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Whats better than 1 Rodimus? All the rodimusesesszz

Why did he insist on letting you go first? Why did he have to do that? Because now he could see every reaction you had to the corn maze, and it was embarrassing.

To be fair, it was pitch black, save for some strobe lights and the half moon that would shine through the clouds every once in awhile. The rustling of the corn on either side was enough to put you on edge. Every so often an actor would growl from behind the tall stalks, and there would be dry corn bits on the ground, deep enough for your feet to sink as though it were sand.

It was pretty bad, and you were too busy concentrating on looking brave you didn’t dare look back to see Dark, or ask for his comfort. You can do this.

Just as you have yourself a decent amount of confidence you came to a clearing, scattered with…Dolls.

A few young women wearing makeup, masks, and frilly dresses all rose from the ground, almost at once.

“You shouldn’t be here,” they chimed.

“I’m done,” you announced, turning around to come face to face with Dark, who seemed more unamused than usual. Tough luck, you thought.

He gave you a small smirk after a second and grabbed your your arm, pulling you along with him and saying, “No, I think we should be here, actually. I did buy the tickets, after all.”

Smart aleck.

[Slow, dramatic standoff music plays in background. Screen is dark. A white light flashes from the left side of the screen to the right with a sharp SHING sound, and the screen turns bright. Eyes open between thick black bars at the top and bottom of the screen, comic-like.]

Artist: “So…”

[Eyes narrow.]

Artist: “… we meet again.”

[Cut to back of Artist. Artist pans to the right as camera rotates to the left, revealing the rectangular silhouettes of the opponents. Music intensifies.]

Artist: “My nemeses.”

[Cut to Artist’s hand gripping hard on a pencil. Quickly cut to Artist’s mouth tightening in a grin. Voice low and strained.]

Artist: “Background and Perspective.”

[Dramatically zoom in on the two rectangles that turn into open PS documents filled with lines and blotches of colour.]

That Girl is a Problem

Paul Lahote is PISSED when Jake brings around his best friend. She wasn’t supposed to know about any of this. Or was she? 

Pairing: PaulxReader, JacobxReader (Friends)

Warnings: Cursing 

Song(s) to Listen To: Truthfully by DNCE OR/AND That’s What You Get by Paramore 

A/N: This is my first Twilight relate imagine at all, so even though constructive criticism is encouraged, pls don't rip me to shreds lol. Also, if this goes over well, I have a part 2 planned. Hope you guys like this!!

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malec + “We’re running low on time here.”

Alec looked around warily. This was not the ideal place to be performing magic rituals no matter how long they took. “We’re running low on time here, Magnus,” he said impatiently, bow string still taught under his fingers as he circled around the warlock, looking into the darkness for any sign of danger.

“Yes, thank you, Alexander. I’d nearly thought I was vacationing in Kamalame Cay for a moment there. Consider my reality checked,” Magnus deadpanned in response, blue magic still swirling around his fingers as he examined the dead downworlder sprawled on the ground in front of him.

Alec sighed and looked over at the other man for a brief moment. “Sorry,” he replied, knowing he wasn’t being helpful. It was an unfortunate part of his personality - he could never turn off. “I just don’t want to get caught unaware by whatever this thing is that killed him.”

Alec hadn’t said ‘seelie’, hadn’t called him ‘downworlder’, but had referred to the fallen warrior as a person rather than a thing. In the short time he’d grown to know Alec, Magnus had seen his innate prejudices morphing into something more human than shadowhunter. It was a fascinating transition to watch from the outside and it also made Magnus unduly proud. Alec was the perfect man to lead the New York Institute into the future.

