i don't know what those things are...so...yeah

kogumasden  asked:

First, lemme say that I love your art <3 I'm not talking shit, I do like it, seriously. Mind if I ask you for any tips for learning how to draw dragons, specially heads? I've been trying to learn those bastards, and I thought that looking at real lizards would be helpful, but a dragon skull and a lizard skull don't quite match if you know what I mean. Thank you in advance!

Yeah definitely! The good thing about dragons is they’re complete fantasy, so you can push the anatomy pretty far and draw your inspiration from practically anywhere. Reptiles, birds, bats, mammals. 

BUT it’s easier to create your own believable anatomy when you’re comfortable and familiar with drawing anatomy for other animals. A strong understanding of anatomy will carry you a long way. Being able to mentally conceptualize your design in 3D helps too.

I really enjoy looking at dinosaurs for dragon facial inspiration. Bats and birds are great for wings and musculature but I don’t have time to get into that.

Dragons are fun because you can design such unusual and striking silhouettes for them.

The best thing about dragons is you can draw them as alien or as terran as you want. Take your inspiration from anywhere, go wild! There’s absolutely no set form to stick to.

  • Dean: I'm only asking once.
  • Cas: Sorry?
  • Dean: And I'm not getting down on one knee or hiring a marching band or releasing doves or doing one of those little videos that people do where they dance and sing and and then they put it on YouTube.
  • Cas: Of course. No YouTube.
  • Dean: It'll be just us. And simple, okay? No flowers or frilly things or champagne and the ring is inside and it's-- don't drink it! None of that.
  • Cas: I wouldn't drink the ring.
  • Dean: I know.
  • Cas: You can't drink a ring, Dean.
  • Dean:
  • Dean: I'll just ask.
  • Cas: Okay. There's just one thing.
  • Dean: What's that?
  • Cas: Why are you so sure you're asking me?
  • Dean: Cas.
  • Cas: Will you marry me?
  • Dean:
  • Cas:
  • Dean: Yeah, I'll marry you.
  • Cas: Yeah?
  • Dean: Yes.
  • *soft smiles*
  • *foreheads together*
  • *deep kiss*

angel-without-wings-sew  asked:

Not sure if you know this, John of course is a very seductive lip licker which gives us 'those moments ' when we know that he is in an interesting place in his head.... but is this a john thing or a Martin thing? I've been watching out for it in other Martin roles but don't see it so are those lips licked just for Sherlock ? Wow that's a mouthful to say!! Haha

Hey Lovely!

You know what? I actually think this is a Martin thing, because I have seen interviews where he does it, as well as in a few of his other roles. But yeah, I feel like its a conscious decision on Martin’s part to make John an obsessive lip-licker, especially around Sherlock or when he’s thinking or talking about Sherlock.

John is very… unapologetic in his desire for Sherlock. I think though, on Martin’s part, he made this one of John’s “unconscious tics”, like the hand clench when John is stressed or hiding his true emotions.

Martin is a brilliant “micro-expression” actor; it’s why his John Watson is so amazing.

That all said… WHY make John obsessively lick his lips around or when thinking about Sherlock if not to show John’s possible attraction to him? Well, I mean there are other reasons: I guess John just has really dry lips. All the time. Especially around Sherlock. Someone get that boy a chapstick.


LOOK! I drew you this thing! Which… I don’t know why I did it, it took hours and a computer could have done a much better job. But I like it anyway, and I hope you do too! And I will send you a higher quality image if you want to use it for… anything. Which you are under zero obligation to do. 

But you ARE obligated to read the fic I wrote for you!!!!!!!

The Tail of Knee(zle) the Bard by Chicken Bake (me)

Summary: Being the master of a kneazle was absolutely horrible. (Or, Harry loves his kneazle to death even if he won’t admit it, and he’s extremely pissed that she keeps running off to Malfoy.)

