i don't know what else to tell you about this piece

don’t leave me

summary: never have, never will. shallura.
also read on: ao3
for: a happy birthday to @queenallura from me. (of course, late, as always.)
notes: it’s not the most fantastic piece i’ve ever written, but i certainly hoped for it to be

Enveloped between the sheets and tangled in his arms, she moves her body closer to him and begins to settle into sleep, but just as she is about to fall into her dreams, she realizes that his mind is still occupied by thoughts and that his eyes are still wide awake and so she opens her eyes to look up at him.

He immediately meets them and asks, on a quiet breath—

“Does it bother you?”

The metal does not bother her. The cold never has and never will.

But sometimes, she lies.

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Types of Silence

Summary: Dan and Phil were used to the comfortable silence between them but what will they do when one fight changes it all? 
Genre: Angst and fluff
Word count: 927
Beta: theinvisiblephan (Thank you!!!)
Disclaimer: I do not own Dan or Phil and I’m not saying that Phan is real. This piece of phanfiction is also a piece of fiction (stop the press!) and I’m not saying that any of this actually happened.
Warnings: None (tell me if you think that I should warn about something)
A/N: Idek, I got an idea and it turned out like this? I wanted to try to write something with less dialogue so in the end this ended up having almost none. It’s a bit weird but I like it quite a lot. :)

The silence between them was rarely awkward. There were the occasional moments after either of them had said something that they hadn’t really thought through or if they didn’t quite know how to phrase what they wanted to say. But mostly the silence between them was comfortable, peaceful even.

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