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Humans attempting to explain commercials to Leupai
  • Inspired by the Revix culture's struggle to understand human culture, as told by @Leupai
  • L= Leupai
  • H= Human
  • H: So the purpose of a commercial is to sell a product
  • L: ...sell?
  • H: yeah, like you want someone to give you money or goods for whatever you're offering them, so you're trying to show them the benefit of doing so
  • L: but why not just give it to them?
  • H: because that's not how economies work, you exchange goods and services to maintain a sense of balance-
  • L: but not actual balance?
  • H: *pinches nose* let's start over.
  • L: okay
  • H: ...a commercial is a tool of persuasion.
  • L: it certainly does a lot to confuse
  • H: that's because you need to understand the basic intent of the commercial, as well as how to build a scenario that presents a problem that customers face and offers a solution.
  • L: so it's a problem solver!
  • H: it's a SOLUTION suggestion!
  • L: so if someone can't find their house you make a commercial to tell them where it is?
  • H: no-
  • L: or if their mound key is missing!
  • H: that's not-
  • L: oooohhh, I could make one about how to bake a cake!
  • H: THAT hang onto that thought, you MIGHT be able to use that as an idea-
  • L: I'll go do that right now-
  • H: wait waIT WAIT!
  • L: what is it? You seem awfully high strung, is something wrong?
  • H: I'm trying to explain an Earth concept and you aren't listening.
  • L: Oh I listened very carefully, you just need to work on explaining!
  • H: believe me, I am. Now, for the sake of your example, let's say the intent of the commercial is to make people bake a cake following your recipe, right?
  • L: yesssss
  • H: now, on Earth you don't just GIVE them the recipe in the commercial; you have a limited time frame, that's not nearly long enough, plus there's no personal benefit to simply giving it to them.
  • L: my benefit is sharing my cake recipe
  • H: ok that's fine, but with a cake commercial, you make it to get people interested in your cake in the first place, then show them how to get the cake recipe from you.
  • L: ....I think I'm following but you sort of lost me
  • H: ok, list three reasons why someone should bake your cake
  • L: Oooh, I can name fifty! It's big, it's filling, it's sweet and changes color! It's so fattening, you'd burst your cessile within the hour! The ingredients can be harvested from donsair-
  • H: ok ok I get- wait, why would it being super fattening be appealing?
  • L: .........
  • H: ....cultural thing?
  • L: sure let's call it that.
  • H: o...kay... So let's pick three traits: it changes color, it's super fattening, you can make it at home from... What did you say they were called?
  • L: Donsair
  • H: what's that?
  • L: you humans lack words for it, but it's sort of like- uh, not like your dogs and cats, but you can spoil them with food or eat them or have them go on adventures with you!
  • H: so livestock with combat abilities?
  • L: yes!
  • H: ok, so it's possible to make it completely at home?
  • L: except for one or two ingredients, yes!
  • H: ok, so fattening, homemade, and colorful are the big focuses of your commercial to sell your cake recipe
  • L: share my cake recipe
  • H : no, sell it, commercials sell
  • L: oh... Wait, what's selling again?
  • H: I'll get to that in a moment. Now let's say you want to show your cake changes color, how do you show that?
  • L: i show how to make the batt-
  • H: no no no, you have thirty seconds to show and tell people that your cake is colorful, fattening, homemade, and how to get it, you can't show how to make it unless it's in a pre-mixed box, and that box is what you're selling.
  • L: oh you're no fun!
  • H: I don't make the rules.
  • L: well whoever did is no fun!
  • H: so again, how do you show that this cake changes color?
  • L: ........
  • H: ....
  • L: .... Take video of the cake changing color?
  • H: yea! Of course, humans have video editing programs, so you need to explain that it's really changing color on top of that-
  • L: why, they can see it changing!
  • H: it lends credibility. Now, you have a shot of it changing color, now how do you show or tell people that it's fattening?
  • L: eat it!
  • H: okay, but do you time lapse, or do you show before and after?
  • L: what's time lapse?
  • H: it shows footage taken over several minutes or hours and narrows it down to being only a few seconds by speeding it up tremendously
  • L: *giggles*
  • H: what?
  • L: it sounds funny, let's do that!
  • H: ok, now how do you show your customers tha-
  • L: customers? What's a customer?
  • H: people buying your cake recipe, the people this commercial is for!
  • L: you still need to explain buying and selling to me
  • H: I will! We aren't there yet.
  • L: *sigh* fine
  • H: .... So how do you show or tell that you can make this cake with homemade ingredients from donsair?
  • L: *snickers again*
  • H: whaaaat now?
  • L: you say "donsair" really cute!
  • H: what's wrong with how I say donsair?
  • L: *giggles loudly*
  • H: nevermind! How do you tell folks that they can make it at home?
  • L: just....tell em?
  • H: that actually could work.
  • L: do you have to go through all these steps for every comier?
  • H: these are just the first in a series of steps
  • H: how do you think I feel?
  • L: why can't I just GIVE them the cake recipe?
  • H: because you subjected yourself to doing things the human way.
  • L: *grumbles* no wonder so many've ditched your planet then
  • H: what?
  • L: just thinking aloud! *sits up* so what's next?
  • H: well, you've shown the strong points of your cake, now how do people get the recipe?
  • L: I will come to them!
  • H: How will you know they'll want it?
  • L: everyone loves cake!
  • H: not really. Plus that's not safe.
  • L: ????? Humans don't like cake???
  • H: not all of them do, no.
  • L: ????? *tilts head like a lost puppy*
  • H: so for your commercial, if you choose to go to them, they need a way to con-
  • H: oh my g-
  • H: some of it sucks, yes
  • H: well for the love o' god work with me on the commercial so we can get the word out that you're fixing Earth cake, PLEASE!
  • L: Can't talk off to save cake! *takes off*
  • H: WAI- oh the hell with it I don't wanna do this anyway.
Yuri!!! on Ice Episode 10 (feat. my shameless fangirling)

