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I don't know why I love jealous lance so much but I do and it's bad. Like even everyone wants lotor to be flirting with lance and stuff but I'm like but what if lotor flirted with Keith instead. Lance is totally the jealous type. I just want that classic jealous lance content and it's a problem.

*grabs you by the shoulders and shakes you gently* listen to me, anon. listen very closely: 

i have this exact same problem. therefore, i may or may not have made this just for you instead of going to bed. ily and thank you for understanding my daily struggle

INTP, ENFP: intp, the reluctant confidant
  • ENFP: (has been venting about relationship issues and emotions for half an hour)
  • INTP: (trying to be a good sibling and listen but is lowkey dying)
  • ENFP: --and i don't know what to do!!
  • INTP: i don't know either man, i don't know why you come to me with relationship stuff. i'm not...
  • INTP: (searching for words) um...good with this stuff
  • ENFP: oh for some reason i thought you were going to say "not a good person"
  • INTP:
  • INTP: honestly, that too

@fightmemogami​ I am. I freaking adore love triangles. Me shipping stuff is like a bunch of loosely connected lines everywhere.

He didn’t have to read the other boy’s mind to know he was trouble. The arrogance, the entitlement, the almost overpowering sense of ego. He’d seen this type before and they were always trouble. If he was an esper on top of that as Kageyama had said then even more reason to avoid him. The fact that Kageyama was friends with a person like that was none of his business. If he, in naïvety or stupidity, wanted to be around a person who was obviously bad news then that was his problem. Just because Kageyama could be too nice for his own good, too forgiving, too open to manipulation didn’t mean he had to do anything about it. It was none of his business.

Except it was.


what do you mean i can’t post more

The Ultimate Master AU Post 

(I finally did it XD hehe)

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So i had an idea to draw out Lammy’s parents 💖

Teh design for Lemons is belong to @hedgiemuffins

I might make more drawings of them later ¯\_(ツ)_/ ¯

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I have characters, a timeline (partly) and a universe where the plot should happen,, all I'm missing is the plot,,, do you have any tips on coming up with a plot?? I also don't know if I should actually do my own comic,,, I'm scared that I won't have enough time,,,

Honestly I have the same problem. Like great characters!! Cool universe!! General Idea of what could happen. Plot? nonexistent. I’m the worst at time management too so I’m like the worst person to ask this type of stuff, sorry!

However maybe some followers have some suggestions? I know there’s posts all over tumblr to help writers and comic artists too

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"That was a fucking B♭4 (read: a borderline note for even amateur opera tenors), just so you know." ... would you mind elaborating what you mean about this tomthis who don't understand in voice ranges/keys and stuff?!

Sure! But I got long-winded, sorry :P

So there are many, many, many types of voice categorizations, but we’ll start with the basics; the first one is male/female voice. I think that makes it obvious; male voices are “lower” while female are “higher”. Colin’s voice is, unsurprisingly, male (and yeah there are exceptions, we have a man in our university choir who can’t even reach the male voices’ notes, so he sings with the women, and a woman whose voice is so low that she sings with the men).

The second characterization is whether the voice is high or low, regardless of the gender. Low male voices are called basses, while high male voices are called tenors. Low female is alto, high female is soprano. Again, when it comes to pitch itself altos sing higher than tenors, so if we put them in order from lowest to highest absolute pitch it would be bass, tenor, alto, soprano. Colin’s voice, as I’d guessed from listening to him sing other songs and from how high his actual voice (not the one he uses for Hook) is, is a tenor. 

In contrast, here is a show of Johnny Cash’s lowest notes:

There are more subcategories after that but these are the basic ones.

The basic difference is that male voices usually sing an octave lower than the females. You can sing the exact same melodies, only males will sing it “low” and females will sing it “high”.

Now about that B♭4… it’s called “B flat” and let’s say it’s a very high note for a tenor to reach, and almost impossible for a bass. Of course, if they’re professional opera/choir singers, this note is required by tenors, basses get a pass on the highs because they have to work on their lows ;)

This shows pretty much the required vocal range for male voices:

If you’ve never seen a piano keyboard before, that “Middle C” is almost right in the middle of it, and it’s a note almost all voices, male and female, can reach (in this video, the first note heard is a Middle C, while the rest are “C”s in either higher or lower octaves). For males, its high-ish, for females, it’s low-ish, but still in range. That red arrow shows the note Colin hit. As you can see, it’s in the faded area of the range, which means that some tenors are indeed tenors but can’t reach that high. And if you can, you have to know how to do it, use the right technique so to not tire or even ruin your voice.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of singers who can reach it but aren’t tought how to reach it so to not hurt their voices, so they end up losing them and having to retire from the stage.

Now, how high is that for a male? Let’s listen to the Queen of the Night.

No, he didn’t reach that high. But let’s just listen to the third long note Diana Damrau sings right in this moment: (2:38 if the copy/paste doesn’t work right)

Don’t try to sing that note (unless you are a professional singer and have had specified training, of course), but yes, that’s the respective high Colin reached with his voice, one octave lower but still high for a male.

