i don't know what the hell is written there

I just got done reading a couple of soulmark fics.  You know, that thing where the first thing your soulmate will say to you is written somewhere on your body.  It’s a pretty cool idea, and I was thinking about how it could be applied to Lokane.

It would be great, because Loki is already over a thousand years old when he meets Jane.  That means he could have gone centuries looking at his arm or his shoulder, wondering what the hell a ‘New York’ is and what he’s going to do that makes his soulmate want to avenge it. 

Thor and the W4 spend ages teasing him over how weird his soulmark is, until finally, the day comes when Thor brings Jane to Asgard, and without missing a beat, she walks right up to Loki, punches him, and says, ‘That was for New York!”

And then, everything just goes dead quiet.  Thor is in shock, Sif feels like maybe she should leave before the fight breaks out, and Loki is just like, ‘Seriously?  This tiny mortal woman is my soulmate?  Well, at least she’s pretty, and intelligent, and she was Thor’s which means I just stole her out from under his nose and he’s going to be so mad!  Awesome!  Best soulmate ever!’

Meanwhile, Jane is having a bit of a crisis, because she’s always figured that her soulmate must be either world famous or some kind of arrogant jerk if the first thing he ever says to her is that she’s already heard of him.  Of course, it has to be a coincidence that Loki just said those words.  There’s no way, if there really is a god up there, that he would be so cruel as to make a potential world conquering maniac her soulmate.  It simply can’t be so, but then he’s giving her that look and that smile and what she just said couldn’t possibly have been his soulmark, right?


Why does Thor look like he wants to cry?

Uh oh.

And while she’s freaking out, Loki is just standing there, whistling innocently and planning the honeymoon.

If this isn’t a good partial summary of the appeal/story of KyloRey, then I don’t know what is, really… (I’m not really interested in Elizabeth Gilbert – and the concept of a soulmate to me can be pretty cheesily written – but there were parts to the full quote I thought were good and relevant.)

stomach kiss

anyone remember when I was doing that kiss prompt writing meme a while ago? well guess what I found half-written and finished off tonight.

smut alert


Killian is a terrible person to sleep with.

…Okay, so, to clarify, everything that doesn’t involve actual sleep is fantastic, but once his head hits the pillow it all goes to hell. He can’t stay still - he’s always moving around, getting tangled up in the blankets and tugging them off of her, she’s gotten feet to the gut and hands on her face and woken up teetering on the edge of the bed because he’s gradually starfished himself, pushing her further and further out.

And honestly, it’s ridiculous, because Emma has seen his old bed on the Jolly Roger, and there is no way he could have pulled this kind of crap there and not gotten covered in bruises every damn night, but somehow he’s always genuinely surprised to hear each new gripe she meets him with every morning.

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Thought I would post this cause  I you can’t really appreciate it from afar :3 Really though is just cause I love how this turned out so much <3 it’s a shame it doesn’t really show on icon form

If you’ve been following me for a while you will know already I love Christmas, and I do A LOT of Christmas art so…this is what you get with me…Random, nonsense Christmas art xD

I also have a Haymitch Christmas icon I was going to use but since the movie, I just needed a Hayffie one, if people want to see it or actually use it (since I’m not going to) I may post it :) (Maybe even do one for Effie?? Who knows??)