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I mean, on the plus side, had quite a good night out. But on the other hand, still haven’t slept because I’m so worried about this training today (in 3.5 hours…) and at this point I’m scared to because my worry over sleeping through my alarm nowadays is bordering on obsessive, and I’m also worried I’m going to be too tired today to work on my coursework properly.

You know who’s beautiful and tiny? Andrew Minyard. He is my tiny angry gay baby and i will protect him with my life even though i am pathetic and he is perfectly capable of defending himself. Who’s with me?


Credits to Ashley Callingbull on this.

So apparently her post on this got deleted by Facebook because of butthurt people. I’m glad i took a screenshot of her post before it got deleted because there are a lot of people who still needs to get it in their heads that our culture is not a costume, do not make fun of our culture, don’t make fun of our way of life. It’s just disrespectful, in my opinion at least.

remember that post with utaites as characters in an otome game? dO you want this to happen??? (ノ>_<)ノ

well, maybe it will actually happen!!!

but currently, it’s just me and lightning-ene who share the same wish and we are at loss at where to start… (-_-)

so we created a survey/recruitment form to see who you want to include in the “game”! ╭( ・ㅂ・)و

we’ll be taking the survey until next month, November, so you could take your time and think about it carefully since both of us are also busy atm. But if the responses weren’t enough, then maybe we could extend it. (´・ω・`)

hi, loves!!!! i recently hit 3k and i can’t believe it. you are ALL so lovely i love u guys so much. anyWAYS, i really wanna get better at doing graphics and such so i have decided to do a url graphic giveaway(?) giveaway? is that what it’s called? idk but yeah i’ve always wanted to do this so here :) i :) am :)

what ya gotta do

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  • i’m probably not going to do all; only the ones that inspire
  • and like..that’s it
  • also most fandoms and people will work with me; marvel/dc/sw/hp and all those actors/actresses 


please please be patient!! i am doing these in the little free time i do have so i will not be doing them fast but they will come :)) and i am learning so yeah,,,..yeah i love you all and thank you all so much!!!!!!!!