i don't know them but her hair is great

  • Blaise: So you and pansy haven't been going out for a while now
  • Draco: Yeah, she's a bit too annoying and clingy
  • Blaise: Oh right
  • Draco: And I wanted a girlfriend who had black hair, not brown hair.
  • Blaise:
  • Draco: And I want her to have green eyes. And to wear glasses, coz they look cute, you know. Also I would prefer for her to be in Gryffindor.
  • Blaise: *facepalms

Some Yokai Watch doodles of the past 3 days. And of course most of them are Gurerurins. But hey, don’t we all need a lil more pompadour ghost lizard in our life? Anyways, I felt like drawing some of my other favs too. So here you go. Have some Whisper, Darth USApyon and a Noko.
I also doodled some concepts of my Yokai Watch OC. She makes people experiencing extreme mood swings and so does she have them all the time.
(I hope a Yokai like this doesn’t already exsist… I don’t know them all…
there are so many!!)

I got her German name already (since I’m German) but deciding on the English and Japanese names will be difficult. And maybe her appereance wil change but we’ll see.
And the pigtails wearing lil dork you see here and there is me~
How the great Neko could look like in Yokai Watch! ☆*:.。. \ (*¯︶¯*) o .。.:*☆

Special Delivery 

@maidofstarsa little LukexMC fic for you! This was my first time writing Luke, so I hope I did his character justice. I had so much fun writing this!


MC blinked several times as her eyes adjusted to the bright light. Rubbing her pupils, she slowly sat up in bed. She absentmindedly groped the side of the bed, looking for her fiancé. She arched a slender brow when she found nothing but crumpled sheets. With a sigh, she swung her legs off the side of the bed and padded towards the kitchen. Rubbing the back of her neck, she gathered up two mugs and started the coffee maker. As the pot began brewing, she could hear soft rustling coming from the living room. MC shook her head with a smile as she poured the caffeinated drink into their respected mugs, then she carried them into the next room.

There, surrounded by an almost comical number of medical textbooks and notes, was Luke. His blonde hair hung in front of his face as he peered down on an open book, and MC watched as he absentmindedly dragged his finger across the coffee table. Being careful not to disrupt his reading, she carefully maneuvered her way through the piles of books until she reached her fiancé. With steady hands, she set his coffee down on one of the few free spaces of the table. She then began gathering up the paperwork that had slipped onto the floor. As she bent down to work, Luke suddenly seemed to sense her presence.

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So my mom was telling me about her friend who's a hair dresser. I met her once when she cut my hair over a year ago and I only spent about an hour with her, but my mom just recently told me that her friend thinks I'm great and super sweet and nice, and I'm just like wtf I was so quiet and I barely spoke to her. So what placements can indicate really good first impressions or opinions of a person even if you don't really know them that well? Is that too specific? Haha.


  • Taurus Sun/Moon/Rising/Venus
  • Leo Sun/Moon/Rising/Venus
  • Libra Sun/Moon/Rising/Venus
  • Venus in the 1st House
  • Venus in the 10th House
  • harmonious Venus-Ascendant aspects
  • harmonious Venus-MC aspects
  • harmonious Venus-Jupiter aspects

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Today I told a girl that I see on the bus every day that I think she's really pretty and I was so nervous and stumbled over my words. She probably thinks I'm really weird now. I just remembered reading that girls should bring other girls up and spread positivity but I don't want her to feel uncomfortable now every time she sees me ahhh did I do the right thing?

Hello pumpkin! I know it probably feels like you made her uncomfortable, but unless she says so please take it as a good sign. Complimenting people can go a long way! I always take the time to compliment cute girls, like their hair and makeup. It makes them feel valid and great. I would definitely encourage you to continue being the kind soul you are by spreading the positivity ❤️ 😊 Who knows, maybe it really made her day! You did a great thing 👍✨

  • Sora: All right, this is gonna hurt. But I'm gonna get you through it. (looks at the wound and gasps) Oh my God, I'm gonna throw up into your cut. (turns away) Oh, I saw inside of you. How are humans alive?!
  • Riku: Okay, uh, I'll do the surgery, and, uh, you just breathe, okay? We'll get you through this.
  • Sora: Okay. (Riku pulls out the pipe, producing a "squish" sound) What was that sound? I did not like that "squish" sound.
  • Riku: The pipe has been removed. Now I'm sewing myself up. Okay, this is almost over, you're doing great. Just keep talking. Keep talking.
  • Sora: Talking about what?
  • Riku: Uh, tell me about Kairi, hmm? You must be excited to see her.
  • Sora: Very much, you know. Oh, God, what if it doesn't go well? We haven't seen each other in a while, and (turns to Riku) what if it's weird? (sees Riku's wound and gasps, terrified, and turns away)
  • Riku: Keep going, keep going. You're doing so well. Why would it be weird?
  • Sora: I don't know, I don't know. I mean, maybe we've grown apart. Maybe she'll be repulsed by my spikier hair. I was gonna despike them before I saw her for the first time.
  • Riku: I'm sure it will be magical when you see her. Aaaand (pulls needle and thread up) guess what?
  • Sora: What?
  • Riku: I'm done, I've sewn myself up.
  • Sora: (turns towards Riku) Huh.
  • Riku: You did great, buddy. I'm proud of you.
  • Sora: (grins) I can't believe I did it. I'm so strong.

Hotaru loves the nighttime. She loves looking up at the sky and finding all her favorite constellations along with whatever planets happen to be visible that night. Sometimes she drags her family out with her and they watch together, with Michiru or occasionally Setsuna telling a story about how a particular constellation came to be and the origin of its name.

