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“Are you wearing my jacket?" 


"Are you wearing only my jacket?" 



Some fan art I did for @princedeadend and their fic Don’t Break Connection, Baby. This scene is just so funny and cute and so typical of Lance lol. Please go check out this fic cause it’s amazing and give the author some love as well

On 13 reasons why

13 reasons why is a show I don’t really wanna share gifs or funny pictures of. It’s not a show you take lightly and enter the fandom fangirling over any character. (I’m not saying there are no good ones or ones worth being fangirled over. (I mean there is Jeff Atkins))
All I’m trying to say is that 13 reasons why is a show I need to talk about. I want discussions I want theories I want someone to talk with me about what this show is and what it does to teenagers, to me.
Does it help? Does it trigger you? Do you think the book/the topic was treated well?
Tell me your opinion. In my eyes that is the intention of the book, of the show. To get people thinking, talking, changing.


I’m Amanda in this first pic, middle, and um… Jay replied to me in the middle of the second pic…. 😳

Happy birthday to my favorite twins. I can't believe they are turning 19 today and omg, what a time to be alive. I wish them everything they ask for because they deserve it, they deserve everything they want and have and I couldn't be more happy and proud to be part of their fandom because I have the pleasure to see everything they have done and what they have gone through. They are the most amazing thing that I have ever laid my eyes on I love them so much. Have a great day, cheers cunts (▰˘◡˘▰)

I’m not trying to be rude but if anyone is considering boycotting projecthome…there’s really no reason to boycott it. the project itself does not mention larry, it is just about getting Home the recognition that we all know it deserves. also, Liam & Karen & Jay have all shown interest in it already

what are the drawbacks to projecthome? larries being happy? think about how Liam or Louis would feel to know people are boycotting a project surrounding a song THEY wrote. I mean we’re all entitled to not like people for personal reasons but if you are boycotting this project JUST because it was started by larries….I truly believe you are being petty

anonymous asked:

Um, kinda urgent, I guess. My girlfriend, sorry, boyfriend, just recently came out to me as a trans man. I asked him about pronouns and names and who he's out to already (so I don't accidentally out him) but other than that, I'm kinda lost on what else I should ask or know? I mean, I'm cis, and I don't know anyone else who's trans, so. Any advice?

Jay says:

You’re already on the right track in using the right name and pronouns for him. Next, a recommendation that I got from a friend of mine, is to read ftmguide.org . It’s a site with information about trans men passing, hormones, surgery, packing, binding, and really, everything. Listen to him and respect him. That’s all there is to it.

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what you said hurt my feelings. we call Tyler tilly. there's no problem with that. he said himself his middle name was Tyler. if he didn't want us to know he wouldn't have said it. if a few people call him jay why should anyone get upset??? I'm sorry if this offended you I just had to let it off my chest and this is how I feel. my best friend goes by her middle name but if people call her her real name she doesn't care... I don't think Tyler would

Actually, I believe that at one point Tyler and Troye were a tiny bit offended that people were using Troye’s nickname for him, but that hasn’t been cleared up yet so I’m avoiding the use of that nickname to be diplomatic.

I think that he has stated that he is uncomfortable when being referred to as “Jay” and we should respect that. Just the fact that he chooses to be called Tyler should serve as an indicator that we should respect that in every way shape and form.

He chose that name, and we should acknowledge his decision and make sure that he is as comfortable as possible around us. If we are deliberately using a name that he has never outright approved of to refer to him, that is disrespectful. So don’t do it.

Just don’t.

Your best friend is a different matter. She has made it known that she is not bothered by her first name, but some people are different.

Until I hear Tyler approve of the name “Jay” from his own mouth, I think we should stay away. We are a family and we need to be courteous.