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Cas finds tumblr
  • Cas: Dean there's this interesting website called tumblr
  • Dean: Cas, stay away from there
  • Cas: *confused head tilt* What is Destiel Dean? It seems popular
  • Dean: Cas no-
  • Cas: Dean I don't understand... what is fanfiction?
  • Dean: *gets up and goes towards Cas* Come on Cas... give me the laptop buddy
  • Cas: The laptop's warning me of smut. What is smut?
  • Dean: *tries to grab the laptop*
  • Cas: *dodges Dean and starts reading* This... this is very explicit. How do they know all this?
  • Dean: Cas we don't talk about that!
  • Cas:
  • Dean:
  • Dean: Wait a minute I don't understand
  • Cas: It's like they've been spying on us Dean
  • Dean:
  • Cas:
  • Dean:
  • Cas:
  • Dean: *eyes widening* Oh Chuck... SAM!
  • Sam: *trying hard not to laugh* What? People like it!
  • Kara: i accidentally told lena i was supergirl last night
  • Alex: what do you mean you 'accidentally' told her
  • Kara: well you know how i went out for drinks with her
  • Alex: yes. and i remember telling you not to get too drunk. i knew you would say something. i knew this would happen.
  • Kara: um we were both a little drunk and lena wanted supergirl's number because she wanted to borrow her cape
  • Alex:
  • Kara: and then i gave her Supergirl's number
  • Alex: so basically you gave her your own number
  • Kara: ... yes
  • Alex: ok. it's ok we can just tell her you were joking. you don't have supergirl's number.
  • Kara: and then i showed her my cape and she tried it on
  • Alex: oh my god.
  • Kara: and i flew. for like a second. just a quick float.
  • Alex: kara!
  • Kara: what! i wanted to impress her!
  • Alex: ughhhhhhhhgh. fine. you're telling J'onn.
  • Mika: Yuu-chan...
  • Yuu: Yea Mika, what is it?
  • Mika: Umm... I don't know how to say this, but...
  • Yuu: W-what? What is it?
  • Mika: ...
  • Yuu: Mika!
  • Mika: Mmm... *blushes*
  • Mika: Yuu-chan... Y-you... Um...
  • Mika: You are going to be a father...
  • Yuu:
  • Yuu: WHAA--!?
  • Shinoa: Wait, how does that even work??
  • Mistuba: Mikaela-san... B-but you are a... You are a boy, right?
  • Mika: No, I mean yes, I mean... Okay, listen here! I have these two kids. And they are apparently mine and Yuu-chan's.
  • Mika: *holds two children*
  • Shinoa: Oh my god, so cute! Twins!!
  • Yuu: H-how did we...
  • Mika: I don't know!!
  • Guren: God damn it, what is this??
  • Me: I am so sorry, I tried to come up with an excuse for it, but I've got nothing.
  • Yuu: T-then what do we do!?
  • Me: I dunno, it's your problem now. Name your kids.~
Neo tries to be supportive
  • Yang: I'm terrified my reliance on my Semblance is going to get me and everyone I love killed.
  • Neo: Well shit....I don't know how to mock that.
  • Neo: *Gasps* Oh god! That's never happened before!
  • Yang: Well, maybe this is something you don't need to mock.
  • Neo: Uh huh, okay.
  • Neo: But then what's the point of other people if not to mock them
When they’d gone, Lady Sybil sat for a while staring at her hands.
(…) In many ways, she told herself, she was very lucky. She was very proud of Sam. He worked hard for a lot of people. He cared about people who weren’t important. He always had far more to cope with than was good for him. He was the most civilized man she’d ever met. Not a gentleman, thank goodness, but a gentle man.
She never really knew what it was he did. (…) He tended to drop his clothes into the laundry basket before he eventually came to bed, so she’d only hear later from the laundry girl about the bloodstains and the mud.
(…) There was a Sam Vimes she knew, who went out and came home again, and out there was another Sam Vimes who hardly belonged to her and lived in the same world as all those men with the dreadful names…
Sybil Ramkin had been brought up to be thrifty, thoughtful, genteel in an outdoor sort of way, and to think kindly of people.
She looked at the pictures again, in the silence of the house.
Then she blew her nose loudly and went off to do the packing and other sensible things.
—  From The Fifth Elephant.

