lip hard enough that the metallic taste of blood fills his mouth. His furious gaze sweeps over the items in his home, looking for something — anything — that he can throw.

Break and destroy. That’s all he wants to do.

Because he just wants to take it off his mind for a bit. Imagine that his life isn’t the one being broken and destroyed at this very moment. Ignore the fact that everything he holds dear to him hasn’t just slipped through the crevices of his fingers for good.

He tries to take deep breaths. That’s what Saeyoung always tell shim to do. Claims it helps the nerves.

Except it isn’t working now. It isn’t helping to remove the heavy leaden weight that his heart has turned into in his chest, and it isn’t making it easier to breathe.

He needs air.

He needs her.

He can still sense her. Somewhat. He can still feel an erratic pulse drumming against his back, feel his body stiffen with each wave of fear that he senses washing over her.

It’s not real. Of course it isn’t. He already gave up his wings. He shouldn’t — doesn’t — have a connection to her any longer.

But… a part of him just knows. He knows that she’s scared. He can almost taste her fear on his tongue, smell it in his nose, feel it in the goose bumps rising on his skin.

He paces around the room, his feet taking larger strides and making him go in circles because there isn’t enough room for him to move. Gods, the homes of humans are so fucking small it’s driving him nuts.

He feels his back muscles twitch feverishly as he fights the urge to jump out the window and fly to wherever she is, — that is, if he still had his wings — to hold her tight in his arms and to make her feel safe again. To whisper sweet nothings in her ear, to kiss away her tears and to rest her head against his chest, let her feel the steady drum of his heartbeat.

Because he promised her once that he would protect her. Always.

‘Except that you failed at doing even that, you pathetic bastard,’ a voice in his head spits at him. ‘And now you’re paying the price.’

Saeran lets out a feral growl that could almost pass for a demon’s war cry, and in the next moment he’s punching the wall, creating indents with each fist, relishing in the pain enveloping his knuckles and hands. A distraction from the cruel ache in his chest.

In his anger, he fails to notice the figure bursting through the front door to his apartment. It’s only when he feels someone grab his arms from behind, forcibly stopping him from decorating the wall with more holes that he lets out another snarl, his eyes narrowing at the shadow of the intruder cast on the floor and his feathers bristling in response.

He doesn’t need to see the intruder to know who he is. It’s plain from the way he’s holding his wrists down. Strong and firm, but not hard enough to bruise. Saeran doesn’t know if it should be annoyed or relieved that he’s here now.

But then, as he struggles and fights back, he supposes it’s not so bad having someone to spar with now. The wall can’t take his punches much longer, and he needs something — or someone, who can withstand his blows.

In the next instant, with a startling show of strength and power, he throws the other angel’s hands off of him, and he bends down, shooting his twin brother a brief, desperate, pained glare before landing the first blow.

anonymous asked:

what happens when an angel falls in love with a human? what does it look like?

there’s this girl.


you remember the daughters of men who enticed your brothers to fall, in those early days of mankind. They had been beautiful—women of salt and rain, of little vanity and no hesitation. The daughters of men were born with horizons in their eyes and hearts that sang; they wove the priestly garment without needle, learned Sarai’s laughter. (and the fruit of the tree was pleasing to the eye…)

your brothers had forsaken everything for them, in the end.

and you had pitied them.


she will be fourteen, all coltish limbs and half-tamed hair, when she kisses you—a swift, daring thing, her lips pressed to your lion’s maw. (she had asked you to kneel, down and down again, and she had gone up onto her toes, and somewhere between the rising and the falling…)

she leaves behind a faint slick of strawberry lipbalm and something older, sweeter, like crushed apples.

oh, child, you breathe.

I wanted to know, she says, and there is defiance in the set of her shoulders. okay? I wanted to know.

she grabs her backpack from where she left it on the concrete and takes flight, her sneakers hitting the pavement like an afterthought of wings.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Can you write 13 for Keith? (cuz he's my babe.)

13 from [this list]: running a 39/102 fever

surprise, this is my first time writing a character with the flu since 2013 *jazz hands* i guess you could say i’ve avoided it like the plague? but anyways, i hope it’s okay. pre-relationship college au klance.

(also, this was supposed to be ~100 words. instead it ended up being a long unstylized wreck.)

The door swings open. Keith doesn’t bother to change; he drops his backpack onto the ground, kicks off his shoes, stumbles down the hallway. It’s been a long day. He’s going to sleep.

His bedroom is an entire fifteen feet away from the door, which isn’t that far, all things considered. Except, a few steps forward are enough to send his vision swimming, and he has to lean onto a wall because his legs aren’t enough to support him on their own.


His head is pounding and everything’s too hot, too bright. God, he really needs sleep. Maybe two all-nighters in a row wasn’t the best idea. If only he could just get to the damn bed.

He staggers forward, one hand gripping the wall so hard his knuckles are turning white. The floor is cool and nice and a nice alternative for his bed, he thinks. He contemplates laying down right then and there and going to sleep.

Except, then the fifteen feet are over, and he’s leaning heavily against the doorframe to his room, energy sapped. He takes a few steps and practically collapses face-first onto the bed, not bothering to properly pull the covers over himself.

His phone is still in his hoodie pocket, and it’s getting crushed by his weight. Heaving a sigh, Keith pulls the device from his pocket and sets it on the nightstand beside him, not bothering to look up. He’ll skip class tomorrow, he guesses.

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