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Coccinelle meets Black Cat.

anonymous asked:

i'm a trans guy, 30s, been fat all my life. i'm desperate for top surgery, but every surgeon says i have to lose weight. exercise with my huge chest is hard enough, but now makes dysphoria worse (it's like my boobs are the reason i can't have my boobs off). since age 7 (not a typo), i've been fatshamed and forced on every diet. these days i exercise reasonably, eat decently. i know i'm never losing the weight, though. i need top surgery more than anything. i don't know what to do anymore.

You shouldn’t have to face these barriers, I’m sorry you are dealing with fat-phobic and transphobic doctors. Your size is not the problem, their ignorance is the problem. And hugs to little seven-year-old you. I have a son, and no vulnerable little boy should ever be treated like you were treated. Your weight was just fine then and its just fine now.

If you search my “trans health” tag you will find a post with resources about top surgery that may help. Yours is, unfortunately, a very common problem.

Long story short is that not all doctors require weight loss before top surgery, but you may need to shop around widely to find someone who is both willing and competent to perform the surgery on fat people. As a rule, surgeons do not receive adequate training performing surgical procedures on fat bodies, and we all pay the price for their lack of knowledge and skill. 

Does anyone else have advice, validation, or lived experiences to share?

anonymous asked:

Hey Colton! What's up? I kinda wanted to ask you a serious question, I guess? Uhm, as an openly gay actor, do you have some advice for younger, queer kids? I am one myself, and there are times I don't know how to deal with my sexuality... Lots of love! ~G

I can honestly say that it takes time to be comfortable enough to come out…it has to be on your own time but when i did…it changed my life for the better! It opened up so many doors for me and i dont have to feel like the elephant in the room anymore. Theres so much support i never knew was available for me and i am so proud to say that i am gay and it hasnt done anything to hurt what i love to do in life. Times are thankfully changing 

some people make me feel so worthless, it hurts sometimes, I just wish to sleep for over a week without dealing with anything.


‘Hey, when’s your last day?’ I don’t know. Why? ‘Well, I want to take you out to dinner, you know? I’m not gonna see you anymore.’

A Series of Texts: An Edmund Pevensie Imagine (Part Five)

Part One Here

Part Two Here

Part Three Here

Pat Four Here

You’re at Part Five

You are normal type
Edmund is bold
- Peter is bold inside hyphens -

Lucy is Italics
Jill is bold and italics

- Eustace is normal inside hyphens -
- Caspian is italics inside hyphens -
(…) = time skip
—- = contact change

(a line skip) = phone change



Contact: Side-Hoe, Scrubb My Amigo, Spanish Dude
Phone Number: 801 - 211 - 5096, 801 - 222 - 3941, 801 - 336 - 1209

Friday, July 14

(2:04 p.m.) dont blame me. blame lover pie

(2:05 p.m.) Jill, you were the one who told ‘Lover Pie’ that I HAVE CARDIOMYOPATHY. I’ll blame who I like. Which, mind you, is you.

(2:05 p.m.) - Can we stop talking in code words? Who’s lover pie? -

(2:05 p.m.) edmund peven-z. keep up

(2:06 p.m.) - Personally, I don’t think it’s Jill’s fault. She was put in a tight position. Although, she could have at least kept what condition you have under wraps. -

(2:07 p.m.) i dont think you all understand what happened. he asked what medical condition she had what was i supposed to say? oh, definitely something you wouldnt understand

(2:08 p.m.) Yes, Jill. That is exactly what you should have said.

(2:09 p.m.) - (Your Name), are you alright? You seem eerily calm. It’s sauerkraut.-

(2:09 p.m.) ??

(2:10 p.m.) - Unsettling. Stupid autocorrect. -

(2:11 p.m.) Vfoaskvlw

(2:11 p.m.) - ?? -

(2:11 p.m.)  oh god. prepare yourself for the worst

(2:12 p.m.) Call me. ALL of you.

(2:12 p.m.) - R.I.P. my soul. -

(2:12 p.m.) tru tru



CALLING: My Bae Jill, The OG Scrub Bucket, Cas

“Disclaimer: I just bought a box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts, so please don’t kill me. Please.”

“Then don’t give me a reason to.”

“Yeah, I’m going to start eating these now.”

- “I have an idea, move to Canada and change your name to Rodrigo.” -

“Eustace, I told you not to try the pixie stick dust on the sidewalk, right?”

