i don't know what i'm even doing with life anymore

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What would you think if Taylor ignores the Tweet completely?

That haylor is dead until the next time harry breathes life into it? That Taylor’s a tad petty, but whatever… That Calvin probably had something to do with it because he’s a lot petty about harry and haylor… 

you know the usual when she kills haylor.

my #v; pro is an extension of the main verse on my old blog.
my #v; main is set during the manga
#v; World Domination is an AU that’s probably going to take over my life and this blog if I’m not careful tbh so I may be doing some tag switch-a-roo as it progresses 

and #v; Arc V is more-or-less dropped for Skype/under renovation and will probably turn into my Obelisk Force Manjoume

Morning Magic

I love waking up to my “Let it go”-alarm signal accompanied by the downstairs neighbours daily morning arguing. 95% of the weekday mornings they slam doors and shout, the kids cry, the mom is like “I can’t do this anymore!” and the dad is like “Shut up and do what I tell you!”.
Idk if I should do something about that, or just appreciate being single with no kids? I don’t even know who’s fighting who?!
What a glorious morning