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There was someone in my inbox talking about Kaminari in a skirt and tbh I usually don’t draw bnha suggestions but the pun came to me and how do you ignore a pun 

(you don’t, that’s how)

Does this count as inktober

what NOT to do when your friend / partner is experiencing paranoia:

  • tell them to “get over it”
  • call them or their fear stupid/childish etc.
  • get annoyed in any way
  • ignore them
  • insist everything is fine

what TO DO when your friend / partner is experiencing paranoia:

  • let them know you are there for them / you aren’t leaving
  • if they’re inside, lock all the doors and windows possible, show them everything is locked
  • if they are having camera paranoia help them to “cover” cameras
  • keep them talking or distract them with other stimulation
  • tell them GENTLY and CALMLY that they are safe and protected

PSA: Don’t ‘ship’ idols and sexualise every thing two males do together if you don’t actually support the LGBTQ+ community. Don’t. You can’t have it both ways, you can’t use our sexuality as a means of entertainment and to get yourself off, but then turn round and not care about REAL people in these situations.

The amount of bullshit I’ve seen excusing what Jaebum said on Celebrity Bromance is fucking ridiculous. Here’s some words from an Actual LGBT Person: It was homophobic. There’s no misconstruing or people overreacting. Saying you would beat someone up for wanting to take a guy out somewhere is homophobic. I don’t care if he was nervous or it was a joke or you show me a picture of him holding hands with a guy once. It. Was. Homophobic.

If you excuse people’s comments as not serious or just jokes instead of actually calling people out just because you like them as singers, you are being homophobic too. Listen to actual LGBTQ+ people who are telling you this was wrong of him to say instead of taking it as just a part of his personality or his culture because you don’t want ‘drama’. There are real fans who must feel fucking heartbroken at someone they love using threatening language about LGBTQ+ people. It’s not people overreacting. It’s people hearing an idol say something that we hear time and time again out of the mouths of homphobes, and we have every right in the world to be upset and call him out.

If you shrug it off or actively defend him, you don’t support LGBTQ+ people and you can unfollow me right now, and take your shitty attitude and your love of fanfic with you. 

I’m going to confess this stupid thing, but it happens to me that from time to time, when a very good blog of this fandom follows me I’m like ’is this true? You are following me? Are you sure this is not a mistake?’ And I always wait for they to stop following me because I can not believe that someone so cool has noticed my existence.

2016 in Gratitude

I know 2016 has been a rough year on a lot of people, it certainly wasn’t easy on me either. But throughout this year I’ve been in contact with so many lovely, wonderful, amazing people that made surviving this year very much worthwhile.

So I want to take a moment to thank these people below the cut. I’m going to try my best not to forget anyone, but if I do I’m truly sorry. That being said, each and every one of you is a blessing and a gift and I am so very grateful for you!

Happy New Year, lovelies! Let’s make the most of it! <3

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In which Revas issues a ‘friendly’ warning.

this is 100% the fault of @suledxn and @fadewalking by proxy tbh

Before someone asks: No, I’m never going to stop doing these stupid text post things

prompt: #3 “Please, don’t leave.”
pairing: destiel
tags: rich!cas, established, kinda hs au, fluff,

for @goodtidingsdean

drabble night!

“Please, don’t leave.”

It’s the first thing Dean says after they’d left that morning. Castiel looks up from the thing Charlie is showing him on her phone and looks at Dean.  

If he could, Dean’d disappear right now. He realizes how stupid it must’ve sounded, especially because he knows Cas has to go, plus the fact that he’s seventeen, not twelve. Benny, Meg and Charlie, who came to say goodbye to Cas as well, are all looking at Dean.

Cas smiles softly and looks at the bag in Dean’s hands. It’s Cas’s, Dean had silently insisted on carrying them all the way to through the endless halls of the airport.

Gabriel, Castiel’s younger brother, jumps around in the empty hallway excitedly. Michael is looking at his younger brother with distaste, fiddling with his tie and passive-aggressively ignoring Balthazar, who’s giving Samandriel a piggyback ride. Dean doesn’t really care, he’s just staring at Castiel and wishing he wouldn’t have opened his mouth.

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  • McCree: *does a stupid thing*
  • Reaper: *smacks him upside the head* Pendejo. Don't do that again.
  • McCree: *does the same stupid thing accidentally-on-purpose like an hour later*
  • Someone in who is Not Reaper: *smacks McCree upside the head*
  • Reaper: *practically foaming at the mouth* DONT FUCKING TOUCH MY SON-

Queen Naerys—the one woman Aegon IV bedded in whom he took no pleasure—was pious and gentle and frail, and all these things the king misliked. Childbirth also proved a trial to Naerys, for she was small and delicate. When Prince Daeron was born on the last day of 153 AC, Grand Maester Alford warned that another pregnancy might kill her. Naerys was said to address her brother thus: “I have done my duty by you, and given you an heir. I beg you, let us live henceforth as brother and sister.” We are told that Aegon replied: “That is what we are doing.” Aegon continued to insist his sister perform her wifely duties for the rest of her life.


I re-draw it so many times! I tried again and again and again! 
I swear I don’t even like how it looks like!
I just wanted to show Victor in a date, probably he’s probably a romantic one.

Of course he gives you the strawberry, not even thinking about giving you the rest of the cake.
He is a romantic but evil one.

I now noticed many errors in his hands, but, still, I tried my best.
Next time I’ll do better!

I wanted to open a project in which I draw various date with YOI’s character, even with followers’ request, but I changed my mind.
I’m not ready yet, and nobody would care or ask me.
I’ll see you in my next draw! <3 
Victor is such a sinnamon roll.


“No age can be adequately defined by a short phrase, but it was a happy thought which prompted the statement that the Renaissance was the age of the discovery of man. Add the importance, not only of man in general, but of the individual.” — Murray Anthony Potter

make me choose // ladycassanabaratheon asked: renaissance or ancient times