- “Ouch.” -

“While that sounds like a wonderful story, SHUT UP. We have a real problem.”

- “Not to be unhelpful but eating pixie dust that you found on the sidewalk sounds like-” -

“You’re being unhelpful.”

- “Thank you for pointing that out.” -

“Okay… *overly drawn out sigh and sounds of a package being opened* I’m sorry that I let the metaphorical cat out of the metaphorical bag. But honestly, there’s no way to take it back now.”

- “Jill has a point.” -

- “Yeah, I’d just succumb to the fact that you’ll end up meeting Edmund Pevensie and that you can’t really keep things from him.” -

“Can someone order that ticket to Canada? I think Rodrigo is a brilliant name.”

- “C’mon (Your Name), it’s not that bad.” -

“Yeah, I mean, it could be worse.”

“Like your Krispy Kreme’s being lit on fire?”

“ *sounds of quickly shoving doughnuts into her mouth and a purse* You wouldn’t dare!”

“Watch me.”

- “(Your Name). There’s nothing we can do.” -

*sounds of despair*

“You did this, Jill. Are you happy?”


“Of course, you’re never there when I really need you, you’re only there to ruin anything that I think is good.”

“(Your Name)-”

[Call Disconnected]


Contact: Hot Mess
Phone Number: 801 - 211 - 5096

Monday, June 17

(4:04 p.m.) - (Your Name)? -


Contact: Jilly
Phone Number:  801 - 443 - 6272

(4:05 p.m.) - Jill, where are you? Lilliandil said you were coming over. -

(4:06 p.m.) plans were canceled. titanic is more important


Contact: Hot Mess
Phone Number: 801 - 211 - 5096

Wednesday, June 19

(10:37 a.m.) - Do you want to go grab lunch? -

Contact: Jilly
Phone Number:  801 - 443 - 6272

(10:37 a.m.) - How are you holding up? -

(10:38 a.m.) i spent 80 dollars on krispy kreme. what do you think?


Contact: Hot Mess
Phone Number: 801 - 211 - 5096

Friday, June 21

(8:45 p.m.) - (Your Name), it’s been a week. You can’t hide forever. -

(8:45 p.m.) Watch me.


Contact: Jilly
Phone Number:  801 - 443 - 6272

(8:45 p.m.) - Jill, you have to come out some time. -

(8:46 p.m.) i have an alarm set for 6 on christmas. happy?

(8:46 p.m.) - Not in the slightest. -



Contact: Hot Mess, Jily
Phone Number: 801 - 211 - 5096, 801 - 443 - 6272

Sunday, June 23

(11:02 a.m.) - Get over it. Yeah, it sucks, but guess what? LIFE GOES ON. Now come over to my place. You will go to lunch with Jill if it’s the last thing I do. -

(11:02 a.m.) But my cat needs me.

(11:03 a.m.) - You don’t have a cat. Now, come. -

(11:03 a.m.) BUT TITANIC IS ON

(11:04 a.m.) - Jack Dawson dies and Rose throws a necklace in the sea. -

(11:04 a.m.) HOW DARE YOU?!?!?

(11:04 a.m.) - That’s the movie. You’ve seen it. Now get over here. -

(11:05 a.m.) Leonardo DiCaprio shuns you.

(11:06 a.m.) - Oh, no. Perfect punctuation and capitalization. I really am going to die. -

(11:07 a.m.) Nah, Eustace is over and decided to text for me.

(11:07 a.m.) - Eustace is watching Titanic? -

(11:08 a.m.) He’s only here for the Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

(11:09 a.m.) - Sure, Eustace. -


Wednesday, July 26

Contact: Lover Pie
Phone Number: 801 - 571 - 3889

(3:21 a.m.) Could you call me?

(3:21 a.m.) Sure.

CALLING: Lover Pie

“Sorry If I woke you up.”

“Nah, you didn’t. Weird sleep schedule, remember?”

“Right. Anyway, sorry if it’s weird to call you, but Susan is being moved to a different hospital and I just really needed to talk to someone about it.”

“Oh, no! What happened?”

“I wasn’t there when it happened - typical me - but the doctors say she went into critical condition. They’re moving her to a different city. They say she’ll get better treatment there. I just… I just wish I were there. I’m never there when my siblings need me.”

“Hey, don’t be like that. Instead of having a vacation you stayed with Susan in the hospital. If that isn’t being there for her, I don’t know what is.”

“I guess. It’s just… it’s hard.”

