i don't know what possed me to make this

Dapper posse....yes please

So fine stud Lexa would totally have a dapper posse…dapper Anya, dapper Raven, and hell even dapper Lincoln. All big time corporate power houses sleek and suave in every way possible. With their sultry smirks and cocky attitudes. Their tailored suits, all with their own personal touches. All ripped and tatted. Smelling good. Charming. Making all the girls swoon.

Lexa, Anya, and Lincoln are the strong stoic types. They let their eyes do the talking, with their lingering looks and piercing gazes deep into your soul making you question everything you thought you knew. Drawing you to them like a moth to flame.

Raven is the smooth talker. With every word she carefully and skillfully unravels you. She won’t shut up but you don’t want her to. Telling you everything you want and everything you need. Now the other three can be just as disarming with their words but she leads with it. The big schmoozer can talk you out of your pants in the middle of a high society gala. And you’d thank her for it.

Lexa and Anya being tie knot sluts. Debating the Eldredge knot vs the Trinity knot vs the Rose knot vs the Windsor knot. Like honestly they can go on for hours. Raven and Lincoln just roll their eyes and sip their scotch. Raven perfers bow ties and skinny ties and Lincoln knows he looks good in all of them so what’s to debate.

They smoke cigars and have poker nights. But of course it’s all luxury. The best Cuban cigars and the most magnificent poker set you’ve ever seen. They are so ridiculously elaborate. Everything they do is fancy and over the top. Over the top parties on yachts. Over top helicopter entrances. Over the top shopping sprees. Over the top custom everything. Just so hilariously over the top.

Like can you even imagine…a powerful, wealthy, particular, gorgeous fine stud posse slaying everyone and everything they come in contact with.