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Oh god. So cuteee. I feel like Kageyama sometimes tho... When I see a cute cat and really want to pet it but he runs away before I can even make a move... OTL They're both just helpless dorks who don't know how to interact with each other even tho they may wish to do so ;; Maybe one day Kageyama tries to be really really careful and tries to sit down next to him, slowly getting closer... Until he can try to greet him and maybe ask him what he's doing or sth like that just to get him used to him

So I wanted to write a solangelo Fae au and now I am enjoy my first story on tumble which is probably not going to be a oneshot so here I go my solangelo Fae AU titled


His face turned upwards towards the sky staring at the azure sky which was speckled with scarlet, rose, and orange. Light fell between the branches above him softly hitting the green grass below him. He loved this time of day and being able to watch the different colors slowly shrink and disappear under the nest of trees on the edge of the clearing.The world was silent around him as the sun continued to descend below the trees.

Smiling he grabbed the ball he had been playing with bouncing on to the grass below him watching the ball rise up in to the sky emulating the setting sun. Night was falling and the wind blew through the forest rustling the branches of the nearby trees. The leaves on a nearby bush shook startling the boy in to dropping the ball as a small squirrel rushed through the bush and up a tree. He watched the squirrel shimmy up the tree shaking his head at himself for being startled by such a simple thing before hurrying after his ball which was rolling away. 

Leaves ghosted over his cheeks and branches grabbed at his clothing as he moved further away from the clearing slowly disappearing in to the forest. The ball continued to roll away from the grass as the young child continued to trudge after it occasionally tripping over tree roots and rocks along the way. The boy was deep in the forest when the ball rolled in to a small patch of shadows obscuring it from his sight.

Teeth clamped down on his lips as the boy stifled a cry of frustration. He refused to loose that toy no matter what. It was his favorite. It was special. With determination only a child could hold he marched up to the shadows and disappeared along with his beloved toy. 

As he walked through the shadows he was aware of the strange shift in the silence of the world around him. Instead if the usual serene and light feeling of comfortable silence it was heavy and sad and almost terrifying. Nothing moved around him as light crept through the treeline only to dissipate long before the beams could touch the ground. The silence weighs on him and his knees and hands begin to shake with the effort to remain upright and he continued to trudge on.

The little light that filtered through the treetops abruptly disintegrated and the child was left a single golden blip in the darkness. With the absence of light came the absence of silence as whispers soon filled the air. Words of darkness and shadows reached his ears and strangled cries and insane giggles echoed through the stale air. The golden child stood frozen in the middle of the shadows refusing to even turn his head before he felt something. It curled around his unclothed leg and claws scraped down his shin all the way to his ankles. The feeling of blood oozing its way down his legs snapped him out of his stupor and he ran.

He ran and ran as shadows slinked by his sides and wrapped around his body. He ran as claws reached out ripping at his clothes and skin. He ran as the echoes of the voices grew louder and louder.

And then he stopped.

He stopped and slid on to the ground clutching the sides of his head and covering his ears. He was going to die here he knee it. He was going to die and for the first time he was scared. He was scared in the forest he had played in for as long as he could remember and he was scared of what death could mean.

He didn’t want to die.

He could feel it, his body growing colder, colder, colder as he sat there eyes closed ears covered and breathing sporadic. He could feel his heart as it slowed in his chest. His limbs and body were going numb, and his vision was fading in and out. He can’t move. He can’t move. He can’t move. He was going to die.

Then it was silent once more. His body was warm and he could move again. He could feel the hot salty tears running down his cheeks as he placed his hands over his eyes and sobbed and sobbed and sobbed. Then he saw light through his fingers and he slowly raised his head upwards. In front of his face were lights, small, beautiful, bright tinkling lights of all colors drifted in front of his face and in every color he could think of. 

His eyes follow the lights around the shadows till they stop on a little boy who sits on the floor of the shadows back turned to him. He spots ebony hair and ivory skin from where he sits Cautiously he stands up walking towards the figure kneeling down beside him. 