Tags: Hogwarts Eighth Year, Fluff, Humor, kneazle, uncreative naming, Oblivious Harry, Jealous Harry, over a cat though, not over Draco, nice arms, wanking, Mutual Masturbation, potted sunflowers, sorry these tags are not in order at all, Cheese, Soulmates, Flirting, ignoring quidditch, Awkwardness, UST, linny in the background!, happiness

I hope this was worth the wait and that it makes up for even 1/10th of what you did for my birthday!!! <3<3<3<3<3

so I’ve always sort of liked the idea that within the communion of saints there the Heavy Hitters, the Career Saints who are invoked widely and in situations of grave need—I’m talking your Catherines and Francises and Theresas, the Twelve Disciples and Michael; the Big Time Major League saints who intercede on behalf of so many, and so are always in conversation with the divine, case managers for the sick and dying and hurting and faithful of the world.

but that also means that there’s a bunch of saints hanging around who are just—minor holy women, lesser martyrs, incidental virgins, doctors of the church who never managed to find a publisher. They’re not prayed to very often, and rarely called on to manage the difficult cases; they have a lot of free time.

so what do you do, if you’re a saint with some free time on your hands? You answer all the not-quite-prayers, the “jesus, don’t turn red don’t turn red’ muttered by cab drivers and the “christ, can you just try it to see this from my point of view?” spat out by a furious girlfriend and all the “oh god please let me make this meeting in time” “please don’t let me fail” “I’m so tired I hope I can get home”

or maybe I just like the idea that every time you mutter “god, let me be okay” there’s some girl killed in 9th century for refusing to marry who falls into step beside you—and though no book or chronicle or living person remembers her name, she squints up at you and says with holy authority, “yeah, you’re going to be fine.”

What your favorite setter says about you:
  • Kageyama: You have a thing for black haired protagonists. Slightly awkward. Low key wants to give everyone a hug but doesn't know how to go about it. Loves fruit.
  • Sugawara: Yeah, you appear sweet and innocent to those that don't really know you. But your friends actually know how very full of sin you are. I see you.
  • Oikawa: Stop being so hard on yourself. It's not good for you, ya know? You're aiming to get better at a hobby of yours and Oikawa is probably your inspiration. Don't worry Oikawa's career is only just blossoming as are you!
  • Akaashi: You need a break. I don't know from what but stop and de-stress for a moment. Big picture. Very sarcastic. You need a hug today. It's okay.
  • Kenma: Probably need to drink some water. Take care of yourself. Have you eaten today? You probably need a break from Pokemon Go and Tumblr. Beware of rocks.
  • Moniwa: Awkward. Very sweet. Blazers are your thing. Always rooting for the underdog. You have too many feelings and you just don't know what to do with them.
  • Koganegawa: Clumsy. You act before you think which can get you in trouble. Everyone knows where they stand with you for better or worse. You like everyone and just want to be friends with them though.
  • Yahaba: You like dogs. Big ones. Small ones. Medium ones. All of them. Loyal. In need to impress. The you won't like me when I am angry type.
  • Semi: In need of a nap. Probably stays up till 3 am reading. (Probably smut.) You like them rare pairs. Embarrassing nickname? Never enough Semisemi you scream into the void.
  • Shirabu: Overachiever. Perfectionist. Reserved. Big comfy sweaters. Takes no shit.

dorki-dorki-universe  asked:

You're such a great artist, it always brings a smile to my face to see you've posted something! I was also kind of wondering if you'd have any tips for drawing clothes? It's amazing how you manage to put in those... what's the word... wrinkles? I don't know. But like there's always just enouph of them, not too many but not too few, you know? And it makes it so much more real! It helps the picture pop out, like I could really touch it! How do you do that? Thanks for the help and have a nice day<3

oh yeah, one more thing (if it isn’t too much of a bother) how do you draw skele hands/feet? I remember seeing a post somewhere about it but I can’t find it again, and you said something along the lines how your style technically isn’t accurate, thy’re more like dolls or something? But I like yours better then actual skele hands/feet because it’s not stupidly over complicated to draw XD They’re simple and easy(er) and still look super cute. Thanks again and have a wonderful day <3             

thank you so much!