“I can imagine.”

“But anyway, how are things with you? Your friend Jill told me you went to a camp… among… other things…”

“I know what she told you, and I know I shouldn’t have kept it from you-”

“It’s fine. I’m technically still a stranger. You didn’t have to tell me anything.”

*exasperated laugh*

“Yeah, well most people want that kind of thing to be a disclaimer, you know?”

“Well, people don’t want to have to deal with the stuff that scares them. People want a disclaimer that says ‘I’m A Human Being! What are you?’. You know?”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“Oh, and by the way, it doesn’t bother me.”


“Not one bit. You were (Your Name) when I first texted you, and you’re (Your Name) now.”

“Well, Edmund. I think that’s quite sweet of you.”

“I like to think so.”



“You know, I think you are the only person I’ve ever had a conversation with at 3 in the morning.”

“I think you hold that title as well.”

“Lucky me.”

“Anyway, sorry to keep you up. I’ll text you later.”

“Text you later.”

[Call Disconnected]


Contact: My Bae Jill
Phone Number: 801 - 443 - 6272


(3:32 a.m.) gieinerefhdinfh

(3:32 a.m.) You went drinking, didn’t you?

(3:33 a.m.) Ye who have little faith in me. No, I was ASLEEP.

(3:33 a.m.) Eustace, wake up Jill.

(3:34 a.m.) But, she’s going to KILL me!

(3:34 a.m.) Now.

(3:35 a.m.) Why do you want me to SUFFER?

(3:35 a.m.) This is about LOVER PIE and - so help me God - if you don’t wake her up I’ll make you suffer eternally.

(3:36 a.m.) I’m still SCARED FOR MY MORTAL SOUL.

(3:37 a.m.) I’m sorry, you must have mistaken me for SOMEONE WHO CARES.

(3:37 a.m.) Well, okay, be rude about it.

(3:38 a.m.) NOW.

(3:39 a.m.) who died?

(3:39 a.m.) Not who, it’s more a question of what. LOVER PIE IS LEAVING THE HOSPITAL.

(3:41 a.m.) and?

(3:41 a.m.) AND… he called me and we talked about You-Know-What.

(3:41 a.m.) your woman crush on scarlet johansson????

(3:43 a.m.) Get your mind out of the gutter, Jill. MY CARDIOMYOPATHY. Y’know, the thing I’m still upset about despite the fact that we went to lunch and worked it out?

(3:47 a.m.) and what did he say about it? i doubt he’d be pissed at you. he was awkward about it tho, wasnt he?

(3:48 a.m.) He was fine.

(3:48 a.m.) so what am i missing here? things seem great

(3:54 a.m.) …

(3:55 a.m.) I don’t want him to leave.

(3:56 a.m.) Well, that’s a problem.

(3:56 a.m.) GO AWAY EUSTACE.

(3:57 a.m.) hes right

(3:57 a.m.) I know.

@luzthenarnian for you.

I gotta get new friends...
  • Friend: they seem to be right, what you guys are doing is adultery against the couple.
  • Me: they are just fictional characters, bruh. I don't know why people inisist on guilt-tripping us when we make artworks and fanfics based on our otps.
  • Friend: But this is a big deal. They are married now with different spouses. It is undignified for you to ship A with B because they have their own marriage. So just stop. Just accept your non-canon delusions.
  • Not my friend anymore: ...
Revolutionary Sentence Starters
  • "I would rather die than give in to the likes of you."
  • "We're the ones that are in the right. Someday everybody will see that."
  • "Without freedom, what are we? Just sheep waiting for the slaughter."
  • "You've chosen your way, and I... I've chosen mine."
  • "War kills everything. The land. The people. The very humanity inside of you."
  • "I'm afraid... afraid of what all of this is doing to you."
  • "You can't call this living!"
  • "In the grand scheme of things, what does it matter? We all die."
  • "Why don't you just stop? Why do you have to do this?"
  • "Tell ___ that I love them... and I'm sorry."
  • "We can't give up now. Remember what we're fighting for!"
  • "Please don't go! We need you here right now!"
  • "I'm glad that you'll be by my side in the new world we're making."
  • "They think they can get away with this. We have to prove them wrong."
  • "They dare to rise up against us. Let's crush them."
  • "People are dying! And you still think this is justified?"
  • "The people on top, all they care about is looking out for themselves."
  • "What's happened to you? You used to fight for the right side. Now I'm not so sure anymore."
  • "We've been fighting for so long... I'm so tired."
  • "I don't think anyone remembers why we even started all of this."
  • "I want you to know I may not come back from this. But I have to do it."
  • "Everyone thinks it'll all be better once we've won. They don't yet see the scars we'll have to deal with afterward."
  • "It's dark. Will you hold my hand?"
  • "Be quiet. They're searching for us."
  • "Find them. If they resist... make an example out of them."