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How Dan and Phil will use tumblr in the future | 17.08.17
  • Phil: Something I wanted to talk about, which I'm just going to randomly bring up.
  • Dan: Do it.
  • Phil: I want to change the way I use my tumblr a little bit. Because with tumblr I used to use it for a little reblogging, posting my videos but then like choosing aesthetic pictures of a dog or a cute animal or a lake. I'm kind of done with the whole lake, cute animal vibe of Tumblr right now.
  • Dan: Well, I mean what is tumblr supposed to be? It's just a blog website.
  • Phil: It's just your blog. Yeah, I mean I used -
  • Dan: Then it became this whole like reblog things that reflect your aesthetic slash who you are.
  • Phil: I kind of want to like, showcase more art that you guys do. I like a lot of it but I'd like to start reblogging it. So I'm still going to post my videos on tumblr and stuff but I'm also going to start reblogging lots of art. So, if you've done some art of me or you've done some art of me and Dan, just tag it as AmazingPhil and I'll see it and then I might reblog it. I'm not saying I'll reblog everything I see, I'm just going to reblog a few. I'll like some more as well. But I'll be doing some more of that and trying to boost some of you artists. Because then I feel like I'll use the website more.
  • Someone in chat: That's awesome.
  • Someone else in chat: Cool but I'm not good at art.
  • Phil: That's fine. You can still tweet me and we can have a chat and then you can enjoy them as well and get to look at some other people's art.
  • Dan: I like a lot, so if you go to whatever the hell the url for my tumblr likes is, then you can see all the... stuff.
  • Phil: So you're still cool with your tumblr though, you like reblog...
  • Dan: Yeah, like once a month I curate. It just so much pressure. Like it has to be... like I save drafts for weeks and then go through and just turn it into one lot of queue that's like fifteen posts because it just has to be...
  • Phil: To be perfect.
  • Dan: Exactly what it's supposed to be, which is kind of pointless when my theme is so trash. But where do you even begin? I don't even know to change... Like I, honestly, you know how you go to customise and there'e the html and I'm just like... I don't want to touch this!
  • Phil: You don't want to mess it up.
  • Dan: Like they say don't fix what's broke. My theme is already broke but like, don't broke even more what's already kind of broke, you know what I mean?
  • Phil: Did you just even say a sentence? I don't know but yeah, so if you want to follow me on tumblr to find out what's going on, it's just amazingphil.tumblr.com and you can see me reblogging some stuff.

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i don't really know anything about the ace/aro discourse, but can you explain why ace/aro people should be part of lgbt spaces? i'm sorry if this question is too broad, but i follow people who are on both sides, and i guess i'm just not educated enough to know what i think yet. no worries if you don't feel comfortable answering this though!

Okay, well I’m having a super bad mental health week. (You can check out my personal tag if you think I’m just evading or my recent posts about people at my college calling me a homophobe because I don’t like to party…)

So I’m not super interested in writing a long ass post and getting torn apart by ace discoursers. I engage mildly but I’ve also been heavily harassed, 

But I’ll open this up to followers answering or sharing masterposts. 

I’m supposed to be studying but I don’t want this sitting in the inbox.

Mod Bethany

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For the justice speech, isn't it supposed to be "you took HER from me" instead? Cause she is the one who died? I don't know, maybe you had another reason to use the phrasing "you took me from her" ? Sweet speedpaint btw !

I know what I said =U

Adelise was sick. Adrian went ahead to find a way out.

He didn’t come back.

Adelise waited though.

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Do you know about working with fire? Candle magic?? I want to get into candle magic because I feel pulled towards it but I don't really know how to do it or what it entails. I have candles, and potions to anoint them with :3

I do work with candles (even though I’m not suppose to >-> shhhh) all the time! I love them. So the first thing you should know about working with candles is that you need to practice proper fire safety. Fire is dangerous, even if it is from a small candle, I have heard of many witches harming themselves due to accidental neglect.

  • Always tie back your hair if it is longer than your jaw, you don’t want to catch it on fire
  • Keep a bowl of salt or sand near you at all times. Water can work when its just a candle but if you anoint a candle with oils and that catches on fire you DO NOT want to throw water on that. I always keep a bowl of salt near me to throw onto any out of control fire
  • Practice with a window open, if the candle flares or burns something it will help get the smoke out much faster and prevent the fire alarms from going off
  • If you are going to burn something via the candle, place it in a fire safe container to burn, don’t hold it!
  • always burn candles in candle holders, wax is a bitch to clean up 
    • if you do ever spill wax on your clothing or carpet put newspaper over it and use an iron or hair dryer to slowly bring it up out of the carpet/fabric and into the newspaper. it can take a while though sometimes
  • Never leave candles burning when you are not home or in the room. 
  • When anointing candles never anoint the top near the fuse, this can lead to oil fires or flares