i’m afraid i’m not really very good at giving tips or anything, i’ve just been drawing for a very long time so i’ve had a lot of time to, uh, hone my cloth-drawing skills - i don’t really put any thought into it anymore, it just comes sort of naturally. all i can really say is to observe (both cloth in real life as well as artists whose way of drawing fabric you like) and practice! and try to keep these things in mind when drawing clothing: the fabric’s material (is it thick and heavy or thin and light? different materials behave in different ways, a thin material has more and thinner folds than a thick material), gravity and movement (gravity is always pulling cloth down, but it depends on the fabric’s type how strongly it’s affected, and that goes for movement as well: heavier objects are less strongly affected by things like wind and movement) and the fabric’s original shape (even a stretchy fabric doesn’t change its shape too much). it also helps to have some kind of an idea of how a piece of clothing is constructed: the shape of its pieces and the locations of seams, stuff like that.
as for knowing when to quit…i honestly don’t know, i just learned that with practice. i’ve definitely been guilty of going waaaaayyyyy overboard with folds, and sometimes still am! finding that balance just takes time and practice, i guess?

as for the skele hands and feet, i don’t know if i’ve ever really drawn like a reference pic or anything of them? or at least not one i have posted anywhere. but i drew them pretty much like this (papyrus’s hands and feet are longer and thinner, but otherwise the same):

nowhere near anatomically correct, but nice and easy to draw and - at least in my personal opinion - they go well with the general non-realism of sans and papyrus while still (hopefully?) having a skeletal look. (i call them doll hands because i had the jointed hands of ball-jointed dolls in mind when trying to figure out how to draw them)

thank you again, and sorry that i’m not very good at explaining things! i hope i was of even a little of help bit regardless :’)

Spilling every piece of Miraculous theory I have to my husband as we get ready for work.

Me: And the thing is, like, the reveal has to happen at some point but they are so ridiculously oblivious that I have no idea what to expect. Everyone was freaking out over Adrien saying Marinette is just a friend but he so likes her.

Bran: deadpan stare

Me: What?

Bran: Oh, nothing. Just thinking of all those times in school when I would bring treats to you while you were working late and you would hug me and tell me I was such a good friend.


Bran: You’re Adrien.

Me: Yep. 

drama-ostrich  asked:

How do UF/US brothers react to finding their S/O is just chilling just having a great time, in a claw machine, like they don't even know how they got inside of it but they just did so yeah, do they try to use the claw to get their S/O out?

(That’s  my dream since I was a little child. It looks very comfy inside those things.)

UF Sans: “sugar?”, he is walking around the arcade you two went too, he lost you out of his eyesight and just couldn’t find you again. And then he walks past the claw machines….wait? What is that big doll…not a doll. You are just sitting in there, munching on some popcorn you got from who knows where. Well, how the fuck is he supposed to get you out of there now?

UF Papyrus: Ugh, he hates arcades. They are loud, the floors are sticky, people keep bumping into him and the prizes are not worth the money you waste. And now he can’t find you. He just wants to leave. Well….maybe he can get you one of those claw machine plush toys while you’re were ever you are. And you are sitting there. What? How? Why and what again. He is prying that thing open with his own bare hands and taking you home right now. Also all the plush toys in there. You are banned from the arcade.

US Sans: He is joining you the moment he sees you in there. It’s very comfy. You cuddle, play a bit with the toys in there. Then some people se you in there and panik. Somebody calls the fire department. You get rescued heroically. But you can keep some toys.

US Papyrus: He is tired and takes a nap on one of the benches while you roam trough the arcade, he doesn’t have the stamina for this kind of things, at least not without breaks. But he can’t find you after he wakes up, you are not playing any of the games, and not anywhere in the moving mases that walk trough the room. He texts you, getting directed by you until he stands infront of a claw machine. 