Now I’m not comparing Colin’s singing to Damrau’s singing, because, duh. I’m sure Colin’s voice went into editing when mixing the song while Damrau sings live without any microphone, just her voice like that. I just wanted a good example to show how high that note actually is for a female, and respectively for a male. It’s not impossible, per say, for a soprano or a tenor to do that, but it’s hard and tricky and even risky sometimes. And it’s not that it happens once - Colin sings three high notes in his song. Every chorus raises a little in pitch, so the first time he sings G#, then A and then B♭ (every third “Revenge”). Those notes are very close to each other, so think that they are some high notes ;)

As I said, it’s not that he’s the only one who does it. Most rock/pop male singers are tenors, you rarely find a popular song of a man singing low. When women sing along to their voices, they usually don’t reach that high - they just sing an octave lower and said B♭ is a piece of cake for us. But still I’m impressed that he managed it and that he made it sound good, not too strained and not too squeaky.

That question got the music nerd out of me and I used my university knowledge for the first time in this blog, heh. If that wasn’t clear enough, don’t hesitate to ask me to elaborate! Maybe I’ll make a video where I’ll show some of Colin’s high notes in the song ;)

  • Doctor : I don't think you're depressed. It's probably a burn-out, you're trying to do too much. I'll give you a homeopathic treatment to make you feel better, ok?
  • INTP : hm ok.
  • INTP : *back home, checking what the treatment actually is* All of them. They are all against depression. Are you kidding me. What did you expect? That I wouldn't try to understrand what you're giving me. What the hell. What should I belive? What is this ? Why? What am I? What should I do? Why did you do that? Are you lying? I don't know anymore.
the signs as types of fans
  • aries: the "wtf did you just say?" fan
  • taurus: the "omg you like it too?" fan
  • gemini: the "hold up, i need to delete stuff first" fan
  • cancer: the "i can't pick a favourite" fan
  • leo: the "i'm gonna marry them" fan
  • virgo: the "i know everything about them" fan
  • libra: the "i- i just- i cant" fan
  • scorpio: the "of course i like them, don't you?" fan
  • sagittarius: the "you should really check this out" fan
  • capricorn: the "did you check out their new video?" fan
  • aquarius: the "tbh why do i even like them?" fan
  • pisces: the "they deserve to be more popular" fan

northern downpour // panic! at the disco

Trapping's dropbox files reuploaded

You may or may not be aware that dropbox just changed their links so that all of the old links hosted there no longer work and they need to be reshared with new link to be able to download them. Trapping had quite few files on dropbox only so when the news about dropbox downgrade went out the first time I sat down and just made a complete backup of all Trapping’s files since she hasn’t been active for few years and likely won’t be there to update all those links. I’ve only reuploaded* the files that were on dropbox, the rest are still available in Trapping’s own links so if something isn’t in the folder above then it was likely uploaded to box or mediafire and I didn’t reupload it. I ended up doing the uploads by post names since finding what you’re looking for is likely easiest like that rather than doing them by categories.

(*well reuploading at the time of typing since they’re not all there yet)

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How do you feel about your ship name, Drarry? (I legit don't even think about them as Draco & Harry anymore) When did you first hear the word "Drarry"?

Draco: *pulls a face* I don’t know, is it really so difficult to just type ‘Draco’ and ‘Harry’?

Harry: We first heard of it when Hermione discovered it on the internet; I couldn’t tell if she was amused or nauseated. And I think it’s really cute.

Draco: You would. You’re all about stuff like this.

Harry: *laughs* Stuff like what?! It’s genuinely cute how they’ve put our names together. It sounds like a real name.

Draco: *narrows eyes* …No, Harry. We are not naming one of our kids ‘Drarry’.

Harry: It’s kind of genius when you think abou–

Draco: No means no, Harry.

The worst thing about every Mbti type (some of it actually isn't but i don't know just go with it)



-Why must you go impulsively do stuff?
-Really tho like what???
-Besides that you guys are pretty chill
-Just don’t do the thing


-Impulsive 1000000% 10/10 would agree
-Also extremely independent
-Which explains why you don’t like my advice


-What are you even taking about?
-How do you have so many friends and then just don’t talk to them?


-Like ENTP but a little more considerate about their friends
-But will probably just leave you still
-Just in a nice way


-Says “I’m fine” when is actually really grumpy and frustrated
-Why though
-Mr./Mrs. Grumpy lol
-Just very salty about things


-They don’t emotion very well
-And they pretend they don’t have emotions


-Advice giver 24/7 TM
-Does the ^w^ face
-Then goes to the -_- face
-Not really a smol doggo


-Can actually be analytical sometimes
-Doesn’t always wear flower crowns
-Okay maybe sometimes but not always
-Pretends to like you because they don’t have a choice because they want to be nice


-Cynical little snowflakes with more emotion and passion
-Tries to be an Fe user
-But fails very much
-Can’t always understand other people’s feelings