“Hello,” the boy jumps up, startled briefly staring at the golden haired boy before him then lowering his gaze down towards the ground. “I was wondering if you might have been the one who saved me and made those lights”. The boy makes no movement to saying anything simply giving a small nod towards the questions. A smile of relief and happiness blooms across the child’s face. “Thank so so so so so much for saving me my names Will whats your”. The boy looks up at Will who gasp taking a step away from the boy. The boys eyes are a shining sterling silver and his pupils are a dark black color. Fear flashes across the silver eyed boys fae and he lowers his gaze, stands up and begins to walk away. 

Will jumps up rushing after the boy and grabbing his arm. The boy tenses yanking his arm away and turning towards Will. His eyes are angry and the corners of his mouth are turned down in a scowl and past his lips Will spots small teeth and several large canines. His eyes travel down wards and his notices the boys nails which are long and sharp reminding him of a large dogs trimmed claws. 

Will gulps audibly steeling his nerves and grabbing his arm again.”Please can you show me the way out, please I don’t want to get hurt again”. The boy opens his mouth and before closing it and ripping his arm away from Will’s grasp. He slowly trudges in to the shadows disappearing along with the lights. Will hangs his head as tears already begin to build in his eyes. 

A light drifts up towards him landing right above his nose. Suddenly the boy is standing there again gesturing for Will to follow after him. A smile lights up his features as he rubs the tears away and rushes after the boy and the lights. 

The walk through the shadows is silent and gradually Will begins to see small beams of silver moonlight falling from above. He begins to see silhouettes of plants and he can once again hear the rustling of the leaves in the night wind. He emerges once more in the clearing he was playing in before. He lets out a sigh of relief at the familiar sight. Turning his head to his side he goes to thank the boy only to find the boy nowhere insight and in his place the red ball. 

“WILL” a woman’s voice calls in to the night. “WILL WILL WHERE ARE YOU.” He stares at the ball before calling out to answer the voice. “I’m here mom in the clearing.” A woman with brown hair and brown eyes burst through the trees. Her face melts in to a smile of relief and tears spring in to her eyes as she rushes over scooping up her boy and squeezing him tight. 

“William Anthony Solace I was so worried about you. Where did you go when you didn’t come in I thought something happened to you and when I though that I think I might have died but I came back to look for you and I didn’t know what to do when I couldn’t find you and and don’t you ever worry me like that again I might actually die if you do it again.”

Will smiles squeezing his mother just as tight as she is him. “I know mom I just ran after my toy and lost track of time trying to find it, I’m sorry.” The mother sniffles letting her son drop on to the ground as she nods her head in understanding. “Okay your still grounded for three days for giving your poor dying mother a heart attack.” Will lets out a small giggle at his mothers words before sighing upon realizing what a grounding would mean for him. 

The mother looks down at her son’s pouting face and smiles as she kneels down to embrace him. “Don’t worry munchkin it will be over before you know it. Now why don’t you get your stuff so we can go back home.” Will nods reaching down and grabbing his ball. 

When his fingers brush the surface of the ball a warmth travels through his body. A soft and shy voice no more than a whisper fills his head. “My name… is Nico and I’m glad your okay Will.” A large grin spreads across Will’s face as he happily grabs his mother’s hand and the walk past the trees to his home. 

Well that’s it for the first chapter. Oh god I hope it was good I’ve never posted on Tumblr before so I hope whoever happens to read this enjoys it. God I’m so nervous to post this. Well here I go

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Hi, I want to say I like your drawings very much and I kinda want to request something,I think Swapfell is VERY similar to Black Butler, what do you think?If you agree can you please draw something little? :3 It's okay if you don't take requests and draw, I just wanted to say it! Thank you :)

OH MY GOD THANKS!!!!!!!! ♡♡♡♡

I never watched that serie….I just know of  friends and images I saw time ago eweUu…but…with just looking again the imagens and searching some information….omgod… I agree completely!!!! xD (now i’m gonna see that serie just because the swapfell bros  xD)

I’m not taking request…but I couldn’t resist xD and I made this 
this is the original image => link