You wave at him. He waves back. He laughs. Can you throw him that hamburger squeeky toy? He really want’s one.

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it's surprising how little there is in the iwakage tag like i know everyone usually favors the main kagehina/iwaoi but i feel like there should still be more even if it's just platonic. iwa-chan and kags are adorable iwa is his cute and supportive senpai and in all different little ways you can see how iwa has influenced kags... did i just end up making myself ship it more now

Yeah I understand the main ships of course it’s normal but I wish there were more people talking about IwaKage too! Even as a platonic relationship they have so much potential I mean Iwa is someone you can rely on and he’s a great senpai.

There are a lot of jokes about Kindaichi having a crush on Iwaizumi but I think it could also apply to Kageyma because who wouldn’t have a crush on Iwaizumi?

I mean. Iwaizumi is perfect, he’s a great senpai, and he even take care of Oikawa, so for the first years he’s like, the alpha?? I imagine him as the person people goes to when they want advice. I mean, Oikawa has a gift to draw people together, he is a great leader, but Iwaizumi is easier to talk to? I don’t know

So I can totally imagine Kageyama trying to imitate his senpai

Bonus because I’m thirsty:

· Iwa-chan protecting baby Tobio because Oikawa hold a grudge against him

· Iwa-chan felling something bad is going to happen because he can analayse a situation

· Iwa-chan congratulating Kageyama because he’s played a great game

(that last picture really made me cry oh my god it’s just perfect)

i really can see them together, platonic or not

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You know one thing about people claiming people not streaming is "sabotage" is that they don't consider that not everyone has spotify. Apparently I need a paid account to stream in endlessly and I already used my free trial for jho so I literally can't be streaming all the time, besides Harry's team actually wants him to succeed unlike what's happening to Louis so he'll do great anyways. I'm just sick of those posts trying to guilt trip people into supporting Harry

yeah i’m really not a fan of this black and white ‘you’re trash trying to sabotage harry if you don’t stream sott endlessly’ guilt tripping either.

more power to the people who want to stream it constantly i think that’s great. but you can’t really compare harry’s situation (1. he’s already built a name for himself and people in the gp know who he is and have expected him to release solo music for years, 2. he has full backing and support from sony and his entire team, 3. he’s got tons of incredible promo lined up including radio interviews w/major stations, an snl performance, a graham norton interview, a possible rolling stone cover etc etc) with louis’ situation (1. no build up to his song being dropped [which of course makes sense based on context but you can’t deny it impacts sales and streaming], 2. no public image except for the shitty one created for him by sony [babygate and beards], 3. no label support, no support from his team, almost entirely reliant on steve’s people and our fandom to ensure his song didn’t flop).

the circumstances between louis and harry are so different and i see people who are all on the ‘you’re trying to sabotage harry’ train completely glossing over and ignoring that which is incredibly irritating. 

also lbr if people didn’t want to or weren’t able to stream jho they weren’t crucified over it (i’m looking at a huge chunk of the solo harries) so why doesn’t the same concept apply to sott?

harry stylesTM is a brand. so is louis tomlinsonTM and niall horanTM and liam payneTM. no one in this fandom is obligated to support any of the boys solo endeavours nor are they required to participate in streaming projects. people are allowed to choose how they want to spend their time and their money

that’s not sabotage. it’s called being a consumer.

