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I like how you headcanon that all these cuties are virgins cuz I do too lol. Of it isn't a problem, could I request some Lance relationship headcanons? You decide on what they can be (I don't know what I want and I'm embarrassed about it lol). Have a nice day!

Oh don’t you worry, I have a lot about Lancey Lance (but here’s only a few bc I’m lazy and cooking while writing this) And i’m just throwing this out there but Hunk totes got laid in high school and at the Garrison. Lance was pretty jealous

  • Doesn’t believe you at first when you agree to go out with him
    • “Yeah, haha, that was a joke! I know you wouldn’t really go out with me, we’re great just being friends and we shouldn’t jeopardi–wait what?”
    • “I said ‘Yes’? As in, Yes Lance, I will go out with you?”
    • “Oh….I didn’t–what?”
  • He’s processing. He was so ready for you to turn him down. He might have prepared a few scenarios
    • Might have a Hershey’s kiss in his pocket. Just for if he got the nerves to ask you out by asking you if you wanted to kiss. And when you said ‘ew, no’ he could whip out the candy. bam. a Kiss!
    • Practiced the Yawn and Shoulder Wrap™ for during a movie. He wanted to be subtle.
    • “So, Allura said we were cute together and I was like ‘Whaaaaaaaat?? Gurl, you crazy!’ haha Isn’t that crazy???? Unless….”
  • But finally it clicks that you’re blushing and fidgeting with your fingers because you actually like him too!
    •  “Holy quiznack…you’re my boy/girlfriend…I DID IT!!!”
    • totally grabs your hands and pulls them into the air while he screams that last part
    • He’s so excited
    • “Prepare to be wooed”
    • “Lance, I’m already wooed. That’s why I…you know what. Yes. I am prepared to be wooed. Whoo away.”
  • You may never hear your name during standard conversation again
    • he lays it on thick with the nicknames
    • Boo, Bae, Darling, Babe, Baby, Sweetheart…you name it. he uses it
    • after love confessions he throws Love an mi amor
    • Sweetheart is his favorite though, Cutie is the close second
    • He usually only says your name during sexy times or when referring to you when talking to someone else (but he can also not, it depends on what he’s feeling)
  • Constantly in awe. Catch this nerd just gazing at you randomly with this lovesick look on his face
    • “What are you looking at????”
    • “Just you… I’m so lucky.” He’s so sincere.
  • His flirting is now solely reserved for you. Be prepared for pick up lines.
    • “Lance! Why are you–? We’re already dating??”
    • “Doesn’t mean I can’t use pick up lines, babe.”
    • “Ok but, seriously? ‘Come here often?’ We live in the castle.”
  • Also, cuts people off if they try to flirt with him
    • “Uhm, Okay one second. I appreciate this and all…but I have the best girl/boyfriend right now? So, thanks but no thanks. Hope this doesn’t ruin your chances of joining The Coalition!”
  • Weekly spa dates where Lance makes a face mask specifically for your skin, hair masks (thank god he found what he thinks is coconut oil), he’ll paint your nails for you, massages for you both!
    • aaannd of course he’s on his best behavior when he’s giving you a massage (but he’s weak)
    • but no one wants to bang when the other is wearing a green face mask. (Shiro voice: No, just. No.)
  • He loves swimming so you’ll probably be roped into it
    • and if you don’t know how to swim he’ll teach you!
    • or if you hate water he’ll be happy enough with your company, but he might try every once in a while to get you in