Lauren Aquilina sentence starters
  • "Sometimes I wonder why I'm still here."
  • "I can't be everything you want to see."
  • "It sounds like my idea of hell."
  • "Please don't drag me down."
  • "Society killed the teenager."
  • "Didn't you know the devil always wins this game?"
  • "You are dying to just to live."
  • "You're a grade A in following the crowd."
  • "I just wish I could mute all their mouths."
  • "I don’t know how I’m gonna get up from this one."
  • "It's clear that I'm not ready for this."
  • "I can't live up to these expectations of me."
  • "I don't see you with me."
  • "It's time to say goodbye."
  • "Why is it always you I come running back to?"
  • "I've wanted you for too long."
  • "Why do I wanna do it all again?"
  • "You've had me chasing you for years, I don't know why I still care, but I do."
  • "I've never wanted anything more than you."
  • "You left and then acted like we never existed."
  • "Do you know how hard I tried to be everything you wanted?"
  • "Who am I to tell you that you should stay?"
  • "I know you'll be happy, and eventually I'll be fine."
  • "Those hardest to love need it most."
  • "Such good friends, it has to end, it always does."
  • "We are too fragile just to guess."
  • "What if we ruin it all, and we love like fools?"
  • "I want you more than I've wanted anyone; isn't that dangerous?"
  • "Oh god, I feel so unprepared."
  • "Got what I want, but now I'm scared."
  • "Do I annoy you?"
  • "Do I bore you?"
  • "We won't ever be."
  • "Forgive me, I'm just so fucked up in the head."
  • "Do I embarrass you beyond belief?"
  • "Is losing me such a big relief?"
  • "Look at all the chaos you've escaped."
  • "I love your brain, but I hate your guts."
  • "You've got it all."
  • "Put all your faults to bed."
  • "You can be king again."
  • "You're too wrapped up in your self doubt."
  • "I can't control my feelings."
  • "You're completely off limits, for more reasons than just one, but I can't stop."
  • "You're aware of my existence, but you don't know I'm here."
  • "You're the center of attention."
  • "You're so busy being busy, I don't want to interfere."
  • "My mind is blind to everything but you."
  • "I wonder if you wonder about me too."
  • "Our lives are stories waiting to be told."
  • "We'll defy the rules until we die."
  • "So let's be sinners to be saints."
  • "The world may disapprove, but my world is only you."
  • "If we're sinners, then it feels like heaven to me."
  • "You showed me feelings I've never felt before."
  • "Our hearts are too ruthless to break."
  • "I'll never be the same."
  • "Why won't you just talk to me?"
  • "Talk to me or watch me leave."
  • "There's a universe inside your head."
  • "Are you ever gonna wake up, or are you gonna let me just walk away?"
  • "I don't know why you're hiding."
  • "This changes everything."
  • "You're so oblivious to words I've never said."
  • "This is the ugly truth."
  • "Shall we leave?"
  • "Becoming strangers once again, or maybe that's all we ever were."
  • "You'll be fine without me."
  • "And in your excellence, I forgot I used to have my own."
  • "You won't even notice that I'm gone."
  • "You consume my thoughts... I'm not sure that I'm in yours at all."
  • "The worst part of it all is that I desperately still want someone who never wanted me."
  • "I'm only your everything when you feel alone."
  • "Who the hell are you for the hell you've put me through?"
  • "Everything we try to say has hidden meaning."
  • "Time moves slow, waiting for this to evolve."
  • "When hearts have nothing to hold, they let go."
  • "What the hell are we waiting for?"
  • "Are we lovers or liars?"
  • "There's nothing left to try."
  • "Lying to ourselves, lying to each other."
  • "All the things you loved are now my flaws."
  • "Should we lose everything we've got, or settle for something that we're not?"
  • "Can we go back?"
  • "You're running just to run from me."
  • "I don't blame you."
  • "Who would wanna be around me?"
  • "Thought you were human but you're just a ghost."
  • "It's not hard to let it go when there's nothing to hold on to."
  • "I've forgotten who you are, but I remember that's a good thing."
  • "You promised me we'd always be fine; guess you lied."
  • "It's not that I don't want you, it's just I don't know how to love you like I used to."
  • "Second chances are hard to find when you damaged everything I had left."
  • "I know I've been so cold, but pushing you away is how I cope."
  • Kidnapper: You better start talking now, Stark or things are gonna get pretty ugly. I have the thought of dropping you in the middle of a desert where you'll pretty much die of thirst. No one to hear you and help you.
  • Tony: Yeah, that wouldn't be the first time that happened.
  • Kidnapper: I...what, wait?
  • Tony: Yeah, I've been through a lot of shit, okay? So if you want to threatening me, you've gotta be REALLY original.
  • Kidnapper: I, er, I'll drown you in the bucket over there if you don't talk!
  • Tony: ...Do you even know how to do your job?
  • Kidnapper: That's happened to you as well?
  • Tony: Yep.
  • Kidnapper: Holy shit, what the hell happened?
  • Tony: My life.
To the gods: What do you think of Percabeth?
  • Athena: Oh no, Zeus please don't-
  • Athena: Yes, Zeus, we know. But I think the boy should be despended with. I tried to push him into Tartarus but I got my daughter in there as well. Hopefully he dies of the fall.
  • Ares: I agree with Athena, the little brat should rot.
  • Zeus: You guys :( why are you hatin' on Percabeth?
  • Ares: We don't hate Percabeth. We hate Percy.
  • Aphrodite: Yeah, Zeus! Stick it to the man!
  • Zeus: PERCABETH.
  • Aphrodite: YEAH!
  • Zeus and Aphrodite: We love you, Percabeth!
  • Percy: I have never felt so loved and so hated before in my life.