Okay, since our crappy internet connection isn’t cooperating (and I can’t make any gifsets) with me again, I’m just gonna dump all my fangirling feels here. I need a fucking outlet for all the feels this episode had given me. I’M NOT SORRY

Brace yourselves, because this is going to be one long-ass post full of my nonsensical nonsense.

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wintersrchild  asked:

Hi ^^ feel free to ignore this but may I ask for the reasons why you don't like the genocide route? Personally I like it very much because I think it a superub feat of storytelling on Toby's part. From seeing a different side to all the characters we know, to the amazing use of existing assets to create something that's almost a different game, to the emotional roller coster and pacing and how accuratly it predicts what goes through a gamers mind. Imo Undertale wouldn't be compelete without it.

i   d o n ‘ t   w a n t   t o   t a l k   a b o u t   m y   f r i e n d s   b e i n g   k i l l e d

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hey beautiful people! ♥ i know i haven’t been as active as i’d like to be lately (college + work + internship takes up a lot of my time honestly??) but here’s me trying to compensate with my face?? what??? tbh i just wanted to post something cause eid happened and i got a chance to dress up and take some cute pics cause that’s basically what i do on eid, besides eat like i haven’t eaten in days but that’s besides the point!! i’m gonna count this as the 20 beautiful people tag (tagged by jwxngs​) and the selfie tag game (tagged by wangjckson)!!! ♥

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feel free to do this tag if you see this! and tag me so i can see your beautiful face!!! :* 

#122 You Teach Him To Drive [Requested]


‘It’s cool, I know how to drive.’ He assured, taking the keys from your hands as you approached the car. 'Yeah, but Stick Shift is a whole new ballgame.’ You said, reluctantly climbing into the passenger seat. 'Wait… stick?’ He paused, glancing at the clutch on the floor and the gear shift. 'Yeah.’ He waited a beat before climbing behind the wheel. 'Okay, ready.’ He pointed towards the clutch. 'Now what does this do?’


'Okay so we’re going to change lanes now.’ You glanced at him. You could tell he was trying his hardest not to seem nervous, especially considering that his younger girlfriend already knew how to do this, but you could see his fingers nervously drumming the wheel. 'Check your mirrors.’ You smiled as he glanced in his rear view, then towards the passenger, catching your sight and smiling back.


'Ease up off the gas you don’t need to gun it.’ You watched nervously as the speedometer inched past forty. You were in a thirty five and didn’t need him getting pulled over on his first time out. He slammed hard on the brakes, jerking you against you seat belt. 'Easy.’ You breathed, this was harder than you imagined. 'Sorry.’


'This is going to be easy.’ He grinned, you could almost feel his confidence and that made you nervous as he slid behind the wheel. 'Okay now how do I start this.’ He muttered, fumbling around, you sucked a breath. He smirked up at you and brushed a strand of hair from your face. 'Relax, I’m kidding.’

A/N Sorry these sucked tonight, I’m lame.

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