Some witch tips for using fire/candle:

  • use color correspondences that go with your intent (you can find plenty on my blog)
  • using scented candles work great when the scents go with your intent!
  • Carve sigils, words or images into candles to let them melt away to activate them
  • You can buy candles cheap at the dollar store or at craft stores like Michael’s in the clarence section
  • tea lights work great for spells too and are very affordable
  • You can make your own candles to customize your spells by matching herbs, scents, oils and colors when making them
  • You can use seashells, acorn caps and other things for fun custom candle holders and to help with your intent
  • Use old candle wax in spells and color magick
  • Use the smoke from an blown out candle for enchanting, cleansing and charming objects
  • White candles are the universal replacement candle. It can be used in place of any scented or colored candles in a pinch
  • charge candles in the sun or moon for added effects
  • Place crystals around a candle to charge it with the crystals’ correspondences to help you with your intent
  • use candles to burn sigils or words on paper to release your intent into the world (do it safely please)

If you want to know anything more specific about candles feel free to send me another ask dear ^-^

The signs as sleeping arrangements
  • Big spoon: Pisces, Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio
  • Little spoon: Aquarius, Gemini, Cancer, Sagittarius
  • Don't fucking touch me I'm trying to sleep: Capricorn, Aries, Leo, Libra

We loved being in the spotlight,
Standing above the rest,
All the attention on us.
Yet we brought about our own downfall;
Falling deep into a neverending abyss,
For eternity.

We’re still alive now;
I’m surprised,
Though I shouldn’t be.
This is the worst form of punishment,
Stuck watching the world pass us by,
Our hands tied.

We knew we were playing with fire;
The worst kind,
We were warned,
White hot flames dancing in the night.
Yet we ventured forth,
To our doom.

The only way out was unthinkable,
But now I’m not so sure.
I’d do anything to leave;
To be in the spotlight once again,
With everyone’s eyes on me
Like they’re supposed to be.


you stayed up waitin’, anticipatin’, and pacin’
but I was, chasing paper
caught up in the game

  • Furihata: It's happening, isn't it?
  • Akashi: Sorry?
  • Furihata: You're getting taller
  • Akashi: Oh
  • Furihata: You used to be only slightly taller than me but now.. you're taller than me, you know, just.. taller.
  • Akashi: [chuckles]
  • Furihata: I'm going to need extra effort to kiss you now
  • Akashi: If it's any comfort, I'm going to always bend down every time we kiss, so you don't have to do anything.. other than kiss me back, that is
  • Furihata: [scoffs] Why, thank you
  • Furihata: ...
  • Akashi: What is it?
  • Furihata: Mm, I'm just, a bit jealous I think.. You're way cooler now that your height increased.. and compared to you, I'm.. well, I'm a mess
  • Akashi: Kouki..
  • Furihata: Oversize glasses, dark circles under my eyes, muscles.. nowhere in sight. Not in any way attractive if you asked me--not that I was attractive before but--
  • Akashi: It just shows you work hard on your studies
  • Furihata: Still..
  • Akashi: [sighs] Kou--
  • Furihata: [suddenly determined] No, you deserve a better shaped me. I think I'll start working out again once I graduated. It will be good for my health.. also, I can't have you falling out of love with an unattractive boyfriend [grins]
  • Akashi: It will never happen
  • Furihata: [smiles] You don't know the future, Sei
  • Akashi: Does it matter though? What matters, to me at least, is we live in the present and right now, I choose to never fall out of love with you
  • Akashi: ...
  • Akashi: [blushes]
  • Furihata: You do realize I'm the one who supposed to be blushing right now.. right?

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Hi, I know this probably isn't the right place to ask this, but I need to get it off my chest and I don't know who else to try. I identify as aroace but I'm also faceblind (it's a complicated problem, but basically I can't remember faces and tend not to notice them at all). So I don't know if I'm actually aroace or if it's just because I can't see what I'm supposed to be attracted to. Do you know of any other faceblind aces/aros that could help me?

