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An angsty hc I’ve been thinking about for a couple of days now,

One day Cass finds an old youtube video of the Flying Graysons and excitedly goes and asks Dick if he could teach her, because she thinks that it looks like dancing in mid air

And Dick is over the moon because of course he would love to teach her how to use the trapeze and so he goes and sets everything up and helps her get ready and he’s so happy

But then he gets her up there and freezes

Because the last time he saw somebody he loved up on the trapeze he had also watched them fall


If you’re gone, gone, gone, just a name I forgot,
Why can’t I get you out of my head?
I don’t care how long it takes,   
I’ll do anything to make sure you’re by my side again

Doing this cover wasn’t a want, it was a need. 

I have a lot of things planned series wise for these next coming months 😎

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*Cough* another exo fic and a seventeen fic *cough* 

Both of which are different from anything I have going on right now and boy oh boy prepare yourselves. I’m coming to break some hearts.

I may drop more hints depending on how bad they’re wanted. *eyebrow raise*

Also for anyone worried about my current series, don’t be. MtaM only has about five-seven chapters left, Written Promises has one more chapter before a short break in between the first act and second, and Mute isn’t going to be a long series. Primrose is new so it will be on for a while! 💜

Okay but consider these public transport AUs
  • “There’s only one seat left so let’s see which of us can get there faster (It’s totally gonna be me)”
  • “You’re sitting in the seat behind me and I can tell you’re reading my newspaper over my shoulder and it’s really fucking annoying. Like seriously. Buy your own newspaper.”
  • “I know you’re wearing headphones but your music is so obnoxiously loud that I can still hear it even though I’m sitting nowhere near you.”
  • “You look really kinda short and yet for some reason you’ve decided to take the seat with the most leg room, and I’m really tall and have long legs but because of you I’m stuck in one of the seats that has no leg room. At all.”
  • “You’re sitting behind me and so I can’t see you, but I can smell your food and am currently playing a game where I try and guess what you’re eating.”
  • “The journey was really long and I accidentally fell asleep on your shoulder and now I’ve missed my stop where the fuck am I.”
  • “I’m sitting next to you and you’re kinda cute but I’m just gonna mind my own business and - HOLY SHIT YOU’RE READING THAT BOOK THAT IS MY FAVOURITE BOOK OH MY GOD STAY COOL.”
  • “Some asshole wouldn’t give up their seat for that old lady and so we both started having a go at them at the same time.”
  • “The bus/train stopped really abruptly and I kinda stumbled and fell into your lap oh god this isn’t awkward at all haha nope.”
  • “It’s really crowded and we have to stand so close together that I may have just touched your butt and now I want to run away in embarrassment but there is no room to move.”
  • “I know you but we’re not really that close/I haven’t talked to you in a while but I can see you from where I’m sitting and I can’t decide whether or not to go say hi to you.”

 Digimon supernaturals au: Miyako ✥

“Can you get us in?“
"I could try talking to their security system, but those can be tricky sometimes. Really suspicious, you know?”
“What, no I’ll get us in thank you very much! No one is better at sweet talking in binary than me.”
“Do you get a lot of computers hot and bothered Miyako?”
“This isn’t the time for jokes! But yes. Yes I do.”

Hey so anyone who reblogs this by the end of September I’ll draw a little flower, creature, or something and send it to you. I can’t promise what it will be, but you get a cute lil drawing.

so in a fandom, there are always a few pairings that everyone latches onto and that never die. this isn’t necessarily bad, but it does OFTEN overpower all of the other, less popular contributions that fans make 

for example, these are the ships most often represented in the big bang signups:

  • harry/louis: 73
  • zayn/liam: 12
  • zayn/niall: 9
  • ot5: 7
  • liam/louis: 6

  • EVERY other ship has less than 5 fics being written

i think that this means it’s time for a RARE PAIRING FICATHON. would anyone participate in this?  

here are some rules that i think would be beneficial:

  • obviously, any ship besides harry/louis
  • hosted AFTER the traditional big bang
  • a much smaller minimum word count than big bang (maybe 5-10k rather than 20k)

please send me a message or reply to this post if you’re interested! i want to see if anyone would would want to do something like this. i won’t be too bothered if not, but i think it could make for a great ficathon. obligatory question mark so people can respond: ?

not sure how i’m supposed to function when onceland casually posts a gif set with what looks like a tattoo on colin’s hip/stomach.

amalia dear - this is your gif:

can you um… analyze/enhance the image for clarification? 

or anyone else who was there want to weigh in maybe.

i think this information is vital for the fandom. for fic purposes. and for science.

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"Excuse me. May you direct me to the meeting room of this building?" Glenn asked "I apologise for disturbing you from your work, but this meeting is terribly important, and I'm afraid I have lost my way."

Nibs hadn’t been paying much attention, has she walked down the hallways of the GDF, so she stopped abruptly and turned to the man that had asked her for directions, then turned back to her tablet. “John..you’ve been…here..before…?” 

Something wasn’t right, she had been about to walk off again, but had to do a double take, then frowned, then realised she was staring at the poor guy, who only wanted to know where to go for a meeting. “Oh..um, I’m sorry, it’s just..you look like someone I know…Sure I can give you directions.Which meeting room were you wanting? there’s four of them and two are on a different floor,” Nibs gave a friendly smile.