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For some odd reasons, the Edgar Alan Poe meme with Jules Verne is a situation I can totally picture with Undyne and Papyrus.

“Dear Captain Undyne,

I love your work. You are truly a great inspiration for the equally great Papyrus.

Could you put more skeletons in your guard? I think we should be friends.

Also, I drew a picture of us. Write me back!

Love, Papyrus”

*On the back of the paper is an artistically very pleasing drawing of a skeleton and a fish making snowmen. It fills you with confusion…*

Many years in the future...
  • Grandchild:Grandma I'm going out on my first date!
  • Me:Oh? Where to?
  • Grandchild:The bookstore! Isn't that great?!
  • Me:*Ghoul War flashbacks* *Throws hand over eye* GNYAAAAHHHHHH.
  • Grandchild:Grandma...?
  • Daughter/Son:...Mom, for the last time, you were never Kaneki Ken.