Setsuna hates it.

Pluto has no need for sleep, but Setsuna has a human body, and so when night falls, she goes to bed just like the other members of her family. The evenings she enjoys; inevitably Hotaru’s eyes will start to droop and she’ll lean against whomever happens to be sitting closest to her. Then all three women will announce that it’s bedtime, overriding Hotaru’s sleepy protests. On occasion Haruka will scoop Hotaru up and sling the little girl over her shoulder like a sack of potatoes before carrying her to bed. Once teeth have been brushed, face washed and pajamas changed into, it’s storytime, with Hotaru sitting on someone’s lap as the other two sit on either side. By the end of the story Hotaru is usually asleep. That part, Setsuna loves.

But then Haruka and Michiru go to bed and a deep silence descends upon the house. Setsuna will find herself staring up at the ceiling through the darkness, almost deafened by the silence. Sleep does not come easily; specters of the past whisper just beyond her hearing, and if she closes her eyes, all she can see is Serenity lying pale and still, silver hair splayed across the marble as Saturn’s Glaive swings down. Other times she sees Uranus and Neptune, eyes cold as they rip the Star Seed from her and Hotaru’s bodies. (She does not begrudge them their betrayal; they did what they thought they must, but the moment in between confusion and clarity continues to haunt her.) Usagi’s pained cries echo in her ears, each one sending a spike driving through her heart, and the image of Hotaru crumpling to the ground is forever etched on her eyelids.

She dreads the day when the girl will remember both of her human lives and her past as well.

Sometimes she does sleep, but her dreams are always cold and dark, and she is alone. The mists of the Gates drift around her, clinging to her shoulders with cold, trailing fingers as voices of the dead swirl like leaves in the wind. They whisper of her failures and of the dangers she cannot protect her Princess from. The others still think otherwise, even Uranus and Neptune, but she knows that in the end, it is always Serenity who will save them and lay down her life for them, not the other way around. The Silver Crystal ensures that.

Then her door will creak open, and Hotaru’s voice will shatter the silence: “Setsuna-mama?”

Setsuna jerks awake, shaking off the shadows like cobwebs. “Hotaru,” she breathes, half-relieved and half-concerned. “What’s wrong?”

The answer is always the same: “I had a bad dream.” The little girl shuffles closer, amethyst eyes shining in the dark. “Can I sleep with you?”

She moves back, lifting the covers, and Hotaru slips beneath and cuddles close. Setsuna nearly sobs aloud at how warm and solid and real her daughter is, wrapping her arms around the girl and holding tight. She knows that there are no nightmares, that Hotaru comes to her in the night because it is Setsuna who fears, but she never says it. She can’t bring herself to send Hotaru away, not when the shadows are so dark and deep and Hotaru is curled so tightly against her. So instead she rubs the girl’s back, feels her relax slightly and focuses on the sound of her breathing.

“Good night, Setsuna-mama,” Hotaru whispers, her voice thick with sleep. Setsuna bends her neck, presses a soft kiss to black hair.

 “Goodnight, little star.”

 After that, there are no more dreams.

Wow, I certainly wasn’t expecting this! Beautiful Outers Family AND Setsuna feelings, just the way I like them. This is wonderfully bittersweet, and the writing is lovely. It also reminds me of this cute post. Thank you so much for sharing!

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I'm starting school tomorrow and I'm rly bummed out do you think you can post some head cannons to cheer me up? :))

Sure, I’ll do my best :)

- Harley likes to collect teddy bears from any place they’ve been so if there’s a bear, she’ll do whatever it takes to get it lol

- She also will never give up on claw machine games until Joker has to physically drag her away while she threatens to smash the glass

- Joker frequently relies on Harley to remember whatever plans they have because he always forgets the important parts (she remembers about 80% of the time so this technique isn’t exactly always successful)

- Whenever they go shopping they always have their jester skull label put on anything they’ve gotten 

- They have a bad habit of making stupid jokes with each other when they’re supposed to be paying attention in important conversations which frequently results in them not being able to stop laughing until people give up trying to talk to them lol

- Harley often gets bubblegum stuck in her hair so Joker always has a pair of scissors somewhere with him for whenever she inevitably does it again 

I chose Team Valor because I saw Candela and immediately wanted to draw her. I want to see other people’s interpretation of the team leaders!

edit- now that the official art is out it’s time to redraw her as the way she actually looks and not guess from silhouette.

If You Must Die, Sweetheart (Die Knowing Your Life Was My Life's Best Part)

In which Anna has no idea what she just wrote… I’m so so sorry you guys.

Inspired by this awful heartbreaking song (x)

Oliver was frozen in place, a result of the scene playing out in front of him. She was pulled tightly to Slade’s chest, his sword pressed into the tender flesh of her neck where he could see a small drop of blood prickling to the surface.

He took a moment to study the tense blonde. Her glasses were beginning to slip down her nose and her hair was falling out of its usually taut ponytail. Despite the circumstances, she looked calm, content. It was one of the many complex traits she possessed that he was never really able to grasp: she had an inherent sense of peace that surpassed all reason, giving her an almost omniscient perspective, always calculating more information about the situation than the actual participants.

“Slade,” He spoke, his tone a mix between terrifying anger and mental fatigue, “Slade, Let. Her. Go. ”  He bit out, pleading with the man, “This is between you and me, she doesn’t have anything to do with it.” His words were insistent, like he was trying to talk a small child out of making a fatal mistake.

“C’mon kid, we both know she has everything to do with this.” Slade said, his voice slightly manic, a reflection of his unstable psyche.

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