Gray's Answer
  • Juvia winced when Chelia applied the ointment on her so many wounds
  • Chelia: S-Sorry!! But you have to bear it for a while.
  • Juvia(Smiles): It's okay Chelia-san! I can handle it!
  • Chelia( looks down, depressed): It would have been easier if I had my magic....
  • Juvia( Places her hand on her shoulder): Don't be sad Chelia-san!! Life is much more than magic!! You will definitely find another way to help people! It's in your blood!! So I know you'll find a way!!
  • Chelia( Smiles more cheerly): Thank you!!
  • Just then someone knocks at the door. The girls look towards the sound and finds Gray and Lyon standing there
  • Juvia/Chelia: Gray!!/ Lyon!!
  • Lyon smiles at the girls
  • Lyon: How are you feeling Juvia-chan?
  • Juvia: Much better thank you!!
  • Gray(worriedly): Are you sure? Your wounds were very dire..
  • Juvia(Smiles at him): I'm sure.
  • Lyon(sensing the atmosphere): If your feeling better than is it okay if I take Chelia? Master wants to talk to her.
  • Juvia: Of course!!
  • After he left with Chelia. Both her and Gray are alone. Gray takes a stool and sits besides her bed. After a while.
  • Gray: I'm sorry
  • Juvia(Startled): Sorry? What for?
  • Gray( Rubs his head): Jeez there so many things I have to apologise to you for... For leaving you for 6 months, and when we met after your....death...for.. trying to give up this life and removing your memories of me....
  • Juvia(Smiles painfully): Don't be sorry Gray. No matter what you do? I will always forgive you!!
  • Gray stares at her painfully. Wondering what has he ever done to deserve this sweet and caring girl.
  • Gray(Smiles sadly): You know? When I was away for those 6 months? I used to visit my hometown alot..
  • Juvia: Really?
  • Gray: Yeah. Even though everything was destroyed my house was still there.
  • Juvia(curiously): Is that so?
  • Gray: Yeah. It brought back alot of memories. Of my childhood... And of the time we spent living together.
  • Juvia(Smiles sweetly): It was fun wasn't it? I really liked that house.
  • Gray(smiles at her): Yeah....
  • Gray(After a while): We can still have that you know?
  • Juvia(Looks at him, confused): Have what?
  • Gray(nervously): The house...the fun...the memories...we can even make more.
  • Juvia(freezes): Are you asking me to live with you again?
  • Gray: Yeah
  • Juvia(timidly): Would everything be the same?
  • Gray: No....it's different this time.
  • Juvia(Hopefully): Different how?
  • Gray( blushing slightly): It's different cause....this time?....I'm not....I'm not-
  • Juvia: Not what?
  • Gray( Takes a deep breath): I'm not scared to admit how much I love you!
  • Completely shocked by his answer. Juvia stares at him wide eyed. It isn't long before tears of joy starts falling from her eyes. Seeing her beautiful crying face, Gray gently pulls her in for a hug. They stay like this for who knows how long.
  • Juvia( wipes away her tears and looks at Gray with a huge smile across her face): Oh! If we're gonna live together? Than Juvia needs to prepare everything!! Well have a fireplace. A wall oven. A beautiful garden!and a-
  • Gray smiles at her as she rambles the list of things that gonna be there in Their house. She never looked more beautiful in his eyes before.
  • Juvia(continues): We need to prepare a guest room. Cause Juvia knows Natsu-san is gonna crash in when he hears! Oh I can't wait to tell everyo-
  • She was cut off by a pair of soft lips.
  • Gray(lets go): Also we need alot of rooms.
  • Juvia( dazed): Rooms?
  • Gray ( smirks): Well if we're gonna live together? We definitely need to prepare in advance.
  • Juvia( confused): Prepare?
  • Gray: We're going to need more rooms when we're gonna start a family together.

anonymous asked:

Any tips on getting better at pitching? Someone in the industry wanted to know what I was working on and I completely froze. I don't even know what I ended up blurting out but I know it wasn't good. 🙁

Oh man, yeah, pitching is so important and it’s one of those things you usually don’t spend enough time on in film school or screenwriting classes.

One of the first things I do when I start a new script is write out a logline for it, knowing that that logline might change as I go, but it’s usually a helpful guidepost for me for conceptualizing the heart of the story, and also, as you mentioned, when people ask me what I’m working on, I have a one-sentence description memorized for them.

For example, for SHIP IT, my logline was: A teenage girl who writes gay fanfiction about her favorite TV show wins a contest to go to Comic-Con and she takes the opportunity to convince the showrunner to make her gay pairing canon.

