i don't know what i have done with my life


I am here tonight because Ava told me that I could have my family back.

i think i have a problem with communicating things clearly … like when i have a strong stance on something and someone else says/does something i don’t agree with, i don’t want to tell them that directly, i just kind of … send bad vibes? x.x it’s because i don’t like confrontation. but that ends up making it worse than just having a conversation about it.

So my friend and I were discussing Dance with Devils last night, in particular the greatness which I have dubbed “the Shiki Slide”:

When it first showed up, I thought it was just lazy animation or done for comedic purposes or whatever, I didn’t care, it was just hilarious, but then… then it happened again. And my friend came to the most brilliant, and most logical conclusion: 

Maybe he’s wearing heelys. 

So yes, please imagine Shiki wearing light-up heelys with glitter on them as he casually slides along. I like to imagine that he gets bullied for being so proud of his heelys too

  • Burrn: why was i included in this conversation
  • Smol;bean: story of my life tbh
  • Hercthemerc: is jefferson gonna bring tacos everytime you’re in the hopstial
  • Hamil-done: I HOPE SO

Can someone just. Anyone. Please. What is going on? I’m watching the Russian leaked video and not only do I not speak russian but everything is. I don’t have words for what the last week has done to me. I’m watching ninety minutes of a show in a language I don’t speak because it’s supposed to be so hilariously bad that it proves the whole thing is fake? How is this my life? I don’t even know what to believe anymore. I almost just want it to be over.

“You’re a child. And you understand nothing. Not about life. Not about this place. And certaily not about what it takes to survive in a world that– you know what? The sooner you stop playing Lois Lane, the better off you’ll be.”

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Never in my life did I think I’d have a metal arm kink, yet…here I am.

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…So I have this doodling problem


He is not stopping, I’ve seen this everywhere and it’s just not true. The interview yall are referring to only says he’s done with the name “Childish Gambino,” it also actually says he wants to always make music.

“[Childish Gambino] is a phase in my music, I want my life to have phases. I like endings.”

Please boost and stop saying that he’s done making music, he’s not.