I’m actually a faceblind ace, though I’m alloromantic. I don’t personally feel like my faceblindness is related to my asexuality, or at least not in a very significant way, although of course my experience is not universal. While faces may be a significant part of the way people evaluate others aesthetically, there are also many other factors that contribute to attraction, even aesthetic attraction. It’s definitely possible for faceblind people to be alloromantic and allosexual, so I don’t think there’s necessarily a 1:1 correlation.

That said, it’s totally okay if, for you, your faceblindness is a significant factor in your being aroace. That doesn’t do anything to invalidate your identity–your experience is your experience and it counts, regardless of any related causes.


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Have you read The Metropolitan Man? I don't know what's your policy on fanfiction but it's a "realistic" take on Superman arriving in the 30s.

Haven’t read that one - looking over it briefly it seems pretty damn depressing, though I suppose that’s kind of the point. I’ll probably check it out sometime.

I’m definitely down for fanfiction, but there’s precious little with Superman I’m into - when I occasionally think of Superman fanfic I hope “cool, maybe there’s finally some cool cosmic adventure stuff in here given the comics so rarely go there, or some really insightful character observations of the kind writers too sparsely touch on!” and then it ends up being 7000 pages on a powerless high-school aged Clark’s torrid affair with Jason Todd behind Congorilla’s back or something. But keeping my eyes open, there’ve definitely been some over the years that worked for me:

* Superboy: A great little moment of growth for a young Clark Kent in a short animated comic by @jordangibson.

* All In A Day’s Work: Good chance you saw this floating around on Tumblr awhile back, this is another really great little short comic by Tom Gimlin and Marcellis Wentz, on the weight of the job.

* Superman’s Story: Opposite Number: An excellent short piece by @spectralspices based on an idea he was nice enough to bounce off me, as Superman goes up against a pair of challenges unusual even for him - one comedic, one very much not.

* Pop-Drama: Superman: I don’t know how much this really qualifies as fanfic in the traditional sense - it’s a broad story proposal by @andrewhickeywriter on an ‘end point’ for Superman - but it’s damn fun and satisfying. There’s also a follow-up article where he elaborates on a major plot point.

* Superman Lives: Another short comic, this time by Joe Otis Costello and Des Taylor, where the Superman of 1938 is beamed in a fight with Brainiac into the world of 2014, and Lois Lane naturally gets the exclusive interview with the returned hero, the story being presented in magazine format. The characterizations may or may not work for you - parts do for me, others not - but it’s an interesting exercise nonetheless, and Des Taylor’s work is absolutely gorgeous.

* @ck1blogs: Clark Kent’s reasonably infamous Twitter account. He is not good at the internet, or humans.

* @filmcriticsuperman: Less well-known than its cousin ck1, which is a shame; unlike most “Film Critic X” feeds, it’s actually…well, really good, courtesy of @charlotteofoz. It maintains the voice throughout and perfectly, and while half the feed is indeed movie reviews - always through the filter of Superman - the other half is just Superman talking about his day, and while it was coming out it was probably the best ongoing Superman material of the last several years. If starting at the beginning of the feed to get a feel for it seems too ominous, worth it though it may be, a good sample would be the more traditional short story she did connected to it, a Superman Halloween spooktacular by the name of Yellowfire.

* Kosmograd Blues: A short story by The Quantum Thief and Invisible Planets author Hannu Rajaniemi focused on a Russian Superman analog, it’s a beautifully written, somber story of a superman who’s long since lost what made his own life worthwhile, but knows he still has a job to do. This was to be one part of a series of superhero short stories set in a larger world he had built - he wrote a little more about the details of it once - but to my knowledge this was all that ever came out of it.

* Kahlil: An ongoing webcomic by Kumail Rizvi in which the last son of Krypton landed in Karachi; it’s been awhile since I last checked in on it, but I recall it being very good, with some spectacular artwork making the few moments thus far of super-ness really pop.

