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Do u know the ship name of Angelica and t Jeff !?!?! BC I HAD A HECKIN GUD IDEA: ok so Thomas hits on Angelica ( in a cocky snarky way, the same way he hits on every girl) BUT Angelica has an amazing sash come back and Thomas IS JUST SHOOK no girls ever done that before and he is blushing and he doesn't know what to say ALSO HE IN LOVE

I’m cracking up at the thought of Jefferson trying to woo her because, this a man that broke his right wrist trying to jump over a fence to impress a lady (then broke the other in his own house). What do you think he would do after trying and failing multiple times?

Pidge and Lotor thoughts: I’m going to burn in hell for this...but anyway

Blame this on the dumb in me but….
I had thoughts of this dork here….

Winding up being crushed on by this dork here…

And I just started to think of all the weird ways that it could go in general: 

-Lotor finding Pidge attractive because she doesn’t look like most girls that he knows. 
-She’s a spit brand like Allura and it catches his attention.

-During a fight he winds up impressed with her skills and ablility to think on on the fly even though she’s younger then him. 

-Winds up asking Keith and Lance for advice on how to woo “Earth Girls.” 
-Starts to send her random items from around the galaxy as a means of interesting her, and she ends up keeping the science stuff. 

-He actually defends the Green lion from a blast and tells his men that she’s his to defeat along with Keith. 

-If/When he becomes an ally hovers over her as she’s doing work and she’s constantly having to shove him out of the lab so he will quit annoying her. 
-Eventually she has to relent and he helps her out, while teaching her how to read and speak Altean and Galran. 

-Actually releases her father to win her over, doesn’t work exactly. 

-She and Keith are the two that initially see his good side. 

-At some point the two wind up having to work together to get out of something serious and Pidge learns that he’s actually quiet smart and funny, something she wasn’t expecting from him. 
-Pidge actually helps get Allura to see Lotor as an ally at some point in time. 

-Wants to protect her because at first he thinks she’s a kid, then winds up thinking she’s really cute because of her height. 
-Grows interest of her due to the fact that he hears a lot from her father who he’s been ordered to keep watch over. 

That’s all I got right now. 

Trying to figure out a name for the ship if anything. Kotor, Pidotor, Pitor, Greenprince, forestprince, Any suggestions?

Well, darlings, I’ve been promising it for ages and here it is, finally.  Lusquez (Lucy x Vaquez) on a motorcycle being cute and romantic in the sunset.  <3 

Please share and enjoy!

It says a lot about the fandom’s priorities where the biggest f/f ship is judged harshly and treated like the shipping version of Hester Prynne, but the two largest ships supported by fujoshis doesn’t get the same amount of scrutiny and treatment.


More fem!Yuugi being cute, co-starring everyone else. Including the obligatory Puzzleshipping bridal-carry. Because it’s obligatory. 

Good Scotch and Bad Nights – After other relationships blow up, Cat and Alex wind up in the same bar one night. Things happen. Yes, that means what it sounds like. Alex/Cat

This wacky little idea made it’s way into my brain, then wanted out. You have been warned. The first chapter is not explicit, but I’m hoping to take it that way, however, I am a wimp when it comes to such things, so again, you have been warned.

Will include mentions of Sanvers, and some Supercat, but they’re not the primary focus. Mon-El’s not in it, but he does get a mention or two and is a total D'bag, so if you hate that idea, I’d suggest staying away.

Yes, it’s multiple chapters, but I don’t expect it to run many. Three or four most likely.

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lately I’ve been reading a webtoon comic called ‘Deadly 7 Inside Me’- it’s SUPER good- but it’s in bahasa ;v;

also bonus cuz the comic itself asked what would we be if we’re one of a ‘soul’;

I don’t know if I’m a virtue or a sin tho.. WHO CARES LOL

Once Upon a Time AU- Francisco “Cisco” Ramon: Belle of the Beast

Cisco always wanted a chance to prove he was brave. He wasn’t a knight like his brother, Dante, or a great sorcerer, so, when the Dark One declared him as payment for protecting his village, Cisco accepted. 

Eobard, though…he wasn’t what Cisco expected. He’d heard horror stories about the Dark One razing villages and laughing at grieving widows, but the man he found behind the magic was different. He was sad and lonely, but also witty and brilliant. He’d never met anyone like Eobard before.

And, even better, Eobard treated him with respect. For the first time, there was someone who appreciated what Cisco gave to the world, someone who trusted him enough to open themselves up and show a side no one else had ever seen. 

It was no wonder Cisco fell so hard for the beast. 

Then, he met a young man on the path back from town, who told him that True Love’s Kiss could break any spell or reverse any curse. 

Confident in his feelings, Cisco tried. It almost worked…until Eobard fought it. Enraged, he locked Cisco in the dungeon for hours before finally tossing him out of the castle. 

But neither of them realized what the Dark One’s kiss had done. That, to fight the power of True Love’s Kiss, the dark magic attempted to infect Cisco, instead. 

It was barely a day after the kiss that Cisco’s mind started throbbing with visions of other worlds, possible futures, the past, the present. He was just hanging on when someone found him in the woods and brought him to a sorcerer that could help.

King Barry helped Cisco all he could, but he knew that Eobard could never know the truth about Cisco’s powers. So, he hid him away in his castle, where no one would ever find out. 

  • 6 year old cousin: what does shipping people mean?
  • Me: shipping is the concept of a fictional couple; to "ship" a couple means to have an affinity/Liking for it in one way or another; a "shipper" or a "fangirl/boy" is somebody significantly involved with such an affinity/liking..
  • Cousin: who do you ship?
  • Me: I tend to torture myself by shipping couples that may never happen like Lena and Kara,always remember love is love as long as it's consensual and both parties are adults or kids..
  • Cousin: isn't supergirl dating that mean guy,you've always told me to never hit a girl or call her names,I'm 6 and I know that,he's older than me and I know more than him but she likes it and I don't understand
  • Me: you actually listen to me? And no you're right follow what I taught you and not the show,who would you rather see her with?
  • Cousin: I personally ship Kara with Kryptonite or myself over the jerk
  • Me: No DNA test needed we are related..