dealingishard  asked:

Do you do the thing where you crave things you are allergic to in a self destructive way? When I am depressed I don't eat for a long time and then binge eat all the things that I can't eat and then feel even worse. I can't figure out how to stop other than not having the food around (which is hard because my roommate is allergic to nothing) do you have any suggestions?

I legitimately crave meat every now and then, and a whole bunch of other shit I know I can’t have. 

For me I’ve been able to Not Do The Thing because giving in can literally make me ill for weeks and I’d rather just not deal with that anymore or risk having to stabbing myself with an epi pen, but if it helps to know, there are some theories that when you have food intolerances and allergic issues certain things are going on in your body which make a batshit kind of sense. 

Allow me to paraphrase wildly here, basically the there was a study recently that suggested that eating small, tiny tiny amounts of the thing you are allergic to (usually done under medical supervision) can help boost your tolerance and eliminate the issue, so now some researchers are proposing the idea that when your body is craving things you shouldn’t have, it might actually be trying to “fix” itself. This is wildly under explained but yea, there’s some science to back up why we possibly crave foods we are allergic to, and it’s got nothing to do with “I’m a self destructive piece of shit, witness me!”

The body can also become addicted to cortisol, and get wired up wrong so that it finds the stress hormone soothing, so that might also be another reason, again this was stuff I read recently in a fairly new study so I dunno how concrete it is, but it makes me feel better about my body going “you know what we should eat, red meat slapped between two slices of wheat product, boy doesn’t death sound delicious

As for how I avoid it, I eat something else. Usually I’m just hungry and my body is just craving, so I go off and make some soup with far too much salt in it to try and sate the junk food craving, or I slice up potatoes and roast em real quick and have some salty starch to tide me over. Sweet things are more difficult at the moment because sugar is making me feverish, but I’m hoping, hoping, I’ll be able to start eating homemade jam again on some oatcakes or something. I can also eat fresh caramel sauce without issue, but not once it’s set…so that’s my excuse for drinking it out of the pan and none of you can stop me. 

When I needed to stop eating certain things immediately and was struggling to do it, I just stopped buying it. ETD had to put up with a barren wasteland of a pantry until my body stopped going “lick all the wheat things” and after about 3-4 weeks the cravings subsided and I’m back to making bread and other things and don’t feel the compulsion to shove them in my mouth for the quick easy carbs. 

You basically just have to make the conscious decision to stop hurting yourself, and to let the cravings work their way out. Your body is most likely addicted to certain things, whether it’s the sugars the salt or the easy energy you get from it, and you giving it what it wants every now and then despite the fact that it’s really bad for you in terms of allergies, is feeding into it and keeps you in the cycle of craving things you are allergic to. So take your time, and try not to punish yourself too much if you end up giving in.

Just be aware that once you do give up certain foods for good and ever go back to them, your reaction can be very very severe if not life threatening, especially if it’s a genuine allergy. So please just be careful and take care of yourself <3