* Superman vs. The Universe: A spiritual cousin to Joe Keatinge’s Strange Visitor, this is the story of an all-powerful Superman at the end of time looking back on his existence as he prepares for his last duty; the prose is stilted in places, but there are enough great ideas and emotional moments in here to make it more than worth your time.

* Repairing The World: I’ll admit some bias up front since the author’s a friend of mine, but starlightify’s DCU series of fanfics - largely centered around Superman and Batman - are a lot of fun, very funny and heartfelt. Some good samplers with Superman would be Salutation and Canidae.

* Silver Age Superman: I’ve never gotten my hands on this semi-legendary bootleg 1990 comic by Ed Pinsent and Mark Robinson, but the likes of Al Ewing and phenomenal comics critic Colin Smith have both declared this comic - starring by my understanding perhaps the most alienated version of its title character ever - among their absolute favorite Superman stories, and their word is more than good enough for me; if you see it out in the wild, I’d absolutely say pick it up. And grab a copy for me, would ya?

* Luthor’s Gift/Starwinds Howl: Bizarre as it is to list any Superman work of Elliot S! Maggin’s as fanfiction when he’s one of the characters’ most beloved writers, I suppose that is what these two stories count as given that they’ve only ever been published online and maybe in a fanzine or two to my knowledge rather than with DC’s official sanction, and they’re absolutely of a piece with his novels Last Son of Krypton and Miracle Monday. The latter is his take on how Krypto arrived on Earth; the former shows how Superman finally left Earth around the end of the 21st century the way he often hinted at in his other works.

* Tales of Smallville: Near as I can tell, I’m the only person on the face of the Earth - other than maybe Elliot Maggin, who endorsed these stories himself - who’s aware that on the site supermanthrutheages, Samuel Hawkins posted a series of 4 Superboy stories; him revealing himself to the world, his first big adventure with the Legion of Superheroes, a memorable dinner with a guest, and Martha Kent on her deathbed. On these stories, I know two things. 1. Posterity will unquestionably not validate him. It’s a handful of Silver/Bronze-Age Superboy fanfics on an out-of-the-way fansite, no one will remember them. And 2. He is a Morrison/Ennis/Maggin-tier Superman writer. If I have ever written anything in my life on Superman that you’ve agreed on, for the love of god at least read Martha’s Story, it might honestly be my favorite Superman story other than All-Star.

So along with those recommendations, I do have to throw a request on top: I vaguely recall having once read a short story somewhere online years ago about a Superman-type hero found in a field as an infant by farmers - one’s an alcoholic and one sleeps around, but they clean up their acts for the sake of the kid. He grows up to become a superhero and occasionally fights a Lex Luthorish scientist with an appropriately alliterative name who accuses him of impeding societal progress. Eventually, the hero flies off into space once everyone he knows dies, returning occasionally to Earth as he feels drawn back, to defend it, or rule it, or just wander it in obscurity; his longest and last stay is when he falls in love with a woman who he meets at a restaurant, when she’s the first in all those thousands of years to make apple pie as good as his mother’s. Eventually, he lives to the end of the universe, where he finds himself rocketing back through time and de-aging, crash-landing in a field and completing the time-loop. If anyone could point me in a direction towards it, it’d be very much appreciated; I don’t even recall if it’s any good, but I’ve been trying to find it for years and it’s the principle of the thing at this point.

The Larents, part 5. Bedtime Stories.

more larents

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you know what i havent seen anyone talk about? what the FUCK was asra doing with his blood magic in the flashback scene in julian.. why does he look so grim when he says he hopes it changes things.. how does he hope to change things and why is julian involved.. so many questions

ah, good point. i suppose i just assumed it was something plague and/or lucio related and didn’t think much more about it, but the flashbacks with muriel and julian would make me think asra wouldn’t be looking to help lucio. 

you’d mentioned before that asra might have cursed lucio somehow, right? 
and i think it’s generally accepted that if any of the main cast were involved in lucio’s assassination death it was for a good reason, to stop the plague and/or lucio himself. 

as for julian, i think it’s more or less that he was there and wanted to help. 

but you’re absolutely right, there’s a lot to unpack in that scene. i can’t wait to get more clues.