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By tributing 2 monsters on your field, I'm gifting you this powerful monster. Lava Golem! Next, I ritual summon Relinquished, and you know what comes next. (Did this once in duel links, am ashamed it works)

“Oh God…what is that thing…?”

Hikari wiped her brow as she tried to wrap her head around what just happened. First her two amazons were sacrificed to find herself almost overheating in a cage, a giant lava…thing towering over her. The next dropping from said cage as a two-”clawed” monster seemed to suck the monster in, lava and all. It wasn’t long before the monster’s “wings” closed into its body, a bright red-orange golem head almost growing out of it, its one eye looking, no -STARING- down on her. As if the sight of the creature wasn’t terrifying enough, she checked the point counter for the monster’s stats.

“3000 Attack?!”

Hikari had no monsters left, and only a handful of lifepoints left. She stepped back, frozen in fear. Partly from the impending attack, mostly from the gleeful look of her opponent, which looked nothing like the duelist she originally challenged. What was once layered white-gold hair was now almost protruding in all directions. The darkness in his sadistic expression of anticipation was only lit by the glowing eye on his forehead. She shuddered whenever she heard his cold voice.

But what scared her the most was that she knew what was going to happen, as he reminded her the whole time during this “Shadow Game”.

The end was to come.




In which Hiccstrid tell the children about the day Hiccup got drunk..
  • Addie: You know, I'm learning a lot about Finn's and my early days. Tell me more, mom
  • Astrid: Well your dad got wasted one night.
  • Hiccup: Gods, do we really have to tell her that story?
  • Addie: He was that excited, huh?
  • Astrid: Not exactly. I didn't want to tell anyone I was pregnant and you know how your Uncle Gobber keeps the wine flowing, even if we politely decline. Repeatedly.
  • Hiccup: So, since your mother couldn't drink and she didn't want to tell anyone about you two, we kept switching tankards. The rest of the night was a bit fuzzy.
  • Astrid: Well I remember it clearly.
  • Hiccup: Oh gods, please don't...
  • Astrid: Your Poppy helped me direct him to the house. He wasn't so good at walking in a straight line.
  • Hiccup: Everything was spinning!
  • Astrid: And then you puked all over the Great Hall steps.
  • Addie: Oh lovely-
  • Hiccup: Thanks for preserving my dignity.
  • Addie: Ehh, you're probably not the first to have done that.
  • Hiccup: No, I seem to remember Finn getting the stomach flu that one time-
  • Finn: Nope! We're not telling stories about me! Finish this one!
  • Astrid: Anyway... after that, your dad was fine for a bit. Until we got him home.
  • Hiccup: Astrid please-
  • Astrid: And he turned to look at your Poppy and then, while giggling like a little girl, said, right to his face, "you look like a yak!"
  • Finn: Right to his face??
  • Addie: What did he say?
  • Hiccup: Actually, what did he say?
  • Astrid: Well, he was doing his best not to burst out laughing.
  • Hiccup: Oh thank gods he thought it was funny...
  • Astrid: I could hear him laughing all the way to the village. And now on to the best part-
  • Hiccup: Best part?
  • Astrid: When I was trying to push you into the tub-
  • Hiccup: What! NO! Don't tell them-
  • Astrid: He tried to seduce me.
  • Finn: Dad, you just got the best man points known to mankind!