Now, that’s HEAVILY simplified – the story has multiple Comic-Cons, not one, and the book has two POVs, the teenage girl, and the lead actor, which this logline doesn’t cover. But it’s a good hook, and people get the gist of the story with that line.

The next step is to write a short maybe one paragraph explanation of the project in case the person seems interested in the logline and wants to hear more. In that, you might want to have some explanation for why the project is important to you and some description of the themes. For SHIP IT, my next paragraph might go something like this:

It’s a road-trip story that follows the teenage fan into the world of conventions and celebrity, sort of like ALMOST FAMOUS, but for fandom people. I’ve loved fanfiction since I was a teenager, but I’d never seen a movie/book tackle the subject in a way that I related to. Now I work in TV, so I see fans from the other side, too. I wanted to write a story about the conflicting interests between the creatives who make a show and the fans who love it. Who’s really in charge of these stories? Who gets to say which characters are gay? What do you do when someone tells you you should feel ashamed about something you love?

If you’re not used to talking off the cuff, or if it scares you, something you can do is literally just write down your pitch, memorize it, and say it a bunch out loud to yourself in the mirror or to your friends. That way, when someone asks you, you’re not trying to nutshell your movie live in front of them, you can just have a pitch ready to go at all times.

It’s also helpful to have all your loglines memorized for each of your projects in case they’re like, “Do you have anything female-driven/aimed at teenagers/not period?” or whatever, so you can pull out whichever pitch you think they most want to hear at any given moment.

  • Debbie: Keep shooting!
  • Aaron: Show some mercy!
  • Debbie: No chance.
  • Cain: This is base! This is base!
  • Debbie: Base? What are you, eight? Right, fine, fine. Each team can have one time-out every ten minutes for one minute, and you definitely...
  • Sarah: Mum.
  • Debbie: What? Oh, all right. It's when I do stuff like this, that you don't like, yeah?
  • Cain: Amongst other things.
  • Aaron: This isn't even a challenge for you, we're not moving.
  • Sarah: So, move.
  • Cain: Wait, wait, wait, hang on, hang on, hang on. We're tired. Time out.
  • Sarah: We're not having those.
  • Debbie: Oh, go on, he is quite old.
  • Sarah: We'll give you one minute.
  • Debbie: And then we are coming back, all guns blazing. (Debbie and Sarah leave)
  • Aaron: I'm not tired, though, you know.
  • Cain: I've not been working out.
  • Aaron: Maybe you should start.
  • Cain: Yeah, all right, well, this is better, though, isn't it? Time out?
  • Aaron: Look at you having a bit of fun.
  • Cain: Don't breathe a word to anyone.
  • Aaron: It's a top idea of Debbie's, though, innit? Sarah's buzzing off it.
  • Cain: Shall I let you in on a little secret?
  • Aaron: Are you gonna get weird?
  • Cain: It's not just for Sarah.
  • Aaron: I'm fine, Cain.
  • Cain: Good. Do you want it to stay like that?
  • Aaron: Yeah, obviously.
  • Cain: All right, then, ease up on yourself. I'm not saying don't run, I'm saying you don't have to be Forrest Gump. If you wanna fight, fight, but don't make it everything.
  • Aaron: I wasn't.
  • Cain: And there's plenty of other things to do and you're not short of people to do them with.
Episode VII: Extended Ending
  • Luke: Artoo didn't want to come?
  • Rey: Oh he's here. But he's back at the Falcon. All those steps don't ya' know?
  • Luke: What? He's pulling that on you now? You know I was with him for years...always looking for ramps, avoiding stairs...then my dead father's ghost comes to visit me and you know what the first thing he tells me is? "Luke, Artoo has jets. He can fly. I owned him for years. I've seen him fly. He's totally punking you!"
  • Rey: Wow.
  • Luke: Yeah.
  • Rey: ...
  • Luke: So did C-3PO come out yet?
  • Rey: What?
  • Luke: Never mind.

anonymous asked:

Why is it that like 80% of your stories are about insects and worms and shit like that in human bodies? I mean yeah that's unsettling but it becomes too predictable after a while like I'll sometimes know what the story is about just from its title (like the one with exotic food or the girl with acne) cause you use this so often. I mean dude I really don't wanna sound rude or something but maybe enough of bug horror?

