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Hey this may be a dumb question but what POV in writing do people usually prefer when there reading fanfiction. Also what are some helpful words that could help describe that point of view when writing in it?

Honestly, it all depends on what you want to write because I think most people have a personal preference when reading already, so you should do what you’re most comfortable with. It doesn’t mean one certain way is right or wrong though.

Personally, I like writing as if I’m looking in on the characters and telling their story, if that makes sense. It allows me to jump from different sets of characters as opposed to following one particular character through all the events of a story. For instance, instead of writing as if I’m Marinette: 

“I saw Chat Noir leaping across the rooftops. I wondered where he was going.”

I would write:

“Marinette watched Chat Noir race across the rooftops, eyes tracking his journey until he disappeared into the darkness.” 

And then after a break I could begin with something along the lines of: 

“Chat Noir grinned as he got closer to his destination. He loved the feeling of being so free and knowing there wasn’t one single person who knew exactly where he was at the moment.”

I’m absolutely not a professional writer so this could all be hogwash, but it’s the way I go about it. My way is definitely not the only way. Experiment. Play around until you find something you like. And most of all (seriously, this is the most important part), have fun. <3