  • Hiccup: I was a newlywed!! Maybe someday you'll understand! Okay okay, it's not that funny-
  • Finn: What did he say?? I want to know-
  • Hiccup: NO, FINN! Astrid, don't tell our son the scandalous ways of my youth! HE CAN'T KNOW!
  • Finn: Oh gods, now I MUST know!!
  • Astrid: Well first he questioned as to why we'd want to get it on in the room with the tub.
  • Hiccup: Oh gods...
  • Astrid: But he soon got over that and started making faces at me that I think were supposed to be seductive.
  • Hiccup: Hey, I can make some very seductive expressions. Don't lie.
  • Addie: Okay, now this is too much information. But seriously. Nice going, dad.
How the signs react when their secrets get revealed
  • (For example the signs still sleep with a teddy bear. From derpastrology. cancerpiscesastrology)
  • --
  • Pisces: Gets nervous and turns it into anger
  • "=€§%/&%??$§%!"
  • Aries: Freaks out "H-How did you know??"
  • Taurus: Tries to deny it "What are you talking about?"
  • Gemini: Don't mind because they will talk about it anyway "Yeah he is quite fluffy and really nice!"
  • Cancer: Is holding back tears "You're mean..."
  • Leo: Would REALLY freak out "AAAAAAAAAAAH!"
  • Virgo: Denies it "If you want to believe that...pfft"
  • Libra: Freaks out like a Freak "OH GOD WHYYY!"
  • Scorpio: Tries to save the situation "I swear...if you tell anyone..."
  • Sagittarius: Keeps calm "What if I do?"
  • Capricorn: Keeps calm, too "Oh."
  • Aquarius: Doesn't really have secrets "But I was the one who told you that..."

I saw some discussion going around about Danny as Hawkeye after the latest episodes. But honestly, Danny would make the best Katniss Everdeen ever.

Because she tries to pretend she’s going to be callous and militant when she gets into the games but then she’s like ‘Oh no this little girl needs my help.’ and she just throws her whole plans out the window because a child needs her help. 

And if that’s not Danny I don’t know what is.

How Steve would fit into that… Haymitch.

Haymitch is the battle worn character who wants to not care, but gets sucked in by Katniss and follows her from then on out. And I’m not for Haymitch/Katniss (just no) but if it was Danny and Steve? Yeah okay I’d be all over that.

Grace would be Prim, of course. Danny’s little sister that he feels paternally about. And she’d get called up and he’s be like ‘No, no not her, not Grace.’ and he’d volunteer, and she’d beg him to win, and he’d be determined to win because he’s not dying for anyone.

And then Steve’s his mentor who signs him off as dead without giving him a second glance.

And Danny has to MAKE Steve notice him and help him. Because he promised Grace, and he’s not going to give up just because some Victor thinks he can’t hack it. And gradually Steve starts to pay attention because Danny’s a fighter through and through, and then Steve starts to think maybe Danny can do it, and he’s sucked in and trying to help before he knows it.

And then Danny’s in the games.

And he come across this character like Rue and logically he knows only one of them can live, but she reminds him of Grace, and he CAN’T hurt her, and he can’t abandon her. So he throws his lot in with her. And everyone know that ends badly and what happens after that.

And all the while Steve is trying to get him sponsors to get him through the game.

But he wins the games, (lets forget Peeta exists) and Steve is just like ‘Oh thank god.’ And what happens next… well that’s more complicated.