  • Miss Flemming: Well, I'll have to see how much of your essay you have done before I give you girls an extension.
  • Heather McNamara: *perks up* Hey, I'll tell you what. You can take a good look at a butcher's ass by sticking your head up there, but wouldn't you rather take his word for it?
  • Miss Flemming: What? *Heather looks panicked* I'm, uh, failing to make the connection here, dear.
  • Heather McNamara: No, uh, what I meant was that you can get a good look at a t-bone by sticking your head up a BUTCHER'S ass-----but no, it's gotta be your bull....
  • Heather Duke: Wow.
  • Heather McNamara: So here's the deal, if I want you to---
  • Heather Duke: You have derailed.
  • Heather McNamara: Shut up, Heather!
  • Miss Flemming: Heather, I'm really at a loss for words here...
  • Heather McNamara: Forget it! I quit! I can't do this anymore, man! My head's about to explode! My whole life sucks! I don't know what I'm doing! I don't know where I'm going! My best friend just died, we just killed Bambi, I'm out here getting my ass kicked and every time I drive down the road I wanna jerk the wheel into a GOD DAMN BRIDGE ABUTMENT!!!
  • Miss Flemming:
  • Heather McNamara:
  • Heather Duke:
  • Heather Duke: *takes out slip of paper* We'll be in touch...
Avengers chatroom: Coffee
  • Tony has created a chatroom.
  • Tony has invited Bucky, Steve, Y/N, Vis, Wanda, Nat, Clint, Sam, T'Challa.
  • Tony: Which one of you keeps leaving coffee grounds in the sink?!?
  • Steve: Good morning to you too, Tony. It wasn't me.
  • Nat: I don't drink coffee.
  • Vision: I am not human. I do not have biological functions that could sustain the consumption of coffee.
  • Y/N: Not me.
  • Bucky: Ditto.
  • Tony: What about the rest of you?
  • Wanda: I don't really prefer coffee.
  • Sam: Unlike some people, I clean up after myself.
  • Y/N: Shots fired.
  • Bucky: Excuse me?
  • Sam: If the SHOE FITS.
  • Nat: :) do you boys want to really do this right now?
  • Sam: I am sorry.
  • Y/N: I know who it is.
  • T'Challa: Who?
  • Nat: I know as well :)
  • Y/N: Dunno if i should snitch
  • Tony: I'll give you $5000
  • Y/N: DEAL. It's CLINT!
  • Clint: DAMMIT Y/N!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Tony: I let you crawl around in the vents. I have been patient. Tolerant.
  • T'Challa: You guys aren't invited to Wakanda anymore.
  • T'Challa has left the chat.
  • Wanda: This is why I prefer Steve over Tony...
  • Vis: I wish I could choose Steve.
  • Y/N: u feelin ok there tony
  • Vision has left the chat.
  • Wanda has left the chat.
  • Tony: Clint has to now clean up after everyone for the entire month, that's final.
  • Steve: Tony you're being a little dramatic.
  • Y/N: A LITTLE?
  • Clint has left the chat.
  • Nat: I will go find him.
  • Y/N: He's probably hiding in some place high up.
  • Bucky: SOunds Like SAM: BIRD TENDENCIES
  • Sam: BOY
  • Nat has left the chat.
  • Tony: I can hear that lil shit crawling in the vents.
  • Tony has left the chat.
  • Y/N: Earths mightiest heroes, also earths weirdest.
  • Bucky: Not me though.
  • Y/N: can you two knock it off
  • Bucky: Whatcha gonna do about it?
  • Sam: Yeah?
  • Y/N: :) youll see
  • Y/N has left the chat.
  • Steve: R.I.P to my bestfriends.
  • Steve has left the chat.
  • Sam: Truce till we fend off Y/N?
  • Bucky: Deal.
  • Sam has left the chat.
  • Bucky has left the chat.
  • Robert: Looks like all this packing lark's unleashed your inner neat freak.
  • Aaron: Only gonna unpack it all again tomorrow. It's gonna be weird, innit, having a place of our own? A good weird, obviously. You've been amazing... getting me through these last few weeks.
  • Robert: (sighs, picks a CD up) Oh, I didn't know you liked cheesy teen pop!
  • Aaron: Erm... I don't, that's yours.
  • Robert: No, it isn't.
  • Aaron: (chuckles) It's all right, your embarrassing taste in music is safe with me. Unless, you know, I decide to tell Vic.
  • Robert: Well, I suppose I might have liked them... years ago in passing. Doesn't mean I like them anymore.
  • Aaron: It's fine, Robert, you are who you are. It's actually quite sweet.
  • Robert: So what, you're saying that people can't change who they are?
  • Aaron: Does it really matter? It's no big deal.
  • Robert: Yeah, as long as I'm that predictable...
that nd feel when you've thought about suicide so often it's not even a big deal anymore it's just an unbreakable habit
  • me: i'm sad
  • brain: this hurts doesn't it?
  • me: i mean yeah i guess
  • brain: do you know what would stop it from hurting
  • me: no, don't, that's not an answer
  • brain: you could always...
  • me: BITCH
  • brain: kill yourself kill yourself kill yourself kill yourself kill yourself kill yourself kill yourself kill yourself kill yourself kill yourself kill yourself kill yourself kill yourself kill yourself kill yourself kill yourself kill yourself kill yourself kill yourself kill yourself kill yourself kill yourself kill yourself kill yourself kill yourself kill yourself kill yourself
  • me: oh for fucks sake

heavensdemon  asked:

Hey Jyushimatsu...I really don't feel like dealing with life anymore...I want to...you know. I've got a lot of crap going on and I've lost almost my entire family...I don't even know what to do anymore...I feel like it's just pointless to even go on. I have no energy or desire for anything...