Maybe you should read the 150-or-so that aren’t about those things.

Fake Chats #115
  • Taehyung: hyung, have you ever had whiskey?
  • Namjoon: once.
  • Taehyung: was it smooth?
  • Namjoon: it wasn't my favorite, but yeah, it was good.
  • Taehyung: no, but was it smooth?
  • Namjoon: you don't even know what that means.
  • Taehyung: I know it doesn't mean how Jungkookie is always stalking Jimin. It's not how Yoongi-hyung always looks at Hopi-hyung when he sees something he likes. It's not how Seokjin-hyung has to prove he's the alpha male to Yoongi-hyung. It's not those things.
  • Namjoon: you're right, it's not those things.
  • Taehyung: so was it smooth?
  • Namjoon: very.
  • Taehyung: I want to try it.
  • Namjoon: no you don't.
  • Taehyung: it's also not like you knowing you'll get in trouble with Jinnie-hyung if you give me whiskey.
  • Namjoon: you're right, it's not. You'll still not getting any.

Redesigned my water horse creature. I’m more happy with this design than the old one. Looks like a proper horse now.

And this one has a name, Nessie. (Wilson gave her the name.) She has yet to appear in the Don’t Starve Together Journals but she will soon enough. She’s gonna scare the daylights out of Wilson and William but heeeey normal introductions aren’t really a thing in The Constant/Shadow World.

So yeah keep an eye out for her and not just in DSTJ either… I’ll let Storm explain when she gets her hands on this post.

As for why I decided to do this now… It’s November. Those in the know will  know what I mean.

anonymous asked:

I'm curious, what line from Tom or Marco made you laugh the hardest? Personally, Tom's "Well they're not related." from BMB still cracks me up and I don't know why. XD I know it's not as funny as other jokes in the series but it still makes LOL.-Bunny Anon

Weirdly most of the things between those two that have made me laugh the hardest were all visual gags rather then lines.

Especially with Tom, who has amazing visual gags:

But since we’re asking what LINE has amused me the most lemme think here:

Marco: Between

“But y’know i’m a pretty good cook, so why don’t you let me go and I’ll give you a taste


“Oh yeah we’ve been trying all styles…German, Italian,….Polynesian?”

(Marco trolling Tom like this is hilarious i can’t help it)

Tom:  Between

“These Balls are…guided by demons..”


“And it only took me destroying Marco 48 games to 0 to realize….i was wrong. Like, i slaughtered him, beating him was SO easy”

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I've come across a post describing DG as aggressive, abrasive and not nice & that the extras on BP didnt like working with her. This was on Lipstick Alley, that should've been my first clue to ignore but it got me to thinking. DG is very confident & sure of herself. To some that can come across as cold or unwelcoming. From what i've heard, she's really sweet and nice. I mean everyone has a bad day but I can't imagine DG being anything other than nice. Maybe some don't know how to deal with that

Yeah, I can’t imagine it either. What I can imagine is that people see a Black woman who doesn’t smile all the time and they automatically assume she’s rude. I get this same criticism quite a bit, and I’m pretty fucking nice, if I do say so myself. 😄This idea that women have to smile and be sweet and personable to be palatable is really frustrating. That said, I’ve never seen Danai be anything but those things, so it’s hard for me to believe any description of her that includes abrasive. Like, she is downright charming as fuck. I think she’s about her business and she works her ass off, and when you pair that with her level of intelligence, it can be intimidating. Maybe that’s what they meant. In which case, that’s on you, fam. She doesn’t owe anybody anything, and if she doesn’t have time for y’all’s shenanigans, then that’s just what it is. 🤷🏾‍♀️