      • *puppy face* But y/n!!! Don’t you love me???
  • Gets you a gift from every new planet he lands on
    • So. Many. Flowers.
    • And pretty rocks he thought were neat.
    • If there’s a community then he’ll get you things like jewelry, weapons, books, whatever you like, he get
    • blushes super red everytime he gives you a gift 
  • He’s a touchy feely kinda guy
    • so many hugs
    • he honestly just always has a hand on you somewhere, even when just lounging. He needs to touch.
    • The biggest nose kisser! GIVE HIM THE NOSE
    • When you walk by he’ll reach out to grab you around the waist and tug you into his lap, just cause he wants to hold you
    • If he’s passing by he’ll give you a passing massage or shoulder squeeze
    • he can’t walk past you without touching
    • and if you happen to be bent over looking for something while he walks by? Yeah, he’s grabbing that ass. 
  • If you do the same to him he turns beet red and starts stammering
    • definitely can’t take what he gives.
    • will put on a song and just serenade you in the worst possible way
    • and once he’s got you laughing he’ll pull you into his bad dance moves
    • ironically though, he can sing and dance. it’s more fun to do it bad
  • Does serenade properly when he decides he needs to tell you he loves you for the first time
    • which he wants to tell you about one month in, but he knows that’s way too early
    • waits until about month 4 and he cries
  • A bit insecure about your relationship. Talks himself down a lot
    • sees Keith make you laugh once and he’s like ‘Oh no, this is it. It’s all going down hill. Because who doesn’t want to date mullet? He’s super cool and edgy and good looking and–”
    • You gotta stop him.
    • He firmly believes you are too good for him.
    • My poor nugget.
    • “You sure you still love me? Because–”
    • “Yes Lancelot. I love you very, very much. Don’t listen to those nasty voices. You. Are. My love.”
    • “Sounds fake, but okay.”
    • “Don’t meme me when I’m being serious, Lance.”
  • You’re biggest supporter and roaster
    • You walk in the room wearing mismatched lion slippers. Lance: “What’re thoooooose!!?”
    • You get put in some god-awful ceremonial outfit. Lance: “You are so lucky I love you.”
    • “Don’t kiss me in the morning. You have dragon breath.”
    • “Kick his ass baby, I’ll hold your flower!” “LancE! ENOUGH WITH THE MEMES. ”
    • Lance whenever you do a mundane taskl: “YASSS BABY! SLAY!!!!”
    • Also Lance: “No, nope, gimme that. I’ve watched you choke on water.”
  • Overshares late at night when he’s crawled into your bed after a nightmare
  • Yells “Honey! I’m ho~ome!” everytime he comes back from a mission and makes a beeline towards you for a kiss.
  • If you get caught in a battle you best believe Lance is 100X more badass than usual
    • he’s making shots he didn’t even know he could make
    • and he’s hitting every. single. one.
    • Ain’t nobody touching his baby
    • even jumps in for a little close combat, working seamlessly with you to take enemies down
    • pulls you in for a desperate kiss after they’re all dead
  • You can’t be sad when dating Lance, he notices immediately and makes it his mission to brighten your day
  • if you do something super cute Lance will practically squeal, scoop you up, and twirl you around  before putting you back in your spot with a kiss
  • He’s a good boy who just wants to spend time with his babe and spoil them
The Name Game