-Tries to be logical but ends up failing
b/c too much Ni
-Can’t even explain their thoughts without sounding like an idiot
-Pretends to be their stereotype too much
-Sometimes actually doesn’t have enough concrete evidence to give their meaning for something but is convinced they are 100% right anyways


-Even with Fe it’s just wow okay that was just quite cynical of you
-Maybe the logical feeler in 2nd place
-because lots of salt


-Literally the 🤔 emoji
-Can literally logic someone to death
-Don’t get in their face about things
-It won’t end well


-Clingy b/c they love you (which isn’t always that bad)
-A smol bag of emotions
-Clings to introverts usually


-I dunno
-Probably has dirt on a lot of people
-Thinks that people who are different are not edgy or trendy
-Secretly envies them


-Takes perfectionism to a whole new level
-Likes to be an Fe user


-Not as mean as they seem
-But still kinda scary
-Actually very passionate about things

I don't know

(Em’s weak attempt at a a ficlet-type thing)


My hands were shaking so violently I could barely keep my grip on the table.

“How—How could you?”

“It was for our own good!”

“Our own—How could you even think that?”

Simon stood across from me, mirroring my position at our dining table, matching me shout for shout.

We’d fought before, of course. Our countless squabbles from our time at Watford were the stuff of legends, our rivalry unmatched. And after eighth year, when… everything happened, and once Snow and I moved in together a year later, we argued just as much. The only difference now was the fact that we weren’t convinced one of us was going to kill the other at any moment.

But this argument, these shouts, and the truth of what Simon had done… Something was different this time. I could feel something very vital fraying, and now I was terrified.

“You’re being ungrateful! I did it for you! So you’d stop feeling so bloody guilty all the time!”

I had tears streaming down my face and I was a stuttering mess, but I was beyond caring. How could he not understand? How could he be so—so fucking stupid?


Our table was only a few feet wide, but that distance felt infinite now.

The pressure between my eyes became nearly unbearable, but I wouldn’t— couldn’t cry. I couldn’t give Baz the satisfaction, couldn’t relinquish even that small victory to him.

Couldn’t he see that I’d done this for him?

I’m being ungrateful?” He sneered, leaning forward, “I’m not the one who made this decision, Snow! You didn’t even think to talk to me before, you just went ahead did it! Maybe if you weren’t so fucking selfish all the time, you’d remember that I love you and you love me and we’re supposed to fucking trust each other with things like this!”

It wasn’t only his voice that cracked with that last desperate sentence. I felt the fissure between us as clearly as I heard his screaming.

“How am I selfish? I’ve sacrificed so much for us Basilton! Why can’t you see that?” I was screaming now. I was this close to throwing something at his idiot head.  

He let out a hollow laugh and I froze. There was something in that laugh… A desperation I hadn’t heard in him since our Watford days.

I felt something skip down my spine—whatever he was about to say was going to permanently change things between us.

“You’re selfish, Snow, because you sit around here all day expecting me to shower you with compliments because you’re too weak to accept the fact that you’re not the fucking Chosen One anymore. You’re selfish because you expect me to put up with you and your constant moping, because you can’t accept the fact that the “Mage’s Heir” is just a useless fucking Normal. Well guess what Snow: it’s true! You lost all your magic. And now—now you’re fucking useless.”

I couldn’t help it. I flinched, and the dam broke.




I couldn’t feel the tears, but I they knew were flying down my cheeks. I couldn’t feel my knees, but I knew they were about to give out.

I don’t remember picking up the salt shaker. I don’t remember throwing it at Baz’s head.

I don’t even remember if it hit him.

All I remember was the crash as it hit the ground.

The clatter, as it settled in the absolute stillness in the room.

Then, Baz straightening. I don’t think I heard another sound from him.

The last thing I remember was the click of the front door. I would’ve missed it had there been any other noise in the room. But everything was quiet. One click, and my world fell apart.


I was shaking so hard I could barely manage to pull myself out the front door. I didn’t hear a word from the house, only the click of the door shutting behind me. I didn’t know where I was going. All I knew was that I wasn’t going back for a very long time.

I almost thought I’d imagined the things I’d said to him. I—I couldn’t have said those things to him. But what he had done… Saints, Snow how could you?

But Simon—Crowley, it hurt to even think his name—had done the unthinkable. Simon, without even talking to me, without even thinking of what could have gone wrong or what could have happened to him— or what would have happened to me if anything happened to him—had doomed himself to the same miserable fate as me.

Simon had gotten himself Turned. I loved him too much to forgive that.

i wanna do something really cool and fun for tiva since we haven’t had a big tiva event in a while and we didn’t do the holiday collab this year (bummer) but like

the fandom is so fragmented and like just absent anymore, with so many of my connections to tiva actually on different social media or just no longer even willing to engage with the fandom anymore

and i fucking miss it.

but is it worth it to do anything if i’ll get like 4 people to participate? like i know we’re busy and stuff and i know that mw’s departure was like our last hurrah for so many people but honestly i’m not done yet???? and if the x-files can have an active fandom after 24 years then why can’t we?

anyway if you’re interested in doing some sort of tiva fandom event type thing i’d love to re-engage the fandom