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“You grew up.”

He laughs, rough and edging just slightly on bitter.

“Yeah, that happens when you disappear for two years.”

Derek’s eyes flit downward, and Stiles waits for him to comment on the FBI vest strapped to his chest but he doesn’t. His eyes only go so far as Stiles’ mouth, flicking back to his eyes and then down again, lingering, before sliding away. A warmth blooms out from Stiles’ chest, crawling up his neck and coiling downward, and this definitely isn’t the time for this but they haven’t seen each other in a year and a half, not even pictures because why the hell would Stiles have a picture of Derek (and he’s spent too long cursing not having pictures of Derek) and he finds his own eyes lingering.

“…You look exactly the same.” And that’s not true because Derek actually looks better, but there’s no real way to explain that Stiles hadn’t been able to hold all of the goddamn perfection of Derek’s face in his memory. He’d thought he had, but his eyes keep flitting around now and holding, catching on little details, little rushes of rediscovery in those eyes, that jaw, his teeth, his mouth, his…

Stiles wets his lips, and Derek’s looking again.

“We should––”

“I should have called,” Derek says at the same time, and Stiles blinks, breaking off, confusion pinching his brows because Derek hadn’t known Stiles was coming. He’d had no reason to call. Except… “After… Peter told me what happened, and I…”

“It’s fine.” It wasn’t, but it wasn’t any less fine than anything else from that shit show. It wasn’t any worse than Derek leaving town and getting rid of his phone to begin with.

“I felt sick the whole time you were gone,” Derek presses on, quick and urgent, like the words had been fighting for months to bubble loose and are finally breaking free. “I felt… Cora said it seemed like I’d just… emptied out. On the full moon, I could barely––”

Stop it.” It stung, because he’d thought Derek would care. For the longest time he’d felt like Derek should care, and deciding he didn’t was the first stepping stone to pulling himself together after… after the Benefactor.

Or… fuck, maybe Derek had cared, but he hadn’t cared enough to stay, to keep in contact, to check in when Stiles had needed… needed someone.

No, fuck. Needed him.

“This isn’t the time,” he says, firmly, because a fucking FBI SWAT team is nearby somewhere and there’s still a target painted on Derek’s back, and the fact that Stiles wants to crawl onto his lap and beat the crap out of him at the same time doesn’t matter, because Stiles is here to save his life. Again.

Derek parts his lips, looks like he wants to argue… and ends up just nodding, looking away up the street.

Stiles makes it a whole three steps toward the next corner before swinging back on him, balled fist smacking into his bicep.

“Why didn’t you call?”

Derek doesn’t flinch at the blow, sighs softly. When he meets Stiles’ eyes, the look in them’s enough to send months of coiled anger scattering.

“I would have gone back.”

“…What?” Stiles feels breathless on the word. Derek looks away, hands lost in the depths of his pockets and stance set in the defeated posture of a man with no way to win.

“If I’d heard your voice. If you’d asked. If you’d even sounded anything less than happy––” He grits his teeth, sharp and sudden, head ducking against some ugly thought. “…And I didn’t want to hear you happy, either.” That falls out lower, tight and rough like a secret shame.

“You didn’t want to hear me happy,” Stiles echoes, numb, and then slowly: “Without you.”

And he only understands Derek’s meaning because it’s been echoing in his own chest for over a year–– that stupid, selfish war of wanting to know he’s happy, and not wanting to know he’s happy, not wanting to hear him making making a life and finding bliss in a way Stiles couldn’t give him. He’d always wanted to know Derek was doing well, so much that he’d lain up at night sometimes picturing new, bright, sometimes ridiculously corny futures for him, but the thought had always been as agonizing as it was hopeful and Stiles had never slept well afterward… and then he’d spent other nights up hating himself for being selfish enough to half-hope Derek might not be happy.

Might fail out there in the world, and come home.

Derek’s eyes are on his again, wide and shock-soft in a way Stiles had only glimpsed on him once before: the rush of thinking you’re alone in the world and realizing for one beautiful instant that you’re understood

He can feel a matching expression lighting up his own eyes.

“We’re idiots,” he breathes, and Derek shakes his head, barely seeming to feel the movement.

“I couldn’t go back there.”

“But you could have known I fucking missed you as much as––” He breaks off, despite everything suddenly unsure. “…you missed me?”

“I missed you.” Derek promises, not missing a beat.

“You missed me,” Stiles echoes, and it’s everything he never knew he needed to hear. They watch each other for too long, stunned, awed stillness.

And then the slam of a car door in the distance pulls them back; reminds them where they are and what’s happening. Derek blinks away, looking out and alert toward the street, but Stiles can see a faint flush around his ears, a happy pull that won’t quite die on his lips.

“This isn’t the time,” Derek says, and Stiles nods. There are villains to stop. People to save.

“This isn’t the time,” he echoes, but he’s smiling as he turns to head up the street. “Later.”

It sounds like a promise worth keeping.


This is like the third time I’ve replied with a meme

What is this

What am I

anonymous asked:

i had a dream last night where shouto was a werewolf and izuku was a hunter(?). it wasnt very clear but izuku was in bed naked with a giant wolf that i knew was shouto and when he woke up, he was alone and went out to search for him. when he was looking for him, someone yelled "The Black Hunter has slept with a beast!" and after that i woke up.

damn anon your dreams are super vivid. i can’t tell if that’s a blessing or a curse.

Hey so Aleks’ School is accepting new students (and staff), so if you wanna send me some sims, that would be coolio. You may see your sims in the background throughout the story, or even be interacted with Aleks if lucky. ;))

  • Send me download link how ever you want (orgin, mediafire, sims file share, etc.)
  • You can use whatever cc you want (mm, alpha, whatever)
  • Students should be Y/A just because teens features change weirdly.
  • I recommend back stories, but it’s not needed.
  • send as many sims you want.
  • Tell me if you have any questions.
  • YOU SIMS DON’T HAVE TO BE AMAZING. (don’t worry bean)
  • I will take in all sims, so don’t be worried.

What Hannibal episode should I watch tonight?? I swear there should be an online quiz somewhere that recommends what episode you’re in the mood for. You know like that thing in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy that makes food you didn’t know you were craving? I NEED THAT, but for Hannibal!

Seeking a Pixel Artist for Game Project

Hello! I’m seeking another pixel artist for a long-term commercial video game project with relaxed deadlines–perfect for students or those with regular jobs. Duties will include creating and animating game assets for an inclusive fantasy pixel RPG. Our group is a small but dedicated bunch of first-timers who are looking to break into the game development industry, and we’re looking for someone with a similar goal to join us on this project.

This is independent contract work; while we have no start-up capital or funding, all members of the development team will receive a percentage of ongoing game sales in compensation once the game is released and available for sale. 

First-timers welcome! I may be willing to teach the right candidate! if you’re interested but currently do not have completed pixel work, send me examples of your other artwork and we can chat.

Please send inquiries to vextera.art@gmail.com.

Feel free to message me with questions!