This is ridiculous, not gonna lie. Just a little Dean drabble that came to mind last night, when I was exhausted, and I literally gave myself the giggles. So imagine that Dean x reader are just as exhausted, and that things are just as stupid funny to them as they were to me when my mind came up with this… 

I’m so sorry :D

You feel the mattress give as he crawls beneath the covers, and you smile, still mostly asleep. He’s home. He’s safe.

He’s warm and solid behind you, one arm sneaking its way under your arm, angling up across your body to your shoulder as he spoons up close behind you. A contented sigh ruffles your hair a little as he drops a kiss to your head. “Glad you’re home,” you murmur, and he gives you a squeeze.

“Me too, sweetheart,” he says, and you love the way his voice makes his chest rumble against you. Something else is nudging against you, too, and you can’t help smiling.

“Seems like Little Dean is happy to see me, too,” you tease, and he chuckles.

“You know, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about that,” he says, his voice rich and lazy, sleepy.

“About what?”

“You always call him Little Dean. Hurts his feelings.”

You giggle softly. “I mean he’s little compared to – your whole self. You doof.”

“Well, he thinks he deserves a better name. Something a little more – impressive.”

You turn to your back, the silly grin on your face matching the one on his. “Oh, really. Well, does he have any suggestions?”

“A couple.”

“Please – enlighten me.” Dean’s eyes are shining with amusement, that fourteen-year-old self inside him that loves to be naughty is just dying to come out and play, and you love that side of him.

“Well, he gave me a list. Are you ready?”

“Please,” you sputter, almost giggling already.

“Well, these are pretty – meh, if you ask me, but – The Boss. The Sniper Rifle. The Specialist. Master Blaster. The Wench Wrench. But he’d prefer one of the top two.”

You almost choke trying to contain your laughter, you can barely speak. “Please, tell me the top picks. I can’t wait.”

Dean turns to his side to face you, both of you barely containing yourselves. Dean starts talking twice before he manages to stifle his laughter enough to continue. “Okay. Brace yourself. His favorites are: Mr. Happy Fun Time…”

A smothered explosion of giggles spews out between your lips, and you clamp them shut as your body shakes with laughter. Your voice is high-pitched and forced as you ask, “And? The other one?”

Dean’s entire face is twitching with the effort to contain himself, and you keep letting out little whines, laughter that is leaking out despite your efforts to stifle it for just one more minute.

“Sure you’re ready for this?”

“Yes. Please.”

“The Jackhammer of Love.”

Aaaaaand you’re both done. Neither of you has laughed this hard in – well, you can’t remember when. There are tears streaming down your face, your stomach aches, and still you can’t stop. And hearing Dean laugh like this, well – this is the best.

You both finally calm down, panting for breath, an occasional giggle starting you up again for a few moments here and there. Dean pulls you close for a kiss, your lips smiling against his. “So – what’s the verdict?” he asks, and you look into his eyes, still shining with mirth.

“Oh, I’m sorry – but I’m gonna have to sleep on that one.”

He pulls you close, letting out a big, exhausted sigh. “Fair enough. But I’m pretty sure he’s gonna be expecting an answer in the morning.”

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I’m already doing something like this in one of the fanfics but sure. Also please don’t die that’s bad for you. LOL Just Saying was amazing just saying. Also this kinda too a different spin. 

You got a boyfriend
and he’s a total loser
all your friends tell you that he’s got not future
but they like me
just saying

“I’m telling you Calum was good for you.” You friend practically yelled into your ear over the phone. It had been another frustration week, filled with relationship problems. This time it was the future. Your boyfriend had been planning to go to medical school yet he was just lazying around your apartment. 

“Calum is my best friend.”

“Who should be your boyfriend. I really like him too.”

Your eyes rolled before plopping back down on your couch. “I know you like him. I just love-”

“(Y/N)…” You friend’s scolding sounded through the other line. “Honestly, if you go back to him that just means you’re running away from your problems. Go see Cal at his concert.”

You groaned ruffling your hair a bit. “Argh. I can’t. I want to support him but I have a date that week.”

Your friend scoffed before you replied. Clearly this conversation, as it always had, was annoying her. “I do like Calum and I think he is better for you than this douche bag. Just saying.”

He barely takes you out
if he does he’s late
and when the check comes he always makes you pay
I’d never do that
just saying

After the long 2 weeks of fighting your boyfriend, being the gentleman you expected him to be. You had arrived, expecting to be there just but your hopes were too high. Your boyfriend hadn’t made a reservation, it was a half an hour wait till you go the table, and still his sorry ass hadn’t shown up.

The candle light dinner that you had thought was going to make everything alright, had been ruined. The whole dinner you had been left alone and paid the bill yourself. Usually, your boyfriend was late but now he wasn’t even showing his face.

There was only one thing to do call up your famous best friend. Calum. He always knew how to cheer you up despite all the abuse he would get from your boyfriend, and sometimes the way you even treated him.

When you heard the voicemail message. Had there been something more important? Then your friend’s scolding voice popped into your head. Calum was performing tonight, the night you decided to ditch on behalf of your terrible, boyfriend.

As soon as you got up you headed out. Tonight, would be about you and Calum. 