So please stick around for a while still, okay?? I’m sure there are some things you’d miss too, even if some other things hurt!! Keep being brave. Maybe things suck right now but that maybe, probably means it’ll be better in the future! =DD

colorme-faded  asked:

I'm dating this guy I really like, before I dated him I was with his friend and I did some stuff that I really regret now. I've spoken about with the guy I'm with now but he has this girl who is his best friend and she is always texting me telling me that when I was dating his friend that I ruined him and sent him into a deep depression and she won't stop telling me this stuff I feel bad enough as it is and I just don't know what to do about it anymore she keeps making me feel like shit plz help

Your dealing with a “House Bitch” Patriarchal Puppy or step-ford wife in training. 

There is no magic wand that can fix this social grooming process.

And each person in this dynamic has their own level of patriarchal grooming about what is appropriate behavior on both the male & female side. 

You will put up with this dynamic to the level that you will sacrifice your boundaries and self-esteem to win him.  

If it was happening to me.  It all lies with him placing boundaries on her.   If he doesn’t want to, then he’s loving the jealousy dynamic.  

And also when you go for men’s friends; there is a alpha & beta male dynamics going on.  You do know that they asked each other’s  permission to go for you.  You are a commodity that was just traded or an ego quest over the beta. 

Your ex is more bruised because he lost you to his friend/competitor and this woman is licking his wounds.  Men love to create jealousy dynamics to feed their egos. 

#LAVENDER submissions

anonymous asked:

Oh no. I didn't mean that. Like. Ok. I don't want to be anything other than straight. Not because I have a problem with the LGBT community but like, y'all face so much prejudice and shit and it's horrible and I guess I'm selfish and just don't want to have to deal with that? I know that probably makes me a bitch but like I fully support you all, I just open I'm not. I'm not sure if I'm explaining this well enough. Also it's totally fine she's Trans. She's a woman. No question.(More on next ask)

I just don’t understand why I’d find her attractive (I still definitely do?) but not other women? I’ve read about fetishization of transgender people and I don’t think that’s it? Like I could care less about her genitals for example. I just thought she was cute? I don’t really know what I’m asking anymore. I’m just so confused :(

Also I checked out the Chloe person you asked? Is it just me or do they not look Transgender? Like they look like a super cute boy but I don’t know I don’t see them as a girl? All the transgender girls I see on tumblr are super cute and pretty and I don’t know.I’m rambling now. (3/3)

Okay literally everything you just said is so fucking problematic I don’t even know where to start. You don’t WANT to be anything other than straight because it’s hard? Well, golly! I’ll just choose to be straight then. Somehow you made this so much worse by saying all these things. Wow.

Also you’re an asshole??? You don’t say shit like that about trans people. She is a WOMAN. Say it with me. WOMAN. She is a girl whether you want to fucking say it or not? And she’s fucking awesome, you sick son of a bitch.

What is wrong with you? People’s gender identities are not up for debate? Do you have any idea how much suffering I have seen my trans friends go through because of how much the world hates them? How their right to exist in public places like bathrooms is a hot topic because of people like you? You seriously need to think before you spew this level of ignorance. I’m appalled.

Everyone please join me in dragging this person and possibly educating them too but I’m shaking with anger and can’t be nice right now. Wow.

“I’m selfish I guess and don’t want to be oppressed. But I don’t have anything against y'all.” Wow. No. You just have some intense internalized homophobia and if you can’t realize that, I’m not fucking with this lol.

anonymous asked:

i just wanna know why are you so sure that camren not together anymore? don't stop believing in something just because you don't see it.

Thanks I’ve used that statement many times 😂  It’s just a feeling I have, I feel like the dynamic has changed a little while after Camila’s departure, and also what sealed the deal for me is their tumblr reblogs mid March, something happened there, and not an happy something. But who knows, maybe I’m completely wrong and the scratch marks on Camila’s arms were made by Leo when he tried to wake her and Lauren from bed…


That was the closest I was ever to fighting one of my brothers.
But to be blunt anon, nothing really happens even if I snap

And some of you might not think it’s a big deal but I KNOW Shiro did that on purpose!

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