He’s got a big house, he says he lives along,
but when I drove by I could see his mum was home.
I got my own place, Just Saying.
He’s says he loves you, but it’s all an act.
He seeing someone else right behind your back.
I would never do that, Just Saying.

Thankfully you had gotten there before the last song was playing. The buzzing atmosphere, even from backstage, made your insides turn. Not only had you been on the verge of crying on the way here but you were also listening to every word the was sung. 

You should leave him cause he makes me sick to say it, just saying.‘ 

The lyrics were raw against your goose bumped trailed skin. Calum’s sweet voice hitting you in the chest, your heartache had increased hearing the Kiwi male spit out such spiteful, yet so true words.

Just saying had been about you. How clueless have you been after all these years of knowing Calum? He was not only good to you, but he was boyfriend material. Just as your friend said.

When you heard them give their final thanks to crowd you knew they were coming backstage. Hearing the raven haired male laugh made your heart jump and at the same moment he noticed you. 

Calum didn’t even hesitate when you ran into his arms. He should have been angry with you, pissed beyond all measure but no. The tattooed male enveloped you in warmth. “What happened?” His low toned voice whispered into your hair. 

“I need you to take me somewhere and then I’ll tell you.”

As soon as those word escaped your mouth the dark haired male hurried off with you, handing his guitar to Ashton and carried you all the way to his car. He hadn’t even bothered to change out of his sweaty clothes.

“Do we need to go back to my place?”

“No. My boyfriend’s house.”

Calum’s face contorted with jealously but he agreed nonetheless. When you got there, you saw that not only his mother’s car was there but another. “That’s why that no good scum bag was late." 

You exited the car, rage bubbling at the brim of your body. You could practically feel the heat surging through your while body as you neared the end of the driveway.

Finding the spare you shoved open the door. Only to hear moaning coming from the couch in your boyfriend’s mother’s living room. Calum following suit when you entered the room.

"YOU LYING CHEATING LITTLE BITCH!” You screamed causing the two bodies that were intertwined to stare up at you. “I can’t believe you ditched me for a whore!”

“(Y/N).” You boyfriend said covering his lower half as Calum was snickering behind you. Your best friend clearly knew he deserved this and he was enjoying watching your boyfriend’s ass get exposed.

“No fuck you. Wait, sorry I don’t want to fuck you because two thirds of your dick, is shoved into your personality. That’s probably why your dick is so small and that’s one of the many reasons I’m breaking up with you. ”

“Please baby…”

Your, now, exboyfriend, tried to grab your wrist but Calum stepped forward, staring him down and pushing him back. Turning back around you pulled at the tanned male’s hand. “Leave him alone.”

And you were out of the house.

You should leave him cause it really makes sick to say it, 
Just Saying.
You don’t need him I’ll help you get over it, 
Just Saying, Just Saying.
When you change your mind, I’ll be waiting.
Cause I’m better than him, Just Saying.
When you change your mind, I’ll be waiting.
Just Saying, Just Saying

The drive back to your apartment, as expected, wasn’t silent. Calum had attempted to cheer you up by playing all your favorite songs, pulling funny faces, and singing at the worst pitch possible. Yet, there was no success with anything.

You gestured for him to following you in and he did. No complaining, no arguing, just following like the puppy that he was.

Within the few minutes that Calum had been there you had managed to tell him the full story. About everything, and what everyone had been saying about the both of you.Flustered and rather shy he nodded along to the statements. Admitting that they had been true and today was probably the happiest day of his life. Watching you break up with the asshole boyfriend, when you really should have been his.

Now you were curled up against his chest, listening to him breath, waiting for the his final response. “Cal?” You questioned in a hushed tone.


“Would you ask me out?”

Turning his head slightly he store down at you. A smile plastered on his face before his lips pecked your temple. “Why?”

“Because you’re a gentleman.” You responded curling closer to the Kiwi male and placed your lips just beneath his jawline. “And because I love you.”

 "I love you too. Will you finally got out